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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i know you're scared, but i promise you can do this. i don't know, i don't think i can. i'm talking to her. what i need from you is a blanket and a bottle of water. i got a sweater and a half bottle of gatorade in my car. perfect. and grab my purse. i got a vicodin in there. we can split it three ways. don't be nervous. i've seen women give birth in much worse conditions. (laughs): really? you bet. mud huts, rain forests, in the middle of a war zone. somehow, life always finds a way. all right, i'm gonna need you to push when i tell you. okay, here. here. i got it. oh... wow, that is a baby's head. that's a baby's head. you're almost there! yeah. okay, honey. all right, push. (grunting) ooh. you got it... oh, that-a-girl, that-a-girl, okay, give me one more push. (yelling) (continues yelling) oh... ah... oh, that's it, that's it. (chanting continues) okay. hey-hey, lot of skin.
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mike, i'm-i'm near a tree and i'm wearing a shirt. that should really narrow it down. molly! hey! hey, over here! (chanting continues) excuse me. excuse me. hi. hey, where's the pregnant lady? oh, she's with the baby, and they're doing fine. you delivered it? well, no, but, you know, i watched, and i didn't throw up, so that's something. i'm proud of you. aw. i got some great shots of these women. i mean, they're so brave-- they're just... they're fighting for something they really believe in, you know? they're beautiful. you got to live life until it's ripped out of your arms. mike: that's the spirit. see? you may end up getting t-boned by that rhino yet. i don't get it. hey, molly, hold this for me. huh? okay.
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i'm going in. oh, god. ha-ha! (laughs) hold this. oh, no. kay, i will follow you anywhere! we need some sunscreen! i better hold on to these for when i have to arrest them later. okay. all right. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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tonight, the governor, attorney i was scared. i did not want to go through another trial. >> tonight, murder victim families worry when a supreme court decision striking down florida's death penalty will mean for justice. tonight, the governor, attorney general and lawmakers are working to figure out what the high court's ruling for the state will mean. good evening. >> also will tax payers be on the hook to retry death row convicts? the supreme court finds that florida system is unconstitutional because it wrongly gives power to the judge, not the jury, whether a killer should be executed. and the jury's recommendation for the death penalty does not have to be unanimous.
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decision. >> reporter: governor scott is still looking at the scowt's decision that could change florida's death penalty system. >> the joint session will come to order. >> reporter: the ruling came down from the court at the start of the 2016 legislative session saying juries should decide whether a defendant should be executed. the attorney general said she will work with lawmakers to make the court required changes but the impact on existing death sentences will be basis. first saw it. >> reporter: this mother warrants to see edward covington put to death for killing her daughter, grandson and granddaughter and hoping the court's decision won't halt it. covington waived his right to a jury trial and asked the judge to sentence him. >> i believe the case has been tried. >> reporter: there are 390
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state right now. of those convicted killers, the d.o.c. says 96 inmates are from right here in the bay area. death penalty opponents have been pushing for change, protesting outside oscar bowlen's execution after he murdered three bay area woman. this man spent more than a year on death row before the florida supreme court overturned his conviction. he and aclu leaders want the death sentences converted to life in prison. >> timothy hurst's case upended the law. the jury voted 7-5 in favor of death after convicting him of murdering his boss in 1998. florida carried out two executions despite the ruling. we were one of only three states that allowed judges to overside a jury's suggested sentence. right now, two u.s. navy
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held in iran. it happened after the pentagon briefly lost contact with the vessels in the persian gulf. the boats were traveling between kuwait and bahrain when one of the boats had mechanical problems. iran says the u.s. votes and ten crew members will be allowed to leave when it comes daylight. this comes after two weeks after iranian ships fired off rockets in the middle of the crowded shipping lanes near an american aircraft carrier. new information tonight about a deadly shooting inside a wesley chapel movie theater. you may remember former tampa police captain shot and killed chad owlson during an argument over texting. now his widow is suing claiming they didn't enforce the company's prohibition on weapons. nicole oulson said she suffered
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psychological and economic damage. a convenience storeowner is behind bars after police say he abused the food stamp system for years using $1.6 million of your money. police disconferred he was paying up to 50 cents on the dollar for food stamp card. he would buy items at warehouse stores and sell them at his king court store? 10 weather alert. we have a frost advisory for parts of the bay area. take a look. people bundled up tonight in downtown tampa. these last few days have been the coldest temperatures of the season. so the question is, how long will it stick around? let's check in with jim. >> we have a lot of changes coming in a short amount of time. 44 right now in crystal river. and we are seeing temperatures very similar in areas of hernando and pasco county. 49 in carolwood.
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with a flost advisory, protect your plants. could have some frost on the lawns at least north of tampa. freeze warning is gonna be up just out of the reach of the tampa metro up around the panhandle and we're tracking a low out here in the atlantic. could become tropical, in january. we'll talk about that and a big storm system we're tracking for your friday. it's a day we'll have to stay aware of. if you thought finding a parking space on anna maria island was tough, it's about to get tougher. the commissioners voted 3-2 in a first reading to require a parking permit along a 17-block stretch of the beach. only property owners are eligible. police will issue violaters a $35 ticket and will reticket every two hours. tweets made tonight include expanding the affected area. the ordinance goes for a second reading on january 28th.
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is expected to veto. president obama delivered his 7th and final state of the union address this evening. it lasted an hour and 10 minutes. in it, he asked the american people to focus on the economy, technology, security and democracy. he also championed america's results against terrorism. >> when you come after americans, we go after you. it may take time, but we have long memories and our reach has no limb is. >> the speech was short on specific legislative proposals or executive actions. there was only one sentence each on gun violence, immigration and minimum wage. in the republican response, south carolina governor nikki haley criticized his record saying, the president's record has often fallen fall short of his words. time for headlines around the nation and the world.
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a mother in new mexico is absolutely furious after she says a nurse cut off her son's toe. the boy was born prema dhaurly last april and -- prematurely last april. last month, a nurse accidentally cut off the left pinky toe while cutting tape that was holding an i.v. in his foot. the woman and her husband are considering legal action. a recall alert for walgreens. 8-ounce jars of nice have been recalled after complaints that glass chards were found inside. three people found glass. one person was injured. if you have the oranges at home, throw them away. in ohio, a fugitive is leaving behind clues that may help police catch him. check this out. donald, he didn't like the wanted poster that they were using to find him.
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the message, here is a better photo. that other one is terrible. police say he's drawing more attention to himself which should bring in more tips on where to find him. not the smartest ones out there. that's your of 60-second scan. we all want to win the powerball jackpot but how can you increase your odds? we spoke with a man who won the grand prize seven times. he says when choosing your numbers, most of us are doing it all wrong. >> with powerball, you have to pick five numbers out of 1 through 69. so what that means, you are not playing numbers 32 through 69. so now you are decreasing your chances of winning. >> makes sense, right? he says that's why you shouldn't win at your numbers with anniversaries and birthdays.
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take the lump stum or the yearly payout? courtneyertson breaks it down. >> $1.5 billion. it's a lot of money. more than many of us would make in many life times. if you win, choosing the yearly pay out you will get around $50 million over 30 years. taking the lump sum as most winners do, you walk away with $939 million and you are part of a new tax bracket at 39.6%. after tactses 561,720. because you live in florida, you win big because there's no state income tax here. i spoke to a certified financial planner to under why you always get a lawyer, accountant and money manager. he says it's to protect yourself from yourself. >> it sounds like a blessing. it could be a curse. it sounds like a fortune. it is. it could become misfortune. if you are not ready for
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richest people in the world, you will need help. >> even if you do the most conner is is va siv investing, cds that pay out 1%, you will make in interest alone more than $100,000 a week. the jackpot is likely to grow before the drawing. the folks at powerball told us that at 4:00 this afternoon which was the peak in powerball sales today, there were 18,178 tickets sold every minute. a lot of tickets, a lot of money and a lot of what ifs. in the studio, courtney robinson, 10 news. >> we will have the winning numbers for you right here off the top on 10 news at 11:00. page. if you won the powerball jackpot, would you take the lump sum or the annual payout? 60% said the lump sum. the activity that's worse than smoking a cigarette.
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off your purchase at havertys. plus, enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. havertys. discover something you. smoking hooka has become increasingly more popular in
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search for an alternative to cigarettes. >> but it may not be as safe as it seems as our reporter explains, a new study reveals it may be more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. >> reporter: urban trends are a hot commodity. one of the hottest is hooka. here at habibi cafe, customers can toke and smoke while watching the street show. >> we just finished eating, we figured we would do something different. >> reporter: a new study released by the university of pittsburgh's school of medicine revealed smoking hooka exposes the smoker to 1250 times the smoke, 25 times the tar, 2.5 times the nicotine and ten times the carbon monoxide as smoking a cigarette. even though the study is damming, it does broad stroke a little bit. the cafe owner doesn't discredit the study but find it hard to believe hooka is more toxic.
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tobacco. this tobacco doesn't have nicotine. >> reporter: we looked at the labels to find out what is in hooka tobacco, mow last sis, glycerin and flavor. people were surprised by the study. >> this is something i do very rarely. >> reporter: scientists acknowledge it's difficult two compare the two different forms of smoking. people smoke in different ways. scientists warn as with everything in life. it's buyer be aware. check this out -- risky and unusual step in stealing a python. okay. surveillance video inside this oregon pet store shows the man takes a black python out of its cage and sticks it down his pants. >> oh, no! >> right there. oh, no, no, no. >> the snake is about 2 feet long.
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was lucky it wasn't the python's typical feeding day. all jokes aside. the owner is upset about the crime and says she hasn't seen anything like this happen in business. tracking storms, alerting you protecting your family, it's time for 10 weather. >> i'm gonna let you talk. >> i don't know if i -- okay. weather. weather. >> yep. >> right. >> system moving through. this one we've been getting new models in tonight -- >> this is the big front you were talking about. >> there's gonna be a handful of days this winter where we'll have to pay attention for safety and really maintaining our guard. friday is looking more and more like that could be one of those days. it doesn't look like much in the gulf of mexico right now, but it will in the western and southwestern gulf over the next 24 to 36 hours and it will
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show you the track in a moment. but for tonight, nothing coming our way. just sloughdy and told weather remains. in fact, we will see the cold again first thing in the morning and transition. it will take until friday before we see the rebound of warmth as well as humid air. in the meantime, freeze warning, not in the 10 news viewing area. just across the county line into levy county. our frost advisory will be counties. that means the potential for frost. you spend money on plants, vegetation that you like you may want to cover them before you wrap it up for the night. bring in pets. 41 currently in crystal river. 53 sarasota. 35 at tallahassee. and as we zoom in, show you 49 in carolwood and new port richey. 51 lakewood ranch. 48 around lakeland. now, with the cloud cover overhead tonight, it will be a
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we've seen a rapid drop in temperatures since snept. we shouldent drop off a whole lot more. but there will still be a change in temperatures. 35 we're expecting to start crystal river. 38 spring hill. and zephyr hills. 42, 43 in the suburbs of hillsborough county. likely to be pretty common around the areas of temple terrace, downtown. 43 to 47 degrees from downtown to the airport. 50 in downtown st. pete. 49 for you at daybreak in sara -- in sarasota and bradenton. looking for a cloudy day tomorrow, very few breaks of sunshine. that will allow that cold start to -- you would expect maybe a warmer day tomorrow being behind the front. but the cloud cover is gonna be the tradeoff there and we'll end up right about where we were for high temperatures, around 66 degrees. just again more cloudy day expected.
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around sunrise and sunset from what we saw today. northeast, 5 to 15 knots look for offshore waves around 2, 3 feet. moderate to possibly a heavy chop points in the day. look for low tide around 10:35 and high tide around 5:07. that dovers the next -- covers the next 24 hours. i'm looking for the low to start developing here in the western gulf. start moving up and intensifying as it comes across the gulf. thursday night, still out of reach of us. but somewhere between friday morning and friday evening as it tracks across the i-10 corridor, that's gonna drag strong to potentially severe storms right over the central and northern part of the state. this is tried and true setup for el nino weather. here is the timing. again, thursday, mainly a cloudy day. you can see early friday morning, some showers are possible and out there but the really strong stuff to the west
11:27 pm
morning, through lunchtime and early afternoon. i will be tooking for the potential -- at the very least for thunderstorms. but again, late night model runs just came in an hour ago are indicating there will be things in the atmosphere to work with to give us the potential for severe weather. i've dialed up one thing from when i saw you in the earlier shows. lightning, gust, hail all there. the one thing we tweaked up is the low to now a moderate threat of waterspouts and tornadoes. nothing to be overly scared about. we'll be with you every step of the way getting into friday. but i just want you ready for the fact that as we get closer to it, severe weather is looking like a possibility. it is one of those few days a year we will need to stay weather aware. secondary front on sunday, just showers. no thunderstorms. but it will bring temperatures in the 60s monday and tuesday. 10 news app is a good way to
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who doesn't look like free food? well, carrabba is giving away 1 million meals. >> the bad news, they just ran out a couple of hours ago. they just introduced a new menu. they were giving away appetizers, entrees or a small plate. if you missed out, it was viral on social media. maybe a friend or family member got lucky. we have good news tonight, they are still giving out coupons for 20% off your entire bill. we have a link at the nfl is moving back to los angeles with possibly two teams. the bucs finally interviewed cutter. now what? the lightning close out the road trip in denver and the world's number one jordan
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all right. football, the nfl is returning to los angeles immediately. it's the rams returning to l.a. to restart play from this upcoming season. a new stadium listen built in inglewood, eventually. the chargers will be going as well if they can work out the details. they left l.a. back in 1960. you remember that. the bucs got around to interviewing dirk cutter for the head coaching job. that was today. it was first reported by "the times." that makes three candidates interviewed so far. there was a lot of noise about the bucs contacting nick saban. don't hold your breath on that one. lightning closing out the
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it looks like they've -- cleans up on the rebound. 1-0. this play is gorgeous. watch him skate in. he's going to find him right there. tic tac toe, that's a beauty. 2-0. four minutes latter on -- later on the rebound. the lightning lead the avalanche 4-0 now they are very late in the third period. three minutes left, two lane, stretch lead to 12. that's about it for the bulls. melvin frazier. tulane wins it 0-5 in the conference. and the world's number one
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title in march. ticket sales are up. mcdowell committed for the first time. jordan's win here last year jump started his win season. >> especially after it was almost two years from the first. and just led it to an incredible run throughout the end of the season. hopefully, continuing now. but it all started there on that 17th green with that putt. >> i think our field continues to improve every year. if you look at our field last year, we were tied for 7th for the best field on the pga tour of the regular tour events. so we love our week. >> however, jordan said that his sister ellie won't be coming to this tournament because of school. they did spend last week together in hawaii. jordan is quite attach toped his special needs younger sister.


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