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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  December 13, 2016 4:30pm-4:58pm CST

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bitter cold.cold temperatures during the day expected to get even colder overnight and into tomorrow. from snow to downright unpleasant cold temperatures it safe to say winter is finally here.those temps going to get even colder. meteorologist john malan joins
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with the frigid temperatures you might want to let your car run a little bit to warm up, but that might not be the best idea.the idea dates back to the 80's and 90's when experts said it was good for your vehicle to let the engine warm up.however, cars nowadays
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warm it up fast than letting it sit and a brief idling time of no more than 30-seconds is needed. milwaukee's department of public works says the city's four inch rule is no longer in effect.crews finished up snow removal efforts today on 48-hour exception parking streets.the four inch rule applies when more at least 4 inches of snow has fallen. d-p-w wants toin check all posted street signs before you park to avoid being ticketed or possibly towed. salvation army red kettle bell ringers are still braving the cold to help raise money for people in salvation army police chaplains were out ringings bells.this year in the red kettle campaign hope to raise at least four-million- dollars in the milwaukee area. if your love of ice skating outweighs your discomfort in the cold... you'll be glad to know the "slice of ice" at red arrow park is now open.the ice
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bring your own skates you can skate for free.otherwise rental skate are official ceremony for the rink's season opening will be held on sunday, december 21st. you only have a couple of days left before the deadline to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. milwaukee county has been the national leader in enrolling for health insurance through obamacare.milwaukee county executive chris abele event this afternoon to encourage those who have not already signed up to do so. there is help available to anyone who needs it to meet thursday's deadling. if you have any questions or concerns-- a special enrollment event is taking place on thursday at "independence first" in milwaukee. it runs from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. milwaukee was the community with the largest jump in health coverage in 2016, winning president obama's "healthy communities" competition.
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obesity rate is higher than previously thought.the early estimate showed the obesity rate among adults in the state was 31 percent. new numbers from the survey of the health of wisconsin find nearly 40 percent of adults are obese. in addition, the state's obesity rate is about 4- point-5 percent higher than the national average. mitchell international airport was recognized today for its energy-efficient upgrades. officials got a check for 104-thousand dollars.the check is from focus on energy and we replaced nearly four-thousand lamps in the parking garage with energy-efficient fixtures. the today's tmj4 sports auction for macc is this friday.there will be 25 sports related items up for bid. all proceeds go to the macc fund which supports research for childhood cancers and related blood disordersthis item was really popular last's an archer "cheesewedge" guitar! it's a fully functional guitar
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you'll be the hit of any packers party. join us for the sports auction for macc this friday from three to five p-m. you can still buy a today's tmj4 macc star to help fight childhood cancer. this year's macc star was designed by bailey dove.the theme... shave away cancer featuring a cute little penguin with a mustache all proceeds benefit the macc fund. they're available at sendik's food markets buddy squirrel stores. and today's and today's tmj4 is proud to partner with the hunger task force and raymond james and associates to bring you "home 4 the holidays."this virtual food drive is the perfect way to help a family in need this holiday season. just head to hunger task force dot org and click on the home 4 the holidays button to donate.
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task force as they work to keep families fed during the holidays and cold winter months. packers tight end jared cook and sargento foods presented a 39-thousand dollar check as a part of touchdowns for charity. sargento donates one thousand dollars to the hunger task force for every touchdown scored by the packers during the 2016 regular season. giving is part of what the holidays are all about.. coming up new on live at 6.. the milwaukee health services is donating dinners to the le not the only gift they're giving.. tonight.. we'll tell you how else they're helping for the holidays.. still ahead on live at 4-30... the new concussion study focusing on high school athletes.also ahead...the two things you can do during the winter to protect your skin
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winter weather and wind can leave your skin feeling dull, dry and flaky.dermatologists recommend people consider switching products from season to season.and to help moisturizers penetrate the skin, it's recommended to exfoliate ... not only your face, but your entire body. "we recommend not skipping this step of your skin care regimen even in the winter time. it's a good idea to exfoliate the skin twice weekly. if you're a person with really dry or sensitive skin, one time per week may be
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our skin is mostly covered during the winter, it's still important to protect the exposed areas with sunscreen. dermatologists recommend wearing s-p-f 30 or higher on visible areas of the skin. texas is launching what state officials say is the nation's largest effort to track brain injuries among young athletes. the goal is to gauge whether rules or equipment changes are improving player safety and what more can be done to protect athletes.doctors at the brain institute at u-t registry that will keep track how often concussions happen. "for children it's critical that we make the diagnosis when it happens cause they're at risk for a second impact." researchers say the registry will fill a major gap in concussion research. doctors say that as data come in.... they'll be able to work with school officials on when young athletes can or should return to play. coming up next...a hightlight
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finale." but first, here's a live look from port washington and now out to the airport where the sun is setting. meteorologist john malan is back with the latest on our
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the clouds are cleared out and temperatures hover in the low-teens this afternoon. breezy and cold is the weather word with wind chills between zero and 8 below zero through this evening.. under a clear sky tonight, lows will be in the single digits, from 3 degrees below zero to three degrees above zero, with wind chills to -15 degrees. wednesday is sunny, windy and very cold with highs around 10 degrees, with a 30 mph wind,
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degrees below zero during the day. we drop below zero thursday morning with wind chills to -25 below zero, with the likelihood of wind chill advisories wednesday night and early thursday. despite a lot of sun, thursday is only 6 wind chills staying well below zero. friday will warm to 21, but snow is likely in the afternoon. that snow continues on saturday with highs in the mid 20s, and we will likely see several inches once again.
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tonight's the night, the winner of season 11 of nbc's "the voice" will be revealed as part of a two hour wrap up to the season.stephanie stanton is in los angeles with a preview. it was the last chance for the four finalists to earn america's vote.(sot sundance head / team blake :09-11)"i went out there and ripped my heart out and shoved it through the microphone."nats "i could thnumber one spot on the itunes chartwith his orinmposit go"....his cover of the etta jamesclassic "at last" came in at number two.nats but team adam's billy gilman was right behind in the next two spots... including #3 with "because of me"...a tune maroon 5 had to leave off its most recentalbum. (sot billy gilman / team adam :40-44)"it's great. it's just,
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there's nothing else i could do."nats "pick any small town" gilman's fellow team adam finalist, josh gallagher, hit number 6with his origaking at tune, "pick any small town". (sot josh gallagher / team adam :56-1:01)"this song means so much to me. it describes everything that i am and everything that i came from." nats "don't rain on my parade" two solos for team alicia's we mcdonald also hit the top 15....nats "i don't need your wishes" the original tune written for her...."wishes?b "....topped 1:15-1:19)"ieel like, mlicia whoever wins, deserves it. and we're going to be proud but for four sts, the seonill end a true high note.hanie stanto nbc news, los angeles. tonight, the winner is th ealed, along wi rformances fr people like bruno mars and stevie wonder you can watch that here on today's tmj4 starting at seven
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still ahead...third time's the charm.the incredible high school basketball game and the even more incredible ending...
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beyond wisconsin...bill cosby was back in a pennsylvania courtroom today for a final key is the last of several key hearings before his criminal case goes to trial.a judge will now decide if the 13 women who claim cosby drugged and assaulted them can testify to establish a pattern of behavior. nasa plans to launch tiny satellites to measure hurricane winds. the launch is expected to happen tomorrow morning. boosters will propel a rocket into space, where it will deploy eight small satellites into orbit to provide better hurricane predictions. the satellites
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clouds and heavy rain. talk about a hi school basketball game that want to e nebraska... it's the waverly vikings versus the blair bears. game tied 50-50 with time running out... it looks like blair wins it with a three- pointer from beyond half-court but the whistle had blown before the the bears try it again, but it's stolen. waverly shoots and makes it, but once again after the whistle had blown.and then finally third time is the charm, but for waverly blair. they make the three-pointer at the last
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at next. this isn't your average local restaurant.. the unique buzz surrounding this one of a kind cafe in sherman park.
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the coldest weather of this young season so far... is upon us! and don't look for the temperature to get above freezing anytime soon.let's get ght to john malan in the
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it's hard to ignore the dode temps we're experiencing. but the weather has a delightful deorbrandon rook joins us livwith why the cold can really heat up business. it's cold and for some people that's great news...especially during the holidays. frigid temperatures aren't stopping francisco tovar from picking up business.for some, the freezing temps means they
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it's time for cold weather work.clearing sidewalks of snow and ice while the sun shines bright."it's nice to work and make some extra moy."francisco and his partner came all the way from northern illinois to clear business sidewalks."we broke the record from last year."d they noly work overnight, while sleep."i like to do this.""it's nice, it's not too bad."a side job he appreciates just before the christmas holidays. francisco few days he's worked more than 40 hours clearing sidewalks. he has been doing this for 12 downtown milwaukee i'm brandon rook with today's tmj 4. the milwaukerescue mission sees an increase ineople showing up during the cold. it averaged 176 ?y?-people attsmen's shelter during the mont?dh of november. last night... they had 184 people. capacity during the winter


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