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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  January 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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thank you so much for joining us. the powerball jackpot now stands at a record $800 million and is likely to grow from there. lottery officials say the florida education system is a winner. >> will the cash make its way to the schools? "10 news" reporter. glatzer is digging deeper.
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powerball? sure. reporter: it all adds up and it does quickly. for every $2 powerball ticket, 82 cents goes towards education. you have more people buying tickets in florida and that goes straight to education. reporter: the florida route -- lottery raise one point $5 billion for education and that include scratch us and all 10% of that $150 million was raised by powerball sales. lottery loot gets put into the florida enhancement education fund but with schools suffering and supplies scares parents wonder -- >> if they have all this extra money why can't they afford basic items? they only make up about 6% of the florida department of education's budget. you may be disappointed to know it's not really an enhancement.
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supported the lottery who thought it would be spent on top of the budget is just used to complete it. a. >> i it was in addition to. i thought it was helping our students more than what our tax dollars were. >> it raises the revenue and we but the greater minds at the capital determine how it is used. reporter: the jumbo jackpots makes a big difference. the cycle has raised more than $40 million. in st. petersburg, eric glasser, wtsp. if you are wondering about the out facing a payoff of your own? you have a one and 38 chance of winning $4. the odds of winning 100 are almost one in 15,000. it's tougher to match at one and nearly 12 million.
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south korea's military is resuming loudspeaker propaganda . this is souls way of retaliating against the north claims. attested bomb this week. what that music is accompanied by propaganda playlist criticizing not only north korea's nuclear program but economy and human rights abuses, all of which is seen as an act of war. new information about the philadelphia police officer ambushed in his patrol car. the fbi is not joining in on that investigation. surveillance photos show the gunmen approaching the officer with his weapon drawn. another image shows the suspect reaching inside the car and firing point think range hitting the officer three times. this shot right here is one that demonstrates his valiant encourage in bravery.
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police vehicle and starts chase. this could have easily been a police funeral. edwin archer was arrested. he said he shot the officer and the name of islam. right now there's no indication the shooting is tied to a larger terror plot. the officer miraculously is expected to be okay. the governor of maine is apologies thing controversial comments that raised some eyebrows. he made racially tinged comments when he was attacking out-of-state here when dealers. take a listen. >> these are guys with a name like the money, movie, shifty, these type of guys come up here and sell their heroin and they go back home. incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave, which is a real sad thing because we
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>> the governor says he's sorry if he flipped off. he criticized the media for focusing on one comment that was part of a longer townhall. new at 5:30. a sarasota gun company says it is being wrongfully targeted by the county. similar cultures -- sculptures. as you can see they include bonds. don't worry, they are fake and some drivers complain thing it appears that the guns are pointing at them. the county told the gun shop owners to move the sculptures further from the road. they did that but want to know why other businesses aren't being forced to move there's. >> they are being placed at different places all over town and across the sidewalks and the streets and not counted as
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business. the sculptures were made by a local company. out of control fires an western australia have destroyed 95 homes and threatening other communities. . four firefighters were her battling the fires and they have scorched 125,000 acres of woods and a farmland. reduced to rubble. more than 70 small earthquakes have rattled oklahoma just this week. so far there is no significant damage. just some shaking. last year there was a report that noticed a connection between hydraulic fracturing or fracking and these earthquake swarms. if you feel like you pay too much for insurance you will want to pay attention to this. help could be coming. a congressman from the bay area
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help make flood insurance less expensive. he is telling grayson, it should be in the next few weeks. what they say is what you pay. reporter: congressman dennis ross says he has written a bill was -- which will make it easier for you to shop around and get flood insurance from a private company, not just the government. why is that a big deal? he says competition drives prices down an private companies can offer incentives like improve the drainage and get a discount and if a big flooding disaster hits, just about everyone using the government national flood insurance program taxpayers are on the hook. with the new change private companies would start taking on some of that risk. >> it's a good way to bring
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want to buy and it's a bipartisan bill to bring congress together. >> under his plan the program would still be an option for congressman ross says he is working this through washington as fast as he can and he hopes to have a lot more options available for your family by the end of this year. reporting in st. petersburg, grayson kamm, wtsp. adolf hitler's manifesto on sale. what prompted the reprint. a tackle cleanse. >> friday rain is gone but saturday storms have put tampa bay and a marginal risk for severe storms. we will talk about timing and what you want to watch for and when you will have good weather. we will lay it all out so you
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here is a look at the traffic camera for your evening commute. the folks on the right-hand side us logo and people heading to st. pete nights and smooth. a look at i for and buckman highway. a nice flow going out there. avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam. download our app and get
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they're have been several tips and tricks showing you how to stay fit and there is a
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they call it the thirty-day taco cleanse. alicia talks with nutritionist about weather it really works. >> i can be justified eating tacos every day? if you give me a taco over hamburger i might have to take a taco. scientists in austin -- published a book for healthier take on a taco. >> wonderful vegetables and beans and if you can wrap it inside a lettuce leaf or corn tortilla i think that that is a great option. san antonio people love their tacos. the food truck sits outside. >> this time around i try to do
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more tacos because i have so many requests. >> if you can make your favorite taco healthier, do it, cilantro and beans and chopped up onions and tomatoes can be wonderful things for taco. >> it's the last diet you might ever need. it's authentic and it's love and it's positive. >> you still have to count the calories. you can't pile stuff on if you want to lose weight. >> there is always a catch. >> the taco lovers say it's much easier to keep up when compared to the other cleanse diets. >> the new version of adolf hitler's manifesto went on germ -- on sale since the first time at the end of world war two. after his death the bavarian government took control of the text and stopped
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after 70 years the copyright expired and it is now okay to republish but with some changes. each copy features academic commentary. i'm courtney robinson. coming up, a year after phoebe was thrown off at bridge to her death, are vulnerable children still being forgotten by an agency designed to protect them? we are digging deeper into what has changed and what still needs work. reporter: another fatal accident here in pesto county. just another one a few weeks ago. what is the problem? a public building overcome with mold about the goals for
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tonight on "10 news" at six. did you notice that they didn't put the bigger box here [ laughter ] >> hold on. [ laughter ] >> i love it. i love working with these guys. here is some good news along the mississippi river. and the memphis area they are not seeing the serious damage that they had been preparing for. >> so much flooding going on from st. louis to around the illinois river. it's a little bit of good news with the army corps of engineers saying the prep is paid off. they are inspecting these rivers -- expecting rivers to get back to normal levels in the coming days early next week. a little bit of good news
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there is the rain we have been expecting. it made for a nice round of showers all night good sleeping weather. a little bit of a hairy drive i 75. all of that is gone now. your friday evening planner has fog potentially developing after 10:00 p.m. we want to give you heads up expecting patchy thick fog at daybreak. although steady showers coming through. good time to get it in not having severe weather. it's a win-win all around. it's good to see that on our strawberries and blueberries. west nice and quiet. we are looking at the potential for three rounds of rain. the middle one which could be the least confidence in and it never got going. what we had overnight and what pretty confident about. storm prediction center norman is well thinking we are in for
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not just looking to be rainfall but thunderstorms with the potential -- in all honesty slight or marginal it's a heads up. just because it's the weekend don't forget about the forecast and stay a little more weather aware. they also issued a severe thunderstorm watch an southeast texas and an louisiana. this cold front will come around the golf and it's grabbing the slow as well. these will merge into one system and ride the gulf coast line. tomorrow expect them to be in tomorrow late day. the whole weekend is not awash by any means. i don't want to get you thinking that with these rounds of showers and storms throw away the weekend. that's is not the case by any means. storms kicking in after 4:00.
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see stronger thunderstorms. most of this should be gone about 9:00 or 10:00 and the evening. about 4:00 to 10:00 is the window for the showers and thunderstorms. sunday is looking good to. looking to pick up an inch to an inch in of -- an inch and a quarter of rain. when gus up to 65 miles and hour an possible hail. tornado threat low to isolated. this gives you a perspective that these are looking to be stronger than what we had overnight. as we head into saturday evening we want to make sure you stay weather aware. behind that system all of sunday looks good. for high we are in the 60s and warnings are in the 40s. great way to stay on top of it. if a warning comes out you can sign up for weather alert. get it on your phone for free in seconds and going into the
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once upon a time you could drive down the street without seeing neighborhood grocery stores. >> tonight we show you a man who was painted a legacy. >> sometimes he falls asleep while he paints. >> few hands have practiced like this man's.
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deal with the neighborhood grocery, randy would paint ads for chuck roast and squash along a dozen employees. good times for paper sign papers until mom and pops were replaced by big box. >> and there goes another customer and leading to this week, randy is pondering his greatest work. >> patrick is probably the best sign painter i've ever had working with me? for 17 years patrick has been painting by his side.
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to hearing -- they hear you're so stupid and i believed it and i believed i was stupid. >> patrick has a learning disability and spent his school days in special -- special- education. randy taught him differently. but why invest in a teen so challenged? because randy saw something that reminded him of another young man. >> randy sons todd -- randy's son todd suffered with a disability -- until recently when randy sold his business. he placed just one condition on jack hagerman, the new owner who promptly agreed. he kept patrick on. >> he's good at his job. it's the thing to do, isn't it >> randy is looking forward to
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grandchildren. "10 news" at 6:00 is walmart set out on a mission to find you the best oranges. to do that, we first had to find the best orange growers. we logged the miles, put in the hours, tasted a lot of fruit, and shook a lot of hands. but we did it for a reason. so that here you'll find the best oranges we've ever had. they're even backed by our 100
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these kids just want to learn but the service that takes them to school is out of money and they're looking for your help. "10 news" at 6:00 starts right now. 1 year ago today we woke up to the heartbreaking news of a horrible crime. 5-year-old fee be thrown 70 feet off a bridge by her own father. it is something phoebe's mother said she did not see coming. >> i would've won the lottery before i thought this would ever happen. [ crying ] he thanked me so many times for having her because he loved her so much. some believe officials
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