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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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is tracking our coldest morning of the week. a traffic alert before you head out the door. right now part of i-275 in tampa is closed. inside the raid. investigators release dramatic new video showing the capture of the world's most wanted drug lord. good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. lets get a look at 10 weather with meteorologist bobby deskins.
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out of turkey...
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out of turkey... right now.. at least 10 people are dead and another 15 injured after an explosion in istanbul. it happened early this morning in the city's historic district, which is a popular spot for tourists. there are reports that the explosion was likely a suicide bomb. we'll stay on top of this story and bring you updates here on 10 news this morning and at wtsp dot com. right now we're right now we're getting a taste of winter weather. citrus and hernando counties are both under freeze warnings. and several shelters are opening their doors to keep people warm. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live along bayshore boulevard in tampa. emerald, people on their morning run will need some extra layers today. definitely the temperatures haven't made it out of the 40s in most areas, so it is definitely a chilly one so you'll definitely want to bundle up before
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morning - this is also your reminder to think about your pets and plants - just like you don't like being out in the cold, they don't either---so bring them inside if you can - if not, remember dog houses have to have three enclosed sides and a floor - as for your plants...make sure you cover them up... - you can use sheets or quilts, but not plastic...because that just transfers the cold onto the plant and for those needing a warm place to stay overnight...pasco county has opened several shelters in port richey, holiday and dade city. - they'll take people starting at 6 tonight and of course...we're lucky down here in florida it's definitely cold to us, but other parts of the country are getting snow and temeratures below freezing and i'm sure they'd be
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live in tampa, emerald morrow, 10 news, wtsp you may be cold here, but it's nothing like the weather in new york right now. here's a look in buffalo where hundreds are without power. right now they are under a lake effect snow warning. and take a look in west seneca where at least six inches of snow fell in just one hour during monday's afternoon rush hour. there were no major injuries thankfully in accidents and slide offs. people in the audience tonight at president obama's final "state of the union address" won't speak but they will be making a statement. a doctor from florida will be one of more than two dozen muslim- americans who've been invited as guests by members of congress. 10 news political reporter grayson kamm is looking ahead for us. grayson, that's just one of the ways this "state of the union" will be different from any of the others from president obama. two members of congress -- one muslim, one jewish -- have teamed up to
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against what they see as divisiveness and fear -- they've asked their colleagues to bring a muslim-american as their one guest to tonight's speech. doctor mohsin jaffer has lived in south florida for 30 years. he'll be the guest of congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. she's the head of the democratic national committee and one of those two representatives who started this effort. she says around two dozen of her colleagues also plan to bring a follower of islam to the capitol tonight. typically, state of the union addresses are all about laying out specific goals for the next year. but it looks like president obama is recognizing he won't get most specific proposals through congress. so instead, his chief of staff says he'll mainly focus on broad themes. painting a big picture of where america is headed. and, i'm told, that will be a very positive vision -- specifically to contrast with what
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the doom and gloom campaign of many of the republicans running for president. you can watch president obama's final state of the union address right here on 10news at 9 o'clock tonight. florida governor rick scott will give his state of the state address today. governor scott will make his address at 11 a-m from tallahassee. political analysts predict he will highlight two issues, jobs and taxes. he is expected to call on lawmakers to pass a one billion dollar tax cut package. governor's scott's address begins the first 2016 legislative session. this year, lawmakers are expected to address issues such as a massive water protection plan, a gambling agreement, tax cuts, and bills expanding gun rights we've learned that it could take a year for drug lord joaquin guzman to be extradited to the united states. mexican authorities say it all depends on how the lawyers want to proceed. this is look at the violent raid that led to the arrest of el chapo, the drug kingpin was arrested over the weekend six months after breaking out of a mexican prison. an interview with
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october tipped authorities to where guzman was hiding. tonya couch could be released from jail this morning. she's the mother of the so called "affluenza teen." couch was able to post bond monday night after it was lowered from a million dollars to 75-thousand. she has been charged with hindering apprehension of a felon. investigators say she helped her son, ethan, leave the country after video surfaced that showed him violating his probation. the two were found in mexico where ethan remains in jail. an investigation is underway to find out what caused home to explode in ohio that killed a family of four. this is what's left as firefighters continue to keep an eye on the home. neighbors say they could feel their homes shake during the explosion and tried to help as soon as they could.
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the family has not been identified. developing this morning, we expect to learn more about the remains believed to be from missing child lonzie barton. he's the jacksonville area toddler who disappeared nearly six months ago. the main suspect in the barton's disappearance, ruben ebron was supposed to have jury selection on monday, but that was delayed. he worked with investigators to find the toddler's body in a wooded area. the community is still shaken by the grim discovery. lonzie's mother pled guilty last week to child neglect and lying to police. she also agreed to testify at ebron's trial. today we could find out how many rockets will launch from cape canaveral this year. the air force's 45th space wing is meeting today to preview numbers for 2016. our partners at florida today say that projections are rarely met, but we could see more than
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attempts. a new york town wants to keep its logo, despite the controversy it brings. at 5:35, why some are calling it racist and offensive. but first, a buddhist monk chases down a man outside a gas station! everyone needs a bff. even your smile. colgate optic white toothpaste goes beyond surface stains to whiten over 3 shades. in fact, it whitens more v
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morning from philadelphia where police say a buddist monk tried taking matters into his own hands when his wallet was stolen at a gas station. the 41-year-old man was paying for lottery tickets when the suspect robbed him. surveillance video shows the suspect running out of the store. you can see the victim was struggling with him outside before he was pushed to the ground. the suspect drove off and has not been found since. the cold snap may be making you shiver this morning, but it's great for what you eat. lower temperatures are great for fruits and vegetables. it makes blueberries and strawberries bigger and sweeter, enhances the color of citrus, and takes the bite out of vegetables. some areas of citrus county are still under a freeze warning this
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10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. powerball fever
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