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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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live from one buc place live from one buc place ad lib lets get a look at
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new this new this morning-- hillsborough county prepares to launch new technology meant to keep you safe.
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called "shot spotter." the technology can track exactly where gunshots are coming from. and it can help police and deputies respond in minutes. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live at the hillsborough county sheriff's office in tampa. emerald...this will be a big part of the sheriff's office's crime-fighting efforts. yeah...right now...the sheriff's office uses tag readers and surveillance cameras to help catch criminals... and shot spotter will be another major piece of their "eye on crime" system that they hope will help reduce crime in the university andnuccio areas of tampa here's how the technology will work - there are about 81 sensors across these areas - and when they detect sounds that might be gunfire - it sends an alert to a central response team that reviews it - and if it is indeed gunfire...they notify police within seconds... - meaning police can get to the scene within minutes of the gunfire...not just when someone calls
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- this is video of a shooting here in tampa caught by surveillance cameras - you see two men walking down the street - shortly afterward you can see two men handing off a gun - then running down the street shooting after two other men - deputies didn't get to the scene until someone called 911 - by then the suspects were gone - but if deputies had shot spotter..they could have gotten there minutes after the shots were fired - possibly catching the suspects involved - but as of right now, these guys are still out on the street - and who knows when they will strike again - this whole system cost the county about 800 thousand dollars - and yes, that's expensive...but can you really put a price tag on saving someone's life? - because that's
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exactly what the sheriff's office says this will do. - live in tampa, emerald morrow, 10 news, wtsp. an investigation is underway after an amtrak train hit a car in jacksonville, killing the driver. the florida highway patrol says a chevy tahoe was stopped on the tracks at about 7:00 thursday evening even though the lights were flashing and the gate was down. that's when the train collided with the s-u-v. the driver was taken to the hospital where he passed away. no one on the train was hurt. a pinellas county deputy is under review for a crash that left a motorcyclist paralyzed. we first told you about this story on 10 news this morning wednesday. 21 year old eli ulibarri was riding home on his motorcycle tuesday when detective corporal joe miner pulled out in front of him luther king street north at 62nd avenue north. ulibarri was wearing a helmet. michigan's governor is asking for help from president obama. he wants obama to issue an emergency and major disaster declaration due to the ongoing flint water crisis. the governor also wants additional federal aid for those helping provide clean water
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to people living in flint. flint's tap water has been contaminated with too much lead since 2014 when the city switched its water supply. a crime alert you need to know about that sounds like something from a horror movie. tampa police say someone broke into this mausoleum at the italian club cemetery. the vandals took two coffins and skeletal remains from a third. investigators believe the the items were stolen sometime between veterans day and wednesday. if you have any information on this crime, call tampa police. we're putting the news back in the morning, time now is . a gas leak in california is more dangerous than originally thought. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. southern california gas company says it has underestimated the levels of a cancer- causing chemicals and they've actually risen. reported back in now the cause is thousands of people have been evacuated from their los angeles homes. the winners of the one and a half billion dollar powerball jackpot
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have not come forward. one attorney is trying to make it easier for lottery winners to stay anonymous. many winners names are often made public because of state laws. but andrew stoltmann is trying to work with lottery executives to ensure privacy and safety to anyone collecting jackpots. amazon will soon be adding transportation on the ocean to its list of services. the e-commerce giant has now received a license to operate as an ocean freight and deliver products to the u-s and other parts of the world directly from the company's chinese affiliate. this move will allow them to cut down on shipping costs and make faster deliveries. it's a challenge that's made national headlines. the states' popular python hunt in the everglades returns tomorrow! what that means for hunters and non-hunters.
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10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, undercover boss, followed by hawaii five-o at 9:00. at 10:00, blue bloods. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests astronaut scott kelly and soccer player abby
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wambach. and if you go to bed early-- don't worry. we're sharing the best moments from the late show with you on 10 news this morning, every day at 5-20 and 6-20. florida's python challenge starts tomorrow! it's part of the state's fight against the invasive burmese pythons. this is when hunters with permits can capture snakes alive. people without permits must kill the snake and bag the remains. the challenge lasts five weeks. it comes with a chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes. 68 snakes were captured in the last challenge. chipotle will close feb. 8 for companywide meeting on food safety --this comes after several food poisoning outbreaks last year --chipotle will hold meetings about food safety with all of their employees. --this will happen feb. 8. ## linda windey won $1 million prize in wednesday's powerball drawing. --first thing she did was go to a blood drive in front of kentucky lottery headquarters.
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--"it just made sense. i had a million dollars fall out of the sky..." --the single mother of three children ages 10 to 17 matched the five numbers, but not the powerball --she said she has no grand designs for spending her windfall and doesn't plan to stop working. ## dad sends formal rejection letter to deny 6-year-old son a $20 loan. --dad responded with the tagline "because apparently i look like i'm made of money." --he explained to his son that a "lack of chores can come back to bite you." --appeal to your mother --by the way -- dad savings and loan sent the letter.
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newspaper tease: tampa bay times and
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newspaper tease: tampa bay times and the ledger
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check this out, it's a fossil display of check this out, it's
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check this out, it's a fossil display of biggest dinosaur known to man. this is a titan-o- saur. it's not it's official name that will be out in about a month. this big guy is 122 feet long and 46 feet high. it's so big it can't fit into one room at the american museum of natural history in new york. paleontologists believe this creature once weighed 40 tons. that's the same as 10 elephants.
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news this morning.. el nino winter could mean more severe weather for us starting today. what you need to know to protect your family and your home. and more changes for the bucs. the big announcement
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