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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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are still waiting for word from the high court whether bolin will die tonight by lethal injection, this day has been a long time coming for the victims families, it's been a hard fought battle in, he has been convicted, retried on appeals and reconvicted again. all abducted from parking lots months apart and stabbed to death. all along the 53-year-old maintained he is innocent. today the department of corrections says he has been calm, meeting with his spiritual visor and wife who is not allowed to attend the execution, he had his last meal around 10:00 this morning, the victims spends bolin is a serial killer and deserves to die. >> there is nothing about this that the prosecutors haven't gone through and been through for the pasted years.
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man is guilty, we have been waiting for this for a very very long time and it's about time. >> reporter: now can you see across the grass area here, there are protesters gathering, if the execution goes as planned, i am told he will get three rounds of drugs as the lethal injection. now we are expecting to talk to the victims families after this all over and have the latest tonight at 11:00. death penalty was reinstated in florida back in 19976 and we are breaking down what has happened since then. our governors have ordered 91 executions, 18 of the inmates were convicted in pierre i can't county. the most recent execution took place in october. jerry cerrall stabbed and killed four family members, 22 executions since governor rick scott took office in 2011.
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governor since the death penalty was reinstated. she is staying and shows i what happen after that execution tonight on 10 news at is 11:00. the tampa by buccaneers are looking for a new head coach once again, firing smith after two seasons, jason white is talk being that decision. >> today is not a day to dissect the failures particularly of smith, as a coach. it's to talk about the future, to talk about the next head coach of this football team to bring us back to winning football here in tampa. >> as you can imagine, bucks fans are fired up about the firing. a lot of them questioning how the team can be successful if they make coaching changes every couple of years, smith is the fourth coach in just six years. >> how are you supposed to be consistent if you done have --
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maybe they should fire the owners. >> now smith was 8 and 24 in two seasons on the job but he did triple the number of wins from last season, this year. so who is next in line? you are speculating on social media, 10 sports anchor dave worth shares his in sight. the poll be schools superintendent under investigation, many details in the case are not being released, we do know an associate superintendent file add complaint against the superintendent katherine la roy, partners at the ledger asked school board chair kay fields about the complaint who suggested it may have to do with sexual harassment, but the school board remains tight lipped. days of secret closed door meetings have given way to the result in the rays stadium saga, tonight or tomorrow
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details of offer for the rays. mark rivera shows you what arrays move could mean for i don't remember wallet on both sides of the by. >> with a new year comes new life in the rays stadium saga over the past few days the mayor has been meeting privately with management and councilmembers, about a new deal to have the team look outside of st. pete to look at a stadium, the mayor's office says the details have been written down. councilman charlie said earlier this week the deal isn't that different from the previous offer on the table. that means the rays most likely will get permission to move outside of st. pete. and to move before their contract is up in 2027, but they have would have to pay and pay big, $22 million relocate, and st. pete would keep the
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>> hillborough county commissioner kay is chomping at the bit. >> reality is we don't have the luxury to let another six, seven years go by or else we are going to lose the team. >> any deal would require 200- $250 million from the rays. and about $300 million from private investments. he says no new taxes for you but would you have to pony up for the roads, sewer line and the like, the problem is when there are no specifics on how to pay for it, oftentimes you the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill. we are going to stay on top of this for you. continuing coverage of the ray stadium saga head to our website at a lakeland couple is charged with child abuse for the way deputies say they tried to discipline their 10-year-old daughter this week. investigators say steven sanchez use add student gun to threaten the girl and her siblings into doing work around
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a man who works with the couple says earlier this week he also saw yolanda ashley bind the girls hand. >> the explanation was given that the child had had a lot of candy and hyped up, was out of control, she was hitting and showing her siblings. >> officials say the couple has 12 children between them but there is no indication any of the other kids have been i can't us -- abused. governor rick scott seems shy of endorsing donald trump, scott says "is capturing the frustration of many americans after seven years of president obama's very intentional government takeover of the american economy. " scott specifically writes he has no plan to endorsement any candidate before the primary.
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to add a fee into their budget, commissioners approved the extra cost, money will go to building new schools and school relate the expenses, the decision comes as construction lices in the area -- rices in the area -- rises in the area. and that was the uncoupling of the whole ceremony at the newest fire station today, featuring three truck byes, full time staff and an advanced life support ambulance. now staff at the nathan bender son park station will handle thousands of calls a year as the area continues to grow. eric didn't speak for the first three years of his life and already needed four open heart surgeries. >> the terminally ill boy is too sick to go to school, his mother decided to teach him letters and numbers using their favorite tv show.
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for, he plays board games and video games, he watches pat and vanna every night even when he was in the hospital. eric needs a lifesaving heart and double lung transplant and his mother says they are living on borrowed time. today we invited eric to the station for a big surprise, we took him on a tour of the studio, let him sit at the anchor desk. he was stunned when he pulled back a curtain to reveal, you know it, pat and van in a waiting to talk to eric live from california, the host set up the famous wheel of four tune game board that read wheel of fortune loves eric. after chatting with pat and vanna, eric was given ton of gifts from the game show. his mother said this is a day he will never ever forget. >> no words, my heart was about to explode, i thought he was going to explode i think he was
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>> that was so amazing. >> yeah, wasn't it. >> cheese. >> you, too. >> he is why iing, ask vanna how she gets to appear -- game. >> she said it was like magic. not a dry eye in the place >> not one. you know after the surprise i had a chance to talk with pat and vanna and what eric's love for the show what that means for them. >> you take for granted what you do and we come here and we do our little show and people like it and they seem happy with it, you don't think about the affect it has on people and the pleasure it gives them. and to see that, to see that young man, that kind of of excitement, a little thing for us to do, and such a big thing for him. and we are so happy we could bring that kind of joy to him. >> it feels so good to give this little boy such joy and
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show has been around 33 years, and we give lots of people joy, but today was very special. >> yes, it was special. >> i think we share that same sentiment at the station here, too. >> to get up and do that it speaks volumes. a road warrior looks out for your children. a surprising number of school intersections don't have signs to slow down drivers. a road warrior, you know she is on the case, hillary zala is digging deeper. we had the fog this morning and low clouds also at least midday, then we got the sunshine in here, tonight i'm tracking rain chances for a lot
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big night on cbs and 10 news, big binge theory, best comedy in the world. 8:30 live in pieces, 8:30, angel from hell. 10 news at 11:00 o'clock. and stay up for the late show, jamie lewis, watch all of the highlights on 10 news this morning, get in tonight. >> i just watch it live, that is how you gotta do it. school zone safety in september, 10 investigates you may remember reported that dozens of school crossings in st. pete ares burg didn't have much of the same in tampa. and tonight, she is digging deeper about the concerns around your child's schools.
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drivers going way too fast through school zones, residents say they see it all the time. the school sits along concordia avenue, and say there isn't sufficient signage there. "walking along concordia is hardly safe. there is no sufficient marks school zone which is the main dropoff and pickoff route." there are 26 school zones in tampa that need safety upgrades, the idea is to add flasher toss better alert drivers to slow down, many of the locations aren't funded this year and that includes roosevelt elementary, tampa city officials tell me they do add school safety funds in their budget, this year there is not enough funds, but i pushed further asking what can be done right now to keep our kids safe. accord to go transportation director gene duncan, the city has added to the project to the
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project around the county, wrote to me be in an e-mail, we included our flasher list in our go hillborough project list, it would be a potential future fund source for transportation needs. if you see a school zone that needs extra safety measures let me know, road warrior at, you can find the entire list of tampa schools that need safety upgrades, go to and click on traffic. i'm road warrior hillary for 10 news wtsp. not a bad morning out there this morning. >> yeah, we'll take it. we've seen a lot today. >> you are going to complain. >> no, thinking some had fog, we got the sun back today. >> we'll take it. >> that is our morning. >> so i'm tracking rain, guys. three ways, we are looking at between now.
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weekend, i am not going to talk to you. >> whoa. >> fine. >> i feel bad for jim. >> i tell you what, i will take you out for a steak dinner and we'll talk to you about, i will win you back. 65 in tampa, 64 in st. pete and bray ding ton, crystal river, clearwater beach we are looking at 66 degrees showing up, with some rape offshore. now that on the leading edge is going to take awhile to get here, i want to zoom out, a couple things that you are seeing here. we are very dry at the surface, so the first little bit of this rain it will take that to fall over us, it is going to evaporate before it hits the ground but help mouse he up, so the rest of the rain can make it down from the clouds to the ground. so the leading edge of this doesn't make it in the next couple of hours, later tonight it will. the other thing right here it looks like a big folk etior big hole, that has to do with the
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going out straight and after so many miles, 200-300 miles there is curvature of the earth, there is separation and the radar beam shoots over the top of this. so that is why we can see the clouds but you can't see the rain. all of that is rain sitting here in the gulf. that system number one. that will bring rain in two waves for us and then what is over california and arizona is system number two. that is part of your weekend. not all of it. talk about how this plays out for you, friends, tonight up until about 11:00, expecting it to be cloudy, temperatures mid 60's, and then once we get bast that, when i see you at 11:00, good chance we are tracking light rain over several areas, that goes through the middle of the night, so no severe weather late at night when a lot of people reason on the road in the dry season, it's a win-win all around.
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so we see showers coming in, is 1:00 midnight. steady rain 3:00-4:00 a.m., pushing east of us. right now it looks like before the commute gets started and will try to bring another wave at us as get get into midday friday. let me zoom in and show you what we are talking about, 1:00 a.m. to about 1:00 p.m. we start to see that move in and hit areas pasco, then that round should push tampa and st. pete. polk county as we get into the early evening hours that is that piece that is in the gulf. we'll have the next wave coming in. but don't worry, your weekend is not arraignout. 62 to start tomorrow, 96 for your high temperature in tampa. even with clouds and showers, reaching mid to upper .90s,
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with, light chop on the bay with southeast winds turning 2:38 in the afternoon. saturday the next wave that i'm expecting is going to be late day, looking to be about after 4:00, so first part of saturday really up until the almost evening hours, you're fine. then we'll see the showers late afternoon, overnight hours and wrap up around daybreak sunday, most of sunday, fred, you are fine. so there are rain chances for the weekend but timing is decent for a lot of to you have dry weather beth days before you have to worry about any showers late saturday night. temperatures then cool off into the 60s monday and tuesday, and mornings are in the 40s next week. 10 news app would be a good friend to have.
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all right, what stood out to me at today's news conference, he was really hurt by seeing smith, the man who hired him get fired himself. >> and jason did not look comfortable at all in the spotlight, he is holding the future of the franchise in his hands. what he talked about is how the firing went down, they decided he must go, they wanted him to come in for a meeting today. he knew what was coming. >> smith grace flee declined the meeting, very plight, only way he could do it.
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do it this way. so, this was after several attempts for ownership, joel in particular to fly here to meet with him. >> so it did happen in the phone but at his request. speculation resolves around the offensive coordinator dish cutter, at least two other teams are interested in cutter. >> i think the miami dolphins is one. in a way even though, you know, jason light said they are not in a tug of war so to speak, this is somebody that they value as a strong candidate for this job, to keep the continuity with jail is winston, it is as much with cutter as it is about losing smith. >> and the record of hiring coaches is not going well. here is their last three, morris, smith, seven years total all losing records, maybe
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>> well dave a big gift for a group of first graders, the team from 10 knew the this morning surprised with them with tickets to the circus. >> i will see you there, you guys are all going to the circus. >> oh, good. >> oh, you can hear the ex citement in the kids voice. >> allison and ian stopped by the partnership school, they won a contest put on by ring length brothers, they picked this group to send to the circus. ha is for 10 news at 6:00,
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