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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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the namesake for the amber a alert vanished years ago. plus drowning out the protesters how statutes faced off with a church. good evening. >> thank you so much for joining us. here four big stories that we're staying on top of right now. iran is promising the quick and safe return of ten american sailors and the two navy ships. we've learned the boats drifted into iranian territory. the pentagon says it is in constant contract with iran. a big decision from the
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supreme court ruled florida's death penalty sentencing process unconstitutional. near 400 prisoners on death row right now and the big question how will the ruling impact conditions. white out conditions in buffalo, new york making it impossible to drive. some areas under lake effect snow warning through thursday and those in the affected areas could see six to nine inches of snow. investigators have been going through the scene where the body of barton was found yesterday. it has been 20 years since amber hagerman disappeared. it led to the formation of the amber alert system. her killer was never found. >> her family and police hope that refocussing attention on the case could help change that. >> 20 years ago this nine year
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stranger while riding her bike. her mother pleaded for her safe return. >> please bring her home. >> flyers alerted the community. despite an intensive search for days later amber was found dead. >> the victim was indeed amber. >> the kidnaping and murder led to the development of the amber alert, a nationwide broadcasting system that's activated when a child is abducted. it has saved more than 700 children but two decades later amber's murder remains unsupposed. a new conference was held tuesday to ask for help finding her killer. >> if you have any information please come forward. >> amber was last seen in this parking lot riding her bicycle.
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received over 8,000 tips but the only suspect description police have is a man driving a black pickup truck. >> amber desperately needs justice, and as her mother i'm not going to give up. i still have hope that he will be caught one day. >> on tuesday a local company offered a new $10,000 reward to help bring amber's killer to justice >> after amber's death a reward reached $75,000. it did not lead to clues that would solve this case. the department of justice gives these criteria for issuing alerts. first reasonable information to believe the child was abducted. a law enforcement agency
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the child is 17 years or younger, and the child's name other information have been entered into the national crime information center system. new information tonight about the florida native found dead in her apartment in italy. an autopsy reveals she was strangled possibly with a rope. now, her friends say that she stayed behind at the a nightclub when they left. they are body was found last weekend and investigators trying to pinpoint exactly when she was killed. the apartment where her body was found has been sealed by police. there was broken glass and a smashed chair inside of clotheses were strewn about and she was wearing only a sock. >> she is a gentle, kind, a beautyful friend, lovely girl, and it's an awful shock. >> some 72 hours of video from
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apartment being cite myselfed right now in hopes of spotting a credible suspect. investigators say her boyfriend has an aliby. today workers rally to fight for 15 in downtown st. pete. >> stand up. fight back. fight for 15. join the fight. >> council members joined protesters on the steps of city hall calling for change. they may more than 40 #4 million would benefit from a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour to support their families. >> no one deserves to have to struggle to keep a a roof over their head or put food on their table. >> we're not asking for a whole lot. because it's going to go back into the neighborhoods, you
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at, buy groceries, it's going to be back into the community. >> protesters also planning to rally on monday. parents listen up, your child's cough syrup could be part of a recall. the recall includes four ounce bottles of grape and cherry flavored medicine it's sold nationwide under a variety of brand names including cvv and dollar generally. there's a potential risk of overdose. the cup have incorrect markings. signs have been placed across major highways across the state to help you follow the rules. now, the move over law requires that you move over to a lane when you see an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road. you should only do so if it's safe. if not your actions could have deadly consequences. in 2013 a trooper was hit and killed along i-75
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it's a real risk for law enforcement on a daily basis. >> there's many, many times an officer will tell you they're writing a ticket and by the grace of god they didn't get hit. >> the florida highway patrol says if you can't move over or when on a two lane road you should slow to a speed that is 20 miles less than the posted speed limit. if you don't move over you could get a ticket and points on your license. new at 5:30 the bay area is one step close tore getting a high speed ferry. commissioners hopped on board and ear marked money to pay for the project. the city council is the last piece of the puzzle. the mayor
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so he can start negotiating with the ferry service. if everyone agrees to a deal the service would start in october of this year and go through april of 2017. and ongoing state of emergency in michigan related to led in the drinking water. today officials going door to door making sure everyone has bottled water, filters and tested for led exposure. the led problems started in 2014 after flint switched from detroit's water system to save money. a problem in the air turns into a problem on the freeway. what prompted the pilot to make this landing. plus how what some call hate fueled protests turn into an outpouring of support next. and we're seeing more cloud cover out there this evening. we're going to increase that over the next couple of days and eventually that leads to some showers.
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your weekend forecast since we last checked in coming up. and here's a look at the traffic camera this evening. it is backed up unbelievably. they continue at the i-275 at the tampa end at the howard frankland bridge. drive safely. now, to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam download the 10
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usually it's the members of
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protesting but the voices were drowned out by a counter protest. >> about five hundred students from a high school outside los angeles chanted and held signs reading things like god hates figs. the members known for the protests. they targeted the high school because of its student run gay straight alliance club. police didn't arrest anyone but they were there just in case. >> donald trump re mace the frontrunner for the republican presidential nomination. that's in three weeks before the all important iowa caucuses. and trump recently won an unusual alley, russian president putin, is this someone he'd really want on his side someone who's been accused of killing journalists, well his praise came at the
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press conference. press conference. he called the frontrunner quote bright and talented and the absolute leader of the presidential race. within hours of that trump responded calling putin's praise quote a great honor. here's what he said on msnbc morning joe program. >> when people call you brilliant that's always good especially when the person heads up russia. >> yeah. >> well, i mean, also it's the person that kills journalists political opponents. and obviously it would be a concern >> he's running his country and at least he's a leader you know, unlike what we have in this country. >> trump added there's no proof that he killed reporters. they found no definitive link between him and the murderers. >> people think that you know, it's possible that he hired like
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people to actually carry out the sleighing but again there's no definitive evidence. that's just what experts and people who care about journalist rights and human rights say is what they've goal to kind of expect of this government. >> because there's no direct link, they couldn't rate the claim on the truthometer scale. a student pilot had to make an emergency landing her choices were a dirt patch or highway. he picked the later. the student pilot and instructor were are practicing maneuvers when the engine started the to sputte.
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down on the freeway. the faa is now investigating. coming up on 10 news at 6 for most people it's worst part of going to the beach, the parking. so one community has had enough of drivers parking on their lawn and clogging up their streets, now, the possible solution that's stirring up even more controversy. police believe the back doors was busted in by the person driving this car. part of the string of recent burglaries. ahead information to protect you and your family. and a 7 time lottery winner tells 10 news his secrets to winning big, oh, yeah, tonight on 10 news at 6 if i won the lottery 7 times that's pretty good, right. i won't be telling secrets. i
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>> i'm sure he's probably got a formula. take a look at the this not much snow fall what's happening now >> that quickly changed six inches and sugar mountain was packed on monday as many has been waiting all season for a storm are to open up the slopes. they also feature tubing and snow boarded really popular spot. take a look at our sun set now as we look out over the performing arts center. we have got a gorgeous day really shaping up here and you can still see that we did have some that have quick snow moving through north carolina earlier today, and looking pretty good. so sugar mountain, yeah, saw that quick hit there and we'll see several rounds more of this. now, close tore home we do have some high clouds working their way in. and temperatures that
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most of us hanging onto the 60-degree mark but not many of us. we've got a lot of 50s to our north. 59 safety harbor. overall they're going to start coming down pretty quickly in the next couple of hours. so overnight we've got more 40s for you. we're not getting as in the 40s as we had this morning in the bay area but still looking for pretty chilly temperatures, even pasco county going to see some 30s in the mix and as a result we do have a frost advisory in effect from 1 a.m. until 9 a.m. tomorrow. so 49 tonight, and we don't see too many 50s holding on. another chilly start and i mentioned the frost advisory in effect. so if you have any sensitive plants the pets would like to come inside too. and another gorgeous shot over sarasota. still seeing the north winds.
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drive in that cooler air but we're still going to start to relax those winds just a little bit and we're going to start working in some more moisture especially into the mid-levels. so tomorrow we do expect a lot more in the way of high cloud cover. nothing that's going to be producing anything in the way of rain but we start to change that you forecast. so still chilly heading out the door tomorrow but by 9:00 or so around the bay area we're going to talk about temperatures in the mid-50s. we continue the steady warm up in the next couple of days but friday is a day i want to start bringing your attention to now because we have the possibility we may see some strong even severe storms with a system that really gets turning in the gulf on thursday and then does intensify a little bit by friday evening is this is all over and done with but between the hours of 5 a.m. to around mid-day look for the possibility of some strong damaging straight line winds
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course we can't rule out an isolated tornado or a water spout. of course any thunderstorms do carry a risk of the dangerous ground to cloud lightning. we're clear for the lightning game on friday. it's not until a secondary front moves in on sunday that we're going to see the rain chances increasing and our temperatures decreasing as we fall back into the 60s. so be on the look out for some scattered showers, sunday, saturday looking clear. a plumb better ripped them off but good smash tans stepping
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here in the city, parking is hard to find.
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. a random act of kindness. an 85-year old man paid for work that wasn't done properly. >> the strangers who making things right. >> i've been in law enforcement for 16 years. >> veteran officer didn't know what he could do at first. >> kind of left him without water. >> someone had left an elderly man with a plumbing problem and not only that but had taken money he couldn't afford to lose. given that it was a civil matter he couldn't go further. >> the next day i went to home depot at the check out counter and had a gentleman approach me. >> it was a chance meeting inside this store that brought this plumber together with this police officer. it may have seemed like a random encounter
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>> my belief is that god put us at home depot to meet up. >> this is all kind of piecing together now. it's coming together. >> he took him to his cruiser to give him this, a gift card to show appreciation for police it was then he noticed what blackman did for a living. >> i guess he could tell i wasn't asking for like my house you know i was asking for something else. >> they got to talking and he wanted to do something. >> he said go by there and let him know that we're going to come by. >> he didn't have any clue he was offering his services for free. >> we'll probably use about 250-foot. >> today he walked us around his shop and showed us some of the things that had been replaced. >> i'm willing to help anybody and i don't think -- to me it's normal. things happen and there's a reason for everything.
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and beyond normal for someone in their community. >> don't you just love stories like this? >> yes. >> total strangers stepping up helping out. >> blackman and doing all the plumbing and giving the man a walk in shower, he's even giving the man a security system that was donated. >> and doing this pretty quickly as well. all of that work to be done next week. 10 news at 6 is just moments away. yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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