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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  January 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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coral. millions of dollars in damge after severe weather and a tornado ripped through the area. powerball fever is heating up this week! the one point three billion reasons to play. and a major change for i-275 starts today. we'll tell you how this could impact your commute. good morning and welcome to 10 news at 4-30. i'm jenny dean in for allison. and i'm ian reitz.. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby
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millions of dollars in damage - some 10-thousand dollars in damage - some 10-thousand people were without power after a tornado with winds up to 135 miles per hour slammed into cape coral saturday night... 10 news reporter jonathan petramala spoke with
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seeing roofs ripped off, trees toppled and cars crushed is different than living through what caused this catastrophe an estimated ef 2 tornado, with winds estimated close to 135 miles per hour consuming part of cape coral in mere minutes hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed, utility crews pushing it to put the power back on for thousands but in an el nino winter, powerful tornadoes are common in florida. governor rick scott toured what could be the first of many similar scenes over the next two months. major damage, but only minor injuries. still a terrifying twister. in cape coral, jonathan petramala, 10 news wtsp. tornadoes can
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school, or in an open jonathan petramala, 10 news wtsp. tornadoes can strike anywhere so if you were in school, or in an open area like a park, the shopping mall or in a mobile home, what would you do? to see what officials consider the best answers in each of the scenarios go to our website, wtsp dot com.## you now have 1 point 3 billion reasons to join powerball fever. that's because no one matched all six numbers in saturday night's drawing. as brian webb reports, all you need is 2 dollars...and a lot of luck. do you feel lucky? the largest lottery the world has ever seen is up for grabs this wednesday. and i think i'm that one. i'm a lucky guy. i'm a lucky guy for real. no one matched all six powerball numbers after saturdays drawing even though lottery officials say about 75% of all possible numbers
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used. the odds of winning the $1.3 billion dollar prize? 292 million to one. stand up bridge: powerball signs like this are stuck at $999 million because they can't register into the billions. it's never been done before. the powerball has ballooned since its november 4th starting point of $40 million. i'm going to get me a ticket now, thanks to you. the winner can choose either annual payments over 29 years, or a lump sum cash payment of 806 million, with a chunk going to federal income taxes. that kind of cash is bringing out young and old veterans and beginners. and powerball players dreaming of what they would do with all that cash. i'd pay off my kids houses and take them all on a vacation. ==butt== i'd keep my circle real tight as tight as i could. and, probably change my name and move to some island somewhere. people living in 44 states, as well as in the district of columbia, the us
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powerball. the next drawing is this wednesday. good luck. brian webb for cbs news. so what do you do if you win? not just what will you buy...but how do you manage all that money? we have tips from legal experts posted right now at wtsp dot com. and just because you didn't hit the jackpot saturday night...doesn't mean you should throw away your ticket! someone out there is holding onto a 1- million-dollar winning ticket that was sold in tampa. it was bought at the winn-dixie grocery store on palm river road. that lucky winner still hasn't come forward to collect their cash. you may remember after last wednesday's powerball drawing -- we had a million dollar winner in dunedin. new overnight... a homeowner in pinellas county shoots a man on his property during a possible burglary attempt. it happened at a home on whitney drive in largo. according to investigators, a man walked into the backyard...went inside a shed and got struggle with the that's when the the man was rushed to the
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a man was arrested sunday for child neglect after investigators says a 3 year old girl ate some of his synthetic marijuana or spice. st. petersburg police say christopher lee clark was supposed to be taking care of the girl saturday night.. when she managed to get the drug from one of his pockets. the girl is expected to survive. putting a stop to a deadly neighborhood crime trend. it's one that's costing young people their lives at an alarming rate. st. petersburg mayor rick kriseman told a crowd at the "urban affairs - sunday best supper" event in st. pete...that one million dollars is being invested into the community where six young black boys and men in their 20's have been shot and killed since november.### we have a traffic
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change that's coming to part of i-275 in tampa. the final, major lane shift is set to take place tonight. it means traffic is going to be moved to a new roadway on i- 275 north.. from just after the howard frankland bridge.. to the dale mabry exit. our partners at the tampa bay times report.. that the new stretch will be straighter and smoother.. and that should cut down on congestion.## photos are coming out now...of the secret meeting between an actor and a wanted man. that tops our look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. this new photo is of drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman shaking hands with actor sean penn. the men met secretly in the mexican jungle... after el chapo broke out of prison. details of their 7 hour conversation are revealed in the latest issue of rolling stone. a murder investigation is underway in italy after a florida woman was found dead in her florence apartment. authorities say it appeared the victim -- ashley olsen -- who's
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augustine...had been strangled. olsen's boyfriend says he found her body days after the two got into an argument. the world's most famous party house is going up for sale - the playboy mansion. but there's a catch -- hugh hefner wants to stick around! hefner bought the 22-thousand square foot mansion in 1971 for just over a million he's looking to sell it for nearly 200 times that much. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning... sad news from the entertainment world this morning. we have learned that singer david bowie died at the age of 69. we'll take a look back at his legendary life. a wedding party offers support when bridesmaids in another wedding lose their dresses in a massive fire. raymond james stadium will soon transform into a giant dirt pit for monster jam this weekend. we've got that and more big events you
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still ahead on 10 news at 4:30, you've probably seen or used a hotel safe before. but are your belongings really safe? the hidden ways someone could get in to take your valuables. and a thief is caught on camera at a pet store! the surprising way he walked out with a snake.
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bobby weather a bradenton man -
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is no longer able to rely on his specially
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dollar - guide dog to help him get around. as 10 news reporter garin flowers explains the man says his guide dog was viciously attacked by a pack of pit bulls and he now wants police to change the way they investigate these attacks. imagine you're walking with your dog down the sidewalk.and three other dogs attack yours. that's what one man says happened whose pet is more than just his best friend. nat richard draper is legally blind.with a little distorted vision. andie is his guide dog. but, now she's unable to serve as his eyes following an attack on monday. he was walking down southern parkway.right across from an
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according to a witness, a pit bull then attacked andie leaving puncture wounds. a second pit bull was grabbing on to draper's leg.and a third was hovering around. the witness jumped in to break up the attack. and then the dog owners went at it -- shouting about who was at fault. the manatee county animal services and bradenton police are both investigating. richard was very upset by how long he says it took for help to arrive. sot "my dog was bleeding, she was crying on the ground whimpering and at that point i didn't know whether she was going to live or not." "for god sake, the dog's got to get medical care. it can't just lay there for an hour and a half while everybody's doing their paperwork and getting the reports in and that's kind of how i felt." nat the owner of the three dogs didn't return my call for a chance to comment. to see more details on this case, go to our website wtsp dot com and click on scene on tv. this is a story we want to make sure you pay attention to. you've likely seen or used a "hotel room safe". but are your valuables actually protected? investigates reporter "brenan keefe" from our sister station in atlanta... found there are
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can get inside... leaving a locked, but empty safe behind. thump. safe... click. and secure? opening hotel room door with room key. we checked into half a dozen hotels in four states across the country.. and tested multiple in-room safes. ping phone in white safe. beep, beep, beep.. the question: do these numbers keep the thieves out moske: "looking at the doors, let's see which one is unlocked.." mike moske is a private investigator with "on the watch" investigations. moske: "i'd better lock these things up." "..put them in the safe." he spent a quarter century running hotel and resort security. q: "in your experience, how much of hotel theft is the staff and not someone from outside?" mike moske on the watch investigations "probably about 60 percent, 70 percent." q: "is inside?" a: "majority of the time, yeah." locking door and latch. you lock the door but the staff already has access to your room.. tight opening hotel door with room key.. so which employees
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safe? we put my wallet and some cash inside.. closing.. and set the code as a random number we purposely didn't write down. then told the staff we were locked out. "maintenance." within 10 seconds of the maintenance man entering our hotel room.. he punched in the master code.. beeps as he enters code. and opened the safe. he never asked for my identification before entering the hotel's master safe code right in front of a stranger.. beeps.. we tested it after he left and the safe opened every time. brendan keefe "just how safe is this safe? let's peel back the layers and take a look at the inner workings. the hotel staff doesn't need to know your secret code they have their own master code. they also have master keys that can open the safe. and finally, master magnetic cards that can open any safe in the hotel. anybody with any one of these three things the master key, the master magnetic card, or that master code
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everything inside, cleaning you out." andrew hayter g data security "there's a master code on every one of the safes.." andrew hayter is with g- data.. a global software and security company that hacked into a hotel safe with ease. andrew hayter g data security "but many times the master code is never changed, and that master code is available on the internet believe it or not. and if the manager has not changed that master code, you're in for big trouble, because anybody who wants to, and can get into your room, can get into your safe and steal your valuables and ruin your perfect vacation." in most states- the hotel is not liable from your room.. even in the hotel room safe. along the mississippi river is forcing many out of their many animals. this weekend the humane society of tampa bay welcomed more than a dozen dogs displaced from a flooded shelter in mississippi. once the dogs are cleaned up and checked out by veternarians -- they'll be up for adoption here. 23:58:12:20
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adorable dogs -- we have the phone number, address, forms -- everything you need at this is video you have to see out of oregon. a thief caught on camera stealing a snake from a pet store! but here's the most surprising part? he sticks it in his pants! the pet store owner says she couldn't believe someone would do that with a 2 foot long python. the red carpets were out and every a-list celebrity was there. we're talking the golden globes! coming up, where you can see the list of winners and catch every moment you missed. coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s.
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back to back episodes of the big bang theory at 8 and 8:30. followed by scorpion at 9 and n- c-i-s: los angeles. the catch 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests jane lynch and julian castro. and if you go to bed early-- don't worry. we're sharing the best moments from the late show with you on 10 news this morning, every day at 5-20 and 6-20. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app
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and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. sunday night. it's the best of the best in movies and t-v. host ricky gervais didn't shy away from taking digs at celebrities left and right. as far as the awards -- they were given out to several first time winners -- as well as a few veteran actors. we have the full list of winners -- and all the amazing
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website wtsp dot com. ### coming up on 10 news this morning...the downfall for fugitive drug lord el chapo. the new details we've learned that led to his capture. ## plus, on the campaign trail. florida sentor marco rubio stops by in the bay area today. ## and security concerns divert another flight. what the passengers say about the scary delay. we'll be back with another look at your weather and traffic, in three
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with cancer, iconic singer david bowies passed away at the age of 69.
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