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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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washington d-c. live from washington d-c. ad lib lets get a look at 10 weather with meteorologist bobby
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we're on top of the breaking news out of jakarta, indonesia. police say a terror attack ended just a few hours ago. indonesian police say it imitated 'terror actions' in paris. here's what we know so far. seven people are dead, including five attackers. people say three suicide bombers
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starbucks and set off explosives. at the same time gunmen stormed a police post nearby. right now no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. but we have learned the country got several warnings in recent weeks that islamic militants were planning something. we're working to get new details. we'll have updates throughout 10 news this morning and at wtsp dot com. isis will be the topic of discussion today as secretary of defense ash carter visits macdill air force base. he will meet with the centcom commander and other military officials to discuss the military campaigns to defeat the group. 10 news will be there as carter talks about the latest efforts. we will update you at 10 news at 5 and online at w-t-s-p dot com. if you haven't'll want to check your powerball tickets. there are three winning tickets for the jackpot...including one in florida. here are the
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we are working to figure out where in florida that winning ticket was sold. it's the largest jackpot every at more than one and a half billion dollars.. one of the winning tickets was purchased at a 7-11 in chino hills, california.. take a look as people flocked to the convenience store overnight. the other winning ticket was purchased near memphis, tennessee. there are also several two million dollar and one million dollar winners in florida. check those tickets! the ohio state fire marshal says a home explosion that killed a family of four on monday was arson. the blast shook a neighborhood 20 miles southeast of cleveland, killing two parents and their 12-year-old and eight-year-old daughters. even though they've figured out the cause, the fire chief says the investigation is ongoing this morning. new this morning-- become a teacher quick, all online and in just a couple of
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that's the new option that'll be presented to people today interested in becoming a teacher in the bay area. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at anderson elementary school in tampa. sarah, you found out this is one way to fight back against a shortage of teachers across florida. yes, hillsborough county actually started this school year 200 teachers short. meaning they had to rely on substitutes for the first couple months of the school year. they're hoping online certification programs-- like the one reaching out to folks in the bay area tonight-- will get new teachers up and running before the fall. typically, if you wanted to become a teacher, you'd have to go back to school to get a second bachelor's degree in education or get your masters. now, programs through the american board or path allow anyone with any bachelor's degree to take courses online, pass two tests and viola! you can become a teacher. some parents and union members i spoke with say that's concerning.
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typically have to get classroom time under their belt and must work directy with kids before earning their certification. did you know between 40-50% of teachers leave the profession within the first 5 years of their career? gondolfo blames the emphasis on standardized tests, low wages and lack of respect. some districts-- like here in hillsborough-- are so desperate to get teachers in the door that they'll even offer these quick certification programs for free. special education or ese teachers are even harder to come by. so, in february and march, the district will offer a free program to get those without any
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disabilities within a year's time. live in tampa, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp we're putting the news back in the morning, time now is . chicago police could release another officer shooting video. that's topping headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. today a judge will decide whether to release the video showing a white chicago police officer shooting and killing a black car- theft suspect. the shooting happened in 2013. the victim in the video is 17 year old cedrick chatman. this comes as the police department is under a federal investigation over recent officer shootings. a new study shows health warnings on sugar sweetened drinkis, similar to the ones on tobacco products, may influence whether you buy them for your children. researchers at the university of pennsylvania found when labels warn of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, you were much less likely to buy them. a los angeles clothing store is cashing in on drug lord "el chapo's" fashion. it's selling a shirt nearly identical to the one he wore in a photo with actor sean penn during
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the "most wanted shirt" and sells for 128 dollars. and get this, right now it's on back order. take a look at this new video of a massive apartment fire in maryland. right now crews are still on the scene -- monitoring hot spots. the fire started wednesday night. firefighters had to rescue several people trapped on a balcony. two people with burns and two firefighters were taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries. an investigation into the cause of the fire is underway. gun control is a topic of debate all across the country. dozens of students joined together outside the u-s-f amphitheater in tampa wednesday night to debate whether concealed weapons should be allowed on college campuses.
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"debate-a bull" event of the year. students hope to bring back this type of debate every year to raise awareness on gun control. happening today at cape canaveral.. space-x will test- fire engines of its falcon 9 booster. you may remember falcon's historic landing last month as the first rocket to return to land instead of the ocean. the company is preparing the falcon for future launches, as well as its new "falcon heavy" which will debut later this year. a once rare snake pops up on a california beach once again! it's called a yellow-bellied snake and it's venomous. take a look at it. it washed up on a dog beach and someone reported it to lifeguards. researchers say the yellow-bellied snake features a flat tail. the scruff around its head and neck is actually algae. it's usually found in warm tropical waters.
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warm waters are attracting many species along southern california. only two yellow- bellied snakes have been spotted on the state's coast since fall. now before that, the snake hasn't washed up on shores since 19-72. first he gets surprised by the hosts of the "wheel of fortune," and now he's about to get the ultimate birthday bash. at 5:43, what's next for 9-year-old
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here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, the big bang theory, followed by life in pieces at 8:30. at 9:00, mom. at 9:30, angel from hell. at 10:00, elementary. then tune in to 10 news at 11.
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show with stephen colbert and his guests actress olivia munn and actor and comedian t-j miller. we first introduced you to little eric piburn, the nine-year-old from land o-lakes last week. eric is terminally ill. since he can't go to school, he's been learning his letters and numbers by watching wheel of fortune. he's a huge fan of the show, so we set up a surprise meet- and-greet with pat and vanna. and his story was picked up all over the country. eric has never had a birthday party before, so the kind folks at old mcmickey's farm are throwing him the ultimate birthday bash in february. everyone who wants to go just has to pay 10 dollars at the gate. eric's family has also set up a "go fund me page" to help pay with medical bills. so far they've raised almost eight
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about 31 million people watched president obama deliver his final state of the union address on tuesday night. that's the smallest audience recorded since ratings company, nielsen started keeping track in 1993. state of the union ratings have declined over the past two decades. in '93, almost 67 million watched president clinton's first address. a new strain of dog flu is spreading. it's already sickened at least 2,000 dogs in 25 states. the h3n2 strain is similar to human flu, with coughing, weakness, lack of appetite and fever. you can't get the flu from your dog, but it's highly contagious from dog to dog. you can get your dog vaccinated. if you want to invest your money, you may want to buy a birkin. ladies likely know what this bag is, it's a luxury handbag
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it can cost anywhere from 11,000 to 150,000 dollars. baghunter compared investing in gold, the s and p 500 and a birkin over the past 35 years and found the value of the birkin increased in value more than 500 percent during that time. the value has never decreased and is only expected to continue to increase in value. you can read more about the birkin investment by searching for allison kropff while you're on facebook this morning.
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newspaper tease: tampa bay times and the ledger
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i helped kickoff of the 2016 "fight for air climb" for the american lung association. i emceed the event at the tampa club where fundraising is officially underway. in march, people will conquer the bank of america plaza" by climbing every flight of stairs. money raised goes toward helping those affected by lung disease. if you want more information about how you can join the fight for air climb, go to wtsp dot com. award season is in full swing, and nominations for the biggest movies come out today. coming up, the films that flopped! landing nominations
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year. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app
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you don't want to miss this today. the oscar nominations come out, and so do the "razzies." nominations for this year's "razzie" awards honoring the worst in films are "fifty shades of grey," "pixels" and "paul blart: mall cop 2." the movies tied with six nominations each. coming up on 10 news this morning.. we're learning more about that breaking news out of indonesia where police say terrorists targeted a starbucks cafe. keeping the rays in tampa bay. the big decision expected out of st. pete this morning. you can get 10 weather updates on the road - with our 10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9....
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