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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  December 13, 2016 2:07am-2:37am CST

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>> this is breaking news now from wtmj 4. >> a 15-year-old girl is gunned down inside her home. that happened just before >> she joins us live where the shooting happened. >> reporter: police say the teenager was shot here inside her home. her sister saw her this afternoon but never imagined it would be for the last time. as family and friends grieve 15-year-old melanie johnson. >> she was priceless. >> reporter: they're waiting
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from outside the home. they don't know if someone was targeting the teenager or if she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> no energy, no nothing. >> reporter: big sister has this plea. >> put the guns down. there are too many kids losing lives because of nonsense and violence. put the guns down, please. >> reporter: the family says melanie was on track to graduate fr we'll have more on this for you live at daybreak. >> thank you. in our other big stories, a collective shiver across our area as the siberian express makes a stop in southeast wisconsin. >> we'll take a look where the windchill is 1 degree above zero. chief meteorologist is tracking the coldest temperatures of the season. >> it is actually air that is coming out of siberia.
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recorded in the northern hemisphere come from siberia. you can see, even though we hit 30, look at the high in the twin cities. international falls, this is where the air comes straight out of northern russia. it's going to be rushing into our neck of the woods. temperatures right now dropped to 15 in milwaukee. 10, watertown. 8, beaver dam. the next couple days will be the coldest days. e wauksau, 2 below. there is a front coming in from the north and west. that could touch off a couple of flurries but all in all, no accumulations with any snow showers or flurries that move in. mostly cloudy. 12 degrees to start your day. that probably will be the high temperature of the day. and them, we'll see below zero temperatures over the next few nights.
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going to get with windchill advisories coming up. >> as the temperatures drop, local shelters are filling to capacity. >> they struggle to help the homeless. it's tough because of funding cuts. >> w looking at a cold milwaukee landscape. katie. >> it's an oft overlooked epidemic in our city. it can be a matter of life and death. tonight, i met some people who are working to make the situation better. larry have nowhere to go in this cold weather. >> when you're so out of energy, your body uses everything it has to stay warm. >> he knows exactly how it feels. he spent much of his life homeless. >> you drink all the time. >> six years ago, he showed up at the doorstep of the church with warming rooms and beds for 22 people.
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volunteers. >> she brought me this box of shoes. i couldn't believe that someone would do something for me. >> larry is talking about pastor karen hagan. she tries to help as many people as she can every winter with very limited resources. >> we've been open a week and a half. we've been turning people away, two and three and four a night. >> she helped him get sober. he is now the caretaker of the church. >> i have the keys to the ever since i came here, i have the keys to the world. >> he paid it forward by creating larry under the bridge. every day he delivers meals and supplies to people who are living under bridges and homeless camps around the city. it's nearly impossible to reach all of them. >> tippecanoe presbyterian church is always looking for volunteers as well as monetary donations as well as clothing,
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the church. reporting live in milwaukee, today's wtmj 4. >> great story. >> just in time for the deep freeze, tons of de-icing salt arrived. it will be used, but a portion will be bagged and sold for residential use. >> remember, you need to park on the even side of the street here in milwaukee. an overnight snow removal operation continues for parking. if you don't, you could be ticketed an towed. epw will text when an operation is called and cars need to be moved. find a link at wtmj 4. >> the presidential recount is finished. it wrapped up today ahead of schedule. it was conducted by all 72 wisconsin counties. >> thi is really a remarkable achievement by the county clerks
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it's something that's never been done before in the state of wisconsin, conducting a recount of a presidential election. the fact that this was done in ten days, i think, really is a credit to those individuals. >> now, final numbers did not change much. donald trump's margin over hillary clinton increased by 131 votes. >> jill stein's par said the recount was never about changing the outcome, it was about validating the restoring confidence in our voting system. disappointment was expressed that not all counties counted ballots by hand. president-elect donald trump responded where else on twitter. the demonstrates and green party can now rest. scam. tomorrow, he brings his thank you tour to the state fairgrounds. mike pence and paul ryan, also
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>> bernie sanders had a taping tonight that airs tonight on msnbc. he talked about trade policy, the old chrysler plant closing and the election of donald trump as our next president. >> spurred by recent deaths, the county board of supervisors is considering a policy change to require outside investigations for in-custody deaths. the board will vote on the change thursday. milwaukee county jail this year. a judge ruled today trying morgan geyers and anita wouldn't be good. >> she was here to answer your questions and to applaud the city for handing out free water filters to people living in hopes with lead. she says everywhere should take
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assume that they may have lead in their drinking water. lead-bearing pluming is rampant. talk precautions no matter what. >> if you missed these free filters, you can still purchase one. head to wtmj 4/links. >> police officers say seeing children in trauma is the toughest part of their job. an annual event is bringing smiles the generosity of others. >> toys bring kids joy and excitement. these play thins have an even deeper meaning. they'll be used to comfort children in pain throughout the year. >> it really is a wonderful innovation on their parts to try to reach out and help those children in need, particularly this time of year. they need the services of the children's advocacy center. >> items are being stockpiled
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hearts. it is a nonprofit group. >> our mission is to encourage hope through education, friendship. >> they donated more than 30,000 toys for the child advocacy center. >> it is a place where children who have been abused and neglected go for relief and emotional support, psychological help and, yes, sometimes criminal investigations. >> you can help. donate local police department now through january 6th, gifts from the heart that show you care. >> some of those children never had a new toy. this comfort item provides them something special for that moment in time to take home with them. >> they ask that you not donate toys depicting violence like
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partner with the hunger task force. associates bring you home for the holidays. this virtual food drive allows you to donate a meal to someone in need. look for the home for the holidays button in order to donate. >> how much would you pay for a rock? >> well, coming up, a local physician is selling rocks in lake michigan. >> imagine trying to drive a driver did just that. the charges she is facing. >> a local deputy is seconds away from being seriously hurt. see it all unfold on camera. >> "the tonight show" is next.
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>> take a look at this close call caught by the dash board camera. you'll see the deputy walking toward an accident on i-94.
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through. the truck was able to avoid the accident. no one was hurt. >> a west dallas woman is accused of driving drunk and slamming head-on into a snow plow. this is what's left of her car. the front end was ripped off. the sheriff's office says she was driving the wrong way this morning when the crash occurred. the driver was treated, taken to the hospital and released and then taken to jail. >> new at 10:00, when nordstroms began selling these individual rocks for apiece, the stones sold out in a second. a prominent hospital physician decided to turn that whacky retail phenomenon on its ear for a good cause. ordinarily, when he is talking about viral, he means measles. >> have you heard about this? i heard online people are buying
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>> when the doctor got word of nordstroms selling rocks in a fashionable leather satchel, he decided to do something good. >> how about doing some good for a number of wonderful organizations in the community. >> so, this prominent professor headed to the shores of lake michigan and began collecting cobblestones. he will send one to anyone willing to to the children's hospital. >> i have no say where the money goes. the foundation supports so many great programs throughout the institution. >> therapy, research, anything needed by wisconsin's premier pediatric institution. the doctor wants to say -- >> thank you to everybody. >> so you, if you want to donate $85 to the children's hospital and get a rock
2:23 am >> a 16-hour wait to meet a packers great, fans lined up around lambeau field to meet quarterback aaron rodgers. only the first 200 people got a signature. all the money raised will go to the salvation army. >> he took time out of his day, especially after he is injured, to give back to the community, we have to say thank you for everything he has done for the packers. >> fans are asked to donate a minimum of $100 per autograph. the signing raised more than $21,000 for the salvation army. rodgers doubled that to 42,000. >> there will be that sports-relate items up for bid. it supports research for
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autographed limited edition print. only 550 remain. the overall size, 26 by 51 inches. >> again, you can get this item this friday during the sports auction for them. it's from 3:00 to 5:00. by it on today's game day 4 to prevent childhood cancers. >> oh, sure, the first significant snow of the season can be a grind for us grown-ups. if you dog, snow. he is awesome. i shot this yesterday with my son, colton. he is too powdery to make a snowman. this might trump snow sculpting. >> it is cross-country so, wow, beautiful young man. >> thank you. >> you have to get in those pictures once in a while. siberian husky.
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siberian. so far, we're up to 9.64 inches of snow. this season, we didn't get anything in october-november. we're about three inches above what we should be. that air is pouring into the country from the north. that cold air is pushing the jet stream south once again. it will stay south and really come in here tomorrow and we get a bump and another opportunity friday night into saturday. you can see where the air is coming from. 14, twin cities, 9. international falls, we're going to see single digit temperatures by thursday of this week. 10, watertown. 8, beaver dam. 7, lake geneva. 13 in ravine. look at our feels like temperature.
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below zero. bundle those kids up. we're not going to have super strong winds over the next 24 hours. wednesday night and thursday, we will. watch what happens. tuesday night, we already see windchills dropping into the teens. and then, by 7:30 wednesday night, they get into the 20s. windchill criteria would be wednesday night and during the day on thursday before it gets better friday as the snow approaches. so, a couple clouds back in. that will help stop temperatures from dropping. they have a cold one right here causing a little snow showers. i don't think we're going to see much in the way of that falling tonight. if you do, it will be a dusting. that passes through by morning. we're only going to be in the low teens tomorrow. subzero tomorrow night. we'll also see temperatures falling rapidly into thursday. thursday morning should be the coldest morning of the next few
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the lakeshore. we could get a snow shower or flurry. that would be about it. no accumulation expected. tomorrow, decreasing clouds after morning cloudiness. maybe 13 degrees. windchill, 10 below zero. we'll see more sunshine into wednesday but only around 11 degrees. west winds, 10 to 20. we'll take those windchills down to 20, 25 degrees below zero range. look at the high on thursday. morning. friday morning, zero while snow developing late in the day into friday night. snow on saturday. 28 degrees, and then it gets cold again right into sunday and into monday. in the morning hours, it is a little dire. hats, jackets, scarves. she is attractive. she knows -- she is smiling
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>> well, she's young. >> yeah. >> coming up, we have some of
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>> the packers hope to somehow claw into the post season. they play against the bears, vikings and lions, oh my.
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running back, and they get some grief. >> montgomery is a running back. i don't know if you're paying attention to that the death chart that he puts together. i apologize. thank goodness it's preseason. >> todd is a running back, so i apologize for not making an announcement. he hasn't gone to a receiver meeting in months. >> okay, run, run ringo. you probably missed this. christian ringo times the snap perfectly, drills the guard. wilson has to thr it out of bounds. it look like they drew it up that way. ift works that well, it looks like they should try it again sometime. >> they make an early
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>> welcome back. who is the second best team? the bulls? no. it's the raptors.
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toronto hit 14 of 25 threes. rosen had 30. things got so out of hand, mccure came in during the first half of the first time this year. the bucs fall hard. they were celebrating 40 years of partnership. that extends all the way to planned. the former bucs h handed john mcglothlin it to him. >> i wanted to make sure i handed it to him. i'm glad it brought attention to that. i just wanted to make sure that john get the check. >> good stuff. the puck drops in san antonio in panther arena. more than two minute in, trevor smith on the power play, and that goes in.
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contest. i know you didn't see this over the weekend. steve stringer, the templeton shootout. kelly backs away knowing he made it. they led for a while and finished second. one stroke behind match kutcher.
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>> here are tonights numbers. yes, there is a double, brother. >> your numbers are bigger than my numbers. [laughter] >> just trying to be cool. >> what did i say? your numbers are bigger than mine. my numbers are in the teens. the next few nights will be bitterly cold.
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>> yo, bro. >> you started it. >> good night >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from stud hello, everybody. hope you had a wonderful weekend. it is fun day monday. december 12th. counting down the last days of 2016. >> how is that possible? >> i just got used to writing 2016. >> who was it that told us in your life when you're 20, your life goes 20 miles an hour. 30, 30 miles an hour. 40 -- joann did. 50, when you're 60, her dad said that.


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