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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the door. right now -- bobby is tracking showers...and the potential for severe weather. a weather alert before you head out the door. we are tracking showers and the potential for severe weather. a horrible scene as a bus crashes near a popular ski resort. good friday morning to you. welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. thank you for joining us. let's get over to meteorologist bobby deskins. we have much of the team in this morning tracking this storm. >> it is light rain. it is not a big deal right now. just a hindrance to your morning commute. later this morning around 9:00 there will be a line of showers and thunderstorms coming through. that could produce severe weather. light to moderate rainfall. heaviest rain is south of sarasota. that will move into southern
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sarasota county in the next 20 minutes. you see the line coming through tallahassee? that's the line we are watching. that will come through about 9:00 a.m. it is a good thunderstorm warning south of tallahassee. see the spin thing there? that's indicating rotation. that's the problem. we could get a waterspout or tornado out of that line as it comes through and gusty winds. it is something we'll track. i'll go over the details right now. 60 right now. it is mild. we'll have sunshine after 2:00 this afternoon. bring your sunglasses. i think we'll do this again sunday morning. let's get over to the traffic center with laura byrne. i see a lot of lights. >> traffic is picking up. you can see the roads are wet this morning because of some of the rain drops from earlier this morning.
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drive carefully and leave earlier today than you usually would to be on the safe side to make sure you are getting to work and school on time. this is a live look at the howard frankland bridge. looking at live speeds if you are heading out the door. we are in the green. it will quickly change in the next few minutes as we head into the rush hour. 55 miles per hour on i-275 near dale mabry. pinellas county still in the green. as you are looking at this tomorrowy morning are you ready if serious storms hit our area? this is not just for today but what could be a full winter with stormy weather. 10 news reporter grayson kamm is live at passe grille beach. you have things people need to think about this morning.
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>> reporter: a tornado game 2012. how do you know and where do you go? how do you know if a winter storm will be a rain maker into something severe? do you have the 10 weather app on your phone that can send you an alert based on where you are? do you have a weather radio? around the house do you have the tv turned up? we'll always let you know when there is severe weather in our area. when you hear a warning there is a tornado near you where will you go? you want to put as many walls as possible between you and the outside world. think about a safe place you would go if you are at work. your kids should have a tornado plan at school. there is no harm in asking about it. today may spawn severe weather. sunday is also a day to be watching.
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going now it looks like we are facing two months of increased numbers of storms and potentially increased severity. pay attention and start thinking now. live in passe grille grayson kamm 10 news. when severe weather strikes you want to be prepared. we asked the experts in pasco county what is the best plan for you if you live in a mobile home? get to a safe area. if you spot a tornado you may have to get to a lower area, which could be a ditch. in schools each school has a different weather plan. schools are designated areas on their campus. if the weather hits when your child is supposed to go home that could be delayed. if you lose power, make sure you download the 10 news app. it is free.
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phone or tablet if the power is out. you can also check live radar. it is a good tool to have handy as we look at if potential of severe weather. in indonesia police in the capitol city arrested three men in connection to thursday's isis terror attack. trio was found during a raid in a suspect's home. police found a flag of the islamic state group while they of the attackers. investigators are trying to figure out how a tour bus in japan slid down a mountain side killing 14 people and hurting 27 others. resort. there were 41 people on board when it crashed this morning landing on its side. there didn't appear to be any snow or ice on the road at the time. the bucs found the guy to lead their team.
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they didn't have to look too far for the future of the franchise. the new head coach is already with the organization. we are talking about offensive coordinator dirk cutter. the team's gm said they fired head coach lovie smith. they hope cutting brings to the franchise a focus on how the team can move forward. as a bucs fan this is probably a frustrating time for you. this will make the fifth coach since 2008. bucs are still paying a large price for lovie smith for the remainder of his contract. the franchise is moving forward. they believe cutter's relationship with jameis winston and the offense will make him the right guy for the job. >> i don't need a piece of paper to tell me something my eyes can see. >> cutter seems to have the
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someone who doesn't hold back and will keep players accountable. dirk cutters daughter sent out this tweet. the bucs set to make this announcement today. we understand they have scheduled a news conference at one buck place at 2:00. once we find out more information we'll have updates on our app and it seems like over the last few years there have be a lot of coaches. morris was 2009 to 2011. greg from 2012 to 2013. lovie smith lasted two seasons. that brings us to dirk cutter. today the battle begins on both sides of the bay to find a
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in a 5-3 vote the st. pete city council approved the deal to look. if the rays stay through their contract they'll get half of the proceeds of anything raised at the trop. otherwise they have to pay the city. >> how do you expect the financing to play out? fall on taxpayers? this point. >> the rays must lay out for the city what they'll be looking for in a new site in 60 days. mayor kriseman will put together a campaign committee to make a pitch as to why the team should stay put in st. petersburg. the sixth republican presidential debate is in the books. the gloves are off between donald trump and ted cruz. trump called into question the eligibility of cruz being able to run for president as a citizen of the united states because he was born in canada. >> if you become the nominee
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who the hell knows if you can even serve in office. you should go out and get a declaratory judgement and let the courts decide. >> listen, i have spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court. i'll tell you, i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> all canidates are feeling the pressure with the next caucus set for february 1st. we want to make a clarification during 10 news this morning. we told you about the rest in st. petersburg on antonio ford. this is the picture we should have shown you. instead we had a picture of a different antonio ford arrested for a crime the day before. we do want to apologize. hillsborough county has a new partner in crime. >> new technology behind a shot spotter. first responders are called when this puppy falls through the ice on a frozen pond. live look at storm tracker 10. we are keeping a close eye on the showers and potential for
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severe weather. we have the team in this morning. we'll check in with meteorologist bobby deskins after the break.
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we are tracking showers and the potential for severe weather later today. we'll check in with bobby and he'll bring you up to speed and the timing of what you can expect this friday morning. we want to tell you about a new health study out overnight. if you or someone you know
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smokes e-cigarettes you'll want to pay attention this. doctors who found people who use e-cigarettes to quit cigarettes are less likely to quit. one dog owner is thanking firefighters for saving her pit bull puppy when she fell on the ice. she was chasing a squirrel when she fell through. firefighters were able to arrive in a few minutes and save her from the very cold water. >> good thing they were able to get there in time. we have talked about this potential for the past couple of days. friday morning is here. what's the timing look like in terms of what we should expect? >> light rain now. after that 8:30 to 9:00, a line of thunderstorms will come through. it could produce one or two storms.
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that's the why we have loaded morning. it is pretty rainy out there. most of the nature coast. we have a break in citrus county. fish hawk you are seeing the rain move back in the area. pinellas county it has been a hole over the top of you. not now. it is raining good. this is all moving east northeast at 35 miles per hour or so. nothing major at this point. it is certainly going to wet most of the roads out there. tampa is rain is moving back in. davis island, as well. pinellas county we are dry. seminole, pinellas park we are rain-free. now you can see we have moderate rainfall from indian rocks beach to reddington shores.
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the heaviest has been down to venice. there is another line coming. that will produce good downpours and put water on the roads that could cause hydroplaning. watch the i-75 corridor south of sarasota. we are looking at the spin in the atmosphere. that's our threat for today. a waterspout or an isolated tornado. i don't see anything near us at this point. see this line coming through tallahassee? see all these corkscrew things here? that's showing early rotation in the thunderstorms. that's the main line that will come through around 9:00. that's the threat. i want to point this out. see how this is bowing out? when that happens you get winds coming out of the storm. they could get on the gusty side. that will be the issue south of the line and in here through
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severe thunderstorm warning near moving northeast. that will expire 6:45. no watches yet. no tornado warnings at this particular point. you can see the line is extending down to the south. we still have radar returns out here. there is shower and thunderstorm activity further south. closer to home it is lower to mid 60s out there. 15 degrees warmer from yesterday. 65 in tampa and st. pete. the wind is up. it will be breezy today. 10 to 15 miles-per-hour now. that will go 15 to 25 with higher gusts through the day. wesley chapel is looking clear as far as visibility goes. we'll be mostly cloudy for the first half of the day. we are going to get this out of here. it is light to moderate rainfall first thing this morning. then 8:30 to 9:30 this line coming through, you see the winds picking up and changing with the frontal boundary? that's when we could see a strong storm.
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you'll need your sunglasses later this afternoon into the early evening hours. 74 degrees. we'll warm up. 74 tomorrow. tomorrow for your weekend forecast it is fantastic. sunday morning, i think we do the severe weather chance all over again. then we really cool down sunday afternoon behind that front. we'll be in the 50s to low 60s first half of next week. you can watch our forecast on the radio. traffic report. >> we have a new crashing. this is in hillsborough county i-4 eastbound. this is i-75 exit ramp. fhp is on scene. they are off to the shoulder. drivers are slowing down a bit as they are driving by. this is what you want do any time you approach a crash.
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i want to show you another live look at our sky 10 network camera. i-275 southbound at hillsborough avenue the roadways are wet from the earlier rain showers. this is something you can anticipate for the rest of the morning, as you heard bobby say. leave a few minutes earlier this morning if you can to make sure you get to work on school on time. volume is picking up. i'm not seeing speeds drop yet. it will quickly change. it is 55 miles per hour on i- 275 in the area of dale mabry. i-275 southbound around fowler and fletcher 53 miles per hour. these are the areas where we see the first slowdowns of the morning. drive times are still in the green. as you head out the door, i-275 southbound from i-75 to i-4 will take you 16 minutes. i-275 northbound from gandy to i-4 will take you 16 minutes. veterans expressway from the sun coast parkway to the tampa international airport it is a 12 minute drive. pinellas county looking great. 51 miles per hour. that's your speed on i-275 near
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the downtown exit. i'm not showing any crashes that will impact your commute if you are just heading out the door. manatee county still in the green. watch out if you are taking the sunshine skyway. the florida highway patrol issued a travel advisory. make sure you have both hands on the wheel. the bridge is opened to all vehicles. in sarasota no delays or major crashes. go pro may be losing popularity. the company is forced to make cut backs. we may never know the names of the powerball winners because of a push to keep them
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go pro hasn't recovered from a rough holiday season. the sales are forcing the company to cut 100 jobs. >> the company reported revenue down 30% from the same period the year before. sales were weak even though
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they cut the price of the latest camera in half. we want to get back over to bobby deskins. he is tracking the showers and potential storms. >> light to moderate rain for us. i have tracked the leading edge of the stronger tomorrows that will come through here. they'll weaken but hanging on to get their and give us a small chance of storms. tampa 9:30 to 10:00 before they get here. we have a lake advisory in effect. inland lakes will be windy. 25 to 35 mile-per-hour winds. bus stop forecast have the kids ready for rain for the first half of the day. 60s now. lower 70s this afternoon. if you are running get it in before the rain. it will be storming at 9:00 a.m. here's road warrior laura byrne. >> it is a good day to look at
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rain drops on the camera here. be aware of high wind gusts. fhp issued a travel advisory for the skyway. that means both hands on the wheel and drive carefully on the roads. here's a look at the north end in tampa. it is a good idea to leave a few minutes early if you can. tampa. howard frankland bridge from minutes. amtrak train collides with an suv killing the iver. >> why investigators say it may be the driver's fault. meteorologist bobby deskins is live streaming now. i want to show you how to check this out. like bobby deskins weather on facebook and search for 10 news wtsp. we have jim, kate in this morning. the whole team working to track showers and thunderstorms we have been telling you. hop on facebook and join us behind the scenes. >> as you watch them behind the scenes keep in mind you can track showers between the commercial breaks.
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it will make your morning commute a headache.
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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tracking showers across the area now. >> our goal is to reduce violent crime and taking offenders off the treat -- streets. the python challenge gets ready to kick off in the everglades. good friday morning everyone. we are looking live at passe grille. you can see that flag blowing. it is windy out there. looks like the wind has picked up from the last time. >> we are watching the radar closely. the whole weather team is in
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here making sure you stay safe. thank you for staying with us. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. let's get over to meteorologist bobby deskins. he has been keeping a close eye on storm tracker 10. >> the wind you are showing is bringing in warm, moist air. the dew points are rising. we don't have a lot of energy to make the storms we see in the summer time. we have a line of thunderstorms out west. if those merge with the wind above us right now it could cause an issue. it is soggy. it will be a morning commute you don't like. it is raining everywhere. north and west through tallahassee that line of showers and thunderstorms will come through here 8:30 to 10:00 this morning. that's when we want to watch for strong storms. gusty winds the main threat. also isolated waterspouts and tornadoes can't be ruled out. it is low to mid 60s now. we'll go to the low 70s this afternoon. there will be sunshine later
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today. grab your sunglasses. weekend looks good for saturday. sunday could have some issues. i'll talk about that coming up. let's head over to the traffic center and laura byrne checking in on hot spots. >> we are looking at i-275 around 5th avenue north in pinellas county. the trees show it is gusty outside. the roads are wet. this is a reminder for you to make sure you are driving extra carefully this morning and have both hands on the wheel especially over the bridges and sunshine skyway. i-275 and hillsborough avenue we are seeing volume pick up. if you are heading out the door speed sensors are in the green. this will quickly change in the next few minutes. hillsborough county has a new system to fight violence and keep you and your family safe. >> ultimately we'll arrest more people doing illegal gunfire. >> the new technology is called shot spotter to them fight
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crime. it uses sensors to pinpoint where shots are fired. that means police can get to crime scenes quicker, which could save lives. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live at the sheriff's office on 20th street. what is neat about the technology is math is essential to make it all work. >> reporter: all the days you set in algebra class wondering how math would help you in the real world this is a good example. there will be 80 sensors going up in the university and uco areas of tampa. these systems of sensors will have a spotter team who reviews an incident any time the sensors detect gunfire. they notify deputies immediately.
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a map will tell them where to go. that means they can get to a scene in minutes when a shooting happens, even when no one calls 9-1-1. >> we hope to get a quick response to gunfire, which will allow us to get deputies to the scene quickly to look for victims and find potential suspects and arrest offenders doing illegal gunfire. >> reporter: here's an example of how shot spotter could have helped. this is video of a student in tampa caught by surveillance video. you can see two men walking down the street. then you see who other men handing off a gun and running down the street shooting at the first two men. deputies did not get to the scene until someone called 9-1- 1. by then the suspects were already gone. deputies say if they had shot spotter they could have gotten there minutes after the shots were fired possibly watching the suspects involved.
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spotter will be another key to eye on crime evidences. you might be asking what about my privacy? this sounds too much like big brother is watching. well, that might be true but sheriff's officials say if that's what it takes to keep do. live in tampa emerald morrow 10 an investigation is underway after an amtrak train hit a car in jacksonville killing the driver. florida highway patrol says a tahoe was stopped on the tracks 7:00 thursday evening even though the lights were flashing and the gate was down. the train collided with the suv and the driver was taken to the hospital where he passed away. no one on board the train was injured. we first told you about this story on 10 news wednesday. 21-year-old eli bart was driving home on his motorcycle tuesday. that's when a detective pulled
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out in front of him on dr. martin luther king street north at 62nd avenue north. a crime alert you need to know about. someone broke into this mausoleum at the italian club cemetery. the vandals took two coffins and skeletal remains from a third. investigators believe the items were stolen between veterans day and wednesday. michigan governor is asking for help from president obama. the governor wants federal aid for those helping provide clean water living in flint. a gas leak in california is more dangerous than originally thought. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. southern california gas companies say they underestimated the level of
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cancer-causing chemicals and it has risen. the leak was reported first in october. right now the cause is unknown. thousands have been evacuated from homes in the los angeles area. winners of the $1.5 billion powerball jackpot have not come forward. one attorney is trying to make it easier for the winners to stay anonymous. he is trying to work with lottery executives to ensure privacy and safety to anyone collecting a jackpot. amazon received a license to operate as an ocean freight and deliver products to the u.s. and other parts of the world directly from chinese affiliates. here's something to look forward to coming up this weekend. monster jam is back. monster trucks including grave digger will be tearing up the dirt tomorrow night at ramond james stadium. everything kicks offer at 7:00. you can get tickets starting at $16.
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we have a florida tradition that kicks off tomorrow. >> everything you need to know about the python challenge. you can see heavy showers moving towards the coast. the team the in place. we'll check in with meteorologist bobby deskins after the break. he'll have more on the timing
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it is the steelers and denver broncos on the 50. this is the fourth straight road game for steelers. which team is healthier? big ben has a bad shoulder. peyton manning is returning from being banged up. playoffs is all about survival. the matchup is the steelers third ranked passing game against broncos pass defense. road teams lost all four games last weekend. what's up with michael? he struggled big time. whomever the steelers defense needs to pressure the right tackle and make life uncomfortable for peyton manning. that's the toyota huddle on the 50. steelers and broncos 4:40 sunday afternoon here on 10 news. florida's python challenge
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it is part of the state's fight against the evasive python. people without permits must kill the snake and bag remains. that challenge lasts for five weeks. it comes with a chance to win thousands of dollars of prizes. 68 snakes were caught in the last challenge. >> if you are taking part let us know. >> it would be cool to hear about your experience. >> it is fascinating to see the video. we talked a lot about chipotle the past couple of weeks. february 8th they'll close for a few hours during the day to have a big meeting about food safety. this move comes after food poisoning outbreaks last year at several locations. february 8th they'll shut down for a couple hours to meet with all employees. we'll keep you posted as that day gets closer. time to time we talk about the question, what would you do if you won the big powerball
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linda won $1 million in wednesday's drawing. the first thing she did was donated blood in front of the kentucky lottery headquarters. she said in this u.s.a. today article it made sense. i had a million dollars fall out of the sky. she is a single mom with three kids ages ten to 17. they matched five numbers. not the powerball. she said her lifestyle is not going to change. she has no grand plans for spending all the money and she does not plan to quit her job. parents your son or daughter may have come to you before and asked for an advance on and allowance. this is from the dad savings and loan bank. dad responded with the line because apparently i look like i'm made of money. your lack of chores could come back to bite you. if you want to appeal this talk to your mom at the end of the day. the note was signed by the dad
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savings and loan. i have the letter for you on my facebook page. the humor doesn't come right through. i hope he is a funnier guy than he seems. that's a lot of pressure on your kids. >> we'll see what mom has to say about it. >> here's $20. don't tell your dad. we want to make sure you are prepared for chance of getting severe weather today. >> we had a tornado in cape coral. the weather perameters are not as bad as they are now. there is a line that will come through. we could get gusty winds with it later this morning around 10:00. we are tracking it for just in case. it is not panic mode or anything like that. it is just storms coming through later this morning. right now this is all rain. it is getting heavier. this line is moving north.
6:37 am
a break in western pasco and hernando county. more rain will filter in. tarpon springs and palm harbor southward is where the heaviest rain is. it will continue to move northeast at 30 miles per hour. heavy batch in central pinnelas. north eastern hillsborough county has filled in. in the fish hawk neighborhood you have been on and off this morning. roads are wet. here comes another batch out of the fish hawk area. it will continue to do that for 45 minutes. i'm tracking heavier rain south of sarasota. that's moving in the area now. it will be in sarasota three minutes ago. lakewood ranch at 6:50. south bradenton area at 7:00. this is just more rain. it is nothing severe. a few gusty winds. lake placid by 7:00 and sebring by 7:15 you'll see heavy rain
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come through. that there is the main thing we are tracking. that's the line of storms that could produce a strong thunderstorm or two. i'll tell you this. one of the threats is waterspouts or tornadoes. when that line is solid like that you tend to get more straight line wind occurrences versus tornadoes. if you get individual cells along that line you'll be more worried about tornadoes. it is good news to see it looking like that. that bow there means winds coming in. we'll watch for gusty winds as the storm comes through. there are severe thunderstorm warnings in the tallahassee area. nothing for us. and no watches for anybody including them. the reason we are tracking this closely is the wind at the surface will get windy from the southeast to southwest. at 5,000 feet it is 50 miles per hour. 20,000 feet it is 70 miles per hour.
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it is up over 120 miles per hour around 40,000 feet. that type of wind changes with direction and with speed causes thunderstorms to rotate sometimes. that's why that there is going to be a concern for us. plus, they have dew points in the 50s in the panhandle. we have them in the 60s. they'll come up this morning. we have a little bit more energy to work with to make the storms. you'll feel the difference in the temperatures. 64 degrees now. you are going to feel the wind. the wind will be moving through through out the morning hours 15 to 25 miles per hour with gusts in the low 30s. it is rainy through late morning then we'll clear out. here's what it looks like on the forecast model. 8:30 to 10:00 that's the best timing for the heavy showers. 12:30 it is clearing east of i- 75. then out of here by 2:30 this afternoon. grab your sunglasses. you'll need those. and low 70s this afternoon. tomorrow is beautiful.
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i'll talk about your weekend forecast coming up. sunday morning is another problem. another strong line of storms will roll through 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning. we'll track that for you, too. you can catch our forecast in the newspaper. head back to the weather section to find the 10 weather forecast. here's laura byrne in the traffic center. >> if i-75 southbound and i-4 is part of your commute listen up. we are seeing traffic stack up around i-75 southbound and i-4. speeds 18 miles per hour. those delays are from i-4 up to fowler avenue. consider an alternate route if you are heading out the door or leave a few minutes earlier if you can. some other areas showing delays is i-275 southbound at fowler avenue. it is typical for this point in the morning. the roads are wet this morning from the earlier showers and
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what we'll see from the rest of the morning, as bobby has been telling you. it is a reminder for you to drive extra carefully this morning and both hands on the wheel especially on the sunshine skyway. seeing a slow down on i-275 southbound and dale mabry. 39 miles per hour. this is where the lane shift took place on tuesday. drivers are adjusting to this area. if you are driving this area leave 20 minutes earlier to make sure you are getting there on time. we have a crash on veterans expressway. delays. it is around waters avenue. we are seeing yellow, that's typical slowdowns we'll see for the morning commute. looks like the slowest drive expressway. 18 minutes from the sun coast airport. still looking good on i-275 southbound from i-75 to i-4 where it is 20 minutes. and i-275 northbound from gandy to i-4 it is 19 minutes.
6:42 am
because of the lane shift. pinellas county looking good. no crashes there or major delays. manatee and sarasota looking good also this morning. live back to passe grille. we are seeing light rain in this area. if you look at that palm tree you are seeing the winds pick up. bobby was talking about the winds and how it will lead to potential for severe weather later today. if you are heading out the door keep in mind there are light
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reports the bucs will pick dirk cutter to be the new head coach. when we get more information we'll update you on "10 news at 5:00" this afternoon and online at if you live in a mobile home get to a building with a solid foundation if we get a tornado today. when it comes to your child's safety in school each school schools have designated places on campuses free from hazards. if you have a concern about the school and their plan reach out to the teacher. >> this is a good time to decide where your safe place is. it doesn't take too long. >> most of us will not have the problem. this is not a huge outbreak of tornadoes. there is a small chance. because it is an el nino winter
6:45 am
we want folks to be more aware. the line on the left-hand side is the one we are watching. it should weaken because the waters near shore are cool. i don't think it weakens enough and goes away. travel weather today if you are heading up the southeast coast this storm system will move up into the carolinas later tonight. most areas look nice across the region. guess what? we get to do this again on sunday morning. the gulf. that's early sunday morning as it comes through. today will be beautiful. sunny and low 70s. sunday afternoon the temperatures fall back down into the 60s and it is windy for the afternoon. >> it is getting busy on the roadways. this is i-75 southbound at fowler avenue. looking at our maps you can see where the delays are on i-75 southbound. it is from fowler to i-4 due to a crash in that area. plan to take a different route or give yourself extra time this morning. extra time is what you'll want
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i'm seeing a lot of wet roads on the cameras. drive safely. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here for
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