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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 14, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am CST

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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- mindy kaling. from "travelers" actor eric mccormack. comedian joe pera. featuring the 8g band with ?? [ cheers and applause ] ladies andentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers, this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight out there? [ cheers and applause ] great to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. donald trump's administration reportedly has the most white male cabinet since 1989. and the most wigs since 1789.
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wisconsin yesterday as part of his "thank you" tour of battleground states and told the crowd he was surprised when he won the election. well, other people just acted surprised. [ light laughter ] couldn't believe it. this is so -- this is the last thing i expected. crowds at donald trump's "thank you" rally in wisconsin yesterday were reportedly chanting "cnn sucks." evenra [ laughter and applause ] donald trump signed a copy of "time" magazine's "person of the year" issue for kanye west yesterday saying to kanye, "you are a great friend." and everyone knows the perfect gift for a grit friend is your autograph. who should i sign this to, grandma? that's with one "m"? donald trump met the apple ceo
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trump reportedly wanted to discuss ways to make the keyboard smaller. every letter is the size of my fist. [ laughter ] it's very hard to write "sad." executives at exxonmobil are saying that secretary of state nominee rex tillerson has learned to get along with vladimir putin for business reasons but is not fond of him. really? look at this picture. the only thing missing, the only g is mistletoe. [ laughter and applause ] lawyers on both sides of bill cosby's trial had to be reprimanded yesterday after several courtroom shouting matches broke out. sounds like they needed to take a chill pill. and luckily cosby had plenty of them.
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the defense and the prosecution and the judge and the gavel. thunder in the --. apple released a new batch of emojis yesterday, including a face palm and avocado and gorilla, which is perfect for when you need to text, "oh, no, i gave too much guacamole to the gorilla!" that used to take forever. an openly gay look-alike of vice president-elect mike pence has begun posing for photos with time square tourists while wearing short-shorts. when he heard that, mike pence pursed his lips so hard that he grew a moustache. a dutch restaurant has started serving a my little pony burger that is made from actual horse meat. um, i'll have the veggie-tales
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realize that was horse meat too. and finally, a zoo in texas has set up a gift registry for an orangutan couple expecting a baby. and if you're curious what they want from crate and barrel, it's the barrel. ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] she is the creator and star of "the mindy project" on hulu. and her book "why not me" is in paperback now. one of our favorites, mindy kaling, is back on the show, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] he has a new syfy series on netflix, it looks fantastic, "travelers" eric mccormack is joining us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and he has a very funny special on adult swim called "joe pera helps you pick the perfect christmas tree." he's a fantastic comedian and friend of ours, joe pera is back on the show tonight. before i got to all our fantastic guests you guys all know what a casserole is. a casserole is a meal where you throw a bunch of different kinds
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and you sort of cook it up and what you get is just what you get. well, the reason i bring this up is we here at "late night" come up with tons of different ideas all the time for the show. and many of these ideas are not quite enough to be a full sketch, a full meal, if you will. so instead of just throwing all those ideas away we thought we'd throw them together, casserole-style, in a segment we're calling "late night casserole." ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so here you go. half-baked ideas that cannot sustain a full piece. first up, if you have tv you probably heard of c-span, the public television network that broad casts live coverage of u.s. government proceedings across the country. there's c-span 1 and 2 which covers the u.s. house and senate, plus c-span3 which shows live public affairs events. well, one of my writers wondered, what if there were other c-span channels? so, here's a segment that we're calling, "other c-span
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?? >> seth: so here's a channel. c-span 4, it's a live feed of the cameraman who shoots the live feed for c-span 1. >> the chair will entertain requests for one-minute speeches. for what purpose is the gentle lady of north carolina, seek recognition? >> i'd like to address the house for one minute, mr. speaker. >> seth: pretty good, right? and then i said to the writer, "that's great what's the next one?" he said, "i don't have a next one. that's how you get in the casserole." moving on. are you guys familiar with the new abc show "designated survivor"? anybody seen "designated survivor?" for those who haven't designated survivor stars keifer sutherland as the secretary of housing and urban development who is thrust into the presidency after the u.s. capitol building explodes during the state of the union address. you see keifer's character was safely watching the state of the union because he was the designated survivor should something happen to the president and all the other members of the cabinet. well, one of our writers thought it would be funny if we here at
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designated survivor and it was character actor richard kind. let's check in on him now. hi, richard. >> seth, hey, how are you, did your studio blow up? >> seth: no, no, it didn't. >> think it will blow up? >> seth: probably not. >> oh. okay. well, if it blows up, i'm here. >> seth: okay. and where are you exactly, richard? >> i'm in a men's dressing room at banana republic. >> seth: okay. well, bye, buddy. >> okay, bye-bye. >> seth: now, as you may recall, back in march of this year, president obama made his last nomination to the supreme court, merrick garland. you might also recall that republicans refused to consider garland for the job. and now with just a little over a month left before the beginning of trump's presidency chances are merrick garland will never be a supreme court justice. so many people are wondering what would merrick garland's next career move be? one of our writers thought he would be the perfect host of a prank show called "merricked."
11:45 pm
?? >> all right, well, here's your check. >> thank you. >> and you know what we had this extra apple pie in the kitchen, i thought why not give to it you on the house? >> wow, that is so nice, thank you. oh. actually, you don't get to have this pie. >> wait, why? >> that's right. i'm merrick garland and you just got merricked. you, see those cameras right over there? and there's one right over there. g then we took it away from you just like that. bet you kinda of felt like you deserved that pie, right? bet you feel like you worked long and hard for that pie? well, you don't get to have that pie because we don't always get what we want in life. now some other undeserving bastard is going to get your pie and all you can do is sit back and say that was supposed to be my pie. that was supposed to be my pie. that was supposed to be my pie. that was supposed to be my pie.
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>> seth: all right, so that was half an idea. "merricked." our next casserole idea -- >> seth, seth? >> seth: it's our designated survivor richard kind. yes, richard? >> seth, listen, did your studio blow up? did everybody die? am i the host now? >> seth: no. >> oh. okay. >> seth: okay. >> okay. [ laughter ] heet >> seth: yeah? >> listen. >> seth: yeah? >> you seen "la la land" yet? >> seth: have i seen the movie "la la land," no i haven't. >> the movie "la la land." >> seth: no, i haven't seen it. >> no, me neither. i hear it's wonderful. very colorful. in fact, i'm wearing these colors because when i do see it in the future, i want to be a big fan of "la la land." >> seth: so you're wearing bright colors so that you'll like the movie more?
11:47 pm
>> seth: all right, well, good talking to you, richard. >> okay, bye-bye. >> seth: bye-bye. >> seth: now i'm sure you've heard of shows like "talking dead" or "talking bad." these are talk show that come on immediately after a show like "the walking dead" or "breaking bad." where they talk about what just happened in that episode. one of my writers thought "late night" needed one of those shows. here is "talking late." ?? >> seth: hi, everyone, and welcome to "talking late" where we get a peek behind the curtain of "late night with seth meyers." i'm your host seth meyers. and with me i have two of my writers amber and ben, welcome. >> thank you for having us. >> i love talking about "late night with seth meyers." >> seth: okay, great. i love talking about "late night with seth meyers" too. so, let get right to it. during the late-night monologue i made a joke about the news. what do you guys think? let's go to the clip.
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for an orangutan couple expecting a baby. and if you're curious what they want from crate and barrel, it's the barrel. >> seth: it's a i thought just a fantastic joke, what did you guys think? >> i thought it was an excellent observation. everyone knows donkey kong and they know he loves barrels. >> it's not the crate. it's the barrel. and that's why it's the punch line of the joke. it's a classic. off-guard, ben? when it was the barrel? >> well, i was for sure i was initially thinking, what is this, there's another monkey there. it's like, nope. it was the crate or the barrel. and it was the barrel. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i'm sorry, you thought another monkey would be where? >> oh, there's a gift registry because they were getting married. the two gorillas. >> ben was not watching. >> okay.
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a question from the audience. any questions about late night? >> hey yeah -- hi, long-time fan. also a writer for the show. we've also been friends for like 20 years. i'm on "30 rock." or was. now i do this. um -- [ cheers and applause ] i guess my question is, at the beginning of your other show you asked, everybody "how's everybody doing tonight?" do you actually care how everybody's doing tonight? >> seth: what do you think? >> no. >> seth: you're not going to believe this, but i do not. >> i said that he didn't. i said. i said to her that he didn't care. >> seth: thank you all so much for tuning in to "talking late," good night. ??
11:50 pm
and finally tonight we have -- >> seth, seth? >> seth: yeah, what's up? yeah? >> listen, seth! >> seth: yeah? >> you dead yet? did it blow up? >> seth: no. >> no? hold on. >> oh, sorry. >> come in, come in. i'm just the designated survivor. come in. >> oh. i have to try on these pants. >> oh. well, don't mind me. go ahead. did you ever think a more colorful pants? these are very nice but "la la land" is very colorful, you may >> seth: give it up for richard kind, everybody! [ applause ] bye-bye, richard. >> bye-bye! bye, seth! >> seth: now, for "late night casserole," no idea too strange, that will become abundantly clear when you see our final piece. here's one of our writers conner o'mally performing an interpretive dance to the theme music from the popular sitcom "home improvement." ??
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?? ?? ?? ?? >> seth: that's "late night casserole." be right back with more "late night!" [ cheers and applause ]
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back. and give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] and tonight sitting in on drums, everybody. he's a two-time grammy award-winning drum hero and a cofounder of metal icon slayer. he's also a member of punk legends, the misfits, dave lombardo is here, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for being here, dave. >> thanks, seth. >> seth: our first guest tonight is the creator, writer, and star of "the mindy project" which returns to hulu with new episodes february 14th. her "new york times"
11:56 pm
paperback. please welcome back to the show our friend mindy kaling, everybody. ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, mindy. >> hi, i'm so happy to be here. >> seth: i'm always so happy to see you. you look wonderful. >> thank you. >> seth: it's such a pleasure to have you. and you always look wonderful to me. and something that i feel like -- here's the thing. we're talking about fake news a lot. that's like in the press. >> yeah, and we love it. >> seth: we love fake news. >> okay, good. >> seth: but you -- this is something you brought for us. there was a facebook ad that used your image without permission. >> yes. i had a friend who was on -- i think it was actually like on a buzz feed article. >> seth: okay. >> and at the bottom they have these ads for their, like, you know, all these different ads for little things. and they have little photos of different celebrities and things
11:57 pm
and this is what she sent me. >> seth: this is not a kind use of your image. >> no. "seven ways to stop snoring." [ laughter ] >> seth: so let's just make this clear. you never approved that? >> never approved this photo. this is a still i believe from my show. >> seth: yes, there you go. >> and -- i am so insulted. [ laughter ] this is awful. i am an actress in hollywood. >> seth: yeah. >> and some person in china who company's logo for agl health, decided that when they saw me, leaning like this, that i was the face of a snoring problem. [ laughter ] when you think of horrible affliction which is loud snoring, such that you need medication. >> seth: yeah. >> mindy kaling is the person. >> seth: well maybe -- but maybe that's after. maybe that's after you took your pills. >> okay. >> seth: this is post-snoring. >> okay. what's so funny to me is how
11:58 pm
i'm not even upset that i have a snoring problem. >> seth: also, by the way -- [ laughter ] >> i'm like, "uh, can't wait till i go to sleep again where i can snore as much as i want." >> seth: i also feel like there are a hundred stills from your show that would be appropriate for how to shop for a sofa online. and they completely pass that up. >> no, they're like -- >> seth: they were like, you're going to be the snorer. >> now who best represents this gross disease? [ laughter ] >> seth: you're -- this is very exciting. we were talking about this before the show. you are going to be in the new film "ocean's 8." >> yes. >> seth: which is one of the most incredible casts ever put toge. you got yourself. you got sandra bullock. you got helena bonham carter, cate blanchett, and rihanna. >> yeah. >> seth: anne hathaway. >> yes. >> seth: and so there is a load of paparazzi on set. >> all the time. >> seth: they must just be following you guys constantly. >> all the time. >> seth: how is -- what has your paparazzi experience been so far? >> okay, so i have -- with that group of women i've never felt so unfamous in my life. >> seth: yes. [ light laughter ] >> like, i thought i was pretty cool. i have my own show. and there people think i'm sandra bullock's assistant. >> seth: sure. [ laughter ]
11:59 pm
we need to bring sandra her matcha tea." and i'm like, "i'm in a scene with her. like i'm not her assistant." and i'm like, "okay, whatever, yeah. i'll go give her her matcha tea for -- might as well." but it's interesting, because there's so much paparazzi there for rihanna. >> seth: yeah. >> so there's movie/tv famous, and then there's international pop star famous. which is like at a whole other -- >> seth: it's a whole other thing. >> and so when we shot a scene, all eight of us together recently. and when we walked outside, there's this huge paparazzi. and i was talking to anne hathaway and rihanna was kind of behinds. there was like a sea of paparazzi taking photos and everything like that. and i was kind of feeling cool and famous. and then rihanna took a left to her trailer, which was like not in the same direction that me and anne were going. and the paparazzi left so quickly. [ laughter ] it was like a desert. [ laughter ] and anne and i are talking and i'm trying to have this sexy conversation with anne hathaway and no one's around or cares even. >> seth: oh, like when you say sexy, here you guys talk -- if
12:00 am
differently? do you think you like hold your neck a different way? >> oh, hell yeah. yeah. and my posture's better. and i also say that one thing i've noticed is i always smile. because i notice whenever they have like a picture of a celebrity looking kind of unhappy, they're like, addiction problems! >> seth: yeah. >> and they put it next to you, like, kind of frowning. so no matter what i'm in i'm always like, "anne hathaway is the most hilarious person in the whole world!" [ laughter ] >> seth: rihanna is smiling as well. she's doing great. >> just for the record, right? li outfit, showing a lot of legs. expensive shoes. anne's wearing like a lipcoat. rihanna's wearing like a full parka. [ laughter ] and baggy jeans. >> seth: and they still just are like, zoonk! >> they shoved me out of the way to get to her. get out of the way, sandra bullock's assistant. [ laughter ] we want to talk to rihanna! >> seth: congratulations, you just had your 100th show of "the mindy project." that's a amazing. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> seth: i don't want to toot my own horn too much here but i was
12:01 am
>> yes. >> seth: and we had a meet cute at a bookstore. >> yes, we did. >> seth: that was very early on. and then in a later episode, i played myself as a talk show host. >> yes. >> seth: so i have been on your show playing two different people. >> yes, you played seth meyers famous talk show host. >> seth: yeah. >> and you played -- what was the name? was it like, tom, the architect. >> seth: i think it was just like tom. i didn't have a lot of lot of back story. there aren't good parts for men in hollywood. [ laughter ] >> yeah. it's amazing. because you are the only person that's been on the show twice. >> seth: yep. actor that we were like, we need to have him back as another character. >> seth: no, you thought i was so bad as an actor. we should have him back, but he should play himself. [ laughter ] >> no we thought you were like meryl streep where can disappear into roles and no one will even recognize you. >> seth: and then second time i was on, it was the story about my dog going missing. >> yes. >> seth: this is not my dog. >> no. [ laughter ] >> seth: we used our dog a little bit in new york, but then you shoot in l.a. >> so there is legit a storyline. you should watch this. it was a great episode. >> seth: it was a great episode. >> where new york is brought to
12:02 am
-- sandy was the other big tragedy and then your dog going missing. >> seth: and it was the whole -- >> it was the whole storyline. >> seth: it was the whole story. it was in the newspaper, guys. there it is in the newspaper. [ laughter ] and this really touched me. cause two of my oldest friends work on your show. ike barinhotlz and dave stassen. >> dave stassen, yeah. >> seth: and it was really sweet to see that you guys misspelled my name in one of the headlines. [ laughter ] >> hey, man. >> seth: that meant the world to me, thank you. >> you have one of those plural white guy last names. it's very hard -- >> seth: yeah sure. >> to figure out where the apostrophe should go. >> seth: yeah, of course. and you guys don't have, like, writers' assistants on sitcoms at [ laughter ] but this is not frisbee. >> no, so what happened was that we use the real frisbee when we shot some of this stuff in new york. but ike who loves dogs, we wrote that into his character. he likes dogs so much that he'll like kiss a dog on the mouth kind of thing. >> seth: yeah. >> but and he's known you forever, he was at your wedding. and frisbee, he was holding frisbee, and frisbee bit him six times. >> seth: yeah, frisbee. [ laughter ] frisbee bit him every take. >> every take. hated it. looked at you like, "why are you doing this to me?" >> seth: exactly.
12:03 am
when we came back to l.a., we hired a dog who was more of an actor. >> seth: yeah. sure, sure, sure. i get it. >> who was excited to be there. so that's the fake frisbee. >> seth: yeah, the other difference that frisbee was mad about, is i'm sure this dog got paid. [ laughter ] >> between friends what is money? >> seth: exactly. >> is what i think. >> seth: frisbee -- now, but just so you know, frisbee now wants to come on again as a different dog because she heard it happened. it happened for me. >> with a mustache. >> seth: yeah, with a mustache. and she thinks she can be nice to ike this time. you're gonna sti from mindy kaling. episodes of "the mindy project" begin streaming february 14th on hulu. we'll be right back with more. [ cheers and applause ]
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12:08 am
and well things are changing every day. by my count not always for the better. and it's times like these that i want to take a moment and talk about how things were just a bit more simple "back in my day." ?? >> seth: back in my day, we didn't have amazon echo listening to every single thought and conversation we had and uploading it to the internet no sir re bob. back in my day the only time your private conversations would end up on the internet was when you uploaded every single thought you had to facebook and/or twitter. >> back in my day we didn't have santa-con. if you wanted to have sloppy makeout session with old st. nick you had to get him drunk in the mall food court, make your way down to santa's village, and push a kid on that son of a bitch's lap.
12:09 am
>> simpler times. >> nowadays every other dude is sporting a man bun. well, back in my day the only buns you'd find on a man were right here, buddy. and if you think you might be putting one of these on the back of my head, you can kiss mine. >> back in my day the new york yankees weren't retiring derek jeter's number. no, no. if you wanted to show derek jeter the ultimate sign of respect you had to sleep with him. simpler times, seth. >> seth: simpler times indeed. well said. back in my day ikea wasn't giving their employees four months of paid maternity leave, give me a break. back then if you wanted four months off your job at ikea you had to earn it. by dropping a -- on your left foot. and a -- on the right one. >> back in my day.
12:10 am
>> you couldn't sign up for tsa precheck to get out of taking off your shoes at the airport. no, no, no. if you wanted to get out of taking your shoes off at the airport, you just wore gladiator sandals. and then you told the tsa agent, "do you really want to be here all day? do you? no, you do not want that is not what i think you want, no, no." >> seth: it was very effective. >> yes, it was. >> seth: very effective. back in my day the pope wasn't condemning the spread of fake news, he was spreading fake news. like the news that god is real. [ barking ] whoa, what's that, rusty? [ barking ] oh, don't worry, rusty. santa is real. >> back in my day, people weren't saying, "yes, queen." we were saying, what's up? [ laughter and applause ] hey! no, no, i'm mad, don't applaud, i'm mad!
12:11 am
would be funny forever. turns out we were right. >> seth: we were right. what's up? >> what's up? >> seth: what's up? rusty. back in my day we didn't have mamby-pamby nature shows like "planet earth 2." eat your heart out, hippies. back then if you wanted to reconnect with nature you put on your boots, you stepped outside, and you walked all the way to the mailbox where you'd find a dvd of "planet earth 1." from netflix because back then different thing. >> back in my day, we didn't obsess over kindle and kylie jenner. it was paris hilton and nicole richie. and they did a lot of the same stuff. but these are the stars i recognize like mtv simon rex or good charlotte's benji madden. now he's married to cameron diaz, who was our version of jennifer lawrence because she was beautiful. but she was funny, she was relatable, and we didn't learn stuff from tmz, we learned it
12:12 am
and i'm hoping that i just because i just mentioned "us weekly" that they're going to give me a free subscription. "us weekly," "us weekly," "us weekly!" >> seth: "maxim!" >> "us weekly!" >> seth: "maxim!" [ barking ] >> rusty, why on earth would you want a subscription to "cat fancy" magazine. [ barking ] >> you're a pervert rusty. >> seth: you're a real pervert. >> what's up? [ laughter ] >> seth: back in my day it wasn't called climate change, it was called global warming, and i which why is we have climate change. i can't wait, i for one can't wait to hear what the next one is called. i hope it's super floods. >> back in my day we didn't have these crazy streaming sites like hulu. and everything, everything sucked. now things are okay since the only shows worth watching are on hulu. are you on hulu seth? >> seth: yeah, reruns but they didn't push it like "the mindy project."
12:13 am
we had to do that, see what we are is a couple of grizzly grumps and we had to get a grump on. and so now if you will excuse us this has been "back in my day." we'll be right back with eric mccormack. [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is an emmy award-winning actor who starred on the hit show "will & grace" for eight seasons. his new series "travelers" will be available on netflix starting
12:18 am
>> you sure there hasn't been a messenger? >> i think a pre-adolescent kid might stand out. >> i thought this was going to be a simple handoff. >> director probably didn't know about the pills. >> what pills? >> fatal dose of fentanyl.e probably a failsafe in case he lacked the courage to pull the trigger. director missed it. >> cause of death on historical record is gunshot to the head. >> and there wasn't anyone from his team there to meet him? >> no, and we looked around. >> well let's not panic, the director will be aware that traveler didn't make it and assign a new candidate. >> if one becomes available in time. you've memorized all the potential candidates in th >> i've memorized everything. >> okay, show off a little. how many since 0830? >> hm. today's not a real good day. >> seth: please welcome to the show eric mccormack! ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so lovely to see you
12:19 am
>> everything's great. >> seth: you flew in from l.a. yesterday? >> flew in yesterday. >> seth: and i heard you had a bit of a hang up. a bit of a problem. >> it got off to an interesting start. i had a 9:00 pickup at the house. >> seth: okay. >> so i had to quickly drove my kid to school, walked the dogs around the neighborhood, jumped in the car, an hour to the airplane. i'm going through security and i beep. >> seth: sure. >> so the guys say take off your jacket. so i took the jacket off. he goes through. he unzips the pocket. he says, want to tell me what this is? ]. [ laughter ] from -- from my walk. that i said, i'm sorry, that's -- that's dog [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] and he doesn't drop it. it stays in his hands. and he says, you're just lucky you weren't traveling internationally. [ laughter ] because i was smuggling actual [ bleep ] over the border? like i don't -- >> seth: i just like the thought of a guy standing up on a plane and saying, "turn this plane
12:20 am
i've got dog [ bleep ]! [ laughter ] >> and i would've really gone down, cause it was pure bred [ bleep ]. >> seth: oh, there you go. now this show, congratulations. very exciting. >> thank you. >> seth: doing a show on netflix is always very exciting. cause as we were talking backstage, you now have 12 completed episodes. >> right. whenever you're out here trying to promote the pilot of something, your plays only lasts four episodes. >> seth: yeah, so we can keep making it. but now you're done? >> here's 12. enjoy. >> seth: it's a very -- it's a great sci-fi concept. explain the show to us a little bit and what a traveler is. >> when i heard sci-fi i said to brad wright, who created it, he created all the "stargate" shows. he's great, but i said, "is this like time machines and ray guns?" because i'm not -- nobody wants to see me carrying a ray gun. >> seth: right. we want to see him carrying dog [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> that people can buy. and it's not. it takes place now entirely, we have traveled from the future, and infiltrated actual people. taken over their lives. so it's more like "donnie brasco." it's like "the americans," it's an espionage show.
12:21 am
the side -- and we never see, or do we see, 400 years in the future? is it all sort of present? >> we just hint at it. this is -- it's kind of a far-fetched premise but in the future, america's future is bleak. >> seth: huh! [ laughter ] i don't think people are going to go for it. >> we took a runner on that one. >> seth: i don't think they're going to buy in. >> you've got to buy in. and -- so we don't see what they see. we don't even know what they actually look like. we just know the bodies that they're in now. but we see them see sunshine. anwe so we get a real sense that's how bad things go. >> seth: there's no hamburgers? >> there's no hamburgers. >> seth: the one thing i feel like we'll have in 400 years is hamburgers. [ laughter ] that's the last thing we'll give up. >> one of the characters is walking down the street. he goes, "hey, look. i think that's a dog." how sad, there's no dogs in the future. >> seth: oh, there's no dogs. i don't like this future. >> thanks future. >> seth: so this one's about the future. you had a wonderful return to the past recently. you guys did a "will & grace" reunion which was fantastic. >> yeah, thank you.
12:22 am
you pulled off one of the hardest feats possible. you kept it secret until the last minute. how did you guys do that? >> well, it's crazy how it started. it started -- max mutchnick who co-created the show called us up and said, "i have the original set, let's do something." >> seth: what? >> so it turns out max had endowed the set and every prop on it to his alma mater, emerson college, and it's been sitting behind glass in a library for ten years. and people have been eating their lunch, i guess. reading a book. what are you doing? just staring at this set in [ laughter ] and then one day in july emerson called and said, "could you take your set back please?" so suddenly at the set -- so max came up with this idea. and we -- it was, it was totally top secret. he flew the set across the country. we set it up in the basement of our old studio. and the day we shot this thing, we all came in separate entrances. >> seth: wow. >> talk about espionage. >> seth: and so there was that. that was a taste. there is talk, megan mullally has recently said there is a chance that we might actually see a full "will & grace"
12:23 am
>> there is a chance. we -- it's in talks. >> seth: very good. >> you know, when it came up, you know, we thought, well, that would be -- it was so much fun to do it. >> seth: yeah. >> but i mean, once hillary's elected, what are we going to talk about? >> seth: there you go. [ laughter ] >> so. so apparently there's things to talk about. >> seth: there you go, things break right. you can enjoy your hamburgers in the sun while you can. thank you so much for being here. it's always such a pleasure to see you. eric mccormack everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "travelers" will be available on netflix starting december 23rd. we'll be right back with joe pera! [ cheers and applause ]
12:24 am
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is a fantastic comedian. his new special "joe pera helps you find the perfect christmas tree" is airing on adult swim through the holiday season and
12:29 am
>> sue, how did you decide that this was the tree for you? >> nice color. like the shape. >> it's got those big strong branches for hanging heavy ornaments. >> have you got a lot of heavy ornaments? >> yeah, we got these big 15-pound ornaments that we actually ordered special from the white house and they're being delivered tomorrow night by the secret service. >> they're really from the white house? >> yeah, obama made them himself. >> that's amazing. s the show our friend joe pera! ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you, joe? >> pretty good. hey, seth, happy holidays. >> seth: happy holidays to you. i can't help notice you're carrying something. what do you got there? >> thanks for noticing.
12:30 am
last week, the christmas tree promotion board saw the show and sent me this plaque naming me honorary ambassador of real christmas trees. >> seth: wow. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] that's great, joe. [ cheers and applause ] over there. there you go. joe do you -- do you carry this with you everywhere? >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: you do. [ laughter ] >> i take the position very seriously. and it's gone from kind of a passion to now a life-long duty. >> seth: oh, wow. [ laughter ] now, from the plaque, i notice this says real christmas trees. >> yeah. >> seth: obviously you're not a fan of fake christmas trees. i just want to -- i know this is controversial. talking to someone like you. i think for some people, especially here in new york city, a fake christmas tree makes sense. tell me i'm wrong. >> well -- i mean, all -- the real christmas trees are very expensive. and ideally you drive somewhere
12:31 am
just get it on the streets. cause those guys will rip you off. >> seth: uh-huh. >> but -- [ laughter ] but you should avoid the artificial tree. if you can -- as long as you don't have allergy. because most christmas trees -- artificial trees are made in china by toilet brush companies. >> seth: oh. [ laughter ] i didn't know that. >> yeah. yeah. [ laughter ] that's -- that's -- it is, it's right on the michigan christmas i don't know if it's their propaganda -- >> seth: oh, i see. [ laughter ] >> that i'm buying into, but it seems reasonable. the very least it would be good to support a farmer in new york state, michigan, north carolina, oregon. >> seth: okay. those are all good. those are all good states. [ laughter ] joe, so now that it's coming time for me to pick a christmas tree. and of course it will be the first christmas tree my son's ever had. it's his first christmas. >> congratulations. >> seth: thank you so much. can you give me -- what would you suggest, joe?
12:32 am
well, i actually brought some questions that i -- >> seth: oh i see. so you are going to use my answers to help me pick a perfect tree? >> yep. >> seth: okay. >> okay. they're pretty simple. how many weeks do you plan on keeping your tree? >> seth: two. >> okay. so you don't need anything with a substantial needle retention. [ laughter ] do you -- do you like a strong scented tree? >> seth: i do like a strong scented tree. >> okay. you already said that you have a young child at home so -- >> seth: yeah. >> sharp needles are not ideal. >> seth: no. [ laughter ] >> do you think it's necessary for government to keep certain information secret from its citizens to function properly? [ laughter ]
12:33 am
[ laughter ] do you prefer a traditionally shaped tree or something more rounded? >> seth: traditional. >> okay. all right. i think i -- well, i would -- based on that, i would have brought you a concolor fir. i really did try. there are no live trees allowed inside rockefeller center because they're a fire hazard. >> seth: yeah. >> i asked them if i could even bring you a branch and they said no to that too. so i wasn't even allowed to do this but i snuck them in. >> seth: thank you so much. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that's really -- that's really beautiful. >> yeah.
12:34 am
it's not ideal to say the least. but, they smell nice. and if you want we can go get you one on the street after the show. >> seth: okay, great. thank you so much. give it up for joe pera, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] "joe pera helps you buy the perfect christmas tree" is airing on adult swim through the holiday season and available at we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
12:35 am
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to mindy kaling, eric mccormack, joe pera, dave lombardo and the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly," see you tomorrow! ?? ?? >> carson: hey, what's happening? i'm carson daly. this is "last call" here on nbc.


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