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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it was a horrible, horrible feeling. i thank god i'm here talking to you. i am so thankful. >> governor scott stopped by the area sunday to take a look at the damage and see how state can clean up. and we've been warned about this time after time. even here in the bay area, we need to be aware that this is a possibility. >> yeah, and our chief meteorologist is here to explain what is going o jim, a lot of people down in cape coral had no ideas that tornadoes were even an issue this time year. >> we were talk bath el nino winter. it is very common to see tornadoes. -- we were talking about el nino winter. as we hit the winter months, we get cold air right over our heads and would expect. and what that does is pacically these storm systems come in off the gulf. cold air aloft means a faster rising motion in the atmosphere. so in the summertime, yeah,
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loud with lightning and thunder. but with this type of set-up, it is a more violent thunderstorm. they are bigger and have faster lift and they are violent quickly. there is usually very, very little warning that the storm is possibly producing a tornado. we are looking for more of that in the week ahead. i'm tracking a storm system that looks to bring storms to the bay area in a couple of days. there are freeze warnings. i'll tell you how cold it will be when you wake up. when that tornado hits, are you ready. emergency officials say you needed to have a safe place to hide if one is forecasted to come your way. but there are other things can you do right now to make sure you are prepared. 10 news reporter general fur jennifer titus is breaking that down and getting ready for 6:00. candidates are spread across iowa and new hampshire but her already turning their
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is a good reason for that. florida has 99 delegates at party conventions and all of those will go to whoever wins our primaries on march 15th. so what can we expect over the next two months? more commercials on tv and ads on social media. more individual attention from volunteers and different campaigns. also, more rallies across the state. that includes the visit today from marco rubio. he hosted his first up to hall meeting in the bay area just a few hours ago. mark rivera shows you why your vote is critical to rubio's campaign. >> reporter: the moment senator marco rube quote took questions from the audience, he was hit way criticism that dogged his campaign from the start. >> quite frankly, you know, i feel like maybe you've given up doing it as a sector so how can you do it as president.
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being a senator. >> the republican is a far third in iowa, a far second in new hampshire but he is taking time to woo voters here in tampa bay. this after governor rick scott all but endorsed donald trump for president. i asked senator rubio, governor scott canadians donald trump has the pulse of america. do you agree with him? >> i think donald trump has tapped into a real frustration with washington. that is the reason why i ran for the senate in 2009, that same frustration. i don't think it is enough to be frustrated. have you to know what you are going do about t. >> reporter: donald trump is doing well in the panhandle. marco rubio and jeb bush can duke it out over in the miami area. but that means the republican nomination for florida hinges on you. >> where they wouldn't normally have to come to florida to shore up their own backyard, you will see more rubio, more bush because of the winner take
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what that means as to whether or not they'll get the nod for the republican nomination. in just about an hour, senator rubio is set to miss a classified briefing on north korea for a fund raiser in ocean reef in south florida. the minimum contribution, $1,000. looking ahead to tomorrow, at least one presidential candidate who is a current member of congress will not take a break from campaigning to be at president obama's state of the union speech. texas senator ted cruz will stay in new hampshire tomorrow. his campaign says it is not a sign of disrespect. cruz's schedule in the early voting state is just too busy. the white house says this year's state of union will be different. the president will talk about america's future instead of congress. >> to hear the president talk about making sure that every american has a chance to influence the democracy, not the select few, not the million airs an billionaires. >> gun control will likely be a big part of the state of the
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the white house is highlighting the issue by leaving one seat in the first lady's box empty to represent the victims of gun violence. new tonight, a sarasota mother and father charged with child abuse and neglect. detectives say these two right here were starving their 6-year- old boy and 4-year-old twins, a boy and girl. they say it was so bad the 4- year-old boy weighed # 2 pounds. the 4-year-old girl weighed 26 pounds. -- 22-pound. they are accused of also beating the kids. the department of churn and liz -- of children and families were investigating the parents. police say a person on the motorcycle followed that driver for a few miles before shooting at the car and then kept going
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this is the police call that came in when someone saw what happened. >> i think this guy got shot in his car. i don't know. we saw this motorcycle drive really fast by him and i heard a loud noise. and he is moving really slow. >> the driver is in critical condition tonight and this is a look at his car where it crashed right after that shooting. you can see the driver's side window just completely gone. now, police say the biker was riding a street racer motorcycle without a helmet. they sky him in his 40s or others way long beard and gray hair. if you know anything, get in touch with temple terrace police. not everyone is happy about this next story. clearwater joined in on a once aa week trash collection. the city says the big rope for the switch, more people are recycling. we have a report. >> reporter: some neighbors are
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is all going to go over in the summertime when the trash starts to get really smelly. another thing that bothers them, not only are their trash days being cut but their rates are not going down. in fact, they are actually going up. workers here say the rate increase of about $1 will help pay for the new transfer station. the current one about is 44 years old. they want to emphasize this has nothing to do with why they are cutting down on the garbage days. it is because they are recycling more. >> we know it can work and it is going to take our residents some time to adjust but we just have to start thinking about whair throw ago way. >> this is the only way they can keep our money down. i think it will hurt a lot of people. we'll have a big smelling problem. >> reporter: clearwater joins other bay area cities like
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sarasota for the once a week collection. to keep the smelling problems down being waste fills a make sure you keep your garbage bag airtight and your lid completely closed. also make sure you are watching out your can regularly. and to be fair, we did speak with some people who say they do not mind the change and they say it is true they are recycling more and have less trash. they understand how this could be a problem for some people especially those who have larger families. time for stories making headlines around the state, nation and world. police in brooklyn are looking for the fifth suspect in a horrifying attack there. right now, four teenagers are in custody for allegedly raping a woman on the playground. the woman was walking with her father when the suspects forced him to leave.
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the main suspect in the case led investigators to remains. more than half of detroit's public schools shut down out sick in protest. they are upset with the pay and the district's poor finances. no word yet whether students and a volcano in mexico. that cloud of ash and steam 6500 feet in the air. the volcano is one of the most active and possibly dangerous volcanos in central america. it has been going off a lot lately with smaller explosions every eight hours. david bowie has died. he inspired generations of performers. >> there would be no madonna, no lady gaga without david bowie.
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how to make celebrity out of everything around them. >> you can listen to music from every age and still pick out what it meant in the '70s. it is timeless. it is like the light has gone out in the world. >> bowie had just celebrated his 69th birthday and he even released a new album last week a testament to just how influential he was. we want you to take a look at this posted by iman. she was married to bowie since 199267 a little more than a district attorney before his death, she shared this. sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes my memory. his representative says he died peacefully after an 18 month battle cancer. his greatest hits album is at number two today.
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yes, it is. we'll show you what they're dealing with in parts of new york including this car that froze right in its spot. first, the powerball jackpot is now the large nest lotto prize history in the entire world.
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right approximate now, the powerball jackpot rolls over again and the big prize now sitting at almost 1.5 billion. that is with a b, mind you. we knew it would get big are
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billboards can't hold the jackpot number. >> the jackpot is now $1.45 million. many of the billboards can't hold that many numbers so they are maxing out at 999 million. >> we are breaking down the new jackpot but remember it could drawing. at one and a half billion, the lump sum payments, $868 million after federal taxes. $651. listen to this. saturday night's drawing seemed to defy the powerball's own ofds. there are almost 300 million possible number combinations an sickettes were sold for 57% of those combinations. sales skyrocketed on saturday before the last drawing. but they do want to you remember the chances of oning don't is inly go up the more you may. you may see yourself as getting closer to the pot but you actually are not.
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more tickets that are sold, the longer the odds become which works against the hardworking americans who buying those tickets. >> now, not everyone is catching powerball fever. critics say those would play the most often and drop the most cash on tickets are the ones who can least afford it. we know there were no big winners on saturday night but there were a handful of million dollar win ares and that is a drop in the bucket compared to a billion dollars but still nothing to laugh at. one of thoses with sold right here in tampa. it was bought at the winn dixie on palm river road. that lucky winner still hasn't come forward to collect their cash. here is what you need to know. for the next big drawing, it is wednesday night and the drawing happens at 10:59 p.m. the cutoff time for ticket sales usually around 10:00 and can you see the winning numbers right here on 10 news at 11:00 or you can get an inrestaurant alert with the number
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it is free to download. just search for wtsp10 news in your app store. this is pretty mind blowing. no matter what the weather was around the country, people waited for hours to get their tickets. >> they go through rain, snow and sunshine for that ticket. >> that is for sure. we are tracking a lot of weather. beautiful sunset on the sky 10 network. nice an clear in lake land at florida southern college. let's run run down the advisories that we have for you. everyone in her napped owe county except for those communities touching the gulf coast and all of citrus county. i'll zoom it out a little bit and it also includes marion and levy county. no one in the bay area
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is that it is a head is up to protect plants, bring the pets indoors and know that freezing temperatures will likely be experienced for anywhere from a couple to a few hours. below 28 for several hours, it would have been a hard fees warning t gives you perspective that it won't be much colder than just around the freezing mark but it is most of northern part of our state. add to it, we are starting to see the beginning signs of the next storm system that we are tracking but it will take a day or two for it to get its act together. i'm looking for the stronger stuff to form in the middle of the gulf and slide up our direction but that will be a few days. temperatures already 49 in peps cola. 58 in tampa. zoom in closer to home and we are seeing clear conditions on storm tracker 10. already 49 in port richey and newport richey.
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57 for you in land o'lakes. a quick drop responsibility. i would not be surprised to see several cities in the 40s. around or behoe freeze in citrus an especially in interior hernando county. a couple of suburbs in the 30s. 44 to start our morning in largo. around 42 in tampa. 44 for us in sarasota and bradenton with supe beautiful skies, can will be a crisp cold one. 40 in lake andment a rapid warm- up but not a warm day. we'll see temperatures reaching about 63 degrees for a high. low humidity, sunny and, of course, crisp and school but
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reaching the mid-60s. we do have some warmer days ahead. this system right here, this serves as a heads up. this is a very likely set high pressure up for at the very least strong storms but we could be looking at severe storms. friday morning, first half of the day right now, timing could change. i would definitely pay attention this week and keep getting a forecast. but right now, warmer weather, storms for the first half of friday and cooler weather moving in for the second half of the upcoming weekend. another great day to stay in tune on your forecast or look at storm tracker 10 is that 10 news app. it is free and can you add which alerts you would like to have hit your phone. things are getting dangerous in the northeast as the temperatures drop there. this is a look at buffalo, new
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that whole area there has been under a lake effect snow warning and ice dim a problem. this car found completely frozen in a parking lot near a lake. our news partners in buffalo sent a reporter to check it out. take a listen. >> after an entire night of the waves splashing up and over the rales and all that spray hitting in car, there are several inches of ice on this vehicle that has been sitting here overnight. we are not sure who the car belongs to but just a quick comparison of the other side of the car where the spray isn't hitting as much. you can clearly see not as much ice on the other side. >> that can't be good for the paint among other things, right? drivers are being warned to stay off the roads if they can because of black ice and other dangerous driving conditions. tonight on 10 news at # 30:00, a florida woman is at
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>> i can't imagine a person who would hurt her. it is an awful shock. >> police halfway around the world try to learn more about how she died. ashley olsen's family struggles to understand what happened. technology it lets your car talk to others on the road. it could become a requirement. how it works and how it keeps you safe. we'll have those stories an more minutes away on 10 news at 5:30.
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hey is a look at what is coming up tonight. we have back-to-back episodes of the big bang theory followed by scoarpian and ncis los 10 news at 11:00. thises with a rescue 71 stories up in the air in video pretty heart stopping. >> he is personally if you are afraid of heights. take a look.
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top of this 75 floor building. one of the motors on the scaffolding broke. oh, my gosh. look at that. the scaffolding then became unbalanced leaving the men clinging for their lives. it took firefighters about an hour but they did manage to remove a window as you see there and they were able to rescue the workers. this is the j. p. morgan chase tower widely nope as the tallest building in texas. thankfully, everyone is okay. >> still hard to watch. can you imagine what goes through your head. >> especially if you are afraid of heights. i mean those clearliant based on what they do. >> but still, you never know. oh, my goodness. just ahead, more monkeys on the loose in florida. the latest sightings are on the east coast but experts say they are coming from the same place. >> i'm bobby lewis on the road in prison but at least i get a chance to escape.
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