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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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but the board has two new faces and now likely enough support to pass this deal between the mayor and the rays, that they've come to with council's input. the rays have been working on this for years, this deal would allow the team to explore sites but under the agreement they cannot leave st. pete before 2018, the rays would pay the city $249 million in penalties depending on when they break their contract and if they move outside of st. pete. one incentive to stay through 2027, the team would behalf of the proceeds from developing the 85-acre site which is city owned land, if they bill out before they wouldn't any of that money, now with low a ten dance, staying at the drop through 2027 would be financially unstable. >> in a home that will be pitch
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have said and we've taken up, ensure that we will be here for generations. >> we know there is no better way to do that by building a winning team and attracting fans to tropicana field. >> now if this deal passes in the next few. whos the rays will have to lay out to the city of st. pete how they plan to evaluate other sites and have to give the city of st. pete six months to make their pitch to stay in st. pete as, i'm heading back into the meeting, listening to what councilmembers have to say whether they reach this agreement they have to a unanimous vote. kendra conlin. developing right now in tampa, a strange theft that even has police shaking their head, three bodies and a skull were stolen from the italian club cemetery, the bodies were inside a family mausoleum, the
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died in 1913, 19914 and 1935, a skull belonged to a woman who died more recently, they can't either. we are working on that part of the story and we'll have it it for you on 10 news at 5:30. well changes to your forecast are certainly on the jim van fleet. tracking two waves of thunderstorms that could bring severe weather into your backyard. rain we are tracking it just out to the west in the gulf tonight, that is not the worse part, what we are tracking that is in the gulf does have a slight risk for severe weather in the next 24 hours, mainly friday morning, norman may upgrade that, you can see the beginnings of this storm system getting going off the coast of texas, but it will race across the gulf tonight and that's why we want to make sure we you on alert, what i'm tracking is to
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ramping up just after the morning commute. somewhere between 8-9:00 a.m., we have a lot to talk about with this for friday and what's behind it. we'll do so in your forecast at 5:15. our team coverage of the severe weather threat that is continuing, we'll take a look at what it means for your family, what happens if your child is at school, is your child prepared to deal, the information you need to know to be sure your child is safe. >> the students in largo middle school know exactly what to do in case of a tornado, they had a tornado drill last week so this class is ready to go. >> the district leaders say they did extra preparation in anticipation of the strong el nino winter be. >> in the event of severe weather they notify all the schools in the district. >> each school is different, each classroom is different,
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this particular classroom is already surrounded by walls with no windows so the student versus to get underneath the tables, duck and cover. >> each school has designated places that are safe on their campus that are free from hazards and keep students safe away from windows, if students need to take cover then principals and teachers know to bring students to that area. >> if have you concerns about your particular school's plan, don't less tate to ask, also if severe weather hits when it's time for kids to go home, they might be delayed. >> we will not put a student on the bus there is a threat of a tornado in the area, we don't want to send our students on the roadways if they are not safe. >> reporter: what if your child is in day care? what kind of questions do you need to ask the provide i remember to make sure your child is protected? i'll have that story coming up for you at 6:00. right now is the perfect
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app, you will get instant alerts when severe weather is near and a look at storm tracker 10 all day every day. a neighborhood crime alert that you need to hear, manatee county deputies followed a woman, if happened on in palmetto on lake view drive in the neighborhood off 73rd street, deputies say the man demanded money and threatened the woman, her husband confronted him after a fight the guy ran, no one was hurt couple's car. >> it's 20 to 79:00 in the important, it's light outside, that someone is going to follow rob you. >> deputies release add picture of the man who they say is and complices, look at your screen right now, you see him on the screen, he was also seen in the doors. new information about the
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starbucks in the capital of indonesia, isis is claiming responsibility. the operation was extremely similar to the paris attacks in november. video posted on instagram shows one of those explosions, cbs news has learned one terrorist accidentally set off his vest and a third attackers walked into starbucks and blew himself up, they had grenades and guns, police say five attack talkers and two other people were kill glad happening right now let's head outside for a live look at traffic nightmare for the third day in a row, major backups again on northbound i 275 across the how hard frank land bridge. this -- howard frankland bridge. our road warrior hillary is getting answers about why these new lanes are causing more problems. >> reporter: this is what traffic looks like on the howard frankland bridge going towards tampa this morning, and
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this is the st. pete side of the bridge, their commute on i 275 has been 20-30 minutes longer this week. >> this week fdot shifted traffic to new lanes on northbound 275. since then, rush hour delays have gotten worse, and midday backups have started. >> pretty frustrating. >> it gets hectic sometimes for us. >> the new a lanement is straighter. but two of the three lanes are now only 11 feet wide instead of the typical 12. add on the short merges at the hines entrance ramp and you have a recipe for major congestion. >> i'm always at least 15-20 minutes late. >> typically traffic gets worse after a lane shift, what if it doesn't get better? fdot says their engineers are studies ing the situate. there is not a lot of permanent pavement to work with. >> they need to rethink everything, they need to look at what they've done, they
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still need to make changes. >> there is an end in sight though,-6-9 weeks a fourth northbound lane will open and go back to a 12-foot width, the merge lane will get longer, be sure to plan extra time going northbound on 275 especially during rush hour, i will be sure to be watching the traffic situation for you closely in the coming days and i will keep you updated, 10 news. time now for stories making headlines around the state, and world. deadly house explosion that kill add family in ohio, investigators say it may have been the result of of a murder- suicide, a married couple and their 8 and 129-year-old daughters were found inside that home, ruling out a natural gas leak. actor allen ratz died today, along with diehard and
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the movie love actually. rick man is survived by partner of 50 years and recently married, he was 69 years old. a before fight lands former boy band nick carter behind the bars, he was arrested in key west after he allegedly got into a fight at a popular bar called hog's breath saloon, the shacking up bill, there is an effort to end a centuries old school of law beening couples living together before they are married, showing half a million florida couples living together out of wedlock. by now you definitely know whether you hit the jackpot in the power ball drawing, there were three big winners they'll split the is $.5 billion jackpot. check it out, one was right here in florida in melbourne beach, chino hills, california,
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>> i just screamed out loud, oh, my god. >> it's feeling so great. >> none of the big winners has come forward, you can't blame them. the store that sold the particular oats have already received their bonus checks w so many people buying tickets for the massive jackpot there were a lot of people who also won smaller prices, a total of is $1 million winners, two local, tickets bought at zephyr hills radiant store, check your tickets and at the publix on park boulevard. check this out, lottery officials say 65, half million dollars ticket were also sold in florida, don't throw them away, more than 5000 people also won $500. >> neither one of us. >> no. i didn't even win $2. >> we are still here. important crime alert you will only see on so news. >> why police believe this guy right here caught on surveillance is behind home
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there are a lot of blondes on this campus, but only one of them has their own beer label,
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you can't have a 50th anniversary without a party. >> they want add special beer for the occasion, so they came up with a special label to match. >> 10 news reporter bobbie lewis is on the road at st. pete. >> there are a lot of blonds on campus at usf president pete,
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but one stands out more than others. >> oh, yeah i think more people know their name than mine. >> this is alberta, the blond who is turning all the heads, a guide dog who helps the professor get around. >> i mean i can function without her, i worked with a cane for years before i started getting guide dogs. but alberta knows me better than i know myself of the she is my furry gps. >> who takes her legally blind owner from the office to the classroom and occasionally to one of the most popular spots on campus. a familiar face. >> there it is, by before roy blond, they want to drink the local boar so the blond does very well as do the local beers. without question this has got to be the number one blond. you just have to see her to love her. >> and students do, alberta is so popular that three beers
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>> it was a fabulous surprise that alberta was going to be the by borrow blond ale. >> alberta is a fixture on campus and so it makes sense. >> she is a legend in my mind. >> a dog that was popular before is now legend delivery and the must see blond on campus. >> alberta is on the beer label. >> i will buy six pack immediately. >> it is my old favorite boar in a better can. >> bobbie lewis 10 news. >> no blond jokes. >> well, no, i was going to say even if you don't like beer it makes you want to buy some. >> absolutely. >> alberta. >> she is so smart. >> so sweet, too. >> the label for the bay borrow blond is created by a former uss st. pete student. >> the boar has been so popular that it will remain on tap at
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the tavern on the ufc campus. you really have a lot that we need to gear up for. the whole news room, the whole community needs to. >> it would be smart to stay weather why wear as we do have a risk of severe weather. this is friday, going into tonight it's cloudy on the sky 10 network, we are going to take you step by step as we promised and walk you through what is coming your way, for tonight cloudy skies and an isolated shower, you can see in the gulf we are tracking showers offshore, through later this evening you might, actually see a few raindrops on your windshield, but the main system we are tracking is just wrapping up in the last couple hours, you saw nothing over texas, you can see how quickly this is starting to wind up. add to it the jet stream will be intensifying over there. as it works its way across the golf it will be picking up intensity and becoming a stronger system, that sun of
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closely tracking what we are looking at. we are in a marginal risk for severe weather, which is a low threshold, it's a heads up that is possible, not guaranteed to see it overall of our counties, but it is a better possibility than just expecting rainfall, so let's take you through it, cloudy tonight, a few stray showers, but the timing of this does look to be a friday morning to midday event, i am going to take you through the whole thing first and zoom in and slow this down so you can see exactly where you live and working the timing that we are expecting, as the main law tracks across the gulf, looking for a secondary low that might try to spin up south of tampa, sarasota and fort myers will want to watch this closely because the combination of the two could allow for some spin in the atmosphere which would
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a chance at rotating storms, we hit the breaks a little bit and just step through this for your friday, again late tonight a few stray showers and cloudy skies, when you wake up in the morning we start at 4:00 pro a.m., if we start to see storms moving in early we'll have 10 weather team coverage right out the get. as you head out the door, likely ily a few stray showers for early commuters, the window we are looking at for the worse weather somewhere between 8:00 a.m. and noon. so as you can see right here, 8- 10 really starts to pick up and wind up in the by area in intensity for just about all of our counties, lasting to right around lunch time and just as quickly moving out between noon and 2:00. so the second half of friday is not a stormy day, it is really just first half of the day. but as far as our threat level, be possible.
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now the about in all of that is i'm not expecting a tornado outbreak, 8, 9, 10 tornadoes, but a couple of these storms producing small to moderate size tornadoes, it is possible and something you are going to want to be ready for. now, let me show you seven day forecast what we are looking at as we go through friday, the second half of the day should be all clear and for saturday you are looking okay. the next system on sunday is also looking to wind up and be fairly stormy, 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. as we get closer to it we'll have a better idea if the threat level of severe weather is there, this far out that is also a possible, for those two days it is time to pay attention, 10 weather tracking it every step of the way. taking you through your friday and the weekend, 5:30 we'll talk more about the cold air coming in behind it as well,
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heard about that out in the atlantic, you can get storm tracker on your phone. this might be one of the strangest pieces of vandalism that you ever heard of. all new on 10 news at 5:30, a family mausoleum broken into, tonight we hear from cemetery officials who are shocked and disgust glad pet owners what you need to know about a dog flu spreading across several states including florida. plus a mom on a mission to night, how she is helping special needs children find forever homes, those stories and much more coming up next on 10 news at 5:30. first starting off as the talk about a new human rights rule. this happens in the homosexual lifestyle, okay, over and over.
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here is a look at what is coming up tonight at 8:00, the big bang theory, followed by mom and jane lynch in angel from hell at 9:30. at 10:00 it's elementary, and 10 news at 9:11. stay up for the late show with steven colbert, olivia munn and tj miller. a discussion could turn into a criminal investigation. that is after and antigay activist took to the mic and made a stunning admission, watch. sexually assaulting kids and never went to jail.
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>> that man is roy bay, he went to a meeting as a member and employee of jacksonville easy advantage he will temple, the church's pastor said he did not know about by's past, he doesn't know if it's true, but he is taking precautions. >> restricting any contact, possible contact with children and with young people. he will be allowed to come to the church services, and seated in an appropriate spot which will be watched by our security. >> bizarre, news partners in jacksonville could only find a couple arrests for bay for driving without a license. developing tonight, per prosecutors in italy are laying killing a florida woman, ashley olson was found dead in her apartment, prosecutors say she left a nightclub the night before and went home with a man
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who left dna traces in her apartment, the man's employer said they got in a fight but his client did not kill her. the risk of tornadoes increases that is why we are showing you how to stay safe if you have to seek cover at work or on the road you want to see it.
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