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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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we are staying on top of breaking news
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at least 10 people are dead and another 15 hurt after an explosion in istanbul. it happened early this morning in the district, which is a tourists. that the explosion was likely a suicide bomb. we'll stay on top of this story and bring you updates morning and at wtsp dot com. ad lib lets get a look at 10 weather with meteorologist bobby
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new this morning--
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new this morning-- 28 million dollars. that's how much hillsborough county school leaders want to spend today to keep from jamming more kids into already crowded schools in the southern areas of the county. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck joins us live in riverview. and sarah-- schools are preparing for another slew of new kids. yes, there's a building boom happening here in south hillsborough. riverview is peppered with new communities like this-- and the more homes, the more kids flooding into nearby schools. i dug up the numbers and it's pretty astounding. this past year, builders constructed more than 4-thousand 400 homes. in december, there were 369 new home permits pulled. and just last week-- crews started the first stages of construction on nearly 100 new
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all in hillsborough county in those areas outlined in yellow. the good news is every time construction crews put together a new home the developer pays impact fees, then passes those onto the buyer and that's what pays for new schools. today-- hillsborough leaders will vote to use $28 million of that money for a new elementary school in the triple creek subdivision and to add 20 additional classrooms to east bay high school, which is already a couple hundred kids over capacity. three elementary schools-- collins, summerfield and three elementary schools-- collins, summerfield and summerfield crossing aren't quite overcrowded yet, but school district leaders say they will be unless a new
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if district leaders invest in this $28 million today the new elementary school and addition at east bay high will be done in time for the 2017 school year. live in riverview, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp. right now, a man who tampa police say was shot after he tried robbing a convenience store is in the hospital with life threatening injuries. police say a store clerk of the hope food store on north 22nd street and m l k shot him after the suspect threatened him with a knife. the clerk was not hurt. florida coast guard crews found the body of a missing paddle boarder on monday. 59-year-old kenton miller was reported missing on sunday in st. augustine when he didn't return home. police and a helicopter crew searched the area late sunday night into monday after finding miller's car. his body was eventually found about 12 miles southeast of the st. augustine inlet. it's a story that may get your fired up this morning. a controversial town logo in new york will not be changed after the town voted to keep it. take a closer look at it. some call it racist
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man choking a native american. the town's website says the seal dates back to the early 1900s. historians say the seal actually depicts a friendly wrestling match been a village founder and a native american chief. the town's mayor says tuesday night's vote was really a public opinion poll. he insists if the vote were different, the seal would be changed. officers escorted a man out of miami international airport monday night after a mid-air scare on a flight from los angeles. passengers say the man was being unruly. when flight attendants tried to step in, the man ran to the back of the plane. that's where sky marshals were able to detain him.
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taken to jail when the flight landed. one passenger says the problem started because the man had been drinking. sergeant bowe bergdahl is expected in a military courtroom today. that's topping headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan... bergdahl is facing charges from walking off his army outpost in afghanistan. details of today's pre-trial hearing haven't been released. he could get life in prison if he's convicted of deserting and misbehaving. bergdahl was held by the taliban for five years in afghanistan and was freed in exchange for five guantanamo bay detainees. n-f-l owners will meet today and tomorrow to decide if the saint louis rams, san diego chargers, oakland raiders, or some sort of a combination of those three teams will be allowed to move to los angeles. n-f-l commissioner roger goodell says the proposals from each city to keep their team were not good enough to block a move. in order to relocate, teams need the votes of 24 of the nfl's 32 owners. take a look at the mess out in minnesota.. this is i-94 in downtown
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been blamed for 172 crashes on monday alone across the state. 22 injuries were reported, but none were serious. police say an additional 121 cars spun out or slid off the road. a heads up if your craving some ice cream, blue bell is reassuring everyone that its ice cream is cream, blue bell is reassuring everyone that its ice cream is safe. this comes as the company is trying to figure out if listeria has been found once again at one of its plants. right now, blue blue is in the process products to stores after its giant recall last year. check this out, you could be rewarded for recycling! since clearwater has moved to once- a-week trash pickup, the city is rolling perks. you'll be rewarded with dozens of discounts local spots around get this, by recycling regularly, you could to save up to 25 dollars a month in discounts. as of right now, clearwater is the only bay area city with this program. to find out how you can sign up, head
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dot com. there's a new champion of college football this morning. number one clemson faced number two alabama monday night in the title game. it all came down to the fourth quarter. but it was alabama crimson tide that beat out the tigers 45 to 40. they scored 24 points in the final quarter. alabama has won four national championships out of the last seven season. if the odds play in your favor and you win tomorrow night's powerball jackpot, you may not want to celebrate right after. at 5:43, the actions you need to put into order to protect
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then at 9:00.. the president's final state of the union address. followed by mike and molly at 10:30.. then catch 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests .. directors of "making a murderer", laura ricciardi and moira demos. and if you go to bed early-- don't worry. we're sharing the best moments from the late show with you on 10 news this morning, every day at 5-20 and 6-20. if you find yourself lucky enough with winning tomorrow night's nearly one-and-a- half billion dollars powerball jackpot, here are some of the first things experts say you should do. assemble a team, this means get in contact with lawyers, accountants and financial advisors. keep quiet, don't go boasting all over social media. don't splurge, social media. don't splurge, don't go quitting your job or move to fiji. when it comes to making decisions about your lottery winnings, move forward with
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americans's aren't the only ones with powerball fever. canadians are crossing the border to buy tickets. no u-s citizenship is required to win. if a canadian wins, they will have to pay taxes in the u-s but not in canada. five things more likely to happen than winning the powerball: you're 508 times more likely to make 1 billion dollars on your own. you have a greater chance at sainthood at 1 in 20 million. your chance of having a perfect bowling score: 1 in 11,500. your chances of being drafted by the nba are 1 in 6.8 million. and your chance of being crushed by an asteroid is 1 in 700,000. google's drone "guru" says air deliveries are coming as soon as next year. dave vos says drones will deliver toothbrushes, business supplies and coffee beans
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private sector and the government work hand in hand. he says drones will be safer than general aviation and will operate quietly so not to disturb anyone. and this picture of mark zuckerberg and baby daughter max is getting quite the response. he posted "doctor's visit, time for vaccines!" people are taking this as a public stand in the debate over vaccines. the photo has 3 million likes and 80,000 comments. the majority praised his decision. to read more about the reaction to zuckerberg's photo, search for allison kropff while you're on facebook
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newspaper tease: tampa bay times and
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