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tv   10 News This Morning 630am  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:30am-7:00am EST

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a surprise move by the bucs as they fire head coach lovie smith. a serial killer that terrified people in the 80s is scheduled for execution today. >> it is only a matter of time before someone in our neighborhood gets harmed. today tampa city council will hear from neighbors concerned there are too many sex offenders living nearby. >> you ain't putting steve harvey up in here. a man interrupts a host of the talk during the people's choice awards. good morning. glad you are with us on this thursday morning. i'm ian reitz. >> i'm allison kropff. we have that traffic alert. let's get over to road warrior hilary zalla. what is going on? >> i learned that the person hit by a car on fletcher avenue as died. this is west of bruce b. downs boulevard. westbound lanes are completely closed.
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they'll be closed several hours. that means through morning rush hour. you cannot take westbound fletcher avenue after bruce b. downs. your best bet is fowler avenue south. speeds are slow at 34 miles per hour. that is your best detour. i'll be following this for you all morning long. >> the cloud deck we are tracking is lowering. fog is getting wide-spread. look at our sky 10 network camera. this is performing arts hall. florida southern college in lakeland is showing more fog. it is cool. mid 50s out there. it is damp and chilly. definitely grab a jacket before you head out. you can see wide-spread low cloudiness. i expect more fog. we'll get more sunshine late this morning into the afternoon hours. that should get us into the lower 70s. we'll talk rain chances. some tonight and some on the weekend, as well.
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news from new york. 17 minors are trapped. crews are trying to rescue them. they are stuck in an elevator below ground in a mine in lansing near ithaca new york. the miners are not in danger and they have blankets and other supplies. as soon as we get updates we'll bring them to you on 10 news this morning and major developments for the tampa bay buccaneers. team is searching for a new head coach after firing lovie smith. smith just finished up his second season with the bucs. record with the team 8-24. in a statement wednesday night the bucs co-chairman said they are committed to giving their fans a winning team. the bucs will have to pay lovie for the remaining three years of his contract. that's a total of $15 million. today we could learn about a deal between st. petersburg and the tampa bay rays. st. pete mayor kriseman says he
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today about allowing the team to look outside of the city for a new location. hillsborough county commissioner tells the tampa bay times that once a deal is reached he'll reach out to the rays to discuss moving closer to tampa. imagine making this discovery. hundreds of sex offenders living within walking distance of your homes. that's the case for neighbors in ybor. today they are determined to get city council members to do something about that. sarah is joining us live this morning. do we know why so many sex offenders are moving there. >> reporter: it just so happens that where we are in ybor it is a thousand feet from daycare, schools any of those parks sex offenders can not live by. for anybody that lives in this neighborhood it is very historic. downtown is a couple blocks this way. it has a lot of appeal. take a look at this map.
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plugged in her address to the f.d.l.e. sex offender database. if you have done that you can see how many live in your neighborhood. she found 839 sex offenders and predators within five miles of her home. five miles is a large area. how about a quarter mile? 75. that is within a five minute walk from her home. she said she loves her home and neighborhood but she is worried about this huge concentration of people with scary criminal histories. today she and neighbors will make a desperate plea to city council for help. they are going to try to ban too many sex offenders from living in a particular area. >> would you do this on davis island or south tampa? if you would not allow it will don't allow it up here.
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on the books enforce them equally across the city. if you did, we would not have neighborhood. >> reporter: if they force some sex offenders will their next neighborhood? i want to show you something kelly showed me. this is on the f.d.l.e.'s website. it is easy to access. pay attention to two things. the first thing up here in red. sex offender search. that's where you plug in your address. this box you can plug in your e- mail address. any time a guy or gal moves in your neighborhood you'll get an automatic alert. today a serial killer convicted of murdering a pasco county woman will be put to death. take a look at this man. this is oscar ray. he took the lives of three women in 1986. 30 years later he will lose his own.
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is live at the post office on land o'lakes boulevard where one of the victims, terry matthews was seen alive. her mother said she'll be there as he takes his last breathe. >> reporter: karen said she'll be there watching when he takes his last breathe. she said she is not sure how emotionally. this woman has been through a lot over the last 30 years. murder convictions in her daughter's case were thrown out twice before getting to this point despite evidence that he abducted her from the post office, raped her and beat her and stabbed her to death before dumping her body along a rural road in pasco county. today he'll face his own death for killing matthews. her mother thinks he is getting off way too easily. >>i'm just sad that he could not be hanged. i think that would be the ideal
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i think that would be terrifying to him. i think they should have it terrifying not easy entrust going to sleep. >> reporter: she said her daughter was a happy and outgoing young woman. even 30 years later, it is still hard to understand why he did what he did. he is set to die at 6:00 p.m. we will continue following this story. we'll bring you the latest in our newscast later on today. live in land o'lakes emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. it has been one year since char you [ no audio ] one year-ago today two brothers stormed the magazine's offices in paris killing 17 people including a staff member. for their anniversary issue on wednesday the cover of the publication shows one year later assassin is still on the run.
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forward today with gun control. he'll participate in a televised town hall-style debate on cnn. the president's plan including restricting gun sales and increasing funding for mental health programs. gun violence is a top priority of the obama administration in the new year. macy's is set to eliminate 4500 positions in stores, offices and call centers across the country. thankfully some of the workers will be reassigned. we checked overnight none of the 36 affected stores are in florida. company says it is part of a restructuring plan to turn around the slumping sales numbers. in health news here is another reason to cut sugar in sweetened drinks. cutting it by 40% could prevent 1.5 million overweight cases in five years.
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would also reduce type two diabetes. big winners at the people choice awards but that's not what people are talking about. >> this is when the talk. >> you ain't going to pull no steve harvey up in here. >> that guy rushed the stage. >> they are all shocked. the looks on the women's faces. >> they got him out of there and wept back to the acceptance speech. at this point they still don't know how the guy was able to get on stage and get past security. >> besides that there was a lot of big winners. cbs's big bang theory took home best tv show. >> the best tweet i saw from the talk was hey, kid this is not the time to have the talk.
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media all throughout it. they are good about laughing at it. 10 news is helping one couple with the wedding of their dreams. >> coming up, we'll introduce you to the couple who will say
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a serious traffic alert in hillsborough county. a fatal pedestrian accident closed fletcher avenue west of bruce b. downs boulevard. you cannot get through on westbound fletcher avenue. because a person was hit and killed and it is a fatal accident investigation it will be closed for several hours. your best bet would be to take fowler avenue south. that is good detour for you. right now they are diverting you on to bruce b. downs northbound and southbound.
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bruce b. downs and take fowler avenue over. you can get on to i-275 from there. we are also seeing a heavy delay. you can see on southbound i- 275, that's because as you can see live from the sky 10 network camera there is an accident at hillsborough avenue involving a semi. it is pulled over on the shoulder. traffic is getting heavier. we are getting into morning rush hour. drive time from the apex to i-4 along i-275 is 20 minutes. that is a five minute delay. past fowler and fletcher and busch boulevard you are slow the whole stretch. i'll stay on top of this crash as well as the fatal accident and let you know when the road is able to open on fletcher. this is i-4 at branch forbes road on sky 10. you can see brake lights heading towards downtown tampa.
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i-4. when you look at drive times alongies 4 from polk parkway over to i-75 it is holding on to 16 minutes. that is a one minute delay at this point in the morning. sarasota and manatee county staying quiet. no problems except for fog. drive times are looking good. sarasota so venice through north port has the thickest fog. now creeping up towards the bradenton area.
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some is lowering to the ground. that is what is causing the fog. good news is there is not a lot of cloud cover over top of us. you don't see any bright white clouds that would indicate higher clouds. that means 7:22 when the sun is up it will burn this off. it will burn off 10:30 this morning. mid 50s out there. damp. a little bit of a breeze. 55 degrees. the winds out of the north and east 5 to 10 miles per hour. little bit higher for st. pete at 13. that will make it feel chilly out there. look at what was normally a great view from the performing arts hall. you can barely see the high- rise. this is lakeland. reduced visibilities are creeping in here. i expect the fog to be an issue for us this morning. that fog will burn off. then i think we'll slowly see more and more sunshine. how much will we get? forecast model is showing
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i think some of us will see mostly sunny skies. then they should fill again with a few clouds and we'll go partly cloudy for the remainder of the afternoon hours. if we get that sunshine we'll get closer to 74 degrees for a daytime high. see these clouds here? they are coming in from the west 5:00 to 7:00. they are the leading edge of the next weather maker which brings rain here tonight after midnight. 73 degrees for a daytime high today. there is the leading edge of the system that gets in here tonight and tomorrow. it is moving through new orleans now. high clouds are due south of tallahassee. here we go in the forecast model. isolated showers at the coast by midnight. this time tomorrow morning i'll be tracking showers. it looks like the fog will part until tomorrow afternoon when we have a better chance for the rain to come through. it is that 40% chance. it is not a lot of rain on friday. but it is there.
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west coast now, that will get in here saturday. southern california getting rain now. this will be our weather maker for saturday afternoon. that's 5:00 p.m. scattered showers moving on shore. into saturday night. that will be our better chance for rain. the good news is if we get it in here saturday afternoon and saturday night we'll get it out by sunday. sunday looks better under partly cloudy skies. warm and muggy ahead of it. breezy on saturday. cooler and drier on sunday. it will get chilly again. we'll warm up to the mid to upper 70s by saturday. then go back down to the highs in the low 60s. lows in the 40s and 50s monday and tuesday morning.
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10 news for a local military couple their big dreams for a big wedding are coming true. >> reporter: there was whispering and stealth outside of a tampa apartment wednesday morning. nothing sinister going on just a big surprise. ralph from old mcmickey's farm was about to deliver a big check. >> you have within the mission i do military dream wedding. >> reporter: we first met staff sergeant chris and samantha on studio 10 live vying for online votes in the mission i do wedding contest. did they think they would win? >> i had a good feeling. >> i was on the nervous side. >> reporter: this couple fell in love during trying times. chris was serving with samantha's brother in
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hit by an ied. chris received a bronze star of valor for saving brian's life. brian lost both legs and an arm. >> chris was a big part of my strength through my brother's recovery and getting his messages and checking in on brian meant the world to me. >> reporter: now brian will be the couple's best man. >> on february 26th. >> reporter: thanks to old mcmickey's farm, 10 news and generous vendors this couple has a beautiful wedding venue, dress, ring, honeymoon and a lot less worry. >> it is just great. all of our stress is now just gone. >> reporter: in tampa kathryn bursch 10 community. >> there were three runner up couples. they'll get something too.
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in new york 17 miners are trapped. crews are trying to rescue them. they are stuck in an elevator below ground near ithaca. rescue crews say they are okay and not in danger. we'll have updates as we get them on 10 news. major shakeup from the buccaneers. head coach lovie smith is out of a job. smith just finished his second season. his record was 8-24. bucs will have to pay lovie for the remaining three years on his contract. which is a total of $15
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jackpot will be the largest in u.s. lottery history. estimated jackpot is $675 million. even though nobody won on wednesday's jackpot we understand 12 tickets won a million dollars. >> there was one ticket in florida. check the tickets. a million bucks is a lot of money. a lot of traffic issues we need to check on. >> still following this breaking news in hillsborough county where a person was hit and killed while walking along fletcher avenue going westbound at livingston avenue. this is west of bruce b. downs boulevard. you'll want to go southbound to fowler avenue or north to bearss to head westbound if you need to get on i-275. fowler is slow at 32 miles per hour. if you are getting on i-275 let's take a live look from our sky 10 network camera.
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of an accident at hillsborough avenue. it is not blocking any main lanes. you have onlooker delays. it is in the hard part of morning rush hour. everyone is hitting the roads. leave early if you can. visibility is looking good. i'm tracking fog across the area. this is a looking to at the past two hours. you can see it in sarasota and manatee county. plant city visibilities are a little bit. this will hang with us through 10:00. then we'll break things up. rain moving through new orleans is here tonight and tomorrow morning. it is not a lot. the rain out west in california, that will be here late saturday afternoon into saturday night. that will be our best chance for showers. it will stay cooler if you are traveling for today. that's for sure. 42 washington. 36 chicago. vegas 51 degrees is their daytime high. >> those temperatures aren't bad across the country. >> it will get colder this weekend and next week. >> we are still the best from
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not bad at all. thank you for joining us.
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters
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