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tv   10 News This Morning 630am  CBS  January 13, 2016 6:30am-7:00am EST

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good morning. you are looking live over downtown st. pete. look at the temperature at the bottom of the screen. 50 degrees. it is another cold start to the day across tampa bay. >> thank you for staying with us. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. kate is talking about it is not as cold as it should have been. >> we are below average. i think it is because we were so warm in december our bodies
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temperatures yet. when you are talking about temperatures in the 40s that's chilly. even for northern standards. let's get a look at current readings. 41 in crystal river. we are looking at a temperature of 46 degrees in new port richey. 53 degrees for the folks in st. petersburg. now, as we look outside it is clear and calm. and over the next few hours we are looking at temperatures finally warming into the mid 50s by 10:00 a.m. with a reading of 54 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. a little sunshine by this afternoon and for the weekend it is going to be warmer, rain chances increasing. we'll talk about it coming up. time to get a check on the roadways. good morning hilary zalla. >> we are seeing delays on our majors. leonard road west of the land
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is taking you extra time. speeds down to 31 miles per hour. looks like there is a lane blocked. i'll keep you updated. we are learning about breaking news from iran. pentagon is confirming iran released all ten u.s. sailors who had been detained. nine men and one woman were taken into custody after their steam boat drifted into territory waters. the detroit auto show began. so far the stars of the show they have been the driverless cars. ford announced it is testing them in the snow. leaders in the auto industry say driverless cars will be on our roads in tampa bay in a few years. not a few decades. 10 news reporter grayson kamm is looking at how the huge change could transform your city and improve your life. you talked one-on-one with the top transportation planner in the bay area. what did he have to say?
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with the natural next steps when we took our hands off the wheel and let the computers do the driving. paul simon is the leader of the florida department of transportation in tampa bay. it is his job to think big and think into the future. >> people won't buy as many cars and you'll use services to pick you up and drop you off. >> reporter: because of that your driveway could disappear. so could parking lots and garages. packages could all move at nights making roads more common for you. crashes and deaths should become more rare as driverless cars become more popular, human error is 95% of most crashes. what about when all the cars on
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our cars will drive centimeters apart. we could have highways not much wider than sidewalks with speed limits and everybody's commute gets faster. >> the computer will find the most efficient method to get to my destination. it will look how do i normally go? >> reporter: tampa bay could get more jobs out of this. the selmon expressway is one of the only roads in the country certified as a place to test driverless cars. live in south tampa grayson kamm 10 news. today governor scott will be in tampa at 1:00 this afternoon. during his state of the state address on tuesday he asked for a tax cut of $1 billion. the widow of the man shot and killed inside a wesley chapel movie theater is moving
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two years ago curtis reeves shot and killed chad olson over an argument over texting. nicolle olson is saying they didn't enforce the company's prohibition on weapons. olson suffered permanent physical, psychological and economic damages. she is seeking damages in excess of $50,000. today the state's top leaders are working to figure out striking down the florida's death penalty and what it means for tax payers and if taxpayers retrails. it wrongly gives power to the judge, not the jury whether the killer should be executed. attorney general pam bondy is working with lawmakers to
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edward covington is on death row for the murder of a 26-year- old woman. >> maybe the future ones, the judge has to go by what the jury says. >> there are 390 inmates on florida's death row. 96 are from the bay area. 14 people are dead after a bombing in pakistan. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. attacks targeted a polio vaccination center before it opened in southwestern pakistan. we understand 14 people killed were 12 police officers, a soldier and one civilian. 23 more people were injured. attack appears to be a suicide bomber. vice president joe biden will be taking on a new national effort to find a cure for cancer. president announced that during tuesday night's state of the union address. issue is personal to bidenen following the loss of his 46- year-old beau to brain cancer last may. he's been working with the
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find strong resources. attorneys for bill cosby will be in a massachusetts courtroom in a few hours. they are requesting documents filed by seven women accusing the comedian of sexual assaulting them 20 years ago. developing this morning out of michigan, state's governor is asking for help from the federal emergency management agency over flint's drinking water crisis. he wants fema to make a recovery plan with other federal agencies to help people get the water they need. thousands are helping out across the country donating tons of drinking water to the city. >> it is important that each of these people in the city have clean drinking water. >> this comes after health officials found elevated blood levels in children were caused
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despite the security concerns, two million people are enrolled in the tsa airport precheck program. this let's travelers move through airports faster nationwide. analysts predict amazon is in the works of becoming the next shipping giant that could bypass ups and fed-ex. this move will help amazon take control over transportation and
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live look at the 7-eleven on gandy boulevard. it will get busy there ahead of tonight's $1 billion powerball jackpot. thousands of tickets are being sold every minute. >> it is in an underground vault and four different locks to get into the vault. it is top secret. >> we'll have the numbers coming up tonight at 11:00. have you ever felt like
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vibrating when it is not you are not going crazy. it is called phantom vibration syndrome. a new study involving college students say 90% say they feel phantom phone sensations. >> there is a fear we'll mess a text. somebody is trying to reach us and we are not seeing responses. >> doctors say the syndrome is not a life of death-kind of thing. it is a sign too much technology could be hazardous others. you are so involved with your phone. so many alerts texts and social media. speaking of social media. you. mark zuckerburg asked facebook users to share a story of friendship.
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is a moment that celebrated friendships to make a difference in our lives. a nurse and patient meet 25 years later and the roles are reversed. she always had a good feeling about the nurse who could treat her for rheumatoid arthritis. they had a deep connection. the woman she was taking care of took care of her as an infant. they were able to reconnect. they said it was a gift to be able to reconnect all those years later. this is a selfie that a lot of people are talking about this morning. an ohio man sent the picture to police. 45-year-old donald pew was arrested. wanted on failure to appear in ohio. he sends police a selfie that says here's a better photo. the one you shared is terrible. ohio police department released that selfie with the hashtag
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it went all over facebook. it was everywhere. they picked him up in florida. now he is behind bars. >> it is a better picture. >> come on. he has shades on. >> you have to wonder what's going on. a good selfie is not worth it. this morning it is not as cold as it could have been. it still feels chilly. >> it is still chilly. it would be smart of you to wear a jacket or coat heading out the door. it is cooler than average for this time of year. when you are getting kids ready for the bus stop it will be a chilly start. it will feel better this afternoon.
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northeast we'll see a moderating trend begin with our temperatures. sunrise 7:23. we are looking at the potential for some rough weather as we head into thursday night and friday. just want to give you a heads up about that. if you have plans thursday night or friday, you could see some issues. live look from our performing arts center camera as part of the sky 10 network camera showing calm conditions. when it is breezier it feels cooler than the real air temperature for you. let's check out other current temperatures. 45 degrees in lakeland. 45 degrees polk city. 42 brooksville. bradenton checking in at 51 degrees. lakewood ranch 49. across the panhandle it is cooler in tallahassee. 35 degrees.
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we are looking not too bad in tampa. down in south florida, miami 60 degrees. we avoided the frost advisory and freeze warnings. they were allowed to expire at 2:00 a.m. after we realized we are not going to get close to freezing. look at this moisture. this mid and high level cloudiness stretching from the gulf of mexico across the sunshine state. this clouds help keep us warmer with clear skies. we have good radiational cooling. that wasn't allowed to happen overnight tonight. if you are traveling today from tampa international airport. we'll see lake-effect snow across indiana, illinois, up of michigan and eastern new york as well as the western corner. if you are headed out west we are looking at rain across the coast. snow and ice in the higher elevations. temperatures today not too bad across the southern tier. chilly across the northeast. with high temperatures of 21 degrees in columbus, ohio.
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mid 60s during the afternoon. we'll see breaks of sunshine for you. not pure sun but filtered sunshine. this evening not as cool with overnight lows dropping to 50 degrees. high temperatures today staying in the midrange of the 60s. sarasota you'll make it up to 67 degrees. winds east northeast. mostly cloudy skies. then we'll see breaks in the clouds and seeing more sunshine during the middle portions of the afternoon. not a bad day at all. however, conditions are going to be deteriorating for the boaters as we head into thursday. today seas two to three feet. bay waters a moderate chop. tonight temperatures dropping down into the upper 50s. overnight low near 50 degrees. here's the rough weather we are tracking into late thursday early friday. this area of low pressure develops in the gulf of mexico
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severe weather our way. we'll be on the lookout for tornadic development and small hail. seven-day forecast. we are looking at sunshine by the afternoon. 30% chance of late day showers thursday. on friday that's the day we are watching for severe storms. keep in mind you can get your forecast in the local newspaper. >> we have quite a few accidents this morning. we are seeing delays out there on your majors. you can see i-75, i-275 and the veterans expressway getting very, very slow as well as i-4 going into downtown tampa. i'm on top of an accident that just happened involving a pedestrian on southbound 22nd street in tampa at martin luther king boulevard. i want to take you live to our sky 10 network camera.
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you can see the tow truck coming to the scene. it should be cleared in the next 45 minutes. detour for you heading southbound on 22nd street. if you want to avoid it 15th street is west running parallel. 34th street runs east. let's look at our sky 10 network camera on i-275 in pinellas county north of fourth street on and off the howard frankland bridge. coming into pinnelas no big delays or anything. going northbound on i-275 towards tampa, that's where we are seeing delays getting busy across the bay. your drive time is two minutes heavier going across the howard frankland bridge. let's go back to our maps. hillsborough county south portion in the apollo beach area. there is an accident on northbound i-75 south of big bend road. this is not causing any main
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looks like it is pulled to the shoulder. we are seeing morning rush hour on big bend road. speeds 19 miles per hour going east or west approaching i-75. polk county not looking too bad. this is an accident reported on i-4 eastbound on polk parkway. u.s. 301 and 41 through downtown sarasota is getting heavy. over to you. >> thank you very much. a live look downtown st. pete. if you are head this morning on a jog or walk bundle up. grab the camera.
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we are on top of a breaking story from iran. all ten u.s. navy sailors have been released. they were on a u.s. ship getting medical checks this morning. nine men and one woman were taken into custody after their ship broke down and drifted into iran's waters. . it is chilly heading out. you'll probably need a jacket. >> definitely. we are looking at readings in the 40s close to 50 this morning. look at your afternoon planner. good news, by this afternoon we'll add 20 degrees to this and sunshine.
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tonight it will be cool but not as cold. this morning the coldest morning. then we are done with that. then we are tracking potential for storms late thursday through friday. >> starting to see delays out there. heaviest drive times is on the veterans expressway. 23 minutes is your drive time from sun coast to the tampa airport and i-4 into tampa and i-275 southbound you are slow. on top of an accident in tampa. here's a live look from our sky 10 network camera. pedestrian. no injuries reported. they had to shutdown southbound 22nd street at martin luther king. looks like they opened one lane. a tow truck is on scene. it should be cleared soon. if you have not done so already you may want to pick all powerball ticket. >> jackpot is at a record $1.5 billion. before you jump in the lottery pool with coworkers you should lay down ground rules.
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of buying the tickets and keep a list of everyone who gave money. decide up front if you want to receive a lump sum or some money over time.
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