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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a growing jackpot turning into a gateway drug. it is the powerball high. one two punch for these tornado victim. why they were stuck with an unexpected bill. a trancing thief skipping off with the loot. what he took off with has neighbors disgusted. good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm courtney robinson. we are tracking three big stories happening now. two hillsborough county students and their bus driver are getting checked out at the hospital after a school bus crash this afternoon. you can see it here. the bus crashed at highway 301 with 31 children from summer field crossing elementary school on board that bus. we are told the injuries are minor. we'll bring you a live update in 30 minutes. keeping an eye on your investments tonight. dow jones industrial average fell 365 points this afternoon. stocks like amazon, google's
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facebook contributed to the drop. police in italy have a suspect in murder of a florida native ashley olson. according to cnn investigators identified the person through street surveillance video. serious emergency. imagine the water coming out of your faucets in your house making you and your family sick. school children are being tested for lead as flint deals with a toxic level crisis. volunteers and state troopers are going door-to-door giving people safe bottled water to drink. michigan's governor is getting criticism for how he is handling the emergency. he said his team didn't know about the problem until october. e-mails show the state might have known months earlier. >> it has been difficult. my kids have been getting sick. >> department of justice is investigating.
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a texas family lost everything in a tornado two weeks ago. their home destroyed. despite not being a house or any appliances, they still got a huge bill from the electric company. the family were out of the country when the tornado hit. once they got back they went into recovery mode. they sortedly what they had and got in touch with different companies about their bills. they were shocked to find the electric company was charging them for power used the week of the storm. the amount used was double from the week before. >> i spoke with a lady who said the power was off but it was turned back on. i said maybe for people whose homes are still livable. >> their response is i should have called them sooner. >> thankfully the company did the right thing and canceled the family's balance. that company has also told hundreds of other customers
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their call center agents did not follow the procedure of how to handle the billing problems. a bay area county is leading the way when it comes to new jobs. lakeland and winter haven areas saw a 24.1% increase in job creation. polk county news room reporter finds out if business leaders believe this growth will continue for months to come. >> reporter: bennett is here at career source polk to enhance his small business. he says he has had to start one as a result of the economic crash of a few years ago. >> i'm young so i went on my own. because i worked for different people. changed. december job growth numbers show the lakeland winter haven area leading the state. local business leaders say the
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restaurants and amazon's new warehouse. >> encouraged by the numbers. >> reporter: corey is with the lakeland chamber of commerce. he says it job growth is due to many factors. >> there is so many new businesses coming into the community. the location of lakeland being between the greater metro area of orlando and tampa. >> reporter: new construction projects like this is one of the reasons the lakeland winter haven areas are enjoying such job growth. lakeland chamber of commerce says the job growth is not a blip but a trend. >> making them and contributing them with both airports and easy access to i-4 and interstates to get them in and out of the state. >> reporter: in the meantime he is opened to giving up his small business to a new job if. >> depends on the money. >> reporter: in lakeland marcus grayson 10 news wtsp. >> career source poll says they are excited about the numbers.
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finding jobs people are qualified for. to see the entire list of cities with increasing job growth head to ladies, listen up. one of the most popular foods could put you at risk of gestational diabetes. it could be a reason to lay off the french fries and maked potatoes if you are looking to get pregnant. new study from the national institute of health asked 15,000 women how often they ate potatoes over ten years and tracked their pregnancy. women who ate more potatoes had a higher rate of gestational diabetes than those who consumed potatoes. you should substitute other vegetables with whole grains each week.
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all carbohydrates have that potential. >> obesity is one of the main risk factors for gestational diabetes. expected moms should always maintain a healthy weight. another story happening now. powerball fever is off the chain. it is estimated tonight there will be 1.3 millions of tickets sold per minute. millions chasing the chance to be an instant billionaire. not everyone is excited. 10 news reporter spoke with a counselor speciallizing in gambling addiction who fears this could cause people more than just the price of a ticket. >> everyone in here is really happy ther to manager is happy because the store is super busy. customers are happy because they have hope they might strike it rich tonight. the counselor said buying one
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too much. >> reporter: it may be the most successful signed advertisement ever. it is not just viral. it is a fever. >> let me have one powerball. >> i never buy lotto ever. i never buy a scratchoff. i bought ten in the last week. >> reporter: each ticket is like a $2 dream. just imagine the cars, the boat, the mansion. the reality is this is more likely to be a nightmare. >> be careful. we know this is the right environment. it is the right environment to create an issue that may not have been there. >> reporter: frank is a licensed counseling speciallizing in gambling addiction. >> the fever i'm seeing could indicate it could create a problem for more folks. >> reporter: with more people
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likely the tickets could become a gateway drug. >> for most people it is entertainment. there is a small few where it develops beyond entertainment. >> reporter: there will likely be a big winner tonight but at what cost? while this is a convenience store and not a casino one form of gambling isn't necessarily safer than the other. >> you can watch the powerball news. tune in at 10:59 to see if you are the next billionaire. we have included links to resources on our website if you feel you might be struggling with a gambling addiction. look for our story at >> he didn't like a mugshot so he sent police a selfie. he may not be smiling now. a porch pilfer going viral.
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we have a lot of weather coming your way in the days ahead. we are talking extreme. we'll plan it out for you. it includes a chance of severe weather. we'll talk about when you could see storms as well as another round of cold temperatures all coming up. we have a huge back up on i- 275 because of a recent lane shift. it is backed up on the howard frankland bridge heading into tampa. to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam download the 10 news app and get instant alerts
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a thief caught on camera stealing a young girl's birthday present. >> as if that is not enough the woman prances away with the stolen package. people in the san jose neighborhood are on alert after seeing the video of the swindler. they have been sharing it on social media in hopes that someone recognizes this woman. the package contained a birthday present with a little girl's fourth birthday. the camera dancing her off across the street to another home where she steals the neighbor's mail. >> hopefully she'll come back here. i'll teach her a lesson. >> neighbors reported other packages and mail stolen the very same day. hot on the web.
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police is in jail tonight. this guy went viral for his bold moves. he sent the picture of himself with the caption here's a better photo. that one is terrible. take a look at the picture he thought was so terrible. this is his mugshot that investigators in ohio sent out when they were looking for him. he was wanted on failure to appear. has a person of interest in arson and vandalism case's. look at the new selfie he thought was so much better. police from here in florida caught up with him last night near pensacola. they are crediting the power of social media. someone who recognized him called in a tip. the sheriff's office released the new mugshot. look at this. it was on their facebook page how is this photo?
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pigs flying on planes. how about a turkey? this turkey seated on a delta plane was posted. it was a therapy pet according to air carrier access app. passengers with disabilities are allowed to travel with service animals which are not defined as any specific animal. i'll dion lim. coming up on "10 news at 6:00", a daycare worker accused of abusing an autistic child. it is not the first time. flaming hover boards light up the internet. a local university decides if the boards are safe on campus. new legislation in tallahassee allow concealed carry permit holders to bring the guns on the campuses of elementary, middle and high schools. a school bus crash sent the hospital.
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minutes on "10 news at 6:00". snow is pounding areas near the great lakes for the second straight day. that's causing havoc from indiana to parts of upstate new york. look at this. some areas could see up to three feet of snow before the storm is over. from thunder snow to snow covered roads, shovels and snow blowers are part of a losing battle. in new york drivers had a tough time keeping it between the lines. >> apparently i could not see where i was supposed to be. >> buffalo got two feet of snow since tuesday. it is expected to get another six to nine inches today. get ready. northern new england getting hit with a foot of snow also. >> that person was jogging in the snow. >> they do that in buffalo. remember a couple weeks ago they were saying there is no snow in buffalo. what is wrong? >> you ask and you shall
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>> it is that time of the year. we are tracking a couple systems coming our way. it will be a roller coast ride of weather. we have a lot we are throwing at you in a few days. as we look tonight cloudy skies and it is cool. no rain in the clouds that are moving in off of the gulf. that will be changing in the days ahead as this low will start winding up. it still has to track across the gulf. that's the projected track we are looking at. that would drag a very strong winter system in the way of thunderstorms our way but it doesn't happen short term. this is looking to be a friday event. let me talk about what we do see for you tonight and thursday first. then we'll slow it down for friday. temperatures starting your evening are cool. but not as cold as we were seeing as last night. 58 bradenton and lakewood ranch and carrollwood. 60 st. pete. our temperatures this evening
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early evening and dinner time under cloudy skies. mostly cloudy and temperatures settling in the low 50s. it should not be as cold as this morning in the metro tampa area and south. although still some chilly temperatures expected around hernando county and citrus county but above freezing. 39 crystal river. 43 brooksville. tomorrow expecting it to stay mostly cloudy. low 50s from the morning commute to lunchtime before 60s change over. just an isolated shower. 30% coverage after 9:00. that's not the main system. i'll track in a moment. moderate chop for most of the day. northeast winds will turn east 5 to 15 knots. late afternoon and evening those will start picking up. heavy chop is expected for the evening hours. high tide 4:00 a.m.
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i'm going to walk you through this. there is a handful of days in any given area of the state where we need to stay weather aware and pay attention to storms. because it could be dangerous. friday is looking likely that could be one of those days. not to scare you we'll track it every step of the the way. it doesn't look like a guaranteed severe weather outbreak. it is kind of on the fence as to whether some of these will be severe or not. i want to make sure we are keeping perspective here. we are looking at a rain event and thunderstorms for about everybody. it will be on the edge as to whether some of these become severe. it is the potential types of severe weather we may see for the first half of friday. 5:00 a.m. to noon. what are we talking about? first and foremost tornado threat for us will be there. it is not a high threat by any means. i would think of saturday as a very good mark.
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for most of us it was rain and storms. that will be a good barometer to engage what we are looking at. overall most should be rain. dime-sized hail will be forecast for these storms and lightning, too. rain totals looking to be on the quarter of an inch on the low end. upwards to an inch inch and a half in the high end for isolated areas. behind this we'll be looking at colder weather behind the second front on saturday with scattered showers. 45 monday morning. a lot coming your way in a short amount of time in the next few days. it might be a good idea to check the 10 news app day-to- day to see how the forecast is developing. if you have a daughter you know the american girl doll is
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i promise this will make you smile. kindness of strangers helped brighten the day of a 5-year- old girl. she spent the last three months battling leukemia. >> reporter: 5-year-old elsa is about to start they are third round of chemotherapy. by her side is a doll that looks like her. this doll didn't come from friends or family. it was the work of complete strangers. >> she is being thought of for special things.
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>> reporter: getting the doll to the patients all started with a simple post on social media. this is melissa who worked for a local cancer organization. she and a co-worker started a personal gofundme page to raise money for the dolls. >> i had no idea we raised $2500, which is more than double our goal. >> reporter: american girl heard about the effort on social media and donated five dolls. the money raised will go toward more dolls in the future. >> this is special and it will make the journey easier. >> reporter: when elsa goes into remission she'll be able to take her doll to american girl and pick out a hair style. >> i'll get clothes and hair for her. >> reporter: she has a message for everyone who donated and helped make her hospital stay brighter. >> thank you.
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elsa is scheduled to undergo a bone marrow trance plant using the cord blood from her younger brother. >> her parents are hopeful for
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a daycare worker who police say dumped water on an autistic child. we are digging deeper into her past. guns in elementary schools? the renewed push to arm the people teaching and watching over your children. the lines are long. but you have a short amount of time to get your powerball ticket. 10 news is live. good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm dion lim. it is the unthinkable. a daycare worker, the person you trust to watch your child accused of abusing him. in this case an autistic child. casey is digging deeper into the arrest that has concerned parents relieved. >> i'm not surprised. she was aggressive with all the children. >> reporter: parents react to the allegations that 34-year- old tiffany little abused a 3-
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