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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak  NBC  December 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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great shape. a little bit of slush on the side streets, watch out for, temperatures are mild, 20 degrees and the winds, however, picked up and that is something we have to deal with, the entire storm system and the snow is falling straight down and now winds are picking up. a little bit of blowing and drifting and windchill as well. and the official snow totals from 4 to 6 inches of snow fond du lac and oshkosh and, green bay, five inches and a huge chunk of southeast earn 8 inches in milwaukee for saturday night and all day yesterday. and, snow is out of here and now it is mostly cloudy. and we'll see more sunshine throughout the day and the wind i talked about, dropping windchills to two in fond du lac and 4 lake geneva and 14 in milwaukee. here's your day planner: 19 degrees by 8:00 a.m. and 21 by noon and a little bit of sunshine and 23 this afternoon. with a wildfire in the teens,
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it makes our reporters grimace and all of you as well. our meteorologist is out this morning, temperatures in the lower 20s and, you have a ruler, it can't be good. >> missing the '80s. >> flashbacks! >> we are live, with the storm chaser and right here, live in sussex with, the only mobile weather app and the temperature is 21 and we have noticed the wind picking up. we have blowing and drifting of snow and we have been driving all morning and the roads are in fantastic shape. again temperatures are below freezing and what may look like wet pavement could be icy and overall the roads are good, keep your speeds down and i'll run
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reports as far that's snow goes, sussex. and it is pretty good. right at 7 inches and we'll try a spot here. it is 7-and-a-half. and, whoever is giving the reports from sussex, pretty good, 7 to 8 inches. in those three spots! again, pretty good snowfall, thankfully it fell over the last 24 hours, and, we are starting to clean up pretty good out there this morning, guys. >> all right, looks like brian is having fun. i'm having fun now. keeping an eye on these roadways, they've done a great job of clearing the roadways, 43 at hampton and still, reduce the speeds and dot saying give yourself extra time, it is a little slick and slippery. farther north from milwaukee county to washington and you can see speeds at or around normal, but reduce them for safety's sake, northbound towards jackson on u.s. 45, 68 miles per hour and southbound, on 43 you can
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so, give yourself additional time. no need to rush and be cautious as you head out the door, coming up, i'll let you know if there are any intents is that a happen on the roadways this morning. >> tatiana, the story will be the frigid cold and that is on top of the area's first significant snowfall of the season. >> and, we are live where some people will be struggling to get out of the garage. >> reporter: yes, some fog is still -- some people need to shovel their driveways, but a lot of people -- we have been and i, racine county and a lot of people were out and shoveled their driveways. a small dusting of snow we saw on their driveways. the roads look fantastic. driving down on 43, 41 this morning, the road is completely clear. and there are a couple of slick spots, even at 3:00 and 4:00 a.m when we were in the car, there were a lot of people that were out driving to work early that morning, or this morning, i should say. and, they were driving the normal speed limit. again, there are some slick
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though the roads look great. right now, we are here and you can see, it looks great next to me. a lot of folk heading to work right now and, the roads clear and plow drivers have been doing a fantastic job. the side roads look great. driveways, a lot of people got out yesterday, and cleared their driveways, and they didn't have to do it this morning. the only trouble spot we are seeing at all is some people are not clearing their car of snow completely. which you need to do if you are planning to get out driving, because the snow falls off onto other drives and as well as you can't see everything you need to. and sidewalks, completely clear. all of the snow over here on the side and this is the soft powdery know you like. today's tmj4. >> i did three shifts yesterday. nice and easy shoveling! >> we are following breaking news now in the bayview neighborhood. crews are on the scene of a house fire.
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clement and idaho with what is happening there. hi, pete. >> reporter: i'm standing right at clement and idaho, actually. if you want to, look behind us, you'll see we have a heavy police presence here around a house fire on clement, and clement is blocked off for about a block. we have had two fire engines and a ladder truck. we should say the home which is directly behind me here on the right-hand side of the street. we have not seen any flames coming out of the home since we have been here, as you can probably see on our it appears that milwaukee firefighters are in the process of busting down their equipment. but we can tell you we did see an american red cross crew show up here and make their way towards the home. so there must be at least some type of damage in there. we want to point out because it is so cold out. look at what is going on with my feet here. we have a lot of the water used to fight the fire, freezing up. and that is something we hear from firefighters every winter. during the cold months, they
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hoses freezing and worry freezing but also, water freezing on the streets. to make sure they are not slipping and falling as they go in and out of a fire scene. live in bayview, today's tmj4. >> thank you, it is 6:06. for many of us shoveling the first snow might be the hardest we have actually worked all month. and picking up and tossing the snow can put a strain on your body and heart if you are not careful. it is better to scoop up a lot of light loads, and then fewer heavy ones, if you start to s lightheaded or short of breath, head inside right away and if things are worse, of course contact the doctor. no rest for city snowplow drivers, the city of milwaukee hopes to have the roads clear before it gets colder and the roads turn to ice. milwaukee, nearly 300 plows were out over the weekend, laying salt and clearing roads, in preparation for the start of the work week. today. and, despite the winter chill, the packers certainly are heating up in a bug way, heading into the final games of the
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>> a stark contrast from a month ago. packers winnerses of three straight heading into next week's game against the bears and the best game, perhaps in years. the opening drive and never looked back, and, dominant performance on offense and defense and the packers dismantled one of the west teams in the nfl, 38-10 the final and if they win the remaining three games it means we end up 10 and 6 and it may not be good enough to make the playoffs. >> our packers coverage is wtmj radio's voice of the packers will downus live in the studio coming up at 6:50. and he'll give us an inside look at the remainder of the season and what green bay player is now in the running for mvp! hmm... 6:07, live andre break. >> the winter storm may inpacket your planner, closings -- impact your planner, and how much time residents have left to clear
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automobiles. slow on the roads this morning, one thing you can dotoday - a c psychologist has help for getting along with difficult family members during holiday gatherings. plus make up to make you sparkle this new
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>> announcer: you're watching today's tmj4. >> welcome back, everyone, 6:11, hope you had a great weekend. i know folks that love snow are smiling from ear-to-e winner has areferred! temperatures this afternoon, with a little bit of sunshine, will be in the lower 20s, ten degrees below normal and the windchills in the single digits and in the teens throughout the afternoon, 2 in fond du lac and west bend and whitewater, and feels like 14 in kenosha. 23 degrees, not a big warm-up
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comes the cold front. today is this warmest day of the week and we'll get up to 12, midday tomorrow and temperatures cool down in the afternoon, by 4:00. single digits with windchills already below zero. you will not like the 7-day forecast, but you have to watch anyway. >> we do? we have to check back you? >> >> you should. >> now that the snow is upon us, emergency response crews are everything reminders to everyone, mostly things we know and for some reason don't actually follow through on. >> they recommend a full emergency kit in the car which includes a flashlight, road warm clothes. a bag of sand or kitty litter in your trunk for traction and, even a small shovel. the kit calls for a phone charger in case you have a dead car, and dead phone. >> and, the high temperatures barely climbing on the snowingal digits, a lot of people warming up their cars. police departments strongly urging against that practice, especially in the city of milwaukee. where it is actually illegal to leave the car running
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idling cars for which to steal. and up next here this morning... >> sleet, snow and icy roads, a busy morning troopers are dealing with in minnesota and the new information they are sharing this morning. >> and also, ahead, wintry mess taking a toll on just about everything including garbage collection! the message one city is sending out this morning about pick-ups. >> and, a live look outside. the storm chaser is on the road in ozaukee county, in southeast wisconsin for us, and we'll be sharing more information as we
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more news now, the snow causing changes to and recycling schedule. pickup will be limited today because crews of course cleaning up after the weekend's snowfall. residents with scheduled garbage collection tuesday through friday should plan to take their cart to the curb the night before. we do have a few closings, because of the snow happening in our area. check if you are -- if you have issues with closings, go to the list at 6:17. the weather and traffic
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>> the boys are here in the weather center! i inserted myself here in your domain. here to compliment you guys, the forecast was pretty much right on and you said 6 to 9 inches friday and here on live at die break and that is about what it ended up. >> nailed it. >> good job, guys! >> thanks, and afreven started time. and, the only bad thing about the snow... you know. >> no, it will get super cold. >> okay. two bad as we were talking in lambeau, snow the entire time tailgating, up there driving and as we walked in, it stopped. i want it to snow, the game was perfect. it would have been ideal if it would have been snowing throughout the game! palmira, winds, 9.1 inches of snow, and. d elavan, 9 and waukesha and milwaukeeville, 8 inches, hartford, 7.1 and, fond du lac
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inches of snow. 7 to 7-and-a-half inches well in west bend and the roads are damp and clear. and crews did a phenomenal job with the storm system. and now, 19 degrees, and west winds at 18 and it changed. we didn't have any wind with the system. the snowflakes were falling straight down and now the wind is picking up, creating windchill an blowing snow, the snow is gone and that is what we don't want. it is cold enough. temperatures in the e 20s and e teens. 25, right now in milwaukee and temperatures the single digits, windchills as cold as 10 below in superior, 9 below the twin cities. and this front gets here this evening. so, 6-9 inches fell as -- patting myself on the back, thank you -- blowing snow and chilly this morning and today and the arctic air. the rest of the week. today is this warmest day of the week, currently at 25 and we'll be cooler later this afternoon as cooler air is beginning to settle in and we'll cool down this morning and back up to
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fond du lac and sheboygan and those will diminish but watch out for the blowing snow an windchills the single digits across the area. 14 in milwaukee. and we'll get sunshine this afternoon. temperatures running 10 degrees below normal with a high of 23 and windchills in the teens. future forecast, we'll watch the area of light snow and flurries push through later this evening, any accumulation a dusting at best. as the cold front pushes through. and temperatures dropping into the single digits tonight with windchills right around looking at temperature of 26 today and dropping, 14 tomorrow. 10 on wednesday. wednesday and thursday we'll have 30 miles per hour winds, on top of the cold. great! windchills a good teno 20 below zero during the day. and friday, warming up to 20. with snow showers likely, 30, heat wave on saturday, with more snow showers and cold one again for sunday. we'll head out to our
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i was impressed with your vertical leap over the snowplow. i wanted you to do it again. but now you are driving. >> they told me to get back in the car! >> you'll pull a hammy. >> we have something in common. >> there you go! >> all right, this morning, we are live in the storm team 4 storm chaser. milwaukee's only mobile weather lab and checking out the road condition an overall in good shape. however, as we are d through it right now, the rooftop camera, we notice at times snow pack and slippery spots here, especially some of these countryside spots where the winds are blowing a bit and you can see again, you have to keep your speed down. traffic is picking up and, certainly, slick and snow-covered spots out here on silver spring drive. so, overall the roads are fine. but, keep your speeds down. and, certainly a little bit slippery in a few location,
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the tmj storm chaser and the mobile lab is on top of the rig, windchills at 9. it is chilly. we do have decent software here that actually predicts road conditions across the area. i was trying to boot it up here, look like we are frozen. but yoorm it is doing okay. i showed you slippery spots on the road. give yourself extra time. >> give yourself extra time, the marquette interchange, near -- between state and wells street. i-43, northbound. the far right-hand lane is blocked off, and county sheriffs as well as the free service team are working to clear the issue. traffic is still light and it is building now in the area and is not causing any major slowdowns. speeds at or around 52 miles per hour. but, again, give yourself additional space in the area because it is causing a little bit of an issue there, right now, it is going to get worse,
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spots, the delay, a one minute... one minute and five minutes and you can see delay, marquette, at 11 minutes, plan ahead as you head out the door. >> the winter weather is creating havoc for drivers in minnesota. as well. >> the state patrol there has its hands full dealing with hundreds of crashes. they sent out the tweet, saying there were more than 600 crashes as of this morning and it includes 200 spin-outs, more than 60 people were hurt, though, nobody seriously or killed. >> if you are taking the train you can sign up for the alert notifications from amtrak, rail service in portland was pretty much nonexistent because of ice on the track. no word on whether local trains have any delays this morning. >> up next on live at day break on today's tmj4. difference this holiday season, the events happening this weekend and a look at some of the prizes you can take home. >> and there is time to catch a christmas tradition.
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? ? fans of the milwaukee tradition of christmas carol have plenty of opportunities to see the show. it runs through christmas eve at the theater and -- during friday neat's show a wonderful experience to be on stand with so many talented people who put up with the likes of me! and, this year's adaptation has broken sales records. >> fascinated to watch it work from behind the scenes. >> right. and how natural they are and, what a great show it is. >> okay. over here now. >> and then i point! >> 2016, today's tmj4 sports option, is coming up next friday already and some of the biggest names in wisconsin sports, have donated items on which you can bid. >> all proceeds go to the fund which sports research for she'lled hood cancers and related blood disorders. one of the items this year for
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you can see it there, rogers signed it especially for the sports auction and it measures 35x43, and it is framed in black wood and double matted by just sports. one of 25 items that will be up for bid on friday and the sports auction is a live two hour event from 3:00 to 5:00 right here on today's tmj4 and you can join in the fight against childhood cancer. 6:27. up next on live today's tmj4. >> green bay packers hitting that are stride. will it be enough? what green bay needs to do to sneak into the playoffs. >> and we are following breaking news, the fire that broke out just hours ago. and, the conditions firefighters
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>> announcer: right now, from milwaukee. this is today's tmj4. live at day break. >> coming up, milwaukee firefighters head to work in the cold. we'll tell you what that entails. >> first comes the snow and now the cold. we want to start with a check of
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together, keeping an eye on conditions. good morning, gentlemen. >> you know, it is a big deal, brian-squared in the morning! >> true, good point! >> and, your temperatures now, not bad in milwaukee at 25 and the wind between 10 and 20. and higher gusts, dropping the windchills into the single digits and teens. and, we can enjoy sunshine, blinding coming off of the 6 to 8 inches of snow, across the area. 21 by noon and still a little breezy, 10 to 15 and high of 23. today work week. unbelievable. here it comes, 6 to 9 inches of snow, officially 7.8 in milwaukee and a little less in sheboygan, fond du lac and towards manitowac as well, 4 to 6 and off to the northwest had 6 to 7 inches of snow and green bay officially at 5-and-a-half and the snow stops just before kick off. windchills this morning, 9 in west bend and 3 whitewater and lake geneva and 14 milwaukee and kenosha and this afternoon, temperature are cooler than now
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with west winds at 10 to 20. and let's head out to the other brian driving around in the stormer this morning, what are you finding as -- storm chaser this morning. what are you finding. >> we are now back on the highway systems an overall, the highways are in fantastic shape. currently we are driving on 894, now, and we are heading southbound and we are in west allison. again, the traffic is picking up but as we zoom in we have condensation and ice on the lens but you can see, almost bare pavement now hope to highways. we were a little earlier, 15, 20 minutes ago to the west towards sussex and out there on the county roads, if you are in a county location, now, those roads dealing with a little bit of blowing and drifting of snow and, also, a little bit of ice on the roadways as welch but overall we are doing good. current temperature, 20 degrees currently, with it milwaukee's only mobile weather lab and the
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miles per hour, kind of blowing us around, out there this morning. so, two hands on the wheel and make sure you are keeping your speeds down but, overall, out the door 6 to 9 inches over the weekend and we're in good shape. >> we've had a couple of minor incidents throughout the morning and the good news is now, keeping an eye, no crashes, here, 43 at wall street, traffic flowing nicely, both direction and dot and brian, we're reminding you, watch your speeds and give yourself additional time on the roadsnd the yellow there. it is minor but still in the yellow. and, a five minute commute, and mitchell 9 minutes and downtown to brookfield, 11 minutes, give yourself additional time and i'll keep an eye on the roadways and tell you if there are any slowdowns. >> and also reminding drivers of treacherous road conditions. and urging people to and speed
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give yourself extra room and slow down and give snowplows extra room as well and road conditions available statewide, calling 511. the city of milwaukee announced the 4 inch parking rule is in effect. >> we are live with the refresher on how it works. >> all saernd milwaukee, no parking unless four inches of snow has fallen on city streets and under the signs one of the -- when the rule is in effect and the city of milwaukee announced it is in effect. so, just to make sure, if you did park under the signs you might be waking up with a ticket under your windshield wipers this morning. can't park under those signs, also, alternate side parking remains in effect across milwaukee this winter and includes on streets under what is called the 48 hour exception rule. where you are typically allowed to park on both sides of this street.
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by alternate site parking and and it will be in place again tonight as well. >> thanks, very much. you might be in for a rude awake this morning if you didn't have a chance to clear the snow. >> it snowed 24 hours straight and people are dealing with more than a half foot this morning and sterling is checking things out i >> first comes the snow and then the cleanup and a lot of people already did the cleanup. look at the sidewalks. sidewalks are clear and driveways are clear and we are on mile 7, road mile 7 -- we were earlier today in racine county and the road looks fantastic and people have been out and about and snowplow drivers have been out and about
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and, highway k, it is completely -- not really any slick spots, though, driving on 41, 43, after we made our way down to racine county we can tell you there were a couple of slick spots, the road looks great. the drivers -- plow drivers have been doing a great job but, there are a couple of slick spots, speaking of that we are seeing a lot of school buses, out and about this morning, right now, and, hopefully, all of this bus -- the bus stops have been cleared, in front of me, you can't see it from your nt someone is being picked up now, and that bus stop has been cleared. but that is something to look out for as the kids are waking up and, as you are waking your way to work. reporting live in racine county, today's tmj4. >> thanks, 6:36. parked in a snow route during the snow emergency, you will be ticketed and towed. during snow emergencies, some mps schools make playgrounds and parking lots available for overnight parking. to find the list of schools and
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you can always head to >> tcold weather is giving the packers the dismantling of the seahawks and packers up 21-3 going into halftime an rogers kept the pedal on the gas and finished with nearly 250 yards and three touchdowns and hobbled off early in the fourth. and, the defense f too interceptions. and packers win this one in a blowout, 38-10 and it wasn't even close, susan. >> it was not. >> coming up, about 10 minutes, 10 to 7:00 here. wtmj radio voice, is live in studio with us, and the prospects of making the playoffs with the late run, coming up with wayne in you a bit. -- in a bit.
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right -- >> all bums. >> up next. >> a boy too smart for his own good. what his dad caught him doing as he tried to clear the snow. >> and this winter weather
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>> 6:41. hope you enjoyed the weekend! snow, packers win! man, great day! the winds this morning are the problems for the kids at the bus stop. they picked up overnight, 15, 20, 25 miles per hour. and with temperatures in the 20s which isn't bad, windchills for the most part are in the single and, the kids are happy because they can have a snowball fight to wait for this bus. the fine fluffy snow. it will not pack together today. temperatures in the 20s and windchills as cold as five, port washington and waukesha, 3 in whitewater and feels like 14 in milwaukee. so, for today, at school, the kids have to bundle up for recess, 231 degrees an windchills in the teens with, the west wind 10 to 20 and
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week. i think recess the rest of the week will be indoors and we'll show you that coming up. >> thank you. >> thousands of passengers, will finally get off the ground after having their flights cancelled. >> in michigan, delta flight 724 had trouble braking and slid into snowy grass. all 70 passengers on board are okay. in chicago at o'hare international, 53% of flights are still cancelled this morning. here in milwaukee, flights for the most part normal. but, do give yourself plenf let's look at the times from mitchell international airport. flights to detroit and cincinnati are delayed this morning and a flight to o'hare is cancelled because of the problems there. 6:42. up next on live at day break on today's tmj4. >> playoff hopes certainly alive. the packers reemerging, a team not to be messed with in december. wayne larivee joining us next
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>> and the kid in burlington putting his hover board to good use! yep, on the hover board
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? ? >> quarter to 7:00 on today's tmj4, a reminder to give yourself and other drivers extra room. and the police squad was involved in a quash on i-41 near capital drive. the lights from the left top of the screen. still don't know about any injuries in the one. and wisconsin, it is the law to slow down or move over for any emergency on maintenance vehicles, move over and if you can't, at least slow down because this is the law. >> and now 6:46. driving in this morning i shape considering how much snow we got and then, still, half a dozen issues on the interstate overnight. >> and, slick spots and the side streets have slush, and it looks like it is wet and watch out for that with the temperatures in the 20s, and i found out the snow stopped. >> yeah, turned on the game and looked what happened. >> it snowed the entire tailgate and then just stopped. fantastic win. and, by the way, susan. >> yes.
6:47 am
the packers time, three wins. sad, this first two wins, susan was on vacation and i hoped it was her. >> so sad for you. >> see you in february. you're done! >> 9.1 inches of snow and, delavin and, oak creek, 8-and-a-half and my driveway 8 an milwaukee, 7.8 and elkhart lake and fond du and here's a little bit of -- damp roads an slsh i talked about, road are in great shape and crews are phenomenal, as they always are and it was a major system and, awesome shape for you and 19 degrees is this current temperature and windy overnight, there is blowing and drifting on some of the county roads and next cold front, making its way into the state and, behind that front, cold temperatures, it is currently 1
6:48 am
warmer at the cold front. windchill, 12 below in superior and 11 below the twin cities and unfortunately, it's on its way here, we had 6 to 9 inches over the weekend, and blowing snow and chilly conditions this morning and then it kets arctic, the rest of the week. until friday. despite flurries, that is it for the snow. current temperatures the teens and 20s and with though west wind at 15 to 30 it got windy, and windchills dropped into the single digits and the t a little cooler in milwaukee than it is currently, west wind adding to the chill and the future forecast, quiet today and then this evening, here comes a little bit of snow flurries and light snow action along the cold front and the temperatures begin to take a nose-dive for the rest of the week. it will be quiet weather-wise, until friday. and it will get windy and cold tonight with the evening flurries and temperatures dropping into the single digits, windchills will be around zero with the north west wind. and here's your 7-day forecast,
6:49 am
14 tomorrow. ten on wednesday. with a 30 mile-per-hour wind. and windchills well below zero all day. thursday, 6 after a morning low of 3 below. here comes the cold. you a couple weeks ago we were in the 60s, snow likely friday and saturday. we'll watch those days very carefully. heading out to storm team 4, meteorologist brian has been driving around in the storm chaser. how is it going out there? >> okay. the roadways are in decent shape, as you said, again, the job. currently, storm team 4 storm chaser we are driving along 36. and, loomis road, heading southbound through green dale right now and heading towards franklin, besides a little fog on the lens we are a okay. you can see a couple of patches of snow and ice and overall keep your speeds down, but, overall road conditions from the interstates to the county roads in good shape this morning.
6:50 am
current temperature sitting at 23 degrees. certainly some of the wet pavement could be a little icy. so, again, take your time this morning, keep your speeds down, and drive the speed limit or below. with a potential for a little bit of ice. tatiana? >> keeping an eye on the roadways, many must be doing what you are suggest. no incident right now. drive times, two minute day, 6 minute drive time and marquette to moreland and, 11 minutes elsewhere and you havets green but, reduce your speeds, be mineful on the row ways and drive safely as you head out the door and keeping an eye on any more incidents. >> the packers were on a hot streak with three wins in a row and. radio voice of the packers, wayne larivee joins us and packers fans are criticized for having too high of expectations or expecting too much. if you can do that, the best teams in the national football league, how do you lose at home
6:51 am
>> all i can say is this is a week-to-week business. remember, coming off of -- a 40-7 win over carolina last sunday night and they get hammered this -- yesterday afternoon. by the packers. losing by 28 points. >> forced by the packers, certainly, but, certainly not russell wilson's best effort or seattle, but the green bay packers dominated from get go. >> and efirst pass set the tone and you knew with seattle and russell wilson and you have to keep your foot on the gas pedal and they did. >> and it occurs to me, some of those passes we have talked about the need for that, aaron rogers to reestablish the unspokens, the intangibles, the relationship with his receivers where you see them making the extra go and nelson a couple of improvised plays as well is happening now again? >> it is and, devonte adams is a
6:52 am
cobb when he gets in there, is banged up but i thought it was a virtual performance by the packers, look at the yardage and first downs and third down conversions, everything seemed to be in favor of seattle. but when the disparity quarterback, between the two highest ranked passers in terms of passing rating in nfl history, aaron roger and russell wilson, the disparity is 107.1, favor within guy over the other, you've got -- there is no way that guy aaron rodgers was that much better than russell wilson yesterday. >> and a have a lot more question for you but we have to do that on the facebook live, all right. >> we'll be taking your question, as well, a half-hour from now on green and gold live and if you want to join in on the conversation, today's tmj4's facebook page and we'll be live at 7:30 with wayne this morning. >> and still ahead, right now, slick roads, final look at the conditions and what you should
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we are on top of breaking news,
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no. >> breaking news. >> crews dealing with snow and cold battling an early morning blaze, where we find piete this morning. >> and, we are at clem idaho and when we checke in at 6:00 a.m. three fire engines were behind us and now all that remains, a few police cars, the scene is largely clear. and clement avenue is back open. no word yet from the the milwaukee fire department, on the damage caused by the fire. what we can tell you, there w a red cross crew here, and they told u assistance, and, the family didn't think the damage was that bad and fighting fires in the cold is challenging, firefighters across wisconsin will tell you they battle not just hoses freezing but also on the ground here behind us, some of the water from hoses is spread out and it freezes quickly and they have to be careful coming in and out of fire scenes to make sure they don't split. live in bayview, today's tmj4. >> keeping an eye on the roadways this morning, the good
6:57 am
traffic is starting to build. and there are those slowdowns, marquette to more land, 11 minutes and the map here, m. >> windchills, this single digits and low teens, and also, snow on those county road, watch out for that and the wind from 20 to 30 miles per hour at times, and it will diminish throughout the afternoon, high of 23. >> warmest day of the week, you
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good morning. season's greetings. nearly 30 million people now in the grip of a dangerous winter storm. thousands of flights canceled. this plane skidding off a snowy runway in detroit. roads littered with accidents. cold temperatures getting even colder. al's forecast ahead. countering intelligence. president-elect trump doubles down on his rejection of cia findings that russia tried to influence the election in his favor. >> it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> his likely pick for secretary of state under fire from democrats and republicans for extensive ties to moscow. this morning, we'll talk to one of mr. trump's closest advisors, kellyanne conway.


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