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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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sonnies at noon starts right now. >> >> good afternoon. i'm allison croft. thanks for joining us. the supreme court strikes down florida's death penalty law. the supreme court said it is
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gives too much power to the juries. florida has nearly 400 prisoners on death row, second only to california. most of those prisoners will not be affected because t appeals have run out or there is too much evidence against them. florida is only one of three states that does not require a unanimous jury when sentencing someone to death. >> >> drug kingpin el chapo in his own words, answering questions writing by sean penn. the release comes after the mexican government -- has the raid that lead to his arrest. >> reporter: the the drug king pin we sri lankaed what it was like to be on the run.
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me, it's normal pressure," he said in spanish -- i have to be careful for now if a few cities penn asked guzman what what the outlook for the drug business, will it grow? >> guzman said, no, it will not end. as time goes by, we are more people, it will not end. >> reporter: but guzman's freedom independented, five of his men were killed in the shootout, but he managed to escape through intricate tunnels. a tip that lead to his arrest in a stolen car. he is now being held in the july. >> it's more than all of the eyes of the world put on him >> reporter: u.s. authorities working to get his extradited to face murder and drug traffic charges in at least six states.
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press. penn dismissed criticism over his interview with the drug kingpinch >> officials say it can take months to extradite him back to the united states. >>able we have a link to the video on our website. >> >> ashley is joining us, now, it's a cold start to this tuesday. >> is a lot of 40s in the bay area. a few sots flirting with the freezing mark. some of the coldest temperatures we have seen, but alot of sunshine in the forecast. 61 in tampa. 59 in saint pete, already up to 63 degrees in braidenton, all of the sunshine we see, that will stick around, but towards the end of the week it will give way to thunderstorm chances. some of the storms could be strong, even border line severe. we'll talk about the timing with the next system and what sort of severe weather threats we can expect. >> we think it's cold here. check out what our friends to
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madison, wisconsin. having public. they have done everything from playing hockey to get around in the frigid temperatures. >> north carolina, sugar mountain packed on monday, many have been waiting all season >> >> governor rick scott just finished his state of the state address. his focus, jobs and to get ledges lay tors to support his tax package. >> floridians want to be able to live their dreams the best way to help the weakest, poorest, most disadvantaged to live their dreams is to get them a job. >> you can read the governor's entire state of the state
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president obama's last state of the union address -- >> reporter: just hours away from his final state of the union address. which aides say will focus on the future of america for years to come. the president has probably spent alot of time contemplating his legacy and can use tonight's speech to highlight his accomplishments. >> when historians start to look back, if there is something in the speech that frames the obama years, that's his chance of doing something useful tonight >> during an interview on nbc's "today show," the president says -- >> if we can get our pop ticks right, it turns out we are not as divides as people make us out to be.
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ratings, it is slit with 46% approving and 47% disapproving. tonight will be the first time congressman paul ryan will sit behind president obama as speaker of the house. he says he is keeping his expectations low. >> this president has continued to kick the can down the road and i see no change in his behavior. >> the white house said it is still interested in finding areas where they ask work with ryan and republican controlled congress during the president's final year in office. cbs news, capital hill. >> >> the president's approval rating is still higher than president bush's rating entering his last year in office, but below president clinton during his administration. in the audience tonight, more than two dozen muslims. they have been invited and hope
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president obama invited a syrian refugee along with three american heros that stopped a terrorist attack on a train in paris last year >> the towerric prime minister said isis is behind a suicide bombing in istanbul that killed 10 people this morning. the attack took place at a park popular with tourists. >> >> friends of a florida woman found dead if her apartment in florence italy said she stayed behind at a nightclub when they left. italian investigators say there were no signs of a break in, indicating she may have known her killer. allen is following the investigation from rome. >> reporter: a poignant
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tragedy as a murder mystery. ashley's father -- >> the apartment where her body was found is ensealed by place. she was not killed with bare hands. actual date and time of death will not be available for weeks. the apartment was in chaos, broken glass, smashed chair and she was wearing only socks. her boyfriend, who found her body has anneal by. the land lady that entered the apartment said he tried to revive her >> kind, friendly, lovely girl. it's a shock. >> she was last seen in a nightclub where she was with
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72 hours cameras near her apartment scrutinized. >> olsen lived abroad in florence, italy since 2012. friends say her father worked as an art professor for several in the area. there is a building boom, right now in the south hillsboro county and the more homes being built, the more kids flood fog local schools. numbers are pretty astounding in past year, builders constructed more than 4,400 homes and most of -- and crews started to build another 100
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construction crews, the developer pays impact fees, passed onto the buyer and that's what end says up paying for new schools. hillsboro leaders will vote to use $28 million of that money to add 20 additional classrooms to east bay high school, which is already a couple hundred this couldn't compare to what we saw years ago. >> years and years ago we were building five or 10 schools a year. and then it stop as the recession hit, construction stopped, you didn't see as many schools going up. >> reporter: even elementary schools that are not yet overcrowded are expected to get a huge slew of kids here. the district said it's important to make this improvement
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police department cracking down. making sure bicyclists and pedestrians are as safe as they can be on city's roads. officers making sure people on bikes and are walking know the cross. drivers. during the first phase of the campaign, officers will be handing out warnings >> powerball up to $1.5 billion. a local winner has come forward for a smaller prize. >> >> thousands crossing the border for a cannes to win big. >> >> first in health news, best ways to prevent the world's leading cause of disability. >> we are seeing a fair amount of sunshine. high clouds moving in. still expecting temperatures in the 60s. big warmup in the coming days, with the warm weather comes
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exercise may be the best prevention for lower back pain. researchers in australia said exercise lowers back pain by 35%. doctors looked at patients and found out that people that exercised and add back pain medication had better results >> you have two more days to get your powerball ticket. another local man came forward for a smaller powerball prize for $41 million. he bought it in palm harbor for the december 31st drawing. the jackpot is getting worldwide attention.
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falls and shows us how our neighbors to the north are crossing the border for a >> >> reporter: millions of americans think they are lucky enough to beat the unimaginable odds, so do canadians >> i'm going to take my chances like everyone else. >> reporter: sherry said she drove two hours for the chance to become the world's next billionaire. >> we give to you, time to give back. >> reporter: our neighbors have been traveling from vancouver, toronto and montreal. >> they come in crazy to play the lotto. >> reporter: which they are legally able to do. >> you do not have to be a citizen to buy a ticket. >> reporter: winner outside of the u.s. can expect more taxes. federal government will with hold 30% of gambling winnings paid to a foreigner, five percent more than a u.s.
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no matter which side of the border you are on, there is no escaping the one in nearly 300 million chances of winning. >> even though the odds are totally against winning, dream. >> reporter: converting to >> >> now, of cower, as you know, after demarco filed the story, the jackpot wept up to $1.5 billion. >> we still have another day. the drawing is not until tomorrow. we knows how high it will go. >> this is crazy. >> it is. >> i don't usually play >> if you are headed out this afternoon or later this afternoon, you will want a coat. >> it's a little breezy. we are still seeing a lot of 50s, most of us comfortably in
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afternoon. it will not feel quite as chilly. we'll continue the warming trend over the next several days as we start to pump in more heat, more moisture, we'll see higher thunderstorm chances later in the week. that is something we want to bring your attention to because it carries the threat of strong or even severe thunderstorms. for today, we are going to stay rain free, but on the cool side. 59 saint pete and 60 degrees right on the money in polk city. as we look across the board, a couple of high clouds out there. most of us are not tracking anything in the way of thick cloud cover and certainly not rain chances. to the north, cooler temperatures, still a northerly wind. back into gainesville, mid-50s, which will start to stall us, but our winds are significantly lighter. we are not expecting a huge warmup from here, but we'll get you to 65 degrees this afternoon.
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you may get up to 68 in sarasota, but overnight, we'll be pretty chilly, high clouds, not a lot to really trap in the heat. that will start to change in the coming days as we see a little more in the way of cloud cover moving in as of right now, mostly clear, high clouds rolling in. notice by thursday, it starts to thicken up. winds will be shifting to around the south, pumping in more moisture, carefully watching a system setting up in the gulf. already by friday, it's going to start to bring some thunderstorm with it. that will be our peak friday, in terms of severe weather chances with some showers and thunderstorms starting to pop up on thursday night. we expect these to be in the overnight hours. we are expecting a lot of rainfall totals. in terms of our severe weather threat, strong gusty, straight line wins are a primary threat. we can get some hail out of it, but we can't rule out the
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we have it childrenning in the lower levels of atmosphere that we are paying attention to. friday mid-day, the severe weather threat remains. quickly moving that out of here, but it looks like another frontal boundary could come in, stalling on sunday, bringing showers south of tampa bay. friday is the day we are watching for that's when we can see strong to severe weather. saturday getting a breather and the secondary front comes in, bringing another chance of showers. active pattern. go to our website, search for the android, and you will get alerts if there is any severe weather in your area on our app. >> >> in inside of the redlands christian academy for a drop everything and read event. >>
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classical chinese dance, takes story telling to a whole new level. today on "studio 10" talk about whatted audience experiences >> the show takes you through a journey through 5,000 years of divinely inspired kill tour. it's composed of exflooring different dynasties, different ethnic groups.
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dancers and 40 musicians is in town for two nights only and moves onto another city. >> >> kids are dropping everything and reading. 1st grader, along with redlands christian migration for the first drop everything and reevent. it's a teaching mow pent for students from both schools. >> it's mutually beneficial. we met and asked how can we be helpful. we want to make sure we are meeting their needs. we came up with this idea. we knew it would be beneficial for our own students, as you probably saw, the kids are having a great time. >> redlands christian my grant association has several facilities throughout florida. a lace for children of my grant workers to learn and stay safe while their parents work the fields, picking drops >> thanks for joining us, stay
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heading out. be sure to join us bright and early tomorrow morning. hope you have a great
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