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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00am-6:30am EST

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bucs are searching for a new head coach after firing lovie smith. what players are saying this morning. heavy rains and strong winds slam right now the bucs are searching for a new head coach of firing lovie smith. heavy rains and strong winds slam the west coast leaving behind a mess and it is not over yet. you have a chance to win the powerball jackpot as it reaches historic heights. good thursday morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. glad you are with us on this thursday morning. let's check in with meteorologist bobby deskins. it is a similar temperature start to yesterday. >> yeah. mid 50s. we have throw clouds trying to
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it is kind of dreary to get our thursday morning started. this is i-4 and county line road. you can see the visibility is fine. if you look at where the lights are that's the low cloud deck. it is not up much above that. all the gray on storm tracker 10 is all low cloud cover. we'll keep that for the first half of the day then break out with sunshine for the second. that will warm us up. 62 at 10:00 a.m. 74 for a high temperature this afternoon. showers tonight. showers saturday night. i'll have the weekend coming up. let's get over to road warrior hilary zalla and check on the hot spots. >> i'm on top of breaking news for traffic. there is a serious injury accident on westbound fletcher avenue at livingston avenue. this is possibly a fatal
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it has closed fletcher avenue westbound. this is west of bruce b. downs. a surprising move last night by the bucs. >> we didn't play well. >> you have to do your research to see if that's the pattern that will continue. >> that play last night, for the most part is unacceptable for us. >> buccaneers fired head coach lovie smith after two seasons on the job and he has three years on his contract. chris fisher is live at one bucs place. what may have lead to lovie's firing? >> reporter: the regression of the defense. defense is lovie smith's forwad. last season the buccaneers defense ranked 26 through the entire nfl. players are confused and frustrated by the firing of
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he was a player's coach. that was evidence after the season finale loss sunday when jameis winston called out his teammates. >> we have to fix the whys on this team. we have to fix why are we playing football? we have too many different why's. when we get that same why, the whys we want to win together when we become that true family, we going to be hell. >> reporter: there has been way too much turnover with this buccaneers franchise. since the bucs won the super bowl in 2002 they have had five head coaches. three in the past five years. the bucks have a 21 winning percentage in five years. a year. money at this point. the bucs owe lovie smith on the three years on his contract $15
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as for who could be the next head coach? offensive coordinator for the buccaneers seems to be the inside track. he did a phenomenal job this year. keep an eye on the name chip kelly. he just got fired by the philadelphia eagles but agreed four years ago to become the buccaneers head coach before recanting and backing out. we'll continue to bring you the latest on reporting from one place chris fisher wtsp. the news of his firing came down at 10:21 last night. the entire newspaper was redone before print time. >> 10 news reporter grayson
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they were heading to bed last night when they heard the news. a lot of shock and disbelief. >> on monday their coach is at a press conference podium saying the team is headed in the right direction. two days later pink list. a few players really shot back at the bucs owners and
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here's that list. morris fired after 2011. who will the bucs hire as the next head coach? they may promote the bucs defensive coordinator derek cutter. derek cutter gets a vote of confidence from bucs tight end who said he has been the man since he walked the door. no big winner in wednesday's powerball drawing. that means the jackpot climbed to $675 million. even though you may not have
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in terms of the big jackpot, your next chance to win that is saturdaying night. the payout would be $413 million. this jackpot is the biggest in u.s. lottery history. megamillions says the largest jackpot was $656 million in march of 2012. next week $648 million was won in december of 2013. you may remember this woman. she used to live in zephyrhills. she had the one and only powerball ticket winning over $700. you can see the damage in california where the storms caused a lot of damage. this is video from san diego.
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you can see debris spread out across the yard. >> the barbeque was flying across the yard. table was up in the air. >> i had a hard time closing the door. it was pulling me out. >> national weather service had canceled a tornado warning in the area. neighbors still believe that's what caused the damage. we have an alert that u.s. stocks could plunge adventure chinese stocks took a nose dive earlier. it is the second largest economy behind the united states. the dow and nasdaq are down 1.5 percentage points today. the house has sent a bill to the president repealing provisions of obamacare. one of the main changes is taking federal funding away from planned parenthood. the president is expected to veto that legislator. south korea plans to retaliate for north korea's nuke test with propaganda broadcast. this comes as 25,000 u.s.
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the u.s. continues to work with the south korea military after north korea claims it detonated a hydrogen bomb. the white house says there is no hard evidence that a bomb actually went off. pasco county sheriff's deputies arrested a man who they say robbed a new port richey bank. 36-year-old steve cole walked the bank of america on embassy boulevard on thursday. first he tried to open an account. proper i.d. he left the bank, came back inside and robbed the bank. deputies found him a short time later. pinellas county deputies need your help finding two men seminole. you can see them walk in. one of the suspects gets by the atn and says let's get out of
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an ybor woman is living in fear after learning dozens of sex offenders live within less than a mile of her home. >> lawmakers are looking into options.
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a serious traffic alert in hillsborough county. a pedestrian was hit on fletcher avenue westbound at livingston avenue. serious injuries reported in this accident. if you are heading this way westbound fletcher avenue is completely shutdown. this will really affect morning rush hour. your best bet instead of even getting on fletcher avenue to
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take fowler avenue to the south. both of these roadways are such busy ones for morning rush hour, especially trying to get on to i-275 going westbound. speeds are down to 31 miles per hour on fowler avenue. we'll see people taking that route instead. give yourself extra 20 minutes if you can. i know that sounds like a lot of time to take out of your morning schedule. it will help you so you are not late to work or school. the rest of hillsborough county looking good. a live look from our sky 10 network camera. i-275 through downtown tampa no issues. you can see that low cloud cover. we are not seeing any major fog to affect your morning commute. you'll maybe run into a patch or two. drive time is 15 minutes from the apex down to i-4. taking a look at i-4, again, we can see those low clouds out there at county line road. not to worry.
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this with our drive times. some brake lights on i-4 westbound towards plant city. your drive time is 15 minutes from polk parkway over to i-75. looking at the rest of polk county, you can see polk parkway quiet at 52 miles per hour. state road 60 very good, as well. sarasota, manatee county drive times for you since there are no accidents. u.s. 41 southbound is taking 19 to university. 301 going northbound or southbound is taking 22 minutes from i-75 and ellington to fruitville road. we are seeing a lot of clouds on our sky 10 cameras. it is not really fog. cameras. rain-wise we are rain-free. sometimes you can get a sprinkle that will be hard to pick up on the radar.
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don't look for much. fog is more likely. especially sarasota southward. right now we have visibility around half a mile in the venice area. basically we'll be looking at that fog from venice southward all the way across when we get over towards the part of i-75 that turns off towards the east. notice three mile visibility in lakeland, plant city is four miles visibility. it is okay. that shot you saw if you are up on the 50th floor, you may have fog that's actually cloud cover. all of that gray is cloud cover. it is wide-spread this morning. it will burn off because it is a really low cloud deck. above it there is not much. when the sun gets up it will break it up. temperature wise we are in the mid 50s. this is where we were yesterday. winds are east northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. it is damp out there. it is cool this this morning. definitely a jacket for yourself and the kids at the bus stop. there is a live shot from
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they are doing construction at pier 60. visibility looks good. it is just gray. especially as the sun comes up, you'll notice that this morning. we'll keep the gray skies around for the first half of the day. late morning, 11:00, we'll see more sunshine. by lunchtime it looks really nice. partly sunny skies to mostly sunny skies. that should warm us up. i think we'll hold on to a few more clouds than what the model is showing. lots of sunshine. grab sunglasses today. look for temperatures 73 degrees for daytime highs today. sun is up at 7:23. winds out of the east northeast 5 to 10. it comes down. which means great boating. finally! but enjoy it because rain comes in tonight and tomorrow. then the winds pick up saturday ahead of the next system. that's tonight's system. which is thursday night and friday. i think better chance for rain during the day on friday. there is a system coming on
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here's what it looks like tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m. a couple showers around as early as midnight. the better chance will come tomorrow lunchtime into the afternoon hours as the rain moves through from west to north and northeast. 40% chance for rain tomorrow. saturday, by far will be our best chance for rain. that will get here in the afternoon hours and into the evening. if you have saturday night dinner plans, yeah, it looks like it will be on the soggy side. the good news with this is if we are going to get the rain in here earlier on saturday we'll get it out of here for sunday. this is sunday afternoon. i think it is a really nice day. that high temperature 72 may likely be early in the day, if not in the morning hours then falling into the 60s throughout the afternoon. because we have that front coming through with the rain friday night and saturday. look what it does to monday. we wake up in the 40s to low 50s.
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we'll start a warm up. we have sad news to share out of zoo miami. a 9-month-old giraffe died in a freak accident. wesley's neck got lodged in these fence posts eight foot up in the air. zoo keepers got him loose in a few minutes but think suffered a spinal cord injury. they tried to save him saying if the giraffe can not stand it can not survive. we have this story from texas. three people recovering after a woman crashed her car into a starbucks. take a look at the damage. they say the driver first ran a red light and then hit two cars and then tore through a number
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going inside that starbucks with the car. you can see the inside where the glass is shattered, tables are smashed. at this point police are not saying if the woman will be charged with a serious crime for causing that accident. >> so scary. >> you think how crowded those stores can get and the number of folks in line waiting to get coffee. three people are still recovering. a popular health app is facing legal trouble. hillsborough county reacts
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velocity the app claiming to improve brain function and delay alzheimer's has been hit with a $2 million fine. the app is using deceptive practices. the federal trade commission
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proof to back up the claims. the developer agreed to the settlement. let's get back over to bobby. as the cloudy start today in the bay area. >> clouds are aloft and they are starting to lower the temperatures a bit. you can see fog at florida southern college. sarasota has quite a bit of fog. it will spread out. watch out for the kids at the bus stop. cloudy skies with patchy fog. they'll want jackets as it is in the mid 50s. it will be warmer with sunshine later this afternoon. exercise routine same thing this morning. watch for the fog. a lot is burning off by 9:00 a.m. temperatures will warm up closer to 60 degrees. evening commute partly cloudy skies. by 5:00 we'll see high clouds coming in from the west. that's the leading edge of rain after midnight tonight. here's our road warrior hilary zalla. >> bridges still looking great. this is the sunshine skyway bridge between manatee and pinellas county. either direction northbound or
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same thing goes for the howard frankland bridge. we are seeing traffic pick up a little bit in the northbound lanes into tampa before the kennedy boulevard exit. no significant delay yet. travel time is six minutes across the bay. i have new details about the serious accident in hillsborough county on fletcher avenue. i'll bring those to you in three minutes. awkward moment at the people's chose awards still trending this morning. >> it is familiar when you see the video. we'll have it for you at 6:38. we are live streaming throughout our 6:00 a.m. show this morning. be sure to join us. search for allison kropff and ian reitz on facebook. we are chatting with you about the lottery and the firing of lovie smith and the bucs we
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