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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. we want to start with the latest on the strong storms that moved through our area this morning. let's get right over to chief meteorologist jim van fleet. good afternoon. i'm allison kropff.
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we want to start with the strong storms that moved through the area. we want to get over to meteorologist jim van fleet. >> tornado warnings south of sarasota this afternoon. take a look. on storm tracker 10 we are still watching highlands county very, very closely. these are strong storms moving through sea bring. i have them tracked out moving into highlands county at 12:12 on county line at 12:19. at this point that is not a severe storm. it is extremely strong. in the highlighted areas those are active tornado warnings. that's how close we were as storms started winding up. we seen several of them rotate. the only watch area left is highlands county. tornado watch until 5:00 p.m. other than that we'll sound the all-clear for today in the bay area.
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tracking a whole storm complex for part of your weekend. we'll walk you through that coming up. >> thank you very much. developing out of sarasota county. >> we are getting word of damage in the venice area. these are pictures tweeted from the sarasota county sheriff's department. there is reports high winds ripped metal off of the roof at art plaza. at this point no injuries have been reported. crews are working to gather more information. we'll check in with them coming up later. hudson along us 19 look at the rain coming down. a lot of areas suffering heavy downpours in that area. >> check at indian rocks beach this morning. rain coming down there. certainly heavy downpours. this is as the storm was coming through. once you get over to the beach the waves were kicking up.
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>> in the st. pete area check out the heavy rain on tyrone boulevard north of st. petersburg. this was taken at 10:00 a.m. you can download our free app on your smart phone or tablet. we'll make sure you get alerts on your phone if you download that. you have access to live radar as you head out the door and traffic cameras. it is handy to have around as we talk about the potential for severe weather. developing out of port of tampa. hillsborough county rescue tells us a man was working a front end loader. he was moving a large mound of sulfer when it collapsed on top of him. he has passed a way. today the polk sheriff's office says yeilding and a union president had a former
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sheriff judd did not hold back on his thoughts about the suspect. >> he needs the death penalty. he needs to serve the ultimate penalty. he needs to die for killing harry, who was a stellar member of this community. >> this is the man sheriff judd is talking about. alfred jenkins. he has an extensive criminal history in several states and he was fired from his job. which means he was no longer union treasurer. the new treasurer discovered missing funds. jenkins was charged with stealing the funds. >> not only was terry a resident and a friend, it is a happy day but it is a sad day. >> i lost my best friend that
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>> he coaches thousands of girls and children in the area throughout the years. derrick cutter is the bucs new head coach. he moved up to the position from the offensive coordinator position. the move makes the fifth coach since 2008. bucks will talk about the decision in two hours. they have a news conference scheduled at 2:00 p.m. we have a crew there for you. hear what they have to stay tonight at 5:00 on 10 news. a rocky start to the day on wall street as stocks took a opened. dow lost 400 points in the first ten minutes in trading. the price for oil sank below $30 a barrel. the lowest level since 2003. we'll keep you posted with updates on our app and the search continues for survivors after two marine helicopters collided off the
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each helicopter had six people on board. security guard spotted a debris field and no one has been found. actor sean penn is its down to talk about his interview with el chapo guzman. >> there is a myth about the visit we made. >> reporter: sean penn tells 60 minutes that he does not believe his interview with el chapo lead to the capture last week. >> you believe your visit had nothing to do with the capture. >> the mexican government was clearly humiliated by the
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we are not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. >> reporter: guzman escaped one of mexico's security prisons last july by crawling through a hole in the shower and a mile- long tunnel 30 feet under ground. guzman is believed to be responsible for 34,000 deaths. officials says he cartel is the number one supplier of heroin, cocaine and marijuana to the u.s. >> do you believe that the mexican government released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk? >> yes. >> they wanted to encourage the cartel to put you in that cross hairs? >> yes. >> are you fearful for your life? >> no. >> reporter: penn says the focus on his meeting with guzman and recapture means his article, which was supposed to bring attention to the war on drugs has failed. >> you can see that entire interview sunday on 60 minutes
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on cbs and 10 news. we are just hours away from a massive hunt to help control the population of an evasive species in florida. >> that's coming up next. also, coming up, dozens of fans hit the streets of st. petersburg on monday for the big martin luther king day parade. we'll talk with the parade's founder after the break. foods you should eat to decrease your risk of glaucoma. we are tracking other storms. lake placid we are five minutes away from heavy storms coming across the city. they are moving through sea bring. you should see improvement overthe next 15 minutes. we have another storm system to talking about. it impacts your weekend. we'll talking about that and how cool your martin luther king holiday will be. next week join us for 10 news this morning. you'll have a chance to win lightning home game tickets.
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watch for the word of the day monday through thursday.
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florida's python challenge starts tomorrow morning. >> it is part of the state's fight against the evasive python. people with a permit can capture snakes alive. people without a permit must kill the snake. 68 snakes were captured in the last challenge. a new study suggests eating more spinach, kale and broccoli
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by 30%. >> people with chronic optic nerve damage benefit from the green, leafy vegetables. fluid increases in the front part of the eye causing pressure damaging the optic nerve. national holiday honoring dr. martin luther king is on monday. one of the largest celebrations takes place in the bay area. as 10 community kathryn bursch explains people have been attending the parade in st. pete for decades. >> reporter: joining me is shelly brown from st. petersburg. you have busy days coming up ahead for martin luther king holiday. the big event on monday, the parade. what can people expect. >> people can expect bands coming afar away as tulsa, oklahoma. booker t. washington high school band and other places like miami.
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we'll have 15 floats and non- profits and businesses through the parade. they can look for very spectacular event on monday january 18th at 11:00 a.m. >> these bands from very entertaining. >> yes, indeed. these are performing bands that people love to come see that have the art form of the high stepping sound. these bands wait all year to do a special salute for dr. king. they'll do a tribute marching that parade route of 1.5-miles down central avenue and bay shore drive on the gulf of mexico. they'll put on a fabulous performance. >> reporter: this has been a tradition in st. pete for decades. people really turn out for this. >> oh yes. 31 years ago, january 20, 1986 we had a vision to do a traditional parade in honor of dr. king. st. petersburg is the proud originator and architect of the
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parade for honoring doctor king. >> reporter: it is such a great event. it is fun to watch. the underlying message of this is honoring dr. king. >> absolutely. what we promised dr. king before he died and he asked his lieutenant make sure you pass the baton of my legacy of my battle. my legacy of tolerance. so we have people coming from all over the world to st. petersburg for that weekend in the heart of winter to make sure we are in an ocean of harmony and we celebrate the legacy of the man named king. the single most important man with the single most important message in our nation's history who almost dismantled segregation.
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that's what we are celebrating january 18th. >> reporter: you can find out all the details about the parade on our website. if you would like a tour of 10 news call 727-57-7710 or e-mail i'm kathryn bursch for 10 community. good afternoon. chief meteorologist jim van fleet here. i want to let you know we have a crew headed to work the story around venice where you can see the roof collapsed over what looks to be a shopping center or business. as we look at radar around 10:45 most of it looked like this would be straight lined winds. there were a couple maul things on the radar that hinted at weak rotation. i have not heard anyone seeing any funnels or reports of tornadoes. we'll confirm with the national weather service as they do an assessment.
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based off radar and the picture probably straight line winds for that. from the same line that vent across venice and sarasota county it also went through fort myers. we had strong rotation south of sarasota and north port. we'll get an idea as the national weather service makes an assessment whether this was a tornado. this was around the fort myers area. if you have any pictures you want to share that you have taken tweet them to me and i'll share them in the evening newscast. all clear with the exception of southeastern polk and highlands county. the last little bit of this first round of storms moving through. as it clears between sebring and lake placid it will be in your next of the woods in five minutes. it is a very strong tomorrow. at this point it is not severe. for the short term a tornado watch will remain in effect officially until 5:00 for
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i expect over the next one to two hours as the line moved over towards lake okeechobee they'll trend county by county west to east. highlands county i will be surprised if that carries until 5:00 p.m. strong thunderstorms with pea- sized hail east of brooksville. that came in before 10:00. as that line moved east, that wound up as we have seen several thunderstorm warnings in the orlando market, as well. on the sky 10 network we clocked winds 50 to 55 miles per hour from the trop down to lee high acres towards fort myers, orlando and in the panhandle. pretty much the whole state seeing winds 50 to 55 miles per hour. heading into tonight, this is not a front that comes with a
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you actually get a very lovely friday evening. we expect dinner time tonight to be nice for your friday evening plans. that carries through your saturday. for your upcoming weekend this is your day to get outside and get things done and not have to worry about what's coming in the next storm system. 62 to start. 74 for that high temperature. that's the warmest we have seen all week for any highs. on future cast you'll see an isolated hour at best on saturday. otherwise we expect sunny to partly cloudy skies. behind that almost identical system. timing, placement, intensity will be very, very similar. just like this last system we'll be talking about something that is going to, at the very least produce strong thunderstorms but could borderline produce severe weather.
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remain vigilant and stay weather aware. that could come an hour or two earlier for our northern counties. it could be 3:00 to 4:00 in citrus county and hernando county. around the cultural in bradenton and sarasota it looks like a sunday morning event. like today, as it blows through we'll wrap up quickly. mid to late morning we should be done with it. that one will have cold with it on sunday. to get you the numbers if you live by the water. moderate chop as we go through saturday. high tide 6:35. low tide 1:00 p.m. seven-day forecast again first half of the day sunday we'll have to watch and remain weather aware. we could see severe thunderstorms. saturday is a good day. look at the cooler weather. 48 on monday. 43 tuesday morning. that's going to be 36 in crystal river and 38 in
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brooksville. that's the coldest morning behind this cool snap. don't forget to download the 10 news app. it is good the weather is clearing up. it is just in time for saturday's monster jam. >> up next we'll have a preview
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monster jam takes place tomorrow at ramond james stadium.
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today chad fortune talked to stephanie about his job. hero. it is interactive with the fans. it is a lot of fun. >> show starts at 7:00. it is a fun time at ramond james stadium when the monster trucks come by. we have new video in. we mentioned a roof chanced in venice. >> the sarasota sheriff's department are saying it happened at u.s. 41. injuries. from first glance it looks like the debris is concentrated to one area. i would tend to lean towards probably straight line wind damage. official assessment will come when the national weather service takes a look. had we seen it strewn through the area and bent this way it is probably more indicative of a tornado. first glance looks like straight line winds. we are about able to sound the all-clear for friday's round of storms. just watching highland county
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if you have family and friends over the i-95 corridor they'll be under the gun and the threat of tornadoes for the duration of the afternoon. then we turn our attention to sunday. we'll be tracking it. >> thank you for joining us today at noon.
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