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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> no one was hurt and the 20 dogs inside the grooming shop safely made it out, what seemed like a tornado, the national weather service is calling straight line winds. >> they came quite quickly, depending what type of cell was coming through it could come up on us quickly. >> very lucky to be alive, we all are. >> blessed that everybody is okay. >> in sarasota isabelle level 10 news wtsp. today storms were big stretching all the way across the state, you are seeing what drivers had to dole with on the roads in hudson, it was just as ugly along the coast, you are watching the storm as it came in on shore at i think jan rock beach. the water was kicking up along with all of that rain. farther inland, take a look at the damage done in arcadia, the roof ripped off this house, the insulation exposed, several
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fortunately was hurt. okay. the good news fast forward to now as we are taking a look at what we are dealing with, all clear in clearwater beach along with some sunshine. severe weather is far from over, right away let's get to the chief. the next wave we are tracking looking to move in parts of the weekend, i want to show you this is the course as the storms moved across, wind uses between 40-60 miles and hour. we want to use this system as a reference looking forward because the one on sunday at the very least is looking similar in intensity, a little bit earlier but there are some indications that system could be stronger, too, because it will have more cold air behind it. these are winds, tornado funnel clouds across the state, those are all individual damage
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we have had everything from damage around venice to also around lee high acres, downed powers lines around arcade a. but we will take you hour by hour for your weekend and of course address what exactly you can expect with sunday storm coming up. jim we are taking a closer look what is being done in polk county to an area known for popup tornadoes, this was the scene at sun and fun fly i didn't know expo, 40-50 planes were just tossed around like toys after a tornado touched down. now despite the airport and pilots monitoring the weather and warning people, hundreds of people still have to scramble to take cover, it is of people were hurt. tonight at 6:00 we are taking a look at what changes are being implemented to keep you safe. as you can imagine right
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download the 10 news app, you get instant alerts and a look at storm tracker 10 all day every day. a change at the helm of the buccaneers shift, dirt cutter is head coach this afternoon, chris fischer would add one buzz play for the introduction. what made cutter the right hire? >> courtney, why cording to general manager jason wright cutter is a teacher, he has been able to teach jail is winston, he set a record for very first dates with his wife kim he invited her to a high school game in which he was coaching it, they were children were on hand, now cutter has been a head coach before back in the college ranks, he made seven stops, boise state and arizona state where he had a winning record. he jumped to the nfl as an
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atlanta falcons before landing with the buccaneers leading today being named the 11th head coach in the franchise history. >> at our house the family meetings, family meetings usually meant pack your suitcase that mom is throwing away half your keepsakes because she doesn't hoard anything, we are not taking much with us, we can travel light. but as calee said, this family meeting was a good one that we are staying in tampa. >> coming up, dave worth goes one on one with the new buck's head coach, find out how much dish cutters role and relationship will change. >> chris and dave on it for you and it is no secret bucks head coaches don't stick around very long, have you seen plenty of changes with the bucks, breaking down the coaching history, since 197 there have
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>> since john guden was fired, morris, loveee smith lasted just two season. 30 days to stop all representation. this afternoon, the florida supreme court suspended but about the love sponge's lawyers in the dui setup case, the three are suspended from practicing law as the court decides whether they should be disbarred. during a 2013 defamation trial between those rival shock jobs, now an arrest in the murder of a beloved community leader and well known polk county soft ball coach, he was gunned down in his driveway, his murder shocked the community. sheriff grady judd said he was murdered because he did the right thing, as a union president, he turned in a former union treasurer, this man right here alfred jenkins
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sheriff judd says jenkins is a career criminal with records in several states. that is four years before sheriff judge says he shot and killed geling ton. >> this is a man who sees for five years who is going to get even with him, he needs to die for killing terry yelvington who was a stellar member of this community. >> sheriff judd says he has no idea how a man with his kind of record could be elected union treasurer. talk about a miserable end of the week, the stock market they started offer with a huge drop this morning and never recovered, even if you don't have stocks, this could have a a big impact on things like your 401k. the reasons behind the drop, huge dip in crude oil prices so less than $29 a barrel, and news that retail shopping slowed way down for the end of the holiday season.
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days of trading i should say this year, stocks around the world have lost more than $5.5 trillion. time now for stories making headlines, the station and around the world, search crews are scanning the waters off hawaii for any signs of two marine helicopters and dozen crew members on board, the choppers collided during a training mission last night, rescue teams have only found an empty life raft and debris. protesters angry over the police shootings in chicago disrupted the mayor's breakfast, released video from 2013 showing an officer shooting and killing a 17-year- old carjacking suspect. wal-mart is closing more than 1950 express market stores nationwide. the company wants to focus on its super centers most of the stores that are closing are within 10-mile the of another wal-mart, none of the closures is here in the by area.
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have you a chance to get a real deal on an amazon prime member officer, amazon is dropping the price down to $73. and the company will stream that for free this weekend,. bob buckhorn is weighing own the mayor's move across the bay. >> we tend to compete and exceed hard. but always remembering that the overriding and over arching goal is to keep the rays in the by area be it panel less or hillborough county. >> now that the rays are officially able to look for stadium sites, 10 news reporter jenny dean breaks down top locations. >> about six years a a group of independent business leaders formed something called the abc coalition to find the best place in the bay area for
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conclusions are likely still the best option. in hillborough county there are several sites in the downtown tampa west shore areas to consider, first would be where the tampa park apartment sits, right here. it's in downtown near the city and channel site district much the residents would have to be relocated, but this is tampa mayor bob buckhorn's first pick. there is also international ship repair, it sits right here at the end of the e board's channel, it is a good possibility and they could get more land by filling in a portion of the channel. we also can't rule out the channel site district, however lightning owner says bible is not a part of his plan. moving to the west shore area, the only place within enough space is where jefferson high school sits right now, but moving a school could be expensive and it presents its own set of challenges. if the team were to stay in panel less county the rays will
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pete leaders to keep the tropic anna field site and build a new stadium right there. but a new stadium may not be enough to turn around the poor a ten dance, the population there can't support it. now they do like the area at the west end of the howard frankland bridge, this could be the toy town, happened fill or business park area. >> that was jenny dean reporting this. 10 news has been covering the stadium saga for year, head to our website well interview you do not want to miss. >> sean penn open the up about the el chapo arrest, he had no role recapturing the drug lord. he lost his son to cancer now vice president joe biden is looking to tampa bay to help find a cure. let's take a look at the roads, traffic camera this
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tse of some serious backup on i 275, this one has been going on for several hours. never get stuck in traffic again, download the 10 news app it will bring i instant alerts
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a cure for cancer could come from right here in our bay area. president obama made it clear during his state of the union address, one of the country's main mission is to find a cure. >> how tampa is the place where this mission may be accomplished.
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>> that is one step man,. >> improbable even. >> one lean foreman kind. >> an american president is calling for another giant leap foreman kind. >> when the new moon shot america can cure cancer. a disease that kills an astronomically high number of people. >> it's not an easy nut to crack. >> no one knows how difficult this disease is. >> so to hear a renewed commitment to do something with cancer was really invigorating. >> dr. sellers has been in contact with vice president's staff since december offering research expertise and advice on what is really needed. >> absolutely more funding is going to be critical, but there could be policy changes and there could be standards. >> there is a day luge of data, not is easily shared or interpreted. >> we are drinking from a
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we need to take data and turn it into knowledge. >> what's ironic many of the researches believe the cure for cancer is already inside all of us. immunotherapy, harvesting the immune system to cure cancer. >> one of medicine's final frontiers may be figured out here. >> based on the number of patients it treats it is the third largest hospital treating cancer in the country. well it's friday and so we weekend. but not both days looking good. >> right, friday evening and the first half of the weekend is looking really nice. but there are some parts of the weekend we have to talk about. wind gusts fell right where we pensioned them today, ladies,
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south of the bay area, those were all as the line came through, we had straight line wind damage reported and what will look like being a foreign down around fort myers, lisa forsyth sent this win, this rolled in earlier today and can you see the lowering the clouds and the storms took over. if you have pictures and want to share them, we'll air them online. virgil said this is outside his back door in the area where the tornado had been reported from other witnesses, so that might be damage from an earlier one. again, just south of sarasota county towards cape coral, fort myers, a couple reports on the east side of ali gator of fort lauderdale and west palm beach. the main line hitting mid morning and clearing out fairly quickly.
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we even had hail reported with these storms earlier today, pea- sized hail from some of our spotters, sound of the all clear for tonight and the first half of your weekend. >> since with this front we didn't have the cold behind it, we haven't seeing winds from the north, this is more of a west and southwest wind, so we actually have warmer temperatures, warmer than we've seen for most of the week which you have likely felt, that sticks around for your saturday. so for tonight, very comfortable, temperatures in the mid 60's, mainly clearerly evening and then we'll see variable clouds around daybreak, only drops down to 62 degrees for a low, saturday this is a day to get things done, there is still a couple isolated showers possible late afternoon and into the evening, of the two days this will be the day where we are not under the threat of strong and potentially severe storms. let's talk about sunday, the nice thing we won't have the volume of people needing to get out on the road to go to work
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to hold up and let this role through, the flip side this will have cold air behind it, there will be stronger lift on overhead. and already storm prediction center norman, oak la home ha severe weather. that could be expanded or trimmed back over the next 24 hours so keep checking back on the forecast, i will have another look tonight at 1 is. timing the first few storms might wind up earlier, somewhere around 3-5:00 a.m., but the main event is looking to be around 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. and the by area, but you can see there are definitely strong storms, similar looking type setup, this will be done by late morning and midday just like we talked about with the one we expected today, so again might be seeing some good sleeping weather, this could potentially produce some severe weather, there is a little
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and south that that might happen, no matter what we'll be here traffic and ready just in case, 3:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. the window for thunderstorms and possibility that some could be severe, highs in the low 60's, it will be windy and cool but pretty, highs in the 50s for tuesday. we are going to talk more about that weekend forecast and continue to breakdown the next system on the way. did you have the 10 news app today so you could look at storm tracker 10 when of you wanted? it's free. we are there to help you out, if you continue it might be a good idea to get it on there tonight before the rain on sunday. have you seen the falling gas prices at the pump? i'm reginald roundtree, coming up news at 5:30. lower fuel prices good for you, good for businesses that rely on fuel as well, remember when all those fees kicked in
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up has a lot of people wondering why they haven't come down as well. a drunk six people ended up in the hospital, one is brain dead. plus, she spent most of her life in hospital, but see how adele's hit song hello helps her inspire complete strangers. those stories and much more coming up next on news at 5:30.
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here is a a look at what is coming up tonight at 8:00 and all new undercover boss, followed by hawaii 550 and blue
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at is 11:00. tonight's guests include astronaut scott kelly and former u.s. soccer star abbie. this is one of those what would you do, a man in georgia talking about his life and death struggle with two men who broke into his house, he says his only option was to fight back when two armed guys attacked him and his mother. he thought they shot his mom, she was actually having a heart this. tim grabbed his rifle but he wasn't sure it would work. >> and his mother. >> one go was leading me through the house he kept asking for money, i'm telling him i didn't have any. and at one point he had thrown me back on to my back and put the gun to my temple, i guess you continue know that i had guns around the house. i grabbed the rifle and open fired on both of them. >> by the time police got there it was all over. one of the suspects was dead,
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much he ran away. he later dyed. tim's mother survived, she is recover ing from a massive heart attack since she does not have health insurance friends have set up this do fund me account for her and tim. a health and travel alert you need to hear tonight, the government is about to issue a travel warning at brazil and other country, spreading across latin america and brazil, there have been 22 case since 2009, people in kind the symptoms they are mild in most people but pregnant women should be especially aware. if they come down with the virus they are more likely to give birth to baby with brain damage. 2016 is not looking good when it comes to the stock market, we are breaking down today's losses. and the issue taking over the republican race for
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