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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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something very small. call him up and say, "you' re forgiven. "i need some time to not deal with you, re forgiven." t. please? marissa, i... no. (sighs) (door opens) (door closes) cbs and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh behind from deadly tornadoes - and the nature has in store for us now
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news starting right now.>> the wind and the windows caved in. surprise that everybody got out
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and millions of dollars of damage. the bay area getting a wake-up call that evening everyone. so much to get through tonight, too tornadoes touching down, most people were fast asleep. the images will take your breath away. everything and sitosterol valcyte, heartbreaking to take about the people losing nearly everything that they know.>> two tornadoes packing a windy punch, 127 miles per hour . 300 yard wide path of destruction alumni now miles. -- along 9 miles.>> want to
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of the first tornado that left -- two people dead and team coverage on the storms that slammed the area today.>> completely shaken by the devastation, the crews are working trying to bring some relief to the residence who had been through so much. the home of stephen and kelly wilson after the tornado blew through, unfortunately there was nothing left.>> friends of stephen and kelly wilson are trying to pick up the pieces. to with the best people and neighbors you can ask for. both killed after the tornado
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per hour picking up their home and carrying it across the street, stephen died from the impact and kelly have a heart attack on the way to the hospital. the neighbor heard the winds going through.>> we get a lot of heavy winds and storms, it was here and it was gone very quickly.>> the wilson son stephen was also in the home and therefore ski grandchildren all recovering at a hospital. i am amazed that anybody survived, the debris behind us there is complete devastation.>> without their loved ones and only a memory of what once was, they love their grandkids and their neighbors pick up they would do anything in the world for anybody at any
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with some neighbors out here who said they spent a majority in the night in a closet after hearing the alert. with this being a el nio window -- winter, it is important to have a safe place, you can see how quickly and devastating the storms can be. 10 news wtsp. >> there has been outpouring of support for those wanting to help the family. there is a go find me -- fund me page to help pay for the funeral expenses and help the family get on their feet.>> the governor got a firsthand look at the tornadoes. his first stop was at the bay.
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tornadoes, the governor spoke with those impacted.>> looking out for their families and i cannot imagine. something happening to your family.>> the state formally declaring the damage as a disaster, the government can step in and help with housing and housing repairs. it is too early to tell if that would happen because the damage is still being assessed.>> heartbreaking to see all of the damage, people losing so much. and the power of mother nature, to see how the building was
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for that battle this was a ef2 tornado, you are looking at the metalfifth floor of the high- rise, you can see some of the guardrails that were ripped off. the vehicles we are talking about winds 120 miles per hour, picking up the siding and garbage cans and slamming them into many of the vehicles. the entire building was declared uninhabitable. this building next door, the siding and part of the roof was ripped off people trying to clean up throughout the day. this is vital pool -- at the pool end this is some of the furniture. it was a nice day after the tornado passed through but devastating situation for many of the families.
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top towers and the windows were blown out they were inside sleeping. the glass came down on them, and the husband through his wife into the bathroom and luckily they were not harmed. just some minor scratches that they were on vacation from chicago this was the first day here and they will have to drive back in a rental car because their car was totaled.>> a lot of damage and a lot of the people that were staying there were renters, the owners have not in the damage yet.>> said the team coverage continues on this, checking in with jonathan after a daring rescue involving two women. in sarasota.>> quickly things
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image of what was behind me and what it looked like last night before the ef2 tornado tore through early this morning. living on the street called bay wind lane, nobody expected it to blow like this. the windows caved in. the worst kind of wake-up.>> this is what it is like dieto we are faced something was going to crash. ef2 tornado with winds estimated at 132 miles per hour, two women rescued from the second story. we called our special operations team they use the airbags liftoff the roof. the damage was only to the
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on a morning with the bay wind turn traumatic.>> we have never seen anything like that before.>> throughout the day volunteers and residents but a lot of progress piling up all of the debris along the street, as you can see they have a long way to go over the coming days. 10 news wtsp. >> looking ahead to tomorrow if you're home was damaged by the tornado by sarasota county there is help for you. a resource center will be open at the state park where you can meet with county building officials, utility companies, cross. all in one place.>> changes in the weather ahead, martin luther king jr. day. checking in with the
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the line of storms rolling through early this morning. across the entire state, unfortunately the hardest hit as we just showed you was right here in the tampa bay area went to tornadoes confirmed by the national weather service. a lot of damage to the buildings in the area and went reports. -- wind reports. part of the reason why the storms were stronger than friday morning because of the very cold air behind the front when the acolytes with the warmer air and a very fast movie front we often had the severe weather outbreak.>> 410 in gainesville and 520 and have a. -- in tampa. monday morning we will talk about it when i return in a few
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day forecast.>> we are always tracking the weather around the clock on the website and our news app. you will have all of the radar and a forecast at your fingertips 24 hours per day.>> the skyway bridge is open tonight, i live look through the camera, the bridge was closed because of the high winds. wind gusts reaching 75 miles per hour but tonight all lanes in both directions are back open. please be careful if you are driving away tonight.>> 50,000 homes and businesses who had power knocked out have had their services restored. keep it right here and wake-up for news this morning, we will have the very latest on the
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development about the tornado damage. sprint who chose to repair your
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continue reading severe weather coverage tonight. see contractors offering services for repairs. who can you trust? >> four ways to avoid being ripped off as you rebuild.>> it is unreal so much damage can happen. a home ripped apart in seconds.
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poster broken like twigs -- fence posts are broken like twigs. if you have to use a contractor, avoid being ripped off? >> make sure they are licensed and insured if you cannot verify that do not work with the business. make sure the business has a physical address near you and that you can verify. nick shore the business can provide local references for you, if they cannot you do not want to work with them. beware of fishing businesses that want cash up front. not someone you want to work with and they could be ripping you off. the best way to avoid a bad contractor, the best scenarios
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head to the website wtsp .com and search for the story.>> this time last night we were really on pins and needles. all of the meteorologist trying to track the storm and we learned a lot of lessons. we can improve upon the forecasting in getting the word out. these situations where they come in the middle of the night and so many are asleep, the only way they will be alerted is through a weather radio or a cell phone turned on and you have signed off that signed up for the weather alerts.>> i want to show you the scale,
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tornadoes were ef2. 120 miles per hour and the tornado on this yesterday -- siesta key that was three -- 132 miles per hour . these are pretty shocked tornadoes especially here in florida.>> this is a correlation mass last night it shall list that showing us -- showing us a dip revolves showing damage to the structures at the debris in the area. 9.2 miles and it lasted for about 7 minutes or so before it dissipated. so again things could've been worse with the situation so the
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south we saw wearing conditions around 9 am-10 am this morning.>> you see the camry shaking and that the seas relatively rough as well. not quite as wendy at but is still breezy. right now 380 and carol would. you can see the temperatures dropping around 450 around 7 am. and with the wind it will fill chillier. very cold air moving across the south tonight. it will funnel into the bay area over the next 12-24 hours.>> this is what you can
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crystal river eventually 380 450 for tampa. 430 in lakeland. during the afternoon a lot of sunshine for you but some areas was able to make it to 600. the wins out in the north. clearing a call for monday evening the future cast giving us nice and dry. the high pressure building in we will not see any rate for the next few raindays. -- for the next few days.>> with the dry air and less humidity we will see the allergens and increase. if your allergies are bothering
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for the boaters still little rough. small crafts should exercise caution.>> for mlk a lot of kids are off school etc., for a time in the morning right around 85 degrees at 10 am and 600 in the afternoon and tuesday looking at a high of 600 again. i want to show you friday, that is the next chance for rain. we will watch this closely to see if this changes, after friday we will hold down on other days of the with highs in the upper 50s. keep on top of the weather download the 10 i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder...
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hyundai dealer. it is time for 10 sports. the lightning are putting on the offensive display that we anticipated.
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least amount of goals.>> this one is picked up in the second, upper 90s one of his two in the game. jason garrison and andre only his second goal of the year. proving to be the game-winner and they have their fifth straight victory.>> all the sudden the confidence starts to go, when you win 3 in a row you think that you can win every game.>> cam newton. russell wilson. two of the nfl's the league quarterbacks. -- elite quarterbacks.>> seahawks squaring off against cam newton.
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worse for seattle and wilson was picked up. carolina scoring the first 31 points of the ballgame but the seahawks managed to pull within 7. onside kick recovered by carolina, who will host arizona in the nfc championship game.>> peyton manning and the broncos and in the fourth quarter demers down one, the broncos are headed towards afc title game. 23-16.>> tom brady and peyton manning squaring off for the fourth time who will decide who will go to the super bowl the
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welcome back big changes for your monday. temperatures around 430 in tampa florida.
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