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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  December 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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now at noon -- cold snap-- the arctic air has arrived in the badger state with temperatures barely making it into the teens. it's expected to get even colder.meteorologist brian gotter in the weather center
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warming centers are now opening up across the city of milwaukee. the milwaukee
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increase in people showing up during the cold. it averaged about 176 people at its men's shelter during the month of november. last night... they had 184 people. capacity during the winter months is 250 men. the mens side any time it's below 20 degrees we don't let anybody outside overnight - we'll get them inside. if our beds fill up we have some extra matresses for the lobby on the mens side the rescue the rescue mission also runs a downtown shelter for moms and kids. there are currently staying as temperatures continue to drop... milwaukeeans who like to run - or walk - outside are finding them harder to stand. pete zervakis shows you their solution. people looking to stay active in this bitter cold are taking shelter at one of the typically coldest places in town it's chilly in here you got to wear a coat and gloves but to tim & mary linehan .... the 50-degree conditions inside the pettit national ice
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feet of ice in there you got to keep that cold but we're heating the building all the time. are preferable to the conditions outside. that's why they're taking their daily walk on the ice center's track. so much better to be in here today when tim suggested it i jumped in conditions like today there's ice on the ground aubrey ginsberg had the same idea. there's no way i'm walking out there. i'm over 65 and if i fall it's game over for me executive director randy dean says the crowds here a mild fall and so people had other outdoor activities to do but once the cold weather hits - little bit of snow - they come in in droves walkers... like tim... chuckle about the ice center being a ?warm, workout alternative. towards the end you can take some layers off. but yeah it is a little ironicworkers here expect the track to be busy all week with even colder
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the pettit is open from 5:30 am until 9 at night. it's four dollars to use the track. starting today, the fee to get a license to plow city owned alley ways will drop from 50- dollars to just 10-bucks. the hope is the decrease in cost will encourage more private plow operators to do the work. the city of milwaukee does not plow alleys... so homeowners and landlords need to hire private contractors. currently there are only two mp services in public city alleys. president-elect donald trump is stopping in west allis this evening.. as part of his "thank you tour".he'll be joined by vice president elect mike pence and house speaker paul ryan.. at the state fair expo center. doors open at 4 p- m. the event scheduled to start at seven. president-elect trump announces his choice for secretary of state. tracie potts has that, plus the news conference about trump's business ties that's not happening
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deal-maker, the trump transition announced this morning that exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson is president- elect trump's secretary of state."it was chemistry it was presence, it was vision. it was also the ability that rex tillerson had to maintain relationships across the world."the 64-year-old millionaire heads a global company with nearly as many foreign offices - and more than twice as many employees - as the state department. trump tweets great business leaders of the world."couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership and accomplishments has been willing to step forward to serve our nation."he's been endorsed by former secretaries of state and former defense secretary robert gates... who called him a "person a great integrity."but there's concern among democrats and republicans over his close ties to russia's president. "it's not as if they're
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getting blown way out of proportion."sources also confirm former texas governor rick perry is mr. trump's nominee for secretary of trump's thursday news conference explaining how he'll leave his business... has been postponed till january.he tweets that that his sons will run the company, with no new deals while he's in office.meantime hillary clinton's campaign chair is asking the government to declassify intelligence about russia's attempt to influence the election.some republicans agree. a partisan issue."electors - set to confirm trump's victory next week - are asking for an intelligence briefing before they vote.tracie potts, nbc news, more news now-- a group of students at u-w-madison are organizing a petition against the concealed campus carry bill.the students will hold a "day of action" on campus this thursday. state representative jesse kremer introduced a concealed campus carry bill last year. he said that while college campuses in wisconsin
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become victims of crimes in areas just off campuses. currently people with a concealed carry permit can have a gun on campus but cannot take it into a building. green bay's police chief says a ban on single serve beer and alcohol sales.. within city limits.. wouldn't solve booze - related problems. the message comes in response to a proposal.. banning access to single beer and liquor bottles. proponents say it would help cut back on issues.. like littering. chief smith says.. increased foot patrols effective. "it's a great way to work with the community. getting the store owners, and the shop owners to assist us with keeping the neighborhood clean is one of the directions i give to senior lead officers that have been selected for yes, we definitely intend to continue to do this." any proposal would have to be approved.. by the full the hunger task force received a big donation today. packers tight end jared cook and sargento foods presented a 39-thousand dollar check as a part of touchdowns for
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thousand dollars to the hunger task force for every touchdown scored by the packers during the 2016 regular today's tmj4 is also proud to partner with the hunger task force and raymond james investments on "home 4 the holidays." its a virtual food drive that provides all the ingredients for a holiday meal. just go to and look for the "home 4 the holidays" still ahead... thinking ahead-- the three big tech executives meeting with donald trump this week and the plans for the future. th software update-- when samsung plans to completely shut off the remainder of the galaxy note 7 phones. and... need help with a consumer problem?our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495... or request help online. just click on the icon... on the
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excitement is building for students at u-w-oshkosh. the titans beat joh university of ohio-- advancing to the division three n-c- double-a championship game. one player says they're up to the task to take home the championship trophy. it came down to"i think as a team we fought a lot of adversity this season in games and stuff like that, so i knew we were prepared and we just wanted it more. at the end of the day that's what it came down to." the team will face-off against the university of mary hardin- baylor for the national title
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the 2016 today's tmj4 sports auction for macc is coming up this friday.all proceeds go to the macc fund which supports research for childhood cancers and related blood disorders. some of the biggest names in wisconsin sports have donated items you can bid on including donald driver.the former packers wide receiver signed this football just for the macc fund. he has a unique signature.and who wouldn't love the mini helmet that he also signed. just one of 25 items that will be up for bid on friday. the sports auction is a live, two hour event from three to five p-m. join in the fight against childhood cancers. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at
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for those who still have the galaxy note 7 smartphone listen up. on december 19th, samsung will roll out a software update that will render the remainder of the phones completely useless.the software update will prevent the phones from charging and will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices. while more than 93 percent of the note 7 phones have been returned-- the remaining 7 percent still pose a serious fire risk. in october, samsung
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decision to stop production of the galaxy note 7 and issue a second recall after some customers reported their replacement devices were still catching fire. big tech executives are set to meet with donald trump tomorrow. apple c-e-o tim cook, alphabet c-e-o larry page, and facebook c-o-o sheryl sandberg attending the president-elect's tech summit to try and find some common ground after 20-16's heated election cycle. trump hopes to discuss u-s focused job creation and how tech firms can to improve coming up... bagder state overweight-- how high wisconsin's obesity rate stands and how it compares to the rest of the country. and season of dryness-- the three best ways to keep your skin feeling healthy all winter
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a new cafe where you pay what you can opens up in sherman park this week. "tricklebee cafe" is a nonprofit community cafe with an emphasizes on vegetarian and vegan meals, but will also serve meat dishes. the grand open music, raffles and activities for children. it's located near 45th and wisconsin's obesity rate appears to be higher than previously thought, according to new data out this month. the earlier estimate showed the obesity rate among adults in the state was 31 percent. but new numbers from the survey of the health of wisconsin find that nearly 40 percent of adults are obese. in addition, the state's obesity rate is about 4- point-5 percent higher than the national
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under the affordable care act... you have until thursday. if you have any questions or concerns-- a special enrollment event is taking place on thursday at "independence first" in milwaukee. it runs from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. milwaukee was the community with the largest jump in health coverage in 2016, winning president obama's "healthy communities" winter weather and wind can leave your skin feeling dull, dry and flaky.danielle barber explains how help keep your skin healthy all winter long. "in winter time, it gets cold. the humidity drops and dry air literally sucks moisture out of the skin."because of this, dermatologist, joanne montgomery, says people should consider switching products "everyone's gog to get a little bit more dry. in terms of cleansers, if you're a person who's very dry and you're using a foaming cleanser, you may want to switch to a cream or a more hydrating cleanser. if you're more oily, you're not going to
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cleanser and just try and moisturize a little bit more." toelp moisturizers penetrate the skin, it's recommended to exfoliate ... not only your face, but your entire body."we recommend not skipping this step of your skin care regimen even in timer it a good o exfoliate the skin twice weekly. if you're a person witreally dry or nsitive skin, one time per week may be enough for you." while a hot shower or bath in the cold months may seem relaxing, it's actually not good for your sn."that super- hot water will really weaken and soften that layer on the top layer of the skin."even though our skin is mostly covered during the winter, it's still important to protect the exposed areas with sunscreen ... especially for those who enjoy the outdoors."with the snow and the ice you're getting reflection of those uv rays back up at you and that reflection can be up to 80 percent, so you're not only getting uv radiation coming down on you, but coming up from below."dermatologists recommend wearing s-p-f 30 or higher on visible areas of the skin when you're driving or outside for a lengthy amount
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coming up... form of i-d... the state where residents can no longer use their driver's license at the airports and the reason for the change. and -- priceless keepsakes-- how firefighters were able to save a veterans world war two flag and medals from a burning
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firefighters in georgia were able to save a world war two veteran's flag and medals from a house fire. as soon as firefighters got the flames under control, they rushed to get the priceless keepsakes out of the home. the family thought it had all been lost. "my grandfather, myself, my nephew. my mom, my dad, my step-dad - the millions of current and former, they served for that flag." the
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to those firefighters for going out of their way to help. in just a little over a year.. missouri residents won't be able to use their driver's license as a form of i-d at will have to use a passport.. even if flying state lawmaker is trying to keep that from happening.jennifer abreu reports. "missouri has had 11 years to deal with it, now we are real id act was passed in 2005.. and i09, stat meant to ivacy ci.. pt mtinssouri nths there's gonna be havoc inairportsri missou residents trying to get on an airplane and having their licenses turned down,"missouri residents would have to use a passport..jerry calrmack, cabool resident - "i don't like it, i think it's a bunch of crap,"even to board domestic flights.- "a lot of people can't get a passport, they can't afford it,"state representative kevin corlew says the solution is simple...
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house bill 1-5-1 would require the department of revenue to issue a real i-d-compliant driver's license residents.. "it will be the same process," but only to those who want one "if they have some concerns about some of the privacy issues that some people have expressed in compling with real id then our legislation would allow them to continue to have the existing missouri driver's license,'the fees would be the same. but the state would add documents used for base.. and a photo to software that uses facial recognition. "it is important especially from the security aspect,"- "i can understand why people might not be in favor of that but to me making it more complicated i see that as a good thing""the more safeguards you have, the safer everyone is," live at 12:30 is up next-- extra cash-- what green party candidate jill stein plans to do with left over money from
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one state is doing to help better track student athlete concussions and how it could
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vio. here's a look at your top stories today. a group of students at u- w-madison are organizing a petition against the concealed campus carry bill. the students will hold a "day of action" on campus this thursday. state representative jesse kremer introduced a concealed campus carry bill last year. currently people with a concealed carry permit can have a gun on campus but cannot take it into a building. green bay's police chief says a ban on single serve beer and alcohol sales.. within city


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