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tv   10 News This Morning 630am  CBS  January 12, 2016 6:30am-7:00am EST

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6:30 -- look at the live images from action air 1, a bad crash on florida avenue at busch boulevard, northbound is blocked, southbound is getting through, we've been watching these pictures albeit slowly, janelle is here and is going to help you navigate through this, throughout the morning. >> you may be scraping a little frost off the windshield this morning. shay will show us where it's coldest and when you could see some relief. how cold is it where you are? >> it's so cold we brought back our show me your temps game. a lot of people weighing in on facebook. we're trying to find the coldest spot in the bay area. >> who is coldest? so far a lot of people have been riding in, anthony in ridge manor, shared a photo with us. he is proving it, 36 degrees there in ridge manor. you can play by sharing your photos on facebook. i think anthony gets the prize, he gets to stay in bed a little longer. >> right.
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pull the covers up around your chin and especially if you are in citrus county where we have that freeze warning this morning temperatures even lower, but we want the neighborhood numbers. what you're seeing in your backyard. take a look now outside on bayshore, you can see it's gorgeous out there. no weather-related problems this morning but bundle up, bring the plants and pets inside this morning if you have not already and you'll probably want to do that overnight again tonight, because temperatures will be near freezing again in citrus and inland hernando counties. in homosassa now 33 degrees. lecanto 33, beverly hills 34. hernando county you can also find temperatures that are in the low 30s, close to freezing in hernando beach, brook ridge, brooksville. again, there are plenty of temperatures in the 30s this morning. our first bill chill across the area, fun to play with it, right?
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lutz, 39 degrees. tampa 45. throughout the day, lots of sunshine and much like yesterday we're going to top out in the low 60s. so again no problems weatherwise as you hit the roads this morning or for this afternoon's commute. so janelle, of course the question is, what are the other possibilities for tie-ups as you head out the door this morning? we have a serious crash in tampa, florida avenue and busch. we have lifer pictures from action air 1 flying over the scene, northbound completely blocked, cars getting through the intersection on busch and southbound we have just one lane open right now. so you definitely want to avoid this area if you can. again this is a serious crash with injuries, you can see one of the cars involved still on the scene there. so your options, pretty simple, take 275 northbound, even southbound now looks better. i just checked, your average speed 72 miles an hour heading northbound. so if you can get to 275 that is going to save you some time.
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we'll keep an eye on this and i'll let you know as soon as that crash clears. let's open our cameras and see what it is like elsewhere, across the bay area interstates pretty good at 275 and ashley drive. keep in mind we have a new traffic pattern on 275 northbound around dale mabry, they did some work overnight so you might notice your drive on northbound 275 looks a little different this morning. so definitely slow down and use caution if you are used to driving that way. it will be a tad different. back to you. happening today -- florida lawmakers return to work for the start of a new legislative session. they will tackle issues that could impact your wallet. abc action news reporter corey dierdorff joins us again with a look at some of the big issues that will be up for discussion. >> reporter: good morning. tallahassee will be bustling after the winter break and legislators are heading back to session. abc action news is taking action for this morning. to break down some of the
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one of the biggest issues the republican-led legislature will tackle, new tax cuts. governor rick scott proposed more than $1 billion in cuts that target businesses he says that will create new jobs. the lawmakers suggested they cannot afford that much. the ladies -- legislature will likely extend other programs like back-to-school shopping tax-free holidays and hurricane supplies. and gambling could expand across the state. the tribe will get to keep the hard rocked and add new table games. this is expected to generate $3 billion for the state over the next seven years. those who expose expanded gambling are fearful of its impact on tourist spots like disney. >> fight for 15. >> reporter: with the 2016 legislative session beginning several groups expected to lobby for the minimum wage, $15 an hour.
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it's expected to be a busy legislative session heading into election season. abc action news will be with you every step of the way and bring you updates on air and on- line at corey dierdorff, abc action news. the legislative session always kicks off with a state of the state address. governor scott is set to outline his priorities for florida at 11:00 this morning. a big theme of his address will be keeping the momentum up on job creation and tax cuts. you can tune in to see him on our app or web site. we're waiting to hear back from the palmetto wendy's restaurants, the latest place to make our wendy ryan's "dirty dining" list. our i-team is uncovering the nasty reason the east 10th street store had to temporarily close. sewage was found backing up through the floor drains and the kitchen.
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roaches in the dry storage room. wendy has called them but has no answer yet. tip us off through our facebook page. check out many more wendy's "dirty dining" reports here at 6:35. in hillsborough county today is sentencing day for a plant city teen that caused a deadly drunk driving accident when she was only 16 years old. jennifer carbohol is sentenced to be sentenced 7:30 this morning. she pleaded no contest to dui manslaughter charges. in february of 2014 she was exiting i-4 in plant city, ran a red light and killed 52-year- old keith davis. she's facing up to 15 years in prison. new this morning -- there is a new way for you to get to the big easy. allegiant announced overnight it will start to offer non-stop flights between st. pete clearwater airport and new orleans starting this june. each flight would cost as little as $39.
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this morning as you are headed out the door, getting the kids out for school, be aware of this, if you didn't know already, the temperatures are in the 30s. i mean we're talking close to freezing in citrus and parts of hernando county. around tampa temperatures are in the mid-40s. so we're certainly off to a cold start. you want that extra layer, a sweater, long pants. 59 by lunchtime and when the kids head home temperatures will be in the low 60s. so still on the cool side through the day but on the sunny and mostly dry side. i'll show you where a slight chance of rain is in the 7-day forecast. the -- accident? >> northbound florida avenue is closed due to the crash at busch. busch traffic getting by, and southbound getting by in one or two lanes as you can see there. your alternate is 275, how does that look?
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still ahead -- 1.4 billion reasons to play powerball. the unique way one community is cramming that prize on two
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the already recordsetting powerball jackpot is getting larger, to a whopping $1.4 billion.
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don't even go up that high. look at what georgia lottery officials did. they came one a creative solution to fix that problem. they covered up the m in million with a big sticky note with the letter b -- keep watching. you'll see it. the next powerball drawing is tomorrow night at 10:59 and of course we'll accepted out -- there it is, we'll send out a push alert as soon as the winning numbers are picked. check the tickets carefully too. we learned overnight the person who won $1 million from a powerball ticket bought it right here in tampa and hasn't claimed their winnings yet. the person who matched five out of six numbers in saturday night's drawing bought the ticket from the winn dixie on palm river road in tampa. you have 180 days to claim your winnings. sure hope you're watching. 6:41. expected to be a busy year on the florida space coast. spacex and united launch alliance are hoping to launch at least 19 rockets this year. beating last year's total of 17.
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previewing its florida launch schedule for 2016. one launch to definitely look for, april's planned first demonstration flight of spaceex's falcon heavy rocket from the old space shuttle pad 39a at kennedy space center. still ahead -- freeze warnings are in effect for two of our counties now in this very cold morning. you're looking live at south tampa. folks leaving their house with layers this morning. shay will tell us where the cold is and when it's going to warm up again. >> 6:42. a bad crash on florida avenue at busch boulevard northbound florida now blocked, southbound getting through.
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good morning. we have a serious crash in tampa, florida avenue blocked in the northbound lanes at president bush. you can see there the southbound lanes slowly getting by, two lanes open there. no road bhok on busch, however cars are being diverted off of northbound florida on to busch so you definitely want to try to avoid this area if you can. your alternate, i-275. i can show you what i-275 around busch looks like. behind me you can see the southbound lanes pretty congested, which is typical for this time of morning. your drive time to downtown
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southern counties around citrus, desoto or highlands county. that is where the clouds are a bit thicker and there's showers close by that are moving across south florida. but otherwise we're off to a dry start to the day. so you don't have to worry about any wet roads across tampa bay. again it's just the southern counties, you may see light rain or at some point later today. the big news, the temperatures out there this morning. and most of them in the 40s but we have some temperatures in the 30s across citrus and hernando county, and close to freezing in some areas. so that's why we have that freeze warning in place. we may see another freeze warning or -- go into effect overnight tonight and those same places around citrus and hernando counties so be aware of that. bring in the plants and pets and bundle up the kids. temperatures remain below average through to thursday. then on friday we've got this stronger chance of rain, 70% coverage, we're looking at the
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slight chance for a potentially severe storm on friday. again, there's no guarantee of that at this time but as that low works across the gulf, brings us heavy pockets of rain for the morning commute we could also see thunder or strong storms with gusty winds. there's even that slight potential we could get a little spin from it so watch for water spouts that could make landfall. that is the biggest concern with this storm system. at this point like i said no guarantee, just a possibility and we'll fine-tune the forecast and timing as we get closer. the cold front moves through over the weekend bringing us back to the 60s again to finish off the weekend and start off the next workweek. that's florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and twitter. look now at the nation's capital, washington, dc where it's an even 32 degrees. and where this morning president obama is preparing to give his final state of the union address. instead of trying to persuade lawmakers to work with him as he has in years' past this time the president will focus on charger challenges facing the
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work together to solve. he's expected to touch on his accomplishments including how he pushed through his signature health care law during his first term. he'll also address the country's economic recovery, the legalization of same-sex marriage and gun violence. every year the first family invites guests of honor to sit with them in the first lady's box but it's who won't be there this year that is really turning heads. one seat will be left empty to honor lives lost to mass shootings and other violence. among the others who will be joining michelle obama, a refugee from war-torn syria. one of the three women who completed the intense army ranger course and train hero spencer stone. after the president wraps up we'll hear the republican response. this year south carolina governor nikki haley will deliver it. >> she's been rumored to be a possible vice presidential contender. house speaker paul ryan says hailey set a bold agenda for her state and led an economic turnaround in south carolina. the state of the union is
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it's live on your abc action news station if you're not near your tv you can tune in to our live stream on the abc action news mobile app and on our web site. in odemocracy 2016 -- we now know which republican presidential candidates will be on stage and where they will be standing for thursday's primetime debate. >> once againfront runner donald trump will be front and center. next to him, marco rubio, texas senator ted cruz. former florida jeb bush who has fallen in the polls will be on the right side, just seven gop candidates met fox business networks's qualifications to appear in primetime. not sitting well with the kentucky senator rand paul. >> it's a rotten thing to do to try to designate which candidates have a chance and don't and so we will not participate in anything that is not first tier. >> you will not see senator paul in the undercard debate thursday, you will see carly
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governor mike huckabee and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. the islamic state terror group is claiming responsibility for yesterday's deadly attack at a mall in iraq's capital. that attack left at least 18 people dead and 50 others wounded. witnesses say people started to run into shops to hide but gunmen followed them in and opened fire without mercy. isis says the attacks targeted an area in baghdad where shiite muslims are known to gather and warned worse attacks are to come. it's could be a year or more before one of the most notorious drug lords in the world winds up in the u.s. already el chapo extraditioned to the u.s. is prompting a tug- of-war between chicago, new york and california. he's facing federal charges in all three places. authorities recaptured him friday after a prison break last year. and they say actor sean penn's secret interview with el chapo over a possible movie about the kingpin's life was key in leading to his capture but we'll be watching to see if authorities will bring charges against penn.
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happen if he's considered to be a working journalist, since his meeting was later documented in rolling stone. but former federal agents say if investigationors can prove he hid he will chapoes's location he could be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive. police in central florida are looking for the driver they say hit a 3-year-old boy out getting ice cream with his older brother. last night winter garden police found the car they believe ran into daniel monsalve as he crossed the road. the boy is expected to be ok but the family said they expected the worst. >> his car was coming pretty fast. hit my brother like on -- on the corner. my brother like flew to the grass, like at that. >> police say the driver didn't stop and took off down the street. luckily the ice cream truck driver saw the whole thing, wrote down the license plate number of that car, but officers say they think the driver ditched the chrysler and then ran off. happening today -- a big
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of the biggest nfl shakeups in decades. team owners will meet today in houston the next couple of days and are expected to take a vote that would allow the st. louis rams, san diego chargers or oakland raiders, possibly even two of the three teams, to move to los angeles. 24 of the nfl's 32 owners would need to approve the relocation. we have news, weather and traffic you need to know. >> we'll begin with this breaking news in the sprint. turkey's leaders say a syria- linked suicide bomber is believed to be behind an explosion at an instanbul tourist district that killed at least 10 people and hurt 15 others. we know turks and foreigners are among the dead. we're trying to figure out if any of them are americans. more ahead on "good morning, america." also cold temperatures sending folks indoors overnight. right now cold weather shelters are open in several locations in pasco county. many are expected to open again this evening, as temperatures in our northern areas drop below freezing. if you know -- or near freezing.
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if you know someone who needs the information you can find it on our abc action news app. shay has a closer look at the conditions in two minutes. former lawmakers return to work for the start of the new legislative session. governor rick scott is pushing for $1 billion in tax cuts, that includes extending tax- free holidays. another big topic will be a gambling bill that allows games like craps and roulette at seminole indian casinos. a suspect is in critical condition after police say he was shot while robbing a tampa convenience store. police say a man with a knife tried to rob a store on mlk boulevard and north 22nd street but the clerk pulled out a gun and shot him. police say witnesses description of this matches the clerk's story. we could get autopsy results back today on the florida woman killed in florence, italy. ashley olsen found dead last weekend in her apartment. police say it appears she was strangled and no signs of a break-in meaning she likely
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surveillance cameras are being looked at now. janelle has latest for the crash on florida avenue. >> action air 1 over this crash, northbound lanes on florida blocked, you can see southbound lanes are getting through as well as busch but a lot of congestion in this area. this is a serious crash with injuries. i want to show you where this crash is on our map, a busy intersection for the morning commute. florida avenue and busch, your alternate northbound is 275, that is looking great now at 65 miles per hour. you want to avoid 275 southbound, that is slow as it typically is for this time of morning. we're also watching this crash, new port richey northbound rowan road at plath road closed now northbound, take little road or gulf drive to get around that. follow me on twitter for the latest on both accidents. this morning we're
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temperatures are near freezing in citrus and parts of hernando county. brooksville, just warmed up to 35 degrees. a degree warmer than a second ago. 45 degrees now in tampa. long boat key at 52. oh industry 50. if you're going to see 50 it will be through our extreme southern counties, a few showers getting closer there from some wetter weather, in south florida. but the rest of us, bright and sunny today and on the cool side. even through the afternoon. we top out at 62 degrees. temperatures remain below average over the next couple of days. our best chance of rain this week, even soaking rain, or isolated thunderstorm will be friday. our next cold front quickly follows that and cools us down by sunday afternoon. thank you to everyone who played along with our show me your temps game on this cold morning. the winner? julie ray becklin from christ tal river, a temperature of 35 degrees and the photo to prove
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crit -- stay tuned to "good morning, america," next. >> keep up to date on facebook
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