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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a deadly terrorist attack in the capitol of indonesia. a vote today could mean the tampa bay rays are looking for a new home field. a deadly terrorist attack in the capital of indonesia. a vote today could mean the tampa bay rays are looking for a new home field. jackpot. three winning tickets in the billion dollar powerball one is
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good morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. we have a lot to get to but first, here's meteorologist bobby deskins. >> we have low 40s up north. generally in the upper 40s to lower 50s as we wake up first thing this morning. it is chilly. it is rain-free. it is mostly cloudy. we'll stay that way through the day. 48 clearwater. 45 brooksville. lakeland 50. sarasota 45. a couple showers well to our south. we'll stay dry today. isolated showers today into this evening. strong storms tomorrow morning early and into the first half of friday. we'll track those for you. we'll talking about the weekend forecast coming up. let's get over to road warrior hilary zalla. >> good morning. we have a couple accidents this morning. one is in pasco county in port richie. this is an westbound ridge road
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it was originally reported north of this intersection. this is on westbound ridge road. at fowler avenue the signals are not working at 50th street north. be careful out there. breaking news from indonesia. seven people are dead after a terrorist attack in the capitol city. the islamic state is definitely behind the attack. it happened a busy shopping area. the attackers were copying the paris terrorist attacks. ten people were hurt in the attack. starbucks closed all stores until further notice. u.s. embassy issued an emergency message urging u.s. citizens to avoid that area. before the attack indonesia
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islamic militants were planning something big. a few hours ago starbucks sent out this statement. in australia the city opera house is back opened after being evacuated after a bomb threat was made. the main area was searched and nothing was found. police say it was cautionary. if you played the powerball you'll want to get your tickets out. one of three winning tickets was bought in florida. the jackpot was over $1.5 billion.
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first to report a winning ticket at the 7-eleven in chino hills. a winning ticket was sold in munford, tennessee. that's 30 minutes of memphis. the winning ticket in florida could be from tampa. hundreds of people packed a number of different areas to watch this drawing. a tampa group pulled their funds together and bought 73,000 lottery tickets. so far no word on where the winning lottery ticket was sold. pete security council is expected to approve a deal between the city and the race. mayor kriseman said the deal is vital to keep the rays. if the rays move out of st. petersburg they have to pay the city a penalty up to $24 million.
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the millions of dollars the city will make by selling the land from the trop sits now. 10 news reporter grayson kamm is live at tropicanna field. the rays say they want to stay in tampa bay. to do that they need a new ballpark and need to look on both sides of the bay for a location. >> reporter: this new deal requires that search to take six months to get the communities involved time to make their cases to the team. that kicks off a new episode of everyone's favorite 1980's show the dating game. bachelor number one is the hillsborough working group. a team of five elected officials and business leaders. they'll argue to the rays that cheaper park. number two is the baseball campaign.
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the rays building a new ballpark in the same location as tropicanna field. st. pete has more tax money than hillsborough to help with the up front costs of the ballpark. they may face some of the attendance challenges they have for years. bachelor number three is a group pushing for a ballpark in the gateway area of pinnelas at the west end of the howard frankland bridge. that's the battle that will go into motion if security council approves this new deal at the meeting at 3:00 today. live at tropicanna field grayson kamm 10 news wtsp. we are hours away from the gop presidential canidates taking the stage for the first time in 2016. tonight is debate number six. it is important because the iowa caucuses are weeks away on
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canidates have been outspokennen about their disapproval of isis. >> tell the families of the folks of san bernardino that we are overestimating isis. >> if you are interested in watching the debate it starts at 9:00 p.m. four suspected st. pete drug dealers are behind bars after police busted a major drug ring in the area. >> it was a crack party. we didn't have an invitation but we had one. >> neighbors are fed up with the drugs in the area. that helped lead them to the house. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is outside of the house. they used a baby monitor to bust these guys. >> reporter: you are right. outside of this suspected drug
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watching people coming in and out. police had to use a baby monitor to figure out when they could make their move. when they did this they had to call s.w.a.t. officials for a backup. this home was so heavily secures with burglar bars and locks they had to use an ar v to pull the front door off the home. when they went in they found 14 people. many were smoking crack at the time of the raid. some of them tried to cover things up by pouring acid all over the drugs they hid in a lock box. there was a lot going on inside this home. neighbors say they were happy to see it shutdown. >> see you. the neighbors finally won. citizens in this community have been using tips 411 and giving us good information. they don't want it in their neighborhoods. we don't want it in our city.
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>> reporter: these guys arrested yesterday. antonio ford was the ringleader and has been charged with running a drug house and having hopefully now neighbors feel safer in their own neighborhood with these suspected drug dealers behind bars. police say if there is anybody out there who is thinking of picking up where these guys left off. it won't be long before they catch those guys, too. live in st. pete emerald morrow 10 news. a manatee county man is expected to go before a judge today accused of beating and killing his girlfriend's 31- year-old son. he had been watching the boy while his mother worked. the child was violently shaken. he died in the hospital with
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brain and spinal cord injuries. weeks before his death records show child protective services said the mother's kids were taken care of. italian media is reporting a man was taken into custody wednesday. 35-year-old ashley olson was strangled to death in her apartment. dna and surveillance cameras show the two were together a day before olson was found dead. three skiers are safe this morning after an avalanche in ohio. a frozen car has become a tourist attraction in new york. what it took to remove that thick layer of's. >> r in this line of work only the freshest ingredients
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in idaho three skiers were rescued after an avalanche. one was partially buried. all three were taken to local hospitals. they are expected to be okay. one of the skiers triggered the avalanche prompting warnings through today. do you remember this photo? we showed it to you earlier this week. this car was covered in ice from lake erie surf in new york. the car, after a couple days of sitting there has been removed. it took a team of four people armed with 350-pounds of powders calcium chloride to
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it took 15 minutes to free the car. now they have an interesting ice sculpture. >> that is crazy to see that. >> you need a heated ice scraper. >> that is not going to do very much. >> they had to call the big guns in to take care of that. >> they used a credit card to get the ice off. they just charged it. today is a good day to download other 10 news app. we are getting prepared for weather that could be coming tomorrow. >> that's right. it could be a season with strong thunderstorms because of el nino. tonight and tomorrow a storm system will come by. it has the possibility of giving us strong thunderstorms with the chance of severe weather. we are talking tornadoes. we'll be tracking it for you all day today. we have been watching this for a week now. now we are getting amped up about it. we'll watch it hour-by-hour as forecast models come in.
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heading out the door the kids at the bus stop and everybody is fine. there is not even any rain out there. we have 40s on the map north of i-4. 46 carrollwood. 50 in lakeland. same thing in tampa. 51 sarasota. 55 st. pete. 46 tarpon springs. you can see the flags blowing from the east northeast. the wind will come more easterly through the day today. that's slightly warmer wind for us. even though we have all of look at that, that is a mostly cloudy sky out there. we'll warm up to the mid to upper 60s. heavy rain down south over the keys. we are watching that here. this will be our weather maker as a low develops and moves towards the panhandle tonight and tomorrow. that could bring a round of strong thunderstorms through here. let's get you through today. it is quiet out there now. it is just cold. have the kids dressed in
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they can peel the jacket off after lunchtime. coolout side in the mid 60s. if we get in the upper 60s it will be more comfortable later today. it looks like it is rain-free. tune in at noon today. kate will have the latest on the forecast model. there will be a couple showers around at 5:00 and 6:00. jim will track those for you at 5:00 on 10 news. the timing of the storms is going to change, i think. here's 10:00. we have scattered showers and a thunderstorm. i'm thinking of most the severe weather threat is sunrise tomorrow morning through lunchtime. this model brings a few showers and storms overnight tonight. we'll go with a dry day today. 60s to near 70 for a high. a few showers come in around later this evening. the wind will pick up. this afternoon is not bad out of the east. as we get into later tonight, we'll see that pick up.
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there is 4:00 into 6:00. winds sustained into the teens. gusts will be gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour tomorrow morning out of the east and southeast. aloft, that wind will change. it will turn west and southwest. that causes the storms to rotate. those are the types of storms that give us waterspouts and tornadoes. that's why we are watching it. today 74 degrees. west to southwest winds. later tonight we'll see a few isolated showers come through. this is midnight through 2:30. it may change. stay weather aware. will be coming through. that front you see will come through in the afternoon hours. storm prediction center says we have a marginal threat for severe weather tomorrow. that's why we'll track this closely. you can stay updated on our app with the radar and our weather
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you can get all types of things there, including our weather and traffic cameras. we'll send alerts to the app in case anything comes up. on saturday it is incredible. 74 degrees and partly cloudy. it is a nice day on saturday. sunday morning, early in the morning 7:00 to 9:00, another round of strong storms. then we go back into the 60s for the afternoon. really chilly as we get into monday. monday we'll struggle to get out of the 50s. monday night will likely be our coldest night with a possible freeze for much of the nature coast. you can catch our forecast and updates on the radio. here's road warrior hilary zalla. >> good morning. we are starting to see peeks of morning rush hour. u.s. 19 no issues. however, i am on top of an accident on westbound ridge road at congress street.
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there is a lane blocked at the intersection heading westbound on ridge road. police are on scene. hillsborough county no huge delays on the majors. there is an issue on fowler temple terrace. the signals are not working at the intersection. traffic. city crews are working to get these fixed. treat it as a four-way stop. in hillsborough county drive times looking good. veterans expressway southbound from sun coast to the tampa airport 11 minutes. there was a delay earlier from construction. that has cleared. the selmon expressway from gandy boulevard to i-75 in tampa your drive time 15 minutes. i-4 westbound drivers you are holding on to 54 miles per hour into downtown. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera. traffic picking up in pinellas
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north getting on the howard frankland bridge. seeing some brake lights. definitely going to see that slow down across the howard frankland bridge into tampa exit. be sure to give yourself plenty of time if you are in pinellas county getting into tampa. live to our sky 10 network camera in polk county i-4 drivers no problems at polk parkway. eastbound and westbound looking great. sarasota and manatee county your drive time looking good. i-75 southbound taking you 13 minutes from i-275 to university parkway. u.s. 41, 19 minutes is your drive time from university. i'll have an update on your bridges coming up. we have a sad update into a ohio explosion that killed a family of four.
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good thursday morning. it is january 14th. a live look at the nation's capitol. we have another cool start to the day in the bay area. we'll get you caught up on the forecast in a moment. first, there is a survey out by that shows folks living in montana are the best when it comes to managing money. >> study compared each state's average credit score with the medium income. florida came in at 29th. the worse state when it comes to managing money is maryland. let's head over to meteorologist bobby deskins. as the kids head to the bus stop they need a jacket. >> absolutely. long sleeves. pants.
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short sleeves underneath that. 68 for a daytime high today. that's the warmest we have been in several days. have a jacket for the kids for their backpacks later this afternoon. if you are running this morning nice weather. 40s to low 50s. mostly cloudy skies and rain- free. same thing for coming home. only an isolated shower. one or two will be trying to blow on shore. tune in with jim at 5:00 and 6:00. here's road warrior hilary zalla. >> looking at our bridges gandy bridge eastbound is slow down to 22 miles per hour. that's because there is some construction blocking lanes before you get on the bridge. the courtney campbell causeway and the howard frankland bridge looking good. live look from our sky 10 network camera. this is the howard frankland bridge at kennedy boulevard i-
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it will pick up in the next 30 minutes. sunshine skyway bridge 17 minutes. is el nino to blame for poisonous snakes popping up on beaches in california? that story is coming up up. we are on facebook chatting about the powerball.
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good thursday morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. let's get you out the door with meteorologist bobby deskins. he has the current temperatures as we head into this thursday morning. >> it is chilly out there. 40s and 50s. most areas in the upper 40s to low 50s. we have a cool spot. hernando county and citrus county in the lower to mid 40s. 46 carrollwood. 50 lakeland and tampa. 51 bradenton. 51 sarasota. mostly cloudy but rain free and dry as you step outside. this morning we'll try to warm into the 50s. mid 60s for highs this afternoon. strong storms in the forecast. the possibility at least tonight and tomorrow and another round sunday morning. 6:31. let's get you over to road warrior hilary zalla. hot spots are popping up out there. >> i have an update for you on the accident in port richie.
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road at congress street. you have a lane blocked on ridge road. we are seeing a delay there. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera. sky 10 is traveling along the selmon expressway. eastbound and westbound look fine. there is an accident on i-75 southbound at the selmon expressway. two lanes are blocked. we'll have a live look in ten minutes. we are on top of breaking news in indonesia. a terror attack left seven people dead. there are reports that the islamic state is claiming responsibility for the attacks. seven people are dead. including five attackers. people say three suicide bombers walked a starbucks and set off explosives. at the same time gunmen stormed a police post nearby. the country got several
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islamic militants were planning something. we'll have more at isis will be a topic of discussion as secretary of defense discusses the military campaign to defeat the group. 10 news will be there. we'll have updates at 5:00 and at check the powerball tickets if you have not already. there are three winning tickets. one is in florida. here are the numbers. we are looking to figure out where in florida that winning ticket was sold. it is the largest jackpot at $1.5 billion. one of the winning tickets was bought at a 7-eleven. everybody crowded at this convenience store overnight.
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bought near memphis, tennessee. there are several $2 million $1 million winners in florida. what do you think about this? your child's next teacher may have never stepped foot in a classroom. a new option is presented tonight in the bay area offers people without any education experience a chance to earn their certification online in less than a year. the sarah is joining us live in tampa. teacher's union raising concerns about the certification programmings. >> reporter: union members say there are certain things you have to learn inside of a classroom. things like learning disabilities, bullying, discipline and without any time spent in a classroom these teachers will not be ready to prepare your students for the future. there is a huge teacher shortage in florida. hillsborough county started the school year last year with less
6:29 am
if you want to become a teacher you'd have to go back to school, get a second bachelor's degree in education. these programs offered through the american board allow anyone with any bachelor's degree to take courses online. take two tests and then they are a teacher. >> they want to cookie cut education. they want everybody to be on the same page doing the same thing at the same time. kids are not wigets we make in a factory. >> reporter: 40 to 50% of teachers leave the profession within the first five years of their career? the person you heard from blames it on standardized tests and lack of respect. the number one chunk of teachers missing are special education teachers.
6:30 am
have a program to offer for free this certification for those teachers. that raises more red flags for the union. they say those are some of the hardest kids to teach in a classroom. it is a topic in the center of a debate across the country. gun control. dozens of students joined together outside of the usf amphitheater in tampa on wednesday night to debate whether concealed weapons should be allowed on college campuses. >> it is that controversial topic. students on campus feel like we are represented for or against. lawmakers have not asked us how we'll feel about it. a lot of faculty administrators voiced similar concerns. >> this was the university first debatable event of the year. take a look at new video in this morning. this is a massive apartment
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we checked and crews are still there monitoring hot spots after the fire started wednesday night. firefighters had to rescue several people. they were trapped on a balcony. two people with burns and two firefighters were taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. this morning an investigation is underway. a home explosion that killed a family of four on monday was arson. that blast shook a neighborhood southeast of cleveland. two parents and 12-year-old and 8-year-old daughters were killed. this investigation is still on going. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. chicago police could release another video of an officer shooting. today a judge will decide whether to release the video showing a white chicago police officer shooting and killing a black car theft suspect. that shooting happened 2013. victim in the video is a 17- year-old.
6:32 am
department is under a federal investigation over recent officer shootings. a new health study shows health warnings on sugar sweetened drinks may influence whether you buy them for your kids. researchers at the university of pennsylvania found when labels warn of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay you are less likely to buy them. a los angeles clothing store is cashing in on el chapo's fashion. this is similar to a shirt worn with sean penn. it is selling for $128. if you want one you can't get
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a yellow bellied snake is popping up on a california beach. it washed up on a dog beach. it was spotted by a beachgoer who reported it to life guards. the yellow bellied snake features a flat tail. the is often found in warm, tropical waters. >> they have been appearing in our area because of the warm water associated with the el nino. >> only two yellow bellied makes have been spotted on the state's coast since fall. before that the snake has not washed up on a shore since 1972. you don't want to see that on the shore or in the water. we have breaking news about that record-breaking powerball jackpot. we told you one of the three winning tickets was sold in florida.
6:34 am
ticket as sold at a publix in melbourne beach, florida. don't throw the tickets away if you didn't win the big jackpot. the florida lottery tells us several tickets that won a million dollar prize were sold in florida. you have a chance at a large payoff. >> if you know anybody in melbourne beach start making phone calls. next week join us for 10 news this morning. you'll have a chance to enter to win four tampa bay lightning tickets to the february 3rd home game against detroit redwings.
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we first introduced you to the 9-year-old from land o'lakes. eric is terminally ill. he can't go to school. he has been learning letters
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he is a huge fan of the show. last week we set up a surprise meet-and-greet with patt and vanna. >> entertainment tonight. >> i'm a movie star. or should i stay a wheel star. >> one little act on kindness has blossomed. >> i love his enthusiasm. he gets so excited. it was so much fun last week. folks at old mcmickey's farm are throwing him a birthday bash. you can pay $10 at the gate to attend the party. account. they are hoping to raise $20,000 as part of a heart
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>> if you want to see the video this morning on our website it will be the best video you watch today. >> he saw vanna and was like there they are. >> we want you to be downloading our 10 news app today because we are watching severe weather moving in. >> we could see strong thunderstorms tomorrow morning. we are talking sunrisish time frame and perhaps later in the morning hours. i think there is the possibility, i have seen situations where we get split. storms go to our north and south. that could happen here. it is too far out to say that will be the case. we'll have to be heads up between now and tomorrow mid- morning. this morning we are rain-free. we have lower to mid 40s north of i-4. 46 in carrollwood.
6:38 am
it is about the same. 50 tampa. 51 sarasota. 50 lakeland. plant city is there. 49 valrico and fish hawk. 50 macdill air force base. it will warm up into the mid to upper 60s. we don't have any fog this morning. i don't think that will be an issue. we have high and low clouds. it is a big mix today. that will stay with us. i expect mostly cloudy conditions. a lot of rain over the keys. we are watching for a low to develop and track off towards the north and east. what type of energy does it bring and where does it put the bigs storms? our forecast model gets updated. stay tuned at noon with kate and 5:00 and 6:00 with jim. that will start to pinpoint when and where we think the storms will come through. this morning no issues.
6:39 am
we'll see a break or two of sunshine. 63 by lunchtime. afternoon 67 to 68 almost 70 degrees in warm spots. that will be a problem. it will go south today. shower wise an isolated shower is possible by 5:00 to 7:00. for the ride home it will be one or two. models showing more showers after 9:00 tonight. this is up in the air. the best chance for any big thunderstorms or severe weather to us. that will happen tomorrow morning. upper 60s to 70s today. tomorrow we'll start with that stormy weather first thing in the morning. then clear out and get windy. southeast winds at 10. west to southwest winds developing going 30 miles per hour with higher gusts. it will get windy. problem.
6:40 am
across the area, back up to our north and west it will swing storms through. tomorrow morning at 6:30 some over sarasota county could be strong. fort myers has storms and back up north and west. that is a possibility. it is too far out to say that's going to happen. i talked about that wind at the surface out of the southeast and southwest. above it it is really fast. 130 to 140 miles per hour with winds changing in direction. that's the type of set up that causes rotating thunderstorms. those can create tornadoes and waterspouts. that's what we are watching it for you. there is our app. all of the weather and radar and updates and a letters. we could end up with a severe thunderstorm watch tonight. jim will cover that at 5:00. it will be probably close to 11:00 p.m. saturday is nice.
6:41 am
morning. those could be strong but then really cool monday and tuesday. you can watch our forecast in the newspaper. we teamed up with the tampa bay times and ledger. here's road warrior hilary zalla. >> good morning. we have two really big accidents. first one is in hillsborough county on waters avenue at the veterans expressway. three cars are involved in this accident including a police car. eastbound waters avenue there are lanes blocked as well as one lane blocked westbound. this is at the veterans expressway. we are seeing heavy delays getting on the veterans expressway from there. you are in the yellow both directions. that will hit red soon. injuries are reported. sky 10 will be heading that way shortly. we'll get you a live look coming up. if you can take linebaugh avenue as your alternate route. another big crash is in pasco
6:42 am
one of the worse interchanges state road 56 at southbound i- 75. this accident is in the southbound lanes of i-75. injuries are reported. one lane is blocked southbound near the new tampa premium outlet mall. this is south towards the apex. give yourself time. not seeing a significant delay yet. i'm sure we will as you are heading southbound. you are in the green. delay on state road 56 getting on to i-75. live to our sky 10 network camera. this is i-75 in hillsborough county at state road 60. there was an accident reported here by fhp. we got to the scene. fhp did as well. nothing was there. that is good for you. northbound and southbound we are seeing heavy delays for morning rush hour going northbound. give yourself some time there. selmon expressway getting slow. sarasota county and manatee counties luckily you are holding on to good drive times
6:43 am
no significant delays on i-75 or u.s. 41. in polk county no issues so far. lakeland you are looking good. i-4 drivers from polk parkway over to i-75 in tampa you are looking at a 15 minute drive time. a live look in st. pete this morning. if you are headed out on an early morning run or walk, snap a picture of the sunrise. we love seeing what it looks like. send it to us on facebook,
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a terror attack in indiana leaves seven people dead. islamic state is claiming
6:47 am
people say three suicide bombers walked into a starbucks and set off explosives. at the same time, gunmen stormed a police post nearby. we learned the country got several warnings in recent weeks that islamic militants were planning something. record-breaking powerball jackpot will be split three ways. cnn is reporting one of the three tickets was sold at publix in melbourne beach, florida. the other two tickets were sold in california and tennessee. there were 11 $1 million $2 million winners in the state. check your numbers again. we have taken a name off
6:48 am
tropical storm alex is over the eastern atlantic. it will fall apart over cooler water. it is subtropical. it takes a name off the list. when we really get started we'll start with b. i'm on top of two accidents. first one is in wesley chapel approaching the apex. a couple lanes blocked with injuries. in hillsborough county on waters avenue there is a three- car crash. a police car is involved in this one going eastbound on waters avenue at the veterans expressway. lanes blocked eastbound and westbound. take linebaugh instead. live look from our sky 10 network camera. traffic is picking up. this is i-75 at i-4. northbound and southbound. i-75 definitely delayed. you'll likely see this all
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the late late show gets a special guest. take a look. help from the outside. >> adele was the latest celebrity to join in the car pool kareoke. not only did they sing popular
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