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tv   Today  NBC  December 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning. nbc news exclusive. new intelligence linking putin to the russian campaign to interfere with the u.s. presidential election. it all began as a vendetta. how will the u.s. respond? kids table, three of president-elect trump's children sit in. no room for twitter, why they were denied a seat. >> and former governor arnold
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lunged at classmates with knives speaks out for the first time. >> they said you got lucky. no. he shot my son in the chest. >> his son fighting for his life in the hospital. and 50 million people coping with temperatures up to 30 degrees below normal. adding to the misery, a new winter >> look out. >> just beginning its cross country trek. it's december 15th. good morning everyone. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. we talked about the approaching
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is that bomb shell tied to the presidential election. u.s. intelligence officials believe putin was personally involved in a covert campaign to interfere with the presidential race. nbc's senior investigative correspondent has the latest on all of this. good morning. >> good morning. >> senio news what started as a futd with hillary clinton became a -- at the center of it all the russian president himself. this morning nbc news learned from senior intelligence officials that putin was personally involved in the campaign to undermine the u.s.
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allied points directly to the russian president. with one high-level official saying putin's role was to direct how the hack from democrats was used. his objectives multifmultifacet. he criticized parly men tear elections in 2011. >> we about the conduct of the election. >> trying to hurt clinton's presidential morphed attempting to split off key american allies hoping to prove the u.s. is not a credibility global leader. the stunning revelation comes after the resent assessment want today elect donald trump, a view that other intelligence agencies
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>> there is great confusion. nobody really knows. >> trump calling the saszment ridiculous. >> they have no idea if it swuz russia or china. >> this morning the russians seem to agree saying western media have gone beyond the reach of reason. now with evidence against the russians mounting the question is will president obama respond before he president obama has already ordered a full intelligence review of foreign efforts to influence the presidential election. once the review is complete intelligence will be ready to brief the leadership. the material is highly classified. also unclear, what if any effect it had on mr. trump's win.
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will be fascinating. >> it will be interesting do see how it plays out or the coming days and weeks. internet giant yahoo! exposed a massive breach of more than 1 million user accounts. it happened in august of 2013. they may have made off with names, phone numbers, birth dates and security questions. they say text account information and credit card data was not stolen. yahoo! is notifying users and encouraging them to change their passwords. it comes on the heels of a separate breach. there is a lot of talk about president-elect trump's meeting
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world. his daughter and it is raising questions about haze potential roles in his administration. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is the day donald trump announced how he will separate himself from his business interest. it is put on hold until next year. he is already raising red flags for his first major summit where 20% of those were his own family. with trump welcoming from am to -- it is the other trumps at the table raising eyebrows. trump's children all actively involved in their father's transition. just days after trump said his
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the oval office. trump says lines will be drawn between public actions and private interests. sons eric and don jr. are reviewing and vetting cabinets this morning sources dispute cnn report usually reserved for the first lady. sources insisting it is too early what ivanka will do, that she has a lot left to figure out. >> you'll call my people. you'll call me. we have no formal chain of command around here. >> last year amazon's ceo joked about sending trump into space.
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so the capability is there. >> noticeably absent, twitter. social media giant clashed with his team over its refusal to create an emoji over crooked hillary. one more stunning stat about that summit right now. the companies had a market value of more than $3 trillion. it is higher than the gdp of the u.k., france and india. >> all right. down road at trump tower. thanks. >> wow. now to that brutal cold we have been talking about all week. temperatures are dangerously low across much of the country. there is a new winter storm to
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well below zero out there. >> reporter: it is raw. it is absolutely awful. this misery is about to get a lot more company. a wintery pounding from coast to coast. in oregon this school bus lost control on a hill with slick ice crashing into other vehicles with students on bo no one was seriously injured. on buffalo and in between michigan bluster. bone rattling cold in the windy city. >> brutal. it is brutal. >> i have six layers on. >> reporter: not so good chicago's dangerous windchills dipping bow low 15 and 30 degrees below zero.
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>> reporter: in up state new york a 12-year-old boy died after becoming trapped playing in the snow with a friend. >> i watched grown men cry when they unearthed these two boys. >> please don't use your stove to stay warm. >> reporter: safety and survival are topic one in new york city. >> it is a time to step back and ensure your home is fire safe sunday's bears/packers game on sunday may want to sit in front of a fire instead of in the stands. the game time temperature is forecasted to be 1 degree belowed zero. back to you. >> thanks so much. freezing but not cold here yet but it's ton way. >> it's coming.
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, one to reenforce the other. right now 8 degrees windchill in wooster. roanoke 10 degrees. 17 is what it feels like in chicago. here is the first round. as we go into saturday and sunday it will feel like 21 below in chicago, 14 below in dodge city. minneapolis it will feel like 14 below. by monday new york city, cleveland, 5 below. davenport, iowa 28 degrees below. another storm system coming in. flood risk for california. as it makes its way east look for rush hour snow. saturday early morning snow. it will change over from snow to rain, d.c. to boston. we are looking at chicago 3 to 6 inches.
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in the areas around the plateau we'll look at this a little more in detail. they could have 2 feet of snow before it is all over. >> wow. >> you will be a very busy guy over the next couple of days. >> thanks very much. thanks to the ongoing crisis in a deal to end the brutal assaults there. nbc has more on that. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. there are reports of a nea wounded. fears are still growing for the lives of at least 50,000 civilians still there. they had hoped to leave. there is no real sign of a lasting truce. for one group of children there is just terror on a desperate appeal to the world. >> i'm ten she says. we are scared. we can't leave because of the bombing.
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it is a hard breaking appeal in a video filmed at their orphanage and posted by a human rights group. we want to live like anybody else. maybe this is the last time you'll hear my voice and see me. they are some of the 50,000 civilians trapped in what's left of rebel held aleppo who posted desperate pleas. bombs live on camera. some seem resigned to their fate. >> death will be at peace for us. >> there is talk of another cease fire but no sign of a lasting one and no mercy. with no help from outside aleppo civilians fear executions, a massacre. it's something they are powerless to stop.
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all war is cruel but this is pricking the conscience of the world. it's a battle in the final dais. you fear for the live of so many children and civilians. >> thank you. hard to get those images of the kids out of your head. closing arguments being held at the trial of the admitted gunman at american church. this is after the jury heard a chilling 911 call. >> reporter: we covered many trials but this was among one of the most disturbing. one of the three survivors showing remarkable strength as
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>> can you please come right away? >> the horror inside the church where shepherd saw nine of her fellow worshippers. >> he is still in here. i'm afraid he is still in here. >> her 911 call just released. oh, god, please help me. >> shepherd told the jury how the church members welcomed roof into their >> he was a young 21-year-old white duty. we have some people really hurt. >> roof asked did i shoot you ? she said no and roof said i will leave you here to tell the story. then came more gunshots and moaning. >> what's going on?
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ended. among those killed herd was shot at least seven times. her brother was in the courtroom during the gut wrenching testimony. >> how difficult was it to listen to that 911 call? >> it was chilling. it's hard breaking but it was necessary pain because i think we have a moral obligation to put racism and discrimination and hatred on trial. >> reporter: instead of cross examining her simply walked up to the stand and said i'm so sorry. the jury is expected to get the case later today. >> thanks so much. we are hearing now from the florida woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her own husband after a judge declared a mistrial in the case against her. >> reporter: she walked out of court with new hope.
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mistried. >> reporter: the jury deadlocked forcing the judge to declare a mistrial. caught on camera allegedly making a deal to kill her husband in 2009 also played at trial video of her becoming hysterical after police faked her husband's death. she spoke with dateline nbc. >> no one is seeing what took place before said. it shouldn't be that way. >> reporter: she said she never intended to go through with it. they say police broke the rules to get video for the show cops. >> we find the defendant guilty.
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and sentence today 20 years. that conviction was overturned on appeal. this time around jurors were split with 3 for guilty and 3 for not guilty. prosecutors say they will try this case for a third time. as for her alleged target, her now alleged husband -- >> i wish them all luck. i am trying to move past this. >> real life unexpected twist. nbc news, west palm beach. >> dateline will have much more on that interview tomorrow night at 9:00, 8:00 central. >> and al roker is bac for the third time with weather.
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plenty of sunshine through the gulf coast and temperatures that are fairly mild. we will have your local forecast
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>> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks so much. coming up, in the wake of alan thicke's fatal heart attack, dr. oz will be here with five things you into ed to do if someone you know shows signs of having one. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger joins us live in our studio. but first, this is "today"
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7:30 now on a thursday morning. 15th day of december, 2016. chilly out there, only getting colder. when we came in, 33 degrees. 27 now. dropping. winds picking up. we'll go outside and say hi to those brave people in just a while. if the cold wasn't enough, a new storm is causing major problems. that's what's tops our today's headlines. snow brought portland, oregon to a standstill last night. it took some drivers baltimore than three hours just to travel a few miles. number of crashes were caught on camera. al will have the latest on that
7:31 am
storm. intelligence officials now tell nbc news they believe with a high level of confidence that vladimir putin was directly and personally involved in a russian campaign to interfere in the u.s. presidential election. they say new intelligence shows putin personally directed how hacked material from democrats was leaked and used. in a move we told you to expect, the federal reserve is raising a key interest rate. the .25% increase to the federal fund rate is just the second in the past ten years. it wl things like cars and credit cards will become modestly more expensive. for the first time we are hearing from the father of a nevada teenager who was shot by a campus police officer after he plunked at his fell co-students with knives. the boy in a medically induced coma right now and the officer on leave as the incident is being investigated. natalie morales talk to the boy's father exclusively. >> good morning. this is it a tough one, a tragic
7:32 am
questions. justin clark does not claim his son is perfect but he says the high school freshman was a vic trim of severe bullying by fellow students. he believes police used unnecessary force by shooting his son as a first line of defense. we want to mention that justin gave us permission to show his son's face in this story. >> my son wasn't just some knife-wielding psychopath. he wanted to make sure that he wasn't beat up and robbed. >> he was >> absolutely. >> reporter: cell phone video posted online shows the troubling scene as it unfolded last week at the high school in reno. students scattered as 14-year-old logan clark wielding two knives lunged at classmates. another video shows a campus police officer arriving and firing a single shot. the boy drops to the ground, writhing in pain. >> you've got to remember that he just got hit two or three
7:33 am
him and quite a bit bigger. >> reporter: according to logan's father, his son was a victim of bullying saying logan was punched by a student right before the incident. his bloody mouth visible in the video. >> he just doesn't want to be attacked anymore and that's what happened. do i think that the officer -- i think the officer could have evaluated that if he would have just paid attention a little bit. >> so you can understand how angles, that perhaps he could have been perceived as a threat and that the police officer had to make a split-second decision? >> it is easy to see on the video. he's like this. that's a defensive posture. that's not an attacking posture. he's bleeding from the mouth. obviously something's happened before this -- before the video. none of that was taken into account. >> reporter: clark says his son had been previously suspended for fighting, a result he says of a previous bullying incident he reported to the school.
7:34 am
clark's claims or the investigation. but on the day of the shooting, the school superintendent praised the officer's actions, and authorities say the officer's use of force was appropriate. >> the officer gave verbal commands for the student to drop the knife ultimately firing his service weapon to stop the threat. >> they say, he got lucky. he tried to shoot to wound. no, he didn't. he shot my son in the chest. you know? he didn't shoot >> reporter: this is the first image released of logan in the hospital where he remains in a medically induced coma. what would you like to say to the school district and to the police officers about how they handled this incident? >> i'm upset that he didn't have another alternative or he didn't spend more time trying to talk my son down or any of that. for me it would have been hard to shoot somebody's 14-year-old son so easily. >> justin says his son will never shall the same again.
7:35 am
doctors removed part of his lung and he suffered a stroke on friday. now other parents in the community are also questioning police procedure and the decision to shoot logan instead of perhaps using pepper spray or even a taser, matt. >> natalie, thank you very much. let's move on to mr. roker. you have a check of the weather. >> that's right. folks around the great lakes looking at some lake-effect snow. not just some. a lot. we already have lake-effect snow warnings and lake-effect snow advisories. before all is said and done by late tomorrow, we are talking about anywhere from 6 to 12 to 15 inches of snow locally, could even be up to two feet in parts of upstate new york. we've also got the cold, hard facts. minneapolis, your forecast, sunday's low -- 19 below, the coldest day since january 14. chicago, monday, 8 below, the
7:36 am
in oklahoma city, sunday's forecast, 9 above. coldest since december 2013. dallas, 22 degrees on sunday. that's the coldest day since march 2015. >> you can always get that weather when you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. >> all right, al, thank you so much. just ahead, amazon's very first drone delivery. are you not going to believe how
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>> when you need your popcorn, you need your popcorn. and another all-new "rossen reports." >> i'm jeff rossen. coming up, we're trying out products for your bedroom. oops, i spilled wine all over my carpet. there is a product that now says it can get that right out. what about that classic mattress commercial that says you can literally jump on this
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trying o you the a new round of products that promise to improve your life. >> been loving this series. jeff rossen is "today's" national investigative correspondent. jeff? >> we are talking about sleep. we are talking about a good night's sleep, something we all need more of. it's all we want. but we have been there, the person we're sleeping next to, they're moving around, twisting and turning keeping you awake. what about those mattresses claiming you can't feel your partner move next to you? you know the commercials where you can jump up and down on the mattress and a glass of w is that really true. >> hoda is worried about the wine! >> hey. >> hoda's like -- protect the wine! you're going to see what we do in a second. what about all the guests coming over, they stain everything? a new stain remover now promises to get rid of those stains from your holiday guests. no problem. does it all work? hoda, watch this. we're trying it out. >> i'm watching. >> reporter: just in time for the holidays. tempur-pedic making bold, new
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youtube channel. can you backflip, body slam, do yoga, even take a sledge hammer to their mattress. and this glass of wine won't spill a drop. this can't possibly work, can it? okay. we're going to try this out doing all the same things they do in the commercial. it all starts with, as you know, a glass of red wine. unfortunately, this is not for drinking. this is for our test. i'm going to put the red wine right down on the bed just like start with the sledgehammer. shall we? the old sledgehammer test. oh, boy. it's not moving. it is shaking a little. i'm really putting some muscle into it. no? okay. sledgehammer test -- pass. let me jump up here. jumping on the bed. oh, my god, the glass isn't really moving. this is insane! doesn't come over here at all.
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let me try that. here we go. it doesn't move! hold on. lindsey, come over here. on the commercial, they have a second person. go for it, lindsey, jump. >> not moving! >> this is nuts! it works! >> as that perfect night of sleep won't come cheap. mattresses cost thousands of dollars. so you want to protect it. this mattress protector from sky bedding says it can shield your pricey purchase from all kinds just watch the ad. >> here to help me find out is a bottle of glue juice. the cotton absorbs the spill to help from getting flu the mattress. >> and when he pulls the mattress cover back? >> no damage. >> let's try it out. i have blue juice. we'll see if it soaks through the mattress or not. here goes nothing. pouring it out. there is our blue juice.
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that's incredible. look at this. it is completely dry. completely dry. that's incredible. still not coming through. nothing. it corks. >> but let's be honest, you can't always avoid a spill. holiday parties, guests staying over. there's bound to be a mess. >> this is whip it. >> reporter: this stain remover called whip it claims it can blast away new stains, old stains. >> all you do is whip-it blast the stain away. >> i'm going to bring the wine back and pour this wine on this carpet. then it says to blot it. you blot it first. get as much of it up as you can. okay. done that. then, i'm going to spray this stain remover on it.
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this is incredible. it is actually coming up. look at this. the red wine is completely out! the stain remover works. it got it out. and it is red wine. it doesn't get worse than red wine on your carpet. >> reporter: they all work. so you can rest easy. >> and something surprising if you plan on purchasing a mattress. in many cases, if you return them, the return policy is actually opposite than what you are used to. you actually have to test the mattress out in most 30 days. you can return it for at least 30 days because they want you to sleep on it and give it a shot. >> that was just shocking. you wasted a lot of red wine which i'm a little concerned about. but everything else was amazing. >> the mattress doesn't move when someone else -- was it comfortable? >> it is a little firm for me. but a lot of people like that mattress and it is comfortable. if your partner is keeping you up at night, i'll sleep on a hard mattress if you don't wake me up. >> all right, jeff. thanks a lot. still ahead, we'll try out
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7:51. this voice is getting on my nerves because it keeps carson away from us. >> oh -- the show "the e. do something about that, matt lauer. >> great to have you back. >> great to be back. ""new york" magazine put together a list of some of the more memorable memes. the start of the year, you remember this? if a dog wore pants, how would he wear them? on the hind legs? president obama settled this
7:52 am
legs. saying covering all four would be too conservative. remember this? this vessel. this is the internet's favorite way of name offing anything basically. to the rio olympics, lots of memes. the greased-up flag bearer. usain bolt mugging for the camera as he was racing to gold. 2016 a big political year. didn't get much guy. ken bone, the man who became a social media sensation during that third presidential debate. i'm sure we'll see many more memes on these, the final days of 2016. >> thank you, carson. coming up, dr. oz will show you what to do when someone near you suffers a heart attack. and arnold schwarzenegger
7:53 am
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?? it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, how to save a life. in the wake of alan thicke's unexpected death, dr. oz joins us to explain how to recognize and respond to someone having a heart attack. plus, winter blast. as the brutal cold blankets much of the country, bitter temperatures and dangerous winds threaten millions. so where is the storm headed? and when will it let up? al has your forecast. and -- he's hired. >> i'm the new boss, and i plan to be tough, but fair. >> arnold schwarzenegger stops by studio 1a to talk politics, the president-elect, and
8:01 am
"celebrity apprentice," "today," thursday, december 15th, 2016. ?? from south carolina! merry christmas! >> good morning, huntsville, alabama! >> merry christmas, arkansas! woo! >> all the way from portland, oregon. birthday bucket list! merry christmas! >> today is my high school sweetheart's 55th birthday! we're back now, 8:00 on a thursday morning. it's the 15th of december. you know, you can start to feel that wind picking up. temperatures starting to go down. we dropped a degree in the last few minutes, and it is getting chilly out here.
8:02 am
>> come on, carson, get in. >> i got a question for you. when you aren't with us, do you miss us, do you think about us? >> you have no idea. >> you think about us? >> i don't miss this chill because in california -- >> you can't even speak of this! >> it is a little chilly here but it is going a great morning, always is in studio 1a. ina garten has a mouthwatering recipe for a delicious lemon chicken. l >> we've got a lot to get to. let's start with the top stories, "the news at 8." i'm getting a hat. >> reporter: we begin this morning with this bitterly cold air sweeping across the northern united states from coast to coast. i'm ron mott here in chicago where temperatures this morning are hovering around three or four degrees. we expect to climb up to about 10 with windchill values well below zero. the silver lining today here in chicago -- clear skies. so no snow today. a different story come tomorrow because the same snow system
8:03 am
yesterday -- we saw that scary scene with the school bus sliding down the road. kids on that bus, crashing into cars. fortunately, no one was hurt. that same system makes its way here tomorrow. we also saw snow in buffalo yesterday. a quick burst of lake-effect snow. that city and those folks are obviously used to that. here in chicago that snow will start to fall tomorrow afternoon. and then on sunday, back here at soldier field in chicago, the bears hosting the green bay packers, game time temperatu about he low zero. if that holds, that will be the coldest game at soldier field since the bears started keeping track in 1963. back to you. >> stay bundled up, ron. thank you very much. in other news, nbc news learned from senior intelligence officials have learned that russian president vladimir putin was personally involved in covert efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. it began, one official says, as a vendetta against hillary clinton, but quickly became an
8:04 am
america's international credibility. the stunning revelation comes after the cia's recent assessment that the russian government wanted to elect donald trump, a view not wholly shared by the fbi and other agencies. president-elect trump has called the cia assessment ridiculous. california's dmv has ordered uber to stop picking up san francisco passengers in its new self-driving cars. the state calls the program just launched wednesday illegal. california has issued permits to 20 companies to test autonomous cars on public roads, but uber is not one of them. still, the company says its cars will keep rolling. uber maintains the vehicles are not really autonomous because there's a human sitting in the driver seat ready to take control if there happens to be a problem. just ahead, in the wake of alan thicke's death, important information from dr. oz. how you can recognize, then respond, to signs of a heart attack. and then, better than the
8:05 am
on "trending," we're going to bite into the new meatless burger. we'll see if we can tell the difference. and arnold schwarzenegger is with us. he will talk about the new "celebrity apprentice," president-elect trump and more. lilly.
8:06 am
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important information following the sudden death of actor alan thicke. >> someone in the united states suffers a heart attack every 43 seconds. here is a question -- would you know what to do if you or someone near you was experiencing one? dr. mehmet oz is the host of "the dr. oz show." he's here to fill us in on all of this stuff. how are you? >> good morning. >> there are a lot of things that people don't know difference between. i didn't know the difference. we are talking about the difference initially between a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest. right? >> heart attack is when the big blood vessels are supplied nourishing oxygen to the heart shut off. the heart feels like there is a punch on it, it has a big bruise after a heart attack oftentimes. sudden cardiac death is because the heart stops beating because it short-circuited out. they are related. you could have a heart attack with that damaged tissue, that broken wiring on the surface of the heart and it can short-circuit the heart and lead to this defibrillation which is when the heart turns to a bag of worms.
8:10 am
what leaves people lying in the street. >> so much we don't know about the situation with alan thicke but we do know it followed hockey, so there was exertion. we know he was conscious and alert and even talking to his son before he passed away. of all the things you want to tell people, the first thing you tell them -- call 911. >> 911 is important because they have things you don't have by your side. they have high-dose oxygen, medications, and tools and devices and know how to use them. but you have to tell 911 sometimes where to take you as soon as you are ns everyone right now, as soon as this segment is over find out the closest heart and stroke center to your home. if you collapse at home, tell people take me to this place because they can help me. not every emergency room can open your blood vessels and save your life. you're still better off there than at home but you ideally want to be taken to a place that has interventional ability to open up a closed blood vessel. >> you call 911, you're there on the scene with someone. what's the second thing you should do? >> you can do tons of things.
8:11 am
make sure you are on the ground. if you're standing and you collapse, you hurt yourself. plus, you want to take stress off the heart. if you're lying down, the heart doesn't have to pump so much against gravity, the body is not consuming energy. sit the patient up a tiny bit so they can beat more readily. if you do that they will be able to stay more stable. put a pillow behind them. >> let's get to the aspirin now. you want somebody to be given a full dose of aspirin and not the way we normally take aspirin. >> no. we swallow aspirin. you want 325 milligrams. chew it. i know it doesn't taste good but chew the darn thing because you can absorb the pieces, the crumbs in your saliva, in your mouth. you don't to have to your stomach function. remember, if you're having a heart attack your stomach doesn't work so well. you need that stuff in your blood stream immediately. within seconds of chewing aspirin the beneficial benefits of aspirin are in your blood stream. that's all you need to keep you alive until docs can get to you. >> you take one aspirin a day.
8:12 am
every day. a baby aspirin. i think it makes sense for a lot of folks. but i can't give it as an official recommendation because people do have some side effects but always carry it with you. remember, this is really important. the person whose life you save will probably be someone you know. we drop dead in front of our relatives. carry the aspirin in a pouch. pop it in your mouth or someone else's if they're having an issue. >> we should all be trained in cpr. it would be nice if we know where those electronic defibrillators are located. >> we did a study year olds to adults and they can use the cpr devices as readily as you can. it's so easy. find out where they are. you'll save a life. it will be someone you know most likely. >> dr. oz, thank you so much. see more of dr. oz weekdays on "the dr. oz show." check your local listings for that. al has a quick check of the weather. >> all right, guys. we've got a lot going on. this storm is coming into california now. we've got flood watches and warnings up. the reason for that, we could see anywhere from one to three inches of rain in the foothills,
8:13 am
eight inches of rain before it is all over. this system will make its way across the country. the flood risk for california, snow moves into the rockies. rush hour snow saturday for chicago and minneapolis. early morning snow in the northeast with anywhere from 3 to 12 inches of snow making its way across the country. that's what's going on >> check us out on our sirius xm channel, 108. al, thank you very much.
8:14 am
today at 8:13. scrambling to get your christmas gifts delivered on time? next year your presents could quickly and easily be delivered by drone. that's after amazon completed its first ever customer delivery by drone. ceo of that company, jeff bezos, announced the news himself on twitter. it happened in the uk. the customer ordered a streaming device and, of course, a bag of popcorn. guess how long it took for him to get his delivery? had two miles minutes. dropped in his yard. it helps if you have a wide-open yard like that. >> not manhattan. you guys want to see the sweetest video you're going to see all day? it shows a pair of 2-year-old twins who until last week were conjoined at the sternum. the risky surgery took the medical staff of 50 people. it lasted 17 hours. but things are looking very good. the girls have been recovering from separate beds but on monday
8:15 am
same about ed you know what? they couldn't take their eyes off each other. their mom called the moment a real thrill. this happened at lucille packard children's hospital in stanford, california. >> our best to that family. one thing everyone at this table wants to remember today. what happens at the office christmas party -- which ours is today -- does not always stay at the office christmas party. here's the problem. lot of times things go down at the parnd real problems. here are some tips from the "new york times" how to keep your office holiday party from going off the rails. pretty straightforward. watch your alcohol intake. >> never thought of that! >> watch it go down your throat. >> what's the limit? three drinks? >> one? >> three? >> i think you can do one an hour. >> the other thing, make sure there are adults in place.
8:16 am
necessarily age wise but people who act like adults. i always think you shouldn't stay too long. >> i leave early. >> i always like to find out where the bosses are, then i go on the other side of the room. just keep an eye on them. >> had now to the reason why we have burgers in front of us, you guys. people have been talking about these. they're called beyond burger. al, you'll love this one. one is a meatless patty that used a mix of plant protein. supposed to taste like t thing. we're going to taste each of these. >> one's real and one's not. >> who doesn't do ketchup on your burger? >> it will mask the taste. >> that's close but you can tell it is not. >> i have the answer key right here. >> what do you think, carson? which one is beef, which one isn't? >> this is the non-beef.
8:17 am
>> described as non-beef? i put too much ketchup on it. >> they're getting very, very close to be able to pull this off. >> by the way, it is delicious. >> you've had these? >> i have. >> is this does not taste like a vegan burger. >> usually they crumble. they're not great. nice. >> this has a little bit of a salty aftertaste though. they need to work on that. carson? "popstart!"? >> first we'll get to leonardo dicaprio offering his own touching tribute to alan thick. in the final season he played a homeless teen, he was just 18 years old. he writes on facebook, i will be forever grateful for the opportunity i had to work with alan early in my career. i've seen him a number of times over the years. when alan thicke walked in the room, quite frankly, no one was cooler.
8:18 am
finally, steve harvey, just added yet another gig to his already busy schedule besides hosting a talk show, radio show and daytime and prime time version of family feud. steve will be back to host the miss universe competition next month. sound familiar? yep. well, last year steve mistakenly gave the crown to miss colombia instead of miss philippines. he took on full responsibility for the viral moment. a lot of people will be watching to see who he gives the crown to this that's your quick "popstart!" today. >> carson, thanks so much. everyone is enjoying the burgers. time to go over to mr. matt lauer. >> thank you, hoda. when the "celebrity apprentice" returns next month, there is going to be a new leader in the boardroom. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. he's taking over for president-elect donald trump who is an executive producer on the show. by the way, it is a program owned and produced by mgm. that airs on nbc. governor, good to see you.
8:19 am
>> could you have ever imagined there would be so much attention around extra drama around this show? >> no, not at all. a year ago i didn't even think -- more than a year ago i didn't even think i watched apprentice that i thought trump would ever leave that show. i used to think, darn it, why don't i have a show like that. that's the kind of thing i would like to do, reality tv. i've never done it before. all of a sudden, bang, he announced for presidency, off the show. i immediately called mar about me? i would like to replace him. >> you seem like a great pick. he's announced he'll retain his executive producer credit. after january 20th he's going to be president of the united states and executive producer of the "celebrity apprentice." does that sound right to you? >> what was great about it was that he was part of the negotiation. so i mean i get millions of dollars for hosting the show but nbc doesn't have to pay for it. trump makes mexico pay for it. isn't that great?
8:20 am
>> i set you up for that. that's my fault. he said he would spend zero time on the show, focusing on the presidency. would you be surprised if you got a call mid season and said, look, arnold, i have a couple of tips for you? >> i always like to get advice but i don't think that he will have time. i think it is perfectly time that he is executive producer credit because he created the show with mark burnett together, so why should his credit go. he made it very clear he has no it is now my show. i am the host. i am the new boss and i am going to run this show. any time he is advisor -- or any one is advisor, if you could add so and so as a celebrity, i would take your advice. >> what's your relationship with him like? famously during the campaign you said you could not support him. after that now-infamous ""access hollywood"" tape surfaces, you tweeted, "for the first time since i became a citizen in 1983 i will not vote for the republican candidate for president," and you encouraged
8:21 am
over party. have you changed your mind based on anything you've seen during the transition? >> well, what changed was that now he is elected. now it is very important that we all support the president. that we all come together and we stop whining and it becomes one nation. because it is -- as obama said many years ago, it is now blue states and red states, it is the united states of america. that's a great letter that i just dug up the other day that president bush, the first, wrote he said, i just want you to know that i respect this office and i respect that you won and you are my president. and i want you to be very successful because if you are successful, then the country is successful." this is exactly what i feel about trump. that's what i felt about obama or anybody. when someone is elected, then you go 1 00% behind them and you
8:22 am
works. >> no, but it doesn't always work like that and it is very hard for people to do that. but that's the effort that we all have to make. i am 100% behind him and i want to do everything that i can to help. but, as you also know, i am an environmentalist. to me it is very important that at the same time -- and it was one of the reasons why i couldn't go with trump is i want to make sure that we are going into a clean environment, into a clean future because that's what proved in california that rolling back our greenhouse gases 25% and going green we still have a better gdp growth than the whole united states. >> you still speak like a politics. during the campaign you said, were you eligible, you might have run. do you think you could have won at least in the primaries? >> you never know. i mean you saw what happened this last year. everything that people predicted didn't happen. it turns everything upside down. look, i ran in california and i
8:23 am
because i was an outsider at the time and they looked for an outsider. the same happened with trump. they looked for an outsider. people are very upset at what's going on in this country, that both of the parties cannot come together. and they hope and pray that this guy, this trump, can bring both of the parties together and hopefully does not run it as a republican administration but run it as democrats and republicans coming together. because it is the only way -- >> you think he's a true repuan you have to be the public's servant. i hope he sees himself serving democrats and republicans. that's important thing. and important thing also is that every press conference he holds, very important here, matt -- that he talks about the "celebrity apprentice" and what arnold schwarzenegger, the new host, he is a stud. he is fantastic on the show.
8:24 am
>> better call him and remind him. >> you know what it is like to make the transition from business and entertainment to politics. so offer him a piece of advice. you talked about advice in the other direction. what's the most important thing he needs to know about the world of politics that he might not know? >> i think the most important, as i said, is to keep working with the other party to bring democrats and republicans and independents, t together, because in the end you do not want to just take from the pool of republicans. you only get 50% of the brain power of the united states. if you take people from both parties, then you get 100% of the brain power. let me tell you something, there is so much brain power in united states. this is, by far, the smartest country in the world and the best country in the world. now the trick of it is to go and make it even better. >> what an optimistic take on things. he had a famous line at the end
8:25 am
kind of made a living off of that. have you thought what your famous line is in the boardroom? >> it could be, "you're term inated, or hasta la vista, baby. or consider this a divorce. >> what you in the eye, says "i'll be back." "celebrity apprentice" premiers monday night, january 2nd, right here on nbc. we've got girl power. first, your local news.
8:26 am
8:27 am
check of the weather.. more schools are asking the state for permission to start earlier in the year... it's the law that public schools cannot start before september first in wisconsin. the milwaukee school board is meeting today to consider
8:28 am
date for high schoolers to august. m-p-s hopes an earlier start could help boost its graduation rate. if the board approves the plan, the state will need to approve waivers
8:29 am
8:30 am
morning, 8:30 now, december the 15th. look who we have collecting toys as part of our annual toy drive? he of course is doing the honors. you don't have to come down here to donate.
8:31 am and find out how you can contribute. >> he's not wearing a coat! also, we are very, very excited. guess who's going to be here singing for us? a great song called "shout out to my ex." >> we'll talk to the ladies in just a little bit. elle fan so about her role in ben affleck's new movie. and ina garten is here cooking up her new favorite meal. before he freezes, the aforementioned nick krull. did you not watch al's forecast? >> i didn't. but now i will. i feel like i look great. >> you look fantastic! >> thank you. you sound great in the movie "sing." getting a lot of buzz, that show. >> yes.
8:32 am
it. >> also, "you're loving." that movie is getting a lot of oscar buzz as well. it is an important project. >> it is. it is a really beautiful movie, the story of an interracial couple that was married and brought their case to the supreme court to overturn the ban on interracial marriage. it is a really beautiful story. >> is that very rewarding, getting a chance to show a different side of you on film? >> yeah, it really is. i feel really luc being in a movie like "sing" that i think is so funny and sweet, and then a movie like "loving" telling a really important story of civil rights in our history. >> what else do you love about being in new york at christmas time? >> broadway! >> i bet you do. >> it is a great holiday gift. >> it is the best holiday gift.
8:33 am
>> we should point out "sing" is by our sister company, universal. by the way, your "weekend outlook" looks like this -- heavy snow coming across the plains, into the northeast on friday. sunshine in the pacific northwest. then on saturday, snow changes to rain in the northeast but central plains, into the great lakes we've got more snow and bitter cold back through the plains. sunday -- sunday the eastern seaboard. dangerous windchills back through plains and midsection of the country. rain and snow moves back the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway,
8:34 am
bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. only at subway. >> and of course, we got football tonight, the weekend starts early on thursday night, "football night in america." the rams coming in to play the seah a seattle, washington. cloudy, cold, 33 degrees. on thursday night football. rams versus seahawks. it all starts tonight at 7:30 here on nbc. hoda. >> all right, al, thanks so much. i am very excited. at just 18 years old, el fanning has already worked with some of the biggest names in hollywood. in her new movie, "live by night," she stars alongside ben
8:35 am
whose difficult past is uncovered by affleck's character. take a look. >> why do they hate you so much? >> i'm a crook. you're the chief of police. >> no. you like to. you said you were the mayor. >> is that what i said? what did you say? >> we had two autog >> i showed them to him? >> i showed him two. >> elle fanning, welcome. i'm looking at that clip and this movie and i have trouble believing that you're just 18 years old playing this role. >> yes. >> when you read this script, did you say to yourself, i have to do this? >> i did. at first i thought the script was also written by ben, i knew he was going to star in it and direct in it. he can really do everything.
8:36 am
she's sprinkled throughout the movie but i just really -- it is a very intense part. i knew it would be really challenging. >> she's a preacher. she turns into a preacher. there is a scene in there, elle, where you have to give a sermon. it is not like a quick little thing. how daunting was that during that scene? >> i was nerous because i wanted to just learn my lines pretty much the night before and look over it so it is fresh. but fors when it was written out, it was three pages long. >> hello. >> and i was like -- oh, like immediately when i got the part, i can't do this, i don't know, i'm stressing out. i had to learn it like a couple weeks in advance. it is not like theater when -- i've never done a play before but when we had that sermon scene it felt like it was very theatrical like a monologue or something which i've never done.
8:37 am
what is it like starring opposite the director? there must be a lot there. >> i was nervous about it because i've never obviously had a scene with the director before. most of my scenes are with ben. but honestly, when you're in a scene with him, it doesn't feel like he's judging or critiquing you as a director. he did it, he did it as a character, joe, that he's playing. he had his actor hat on. he'll say cut, then goth monitor, and like -- >> you star opposite a lot off big-shots. in another little movie called "20th century women" opposite annette benning. >> she is the coolest lady in the world. >> let me brag on you for a second. just look at your resume.
8:38 am
matt damon. angelina jolie. naomi watts. is there anyone who you still want to work with? you look at it and say, wow, i would love to work with that person? >> whoa. well, i want to work with my sister in a movie because we've never actually -- >> dakota fanning? >> yeah. definitely, yeah. i think that that would be a dream. >> what's in the water at your house, by the way? >> man. i mean i guess our parents are still i just graduated high school. yes. >> i just followed you. i don't know if we have it, but there was a funny little bit of you roller skating that you posted. it got like 8,000 hits. >> my friends happened to be filming me but i think that i fell because you get
8:39 am
down. >> it's worth checking, follow elle fanning on instagram. i know your two films are competing against one another. may the best one win. it opens in select theaters on christmas day, nationwide january 13th. our taste buds are in for a street because ina garten is here. but first, this is "today" on nbc. at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps... raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products.
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8:41 am
at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps... to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet ...and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products. no antibiotics ever. >> announcer: "today" food is brought to you by walmart. find gifts, groceries and more this season. 8:41. we're back with "today food." christmas has come early around here because the barefoot contessa herself is back. her new cookbook, "cooking for jeffrey," is already a best seller filled with her husband's favorite recipes. today we are making one of the ones at the top of his list.
8:42 am
it -- we have tasters downstairs already. we love all the chefs that come on the show. but you make us live pavlov's dog. we hear your name, we start salivating. >> thank you. i'm always looking for remembered flavors but they taste better than these things. i think they are familiar. not like octopus eyeballs with chili sauce or something. >> why does jeffrey like this dish so much? >> it is chicken but with a great flavor, lemon and onion. it's just a very it is so easy to make at home. >> what kind of herbs? >> fennel, thyme, lemon, onion, garlic. that's it. first thing i want to do is make an he shall oil. fresh thyme is in here, fennel seeds. little salt and pepper. lots of salt and pepper actually. then just grind them together and put them into here.
8:43 am
we'll season the chicken with it. >> you're infusing the oil. >> yeah. with great flavor. that goes on to the chicken. >> are we marinating this chicken? >> no. cooking in it. next thing, i have a skillet, black skillskillet, cast iron. i'm going to cut up a lemon and put it right in the bottom. >> you're going to cook the chicken on top of the lemon? >> on top of this. it's already done. we have the lemon. next thing top. this is like so easy. garlic. you let your fingers smell like garlic the rest of the day. >> then i'll just put the whole chicken on top. i had the butcher butterfly it. it is very easy to cook when it is like this. >> are you going to be able to get some kind of a crust on this chicken? >> yes. >> because this is going to create steam, isn't it? >> what's going to happen, it
8:44 am
juices from the chicken. then it is going to cook at a high temperatures. >> guys? >> extra special. >> and the broccoli rabe. >> can't wait until you get to that. >> i'll take this herb oil and just brush it on the chicken. >> butterfly side up. >> yeah. bottom side up. then turn it over. just right on top of the onions and garlic. >> do you need more of >> i do. pat dry because that's the way you get it browned. if it is wet, it just gets steamed. i'm going to after 30 minutes pour wine around the pan, back in the oven for 15 minutes. voila. >> it smells fantastic!
8:45 am
the lemon and onions become the sauce. >> except for the little blender here, we've done everything in one pan. >> in one pan. exactly. >> al mentioned the broccolini. i love to roast vegetables. it is so simple. olive oil, salt and pepper, into the oven, high temperature. just like that. pepper. i do squash like this. i do tomatoes like this. everything. >> how long? >> i hear schmacking. licking their lips. >> for how long? >> 20 minutes, 30 minutes. this is the way it comes out. chicken comes out like that and the broccolini comes out like that. >> hoda, just in case i end up with a mouthful here, will you read the tease? >> i will. by this broccolini tastes like
8:46 am
>> it is tender. that's a whole meal right there. >> delicious. so simple and delicious. so good. ina garten. >> ina's going to be with kathie lee and myself a little bit later. we can't wait for that. >> wait until you see what i'm going to make for you. >> what is it? >> fresh figure preserve bruschetta. >> get out. >> i'm going to be stopping by. >> find all of our recipes on the bs
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to ow by citi. we're back, everybody, with the big success, they're called little mix. they sold more than 23 million records all around the world.
8:49 am
called "glory days." the single from it has been viewed over 100 million times. >> jade, perry, jesse and leeann. hello! >> congratulations, ladies. >> thank you. >> welcome to the states. >> thank you for having us again. >> congrats on the record. >> you miz must be feeling really good. >> we can't believe the success. we're so happy to be back in the states. be back again next year. >> shout out to my exes is a great single. >> whose ex is this about? >> or what is the selective message to exes in general? >> we just wanted to write a song that could relate to everyone in the world, everyone who's got a bit of a crappy ex. this song empowers people. >> don't feel sorry for yourself. >> congrats on your tour. you guys are hitting the road with ariana grande. very excited about that? >> yeah.
8:50 am
be in america for three months straight. >> you're going to sing "shout out to my ex." little mix, take it away. ? shout out to my ex ? ? heard he in love with some other chick yeah yeah that hurt me i'll admit ? forget that boy i'm over it ? i hope she gettin'et hope she ain't fakin' it like i did babe ? took four long years to call it quits forget that boy i'm over it ? ? guess i should say thank you for the hate yous and the tattoos oh baby ? i'm cool by the way ain't sure i loved you anyway ? go ahead babe i'm live my life
8:51 am
really quite the man ? you made my heart break and that made me who i am ? here's to my ex hey look at me now ? well i'm all the way up i swear you'll never bring me down ? shout out to my ex you're really quite the man ? you made my heart break and that made me who i am ? here's to my ex hey look at me now well i'm all the way up i you'll never bring me down ? oh i deleted all your pics then blocked your number from my phone ? ? yeah yeah you took all you could get but you ain't getting this love no more ? cause now i'm livin' so le gidget even though you broke my heart in two baby ? but i snapped right back i'm so brand-new baby ?
8:52 am
over you uh ? ? guess i should say thank you for the hate yous and the tattoos oh baby ? ? i'm cool by the way ain't sure i loved you anyway ? go ahead babe i'm live my life my life yeah ? shout out to my ex you're really quite the man ? you made my heart break and that made me who i am ? here's to my ex hey look at me well i'm i'm all the way up i swear you'll never bring me down ? shout out to my ex you're really quite the man ? you made my heart break and that made me who i am ? here's to my ex hey look at me now ? well i'm i'm all the way up i swear you'll never you'll never bring me down ? ? whoa whoa oh oh ?
8:53 am
? oh oh oh oh oh ? you'll never bring me down ?? >> woo! that is how you do it! congrats, ladies. little mix. we're back in a moment. but first -- you know what? this is "today" on nbc. >> take that. y'all killed it.
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8:55 am
>> that's a fine idea. fire up the smuckers jars. we have amazing folks to tell you about. first up, happy 100th birthday to doris horngoll. secret to her longevity, dark chocolate. world war ii veteran is from spokane, valley, washington. happy 101st birth difficult to mildred. has 12 great grandkids. lue ella smith of south carolina. celebrating 100 years. amen and hallelujah. james hughes is 100 years old. diehard red sox fan from houston, texas, served in world war ii and the korean war as a chief petty officer. we salute you, sir. happy 100th birthday of merrill, plays golf twice a week. going to play with carson and matt. hit his first hole in one when
8:56 am
life celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary. >> merrill is going to give v. to give us two shots a side. >> has he ever seen us play? >> thank you very much. we got jane lynch co-hosting, erik mccormack, will smith is stopping by. it is huge. it's going to be fantastic. huge. you're going to love it. >> we're back after your local news. >> bye-bye. imagine a world where the holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales.
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i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...check of the weather.. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke is invited to county board judicial committee this morning to talk about pending lawsuits. no word on whether he will appear. the lawsuits were filed by families of two of the inmates who died at the jail this year. there are growing calls for clarke to resign over the matters... the latest from some democratic state lawamkers... who called the deaths preventable... and due to a lack of supervision by the sheriff. a spokesperson for sheriff clarke provided this response in part: "the sheriff said he is thoroughly bored with this democrat party fake news
8:59 am
9:00 am
good morning. today the local inventer was a super cute winter hat that went viral on pinterest. the top food items people order for the holidays you may be surprised. live music at its best. a live performance from willy on the morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? good morning everybody. >> good morning. >> a wreath over our shoulder so holidayish. festive.


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