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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  December 13, 2016 12:30pm-12:59pm CST

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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vio. here's a look at your top stories today. a group of students at u- w-madison are organizing a petition against the concealed campus carry bill. the students will hold a "day of action" on campus this thursday. state representative jesse kremer introduced a concealed campus carry bill last year. currently people with a concealed carry permit can have a gun on campus but cannot take it into a building. green bay's police chief says a ban on single serve beer and alcohol sales.. within city
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- related problems. the message comes in response to a proposal.. banning access to single beer and liquor bottles. proponents say it would help cut back on issues.. like littering. any proposal would have to be approved.. by the full city council. present-elect donald trump is stopping in west allis this evening.. as part of his "thank you tour".he'll be joined by vice president elect mike pence and house speaker paul ryan.. at the state fair expo center. doors open at 4 p- m. the event scheduled to
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green party presidential candidate jill stein says she plans to donate any money left over from the 7-point-3 million she raised to force recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. stein said the exact costs of the recounts aren't known yet, but she expects to have money
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to complete an online survey about which election reform groups and voting rights groups they want to receive the money. wisconsin completed its recount monday with little changes in the department of natural resources board is set to vote on a plan that would allow rockets, motorcycles and hunting dog training at the former badger army ammunition plant-- despite a lawsuit challenging those activities. the sauk prairie conservation alliance led a lawsuit last week contending the dnr lacks impact activities in the area. the agency's board is expected to vote on the master plan area veterans are invited to the milwauke v-a's quaterly town hall meeting tonight. it runs from 5 to 7 inside the v-a's matousek auditorium. the event is open to the public. vets encouraged to bring up any questions... concerns... or comments about the v-a. texas is launching what state officials say is the nation's largest effort to track brain injuries among young athletes.
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rules or equipment changes are improving player safety and what more can be done to protect athletes.bianca castro reports. another high school football season in north texas..a busy one for doctors at the ben hogan sports medicine centers.. they estimate they've treated 14-hundred young athletes with concussions between august and november..... "we know how crucial it is to getting athletes or just concussed people back to their baseline." but just as crucial, experts say is trag hasn't been done.. until now! doctors at the brain institute at ut southwestern.. have launched a registry.. that will keep track how often concussions happen in about a dozen different high school sports.."for children it's critical that we make the diagnosis when it happens cause they're at risk for a second impact."texas leads the nation with more than 800- thousand high school athletes...researchers say the
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in concussion research. and reveal which schools in texas are doing it right.. when it comes to protecting their young players from head injuries. doctors say that as data come in.... they'll be able to work with school officials on when young athletes can or should return to the wildfires that raged through tennessee cost five- point-five million dollars to fight. the fires also caused more than 500-million dollars in damages. officials blaze charred more than 17- thousand acres and destroyed or damaged nearly 25-hundred structures. country music legend dolly parton is stepping up to help the victims of the tennessee wildfires. at least 13 people were killed and thousands of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed in the gatlinburg area. parton -- along with other singers will perform in a telethon tonight. nasa plans to launch tiny satellites to measure hurricane winds. the launch is
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a rocket into space, where it will deploy eight small satellites into orbit to provide better hurricane predictions. the satellites will be able to see through clouds and heavy rain. the government is proposing that all new cars and light trucks be able to talk wirelessly with each other, with traffic lights and with other roadway infrastructure. officials say the technology holds the potential to dramatically reduce traffic deaths and transform driving. vehicle-to communications, enables cars to transmit their locations, speed, direction and other information ten times per second. that lets cars detect when another vehicle is about to run a red light, for example, in time for a driver to prevent a this holiday season -- the united states postal service plans to deliver 750 million packages. that's 12 percent higher than last year.there's still time to get gifts delivered by christmas.but as mary moloney explains -- the
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united states postal service expects to deliver roughly 16 billion cards -- letters -- and packages.that's a lot of order to help santa get those presents under the tree-- there are some deadlines you need to know.get your packages to the post office by thursday.that's if you standard has a friday deadline for the standard ground gives you a cole extra days. you have until next moay - 19the - for it's 3 day select.ou to shop -- the three major carriers will deliver the we leading into christmas.but it'll cost you more.get to the post office -- fedex-- or ups by decemb3rd to beat santa. prep to wait inlong lines e with others o be the clock.for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. and tomoow through the 21st... walmart is offering free two day shipping on mo than 15 hundred toys. your last chance to place an order at walmart dot com for rush
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at noon local time. the store is also offering christmaeve pickup for orders placed online by six p-m local time on december things are looking up in the milwaukee housing market. for the fourth consecutive month, home sales in the metro area rose nearly 24-percent in november, compared with a year ago. increased sales can be attributed to an increase in listings in milwaukee and waukesha counties. still ahead - we'll get a look at the markets this te alert-- why more than eight million food processors are being taken off store shelves and the number of injuries
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?? most people who sign up for health insurance on age more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. ?? most find low-premium plans for $50 to $100 dollars-a-month. ?? these are quality plans that include coverage for doctor visits, no-cost preventive services and prescription drugs. ?? enroll at by december 15 for coverage
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taking a look at the market
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cuisinart is recalling about eight million food processors in the u-s.the blade in the food processors can crack over time and small metal pieces can break off in to the processed food. there have been 69 reports of people finding broken pieces of the blade, including 30 reports of cuts on the mouth or tooth apple's wireless airpods are now available. the airpods cost 159-dollars and you can buy em were delayed in october after apple said it needed more time before they'd be ready for consumers. the accessories are a crucial selling point of apple's iphone 7 - which doesn't have a headphone mitchell international airport will be recognized today for its energy-efficient upgrades. officials will receive a check to the tune of a 104-thousand dollars.the check is from focus on energy and we energies. the airport recently replaced nearly four-thousand lamps in the parking garage
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good news for those who like to ice skate-- slice of ice at red arrow park opens for the season this afternoon. you can skate for free if you bring your own skates or you can rent them at the park. the ice rink three o'clock. here's a live look outside at... meteorologist brian gotter is back with the storm
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(announcer) here's a dose of reality; driving under the influence of prescription painkillers
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wisconsin have increased nearly 200 percent over the past ten years. help prevent drugged driving and let's achieve zero preventable deaths on wisconsin roadways. driving on pills...kills. a shared message from the wisconsin department of justice
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here's your prime time lineup on tmj4. packers live with larry mccarren at 6:30. followed by the season finale of "the voice" at seven and then more local news on live at ten. i-phone users, you have hundreds of new emoji's available in a software update that just launched. e new emoji's include new types facial prons and emotions, such as face palm, shrug and fingers crossed.there is also a "barf" emoji, as well as a
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