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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the next round of storms already forming in the gulf of mexico. we're watching out for that in your backyard.
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night after police say he has been providing the food stamp system for years. st. pete police discovered he was paying up to $0.50 on the dollar for food stamp cards. they say he used them to buy items at warehouse stores and then sell them at king foot marts. the chief says a crime like this explains why there needs to be tougher regulations on food stamps. >> i would like to see a regulation because if this guy has been doing it for 13 years what else is going on out there? >> police have charged him with public assistance fraud, scheme to free fraud and trafficking ebt cards. they also arrested retailers who purchased his items and those who sold their ebt cards to him. right now leaders deciding whether to use $28 million to
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would go towards new schools to pre he event overcrowding and plans to add 20 classrooms. if approved the new edition should be ready for the 2017 school year. just days after a serial killer is is put to death the supreme court is calling our state death penalty law unconstitutional. it believes it gives too much power to judge and the not enough to juries. florida has nearly 400 prisoners on death row. will there be new trails possibly. we're working on that story coming up on 10 news at the 11 o'clock. more jobs, that's what governor rick scott focused on in his state of the state address today. he promoted his improved economy and the creation of one million new jobs in the last five years. he told legislatures that record state revenues have paved the way for
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dollars in tax cuts aimed at new and small businesses. our tax cut package and the creation of the florida enterprise fund will be key elements to make florida first for jobs in the nation for years to come. >> tampa mayor and several others from across the state were recognized during the governor's speech. buckhorn attended in support of an enterprise fund of the money would help create new jobs by offering incentives to new company and the small businesses. parking may get harder to find after a vote tonight. some people just trying to protect their family neighborhoods. >> on a cool day the neighborhood streets empty but the same streets packed during warmer week ends especially during a holiday, this was last memorial day. .
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here and a speedway. you're getting your driveway blocked when they're run willing over your sprinkler heads when our kids aren't safe. >> that's when she says she and her neighbors had enough. two years ago they formed a traffic congestion committee and tonight commissioners will vote on a parking site permit only ordinance. >> suggested only permit parking is in the yellow areas. between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. property owners eligible for three guest passes. evaluators will be ticketed. $35 and re ticketed every two hours. >> i don't think it's a very good idea. >> some worry the law would drive away business or beach visitors will take up their customer parking after the public beach parking lot is full. the message to commissioners. >> think about the businesses on this island and how it's
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>> even some city leaders disagree with this parking by permit only ordinance. the city's mayor told commissioners last month if they pass it he'll veto it. >> we just want a safe neighborhood. >> the whole beach city commission meeting takes place at 7:00 tonight. we'll let you know what happens on our website a collapse inside a party city hurting three people there. take a look. these images startling. firefighters even search dogs looked through the merchandise to find anyone who might still be trapped. investigators don't know how this happened but they are thankful that no one was seriously hurt. taking you county by county now in pasco county a big loan paves the way for a new stretch of 456. the price tag
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landowners and developers will pick up more than half the cost. the road is expected to be finished by 2019. a big boost for business at port manatee. racetrack is using as a hub for nearly one hundred million dollars of gas. getting results a hillsborough county neighborhood is much saver this morning. >> back in december i told you about a resident who's blind and walks everywhere. he contacted me about a problem along orange road drive. the school is located there and the school's exits didn't have stop signs. it was a major safety concern for pedestrians. >> we can't ignore this. i mean, somebody can definitely get hit here. >> i reached out at the end of december ask have been working closely with them for a
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the stop signs have been installed. a spokesperson wrote to me an in an email saying quote the signs up on both sides of the street. and this news made for a very relieved --. >> we were just spinning our wheels a little bit and i finally got a hold of channel 106789 we thank you very much very much much. >> well, identify turn that thanks right back around to tom though. he saw a safety concern in the community and did something about it. now, you can too, you can email me with any traffic issues and i'll get you answers. >> i think he was just as happy with the hug as he was with the stop sign. powerball pot is going off the chain. >> if you do want to hit the jackpot we've got the advice from one of the luckiest men in the world.
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tonight -- >> big night, big night. >> always a big night. the president makes his state of the union address. at 10:30 mike and molly and join us for 10 news at 11, and stay up for the late show of tonight guest is the directors of making a murder, then watch all the highlights on 10 news this
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tomorrow's powerball jackpot jumps again the largest in the universe. 1.5 billion, yes with a b, billion dollars. now, just about everyone is trying to figure out the winning numbers and how to win it. >> okay. so here we go. 10 news reporter finds out how you can increase your odds from winning from a man who's won grand prizes 7 times. >> do not spend grocery money, rent money. >> orlando grandfather knows all about winning big but says don't spend your last two dollars playing but if you can afford it, pick number one. >> bias many tickets as you can afford. >> the former musician and dj can who now runs a talent agency has written a book about increasing your odds of winning. tip number two comes with choosing your numbers. >> pick birthdays, an verse reese, and things like that, all
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that all of the numbers going to be between one and 31. because the most number of days is 31, well, with powerball tough pick five numbers out of one through 69. so what that means is you're not playing numbers 32 through 69. so now you're decreasing your chances of winning. >> he says play your own numbers and play often. while he's won big so many times they sell copies of his book here he says location really has nothing to do with it. he made his for the shine winning grand prizes 7 times and says there are plenty of opportunities to win big on other lottery games besides powerball. tip number 3, involves the scratch off games. >> you buy ten tickets in a row of the same game. if you do that, almost every single time
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we are going to hit it big now. >> i'm telling you. we've got the formula. >> we've got more tips from the winner and it's on our free app. all you got stood download it. . chilly. >> that's all we got to say. >> i've got to chop some wood. around here. tonight will be cool again and we have a lot coming your way in the days ahead. so let's dive into details. gorgeous sun set taking place right now. as you can see there have been high clouds passing by through the day, not the rain making clouds. tomorrow i'm looking for more clouds to come in off the gulf. temperatures did make it to 66 today after starting in the 40s
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as we talked about at the top of the show. now, currently we've seen a pretty big drop and this should be our biggest drop between sun set and when i see you again at the 11 o'clock. i expect a lot of us will be in the 40s. 56 in tampa, already 54 in land lakes. 59 all way frost advisory is is just a heads up advisory protect any vegetation that you spent good hard earned money on and don't want to see any frost kill them off, but that mainly to citrus county. temperatures you do see around the state cold spots jacksonville 49 degrees, 65 in miami and west palm beach. and we'll be looking for fairly identical temperatures. i'm
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go develop, and what i'm expecting it will be a slow development, i don't see much moment in the next 24 to possibly 36 hours but then it will start to kick off to the skimpiest track up right somewhere between tampa in the next couple of days. we'll time it out in a moment. short-term forecast for tonight it's just more about the cold and just being comfortable in it. around upper are 40 and the low 50s when we see you again at the 11 o'clock. some high clouds overhead. a few cities to tag about 38, 39 at day break. pinellas county 47 to 50 degrees. but outside of the water once you start getting into north and western st. pete
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49 for sarasota and look for temperatures around 44 in lakeland with a little more cloud cover tomorrow. not necessarily the rain making kind. so that will keep temperatures where you might think we'd start warming up but i'm expecting what's in the gulf to start funnelly some clouds and i think that will keep to us a similar high temperature in the mid-60s tomorrow. fire from two to 12 knots. low tied at the 10:35, and high tied at the 5:07. now, the thing after the cool weather is what we looking at. it's looking to be a first half of the day friday event. right now it looks to be somewhere between the morning commute and lunchtime and not just this front but we see the jet stream overhead all intensifying and
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but thunderstorms and a chance that some of these could reach severe limits. the next front on sunday just looks to be showers but you'll see that reflected in the 7-day forecast. friday is the day to keep an eye on and for the next couple days keep checking back on whether this be be thunderstorms or the severe threat there. is second cold front with just some showers will cool us off again
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all right here we go sports fans. there really was no surprise here, the best golfer in the world jorden spieth will defend his title in march. that is confirmed. the copperheads looking better every day. jorden spieth won the season opener sunday by 8 strokes and is winning last year jump started a five win season. >> especially after it was almost two years from the first and it just led it to just an incredible run throughout the end of the season and hopefully continuing now. but it all started there on that 17th green with that put z we've got more coming up tonight at 11. now, the best thing i liked about alabama's win special teams
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quarter alabamaen converted an onside kick and scored on a kickoff return. this was a tight game but in the 4th ten minutes left they had just tied it and asven gambled an onside kick and less than a minute later alabama scored. 51 yards and the tied won their fourth championship. and one of the legends of baseball irvin passed away last night. he helped to break the color barrier in major league baseball. he played for the new york giants in 1949, he was a star in the negro league and the eventually voted in the hall of fame. he was 96 years old. >> finally dozens of students use their day to help others learn. these berkeley prep 9th
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books for students. it's a teaching moment for students and from both schools. >> it's mutually beneficial. we met with our team and asked how could we be helpful. and we came one this idea. we knew this would be so beneficial for our own students as well. so as you probably saw the kids having a great time and learning a little bit more about each other and it's just been awesome. >> they help children of my grant workers get an education while their parents work. >> that's when you do it. you have the love of reading. >> absolutely. giving back. >> all right. that's it for 10 news at 6. we'll see you back here tonight at 11.
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