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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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big story out of tampa this morning. the bucs have a new coach. the rays strike a deal with st. pete. where the team can now look to move. right now bobby is tracking storms. and they could lead to some potential rough weather later this morning. good morning and welcome to 10 news at 4-30. i'm allison kropff.
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#10weather with meteorologist bobby deskins. it looks like the bucs have found it looks like the bucs have found their new man, and they didn't have to look far. several reports say dirk koetter will be named the new head coach. although three coordinators were interviewed, koetter was really the only guy seriously
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and now, the word is koetter will be the bucs' 11th head coach in franchise history. after going through the 2014 season, without an offensive coordinator, dirk koetter came on board in 2015 and immediately established a rapport with rookie quarterback jameis winston. 3 rookies started for the entire season...and still set a franchise record for total yards. not only leading winston, but koetter's offense rejuvenated doug martin's career. he was second in the nfl in rushing with 14-hundred yards. a major deal in st. pete. the rays can now look for a stadium site, outside of the city in pinellas and hillsborough counties. the debate's divided council and both sides of the bay for years. 10 news reporter kendra conlon explains what it means for the team and taxpayers.
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rays owner 23-28 brian auld, rays president 111-118 kendra conlon, president 111-118 132 that's been nearly a making... the st. pete city council giving the rays the chance to look at different stadium locations... owner stu sternberg hammered out between the rays and the mayor is a home run for the team, city and fans. this deal is different from the first two strike outs. if the rays stay through their 2027 contract.. they'll get half of the proceeds from any trop redevelopment. otherwise the team will pay up to 24 million dollars in penalties. some council members didn't want to play ball... saying the deal doesn't benefit the city enough. the rays won't say if they're looking at a particular site..
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or how much taxpayers may have to bring to the plate. mayor kriseman says he'll now put together a campaign committee, rallying to keep the rays in st. pete. tampa mayor buckhorn says quote "it is time we broke the stalemate".. and he looks forward to the team exploring options and staying in tampa bay. head to wtsp dot com... to read the deal for yourself. the parents of children aboard a bus that crashed into a pond last september plan to sue the school district. hillsborough county schools confirms it received a letter with the
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board when the driver lost control. on wednesday-- another driver got in an accident with board. driver marilyn ray won't be back behind the wheel until the district completes its investigation. we have a crime this one sounds like something out of a movie. someone broke into this mausoleum at the italian club cemetery in tampa. two coffins and skeletal remains from a third. investigators believe the crime took place sometime day in november and wednesday. it raises concerns about who would desecrate such a sacred place.## we're told nothing like this has
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ever happened in the we're told nothing like this has ever happened in the cemetery's hundred year history. if you have any information, please contact tampa police. right now we're learning more about a tour bus that crashed on its way to a ski resort. 41-people were onboard the bus when it crashed in central japan. at least 14 passengers were killed and 27 others hurt. rescue officials say the bus veered into the opposite lane on a mountain road in nagano, ramming through a guardrail and sliding down the mountainside. time now for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60 second scan. busted in texas. customs intercepted a shipment of more than a ton of marijuana disguised as carrots. agents say the 28 hundred carrot- shaped packages are worth a half million bucks on the street. the drugs were mixed in with a commercial shipment of fresh carrots. miss washington winner stormy keffeler is being investigated and it could cost her, her crown. a law enforcement source says just last month she was found alone in an apartment with soccer star "marco pappa", who had been stabbed. apparently her
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story has changed several times. no one has been arrested in that case. the beauty queen was also arrested for d-u-i, back in april. discount grocery store chain aldi says it's getting rid of candy in the check out aisle. the company says it's going to put healthier stuff like trail mixes, granola bars and dried fruit in its place. aldi plans to have healthier checkout lanes in nearly 15- hundred stores by the end of the year. the chain isn't getting rid of candy all together, just moving it. the republican presidential candidates-- squared off last night in the first debate of 2016. once again mudslinging, name calling and some fireworks. 10news reporter courtney robinson has the political battle. out of the gate the candidates tried to stay on message. -- -- but the in-fighting quickly surfaced .. with ted cruz addressing whether he's a natural born citizen . and being the first to try and trip up donald trump . as the two remain
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tied in the polls in iowa. -- -- marco rubio who's shined in past debates chimed in and took control ... -- -- while the candidates seemed more relaxed on stage . some still got lost in the mix. ben carson like his campaign of recent was quiet . and despite a few moments for both jeb bush and john kasich they ultimately fell somewhat flat. it was chris christie who found his way to the front . ducking attacks and winning applause. -- -- speaking with our 10news political analyst lars hafner ... the big takeaway from the debate is that this one didn't change the landscape ... trump and cruz fought for the number one spot.. with christie and rubio going back and
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analysis of the dot com. democrats debate in charleston south carolina. if you've been on northbound i-275, across the howard frankland bridge this week, then you know it's a traffic nightmare! it all started when the florida department of transportation shifted traffic into new lanes. our road warrior hilary zalla is getting answers about why these new lanes are causing more problems: hilary: this is what traffic looked like on the howard frankland bridge going towards tampa this morning...and this is the st. pete side of the bridge. drivers tell me their commute on i-275 into tampa has been 20 to 30 minutes longer this week. on tuesday, fdot shifted traffic to new lanes on northbound i-275 at dale mabry highway. since then, rush hour delays have gotten worse...and midday back ups have started. "it's frustrating" "it gets pretty hectic sometimes for us" the new alignment is straighter and on permanent pavement. but two of the three lanes are now only 11 feet wide, instead
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add on the extremely short merges at the dale mabry and himes entrance ramps...and you have the perfect recipe for major congestion. "its frustrating because i'm always at least 15 to 20 minutes late" it' normal for traffic to get worse a few days after a traffic shift, but what if it doesn't get better? fdot says they're engineers are studying the situation. if the problem persists, they may try to widen the lanes, but there's not a lot of permanent pavement to work with. "they need to rethink everything. they need to look at it over again what theyve done. i think they still need to make changes" hilary: there is an end in 6-9 weeks barring any rain delays...a 4th northbound lane will open and all lanes will go back to a 12 foot width. the dale mabry highway merge lane will also get longer. but until any relief comes your way, be sure to allow for plenty of extra time on i-275 during rush hour. i'll be watching the traffic situation very closely in the coming days and keep you updated. im road warrior hilary zalla for 10
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news wtsp. if you have a problem on the roads, hilary can help you out. email her at "road warrior at wtsp dot com" or tweet her "at 10 news traffic." coming up at 5 on 10 news this investigation is underway after an amtrak train passing through jacksonville collides with a s-u-v killing one person inside. and flint's water crisis continues this morning as michigan's governor requests the president's help. plus this big guy is back home safe after he fell inside an icy pond. still ahead, looking to make some cash?? where to put your money. and here's a hint, ladies you're going to like this one!!! and apple, on a mission to help you sleep better! see the latest update. next week.. watch 10news this morning for your chance to enter to win four tampa bay lightning tickets to the february 3rd home game against the detroit red
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wings. all you have to do is watch for the word of the day monday through thursday, then enter it on our facebook page. we'll announce the winner on friday
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bobby weather
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out this pretty you have to check you have to check
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you have to check
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you have to check you have to check out this pretty incredible video out you have to check out this pretty incredible video out of southern chile. thousands of squid have washed up on the beaches. it's causing a bad smell and health concerns for people
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apparently, squid wash ashore every year -- but an investigation is underway to try and figure out why there are so many more this year. dressing up like a famous drug kingpin is apparently the new hot style! a clothing company says its shirts worn by joaquin "el chapo" guzman are now flying off the shelves. for 128 dollars a shirt, you can wear one of two designs el chapo was pictured wearing shortly before his capture. ladies, you now have a new excuse to buy a brand new handbag. the high-end herms "birkin bag" is actually a better investment than stocks or gold. a study by "bag hunter" shows birkin bags have increased in value by more than 14 percent every year. they also haven't decreased in value. the study says that makes them a "historically safer investment than the stock market." but-- it will cost you quite a bit to get started on this investment. the bags start out at around 12 thousand bucks. if you've been waiting to take
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advantage of some online deals, this weekend may be your chance! amazon will drop the price of its "prime membership" from 73-dollars. it's to celebrate amazon winning two golden globe awards for its series "mozart in the jungle." the company will also stream that series for free this weekend. it all starts tonight at midnight...and runs until sunday at midnight. chick-fil-a is jumping in on the organic bandwagon. on monday, it will launch its first organic item nationwide. it's called "honest kids' appley ever after" juice drink. customers who choose the drink as the kids' meal drink option will not pay an upcharge. did you hit snooze a few times this morning??? well, to help you get better rest. apple's newest update will feature a setting called "night shift." this will use geo-location to figure out when the sun sets in your area. when it's dark out, your phone will automatically
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change the display to a warmer filter. the filters keep out blue light that is said to prevent sleep. still ahead, one little girl has something special she now shares with her mother and grandmother. the bond the three will now share for years to come. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, undercover boss, followed by hawaii five-o at 9:00. at 10:00, blue bloods.
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has "something special" in common with her mother and grandmother. they all share the same birthday!
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amiyah , her mother brittany, and brittany's mom angela were all born on january 14th. they say none of it was just happened by coincidence. the family says they look forward to years of shared birthday celebrations. coming up on 10 news this morning.. preparing for severe storms today. from staying safe in your home, to your car, what you need to know. hillsborough county gets ready to launch new crime solving technology, but it's raising some privacy concerns. and the python challenge is back! the big prizes hunters could win this year. we'll be back with another look at your weather and
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