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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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you can see people on the roof taking pictures of what's left. railings, balcony, parts were ripped off. one woman was trapped inside. the storm left a path of destruction and debris that could be scene for blocks. 10news reporter isabel -- joins us. >> reporter: sunday morning's tornado turned all of this into rubble and trapped 74 year old nancy devito. fortunately two friends weren't hurt. her daughter and her brother
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debris. >> the ef 2 tornado with winds hour. they took the brunt of it. >> reporter: we're standing on what was tammy's bedroom on the northwest corner of the house. her mother made a dash to the bedroom, but only made it as far as the bedroom door when the roof collapsed around her. she was trapped in an 18-inch gap. >> she was afraid that the rest of the roof was going to fall on her. she was crying and thought she was going to die. >> reporter: her dog charlie made it out too. >> we are just thankful that
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>> reporter: in sarasota, 10news wtsp. if you need help and you live in sarasota county, grab a pen and paper (941)379-9300. we also have the phone number on we are seeing some of the saddest impact of these storms. a couple was killed in do you -- duet. neighbors were all out digging through the rubble. >> they have all helped each
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they'll make it through this. >> we actually spoke to one woman who tried to warn the family just moments before it hit. we'll bring the story to you at 6:00. you heard the duet tornado was 110 miles per hour. what would that look like? >> reporter: you can see the damage, you can hear the stories from the heroes on the ground, but to get a real sense of how big this tornado in duet was, we need to go for a ride. if you live in the bay area you know the howard frankland. it didn't just go the length of the bridge. you would have to drive the roosevelt ramp all the way here to the kennedy west shore exited in tampa with winds
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>> it's just unreal. i mean, so much damage. >> reporter: yes, the tornado that turned a home into rubble in seconds was moving 65 miles per hour. that's about as fast as you would drive over the howard frankland. 300 yards aacross. three -- 300 yards across. the tornado's width, this is how wide the tornado would look on the ground right there. >> reporter: and by the time it takes you to get to the kennedy boulevard exit, the tornado was gone. mark rivera wtsp. after seeing the deadly storms and the aftermath. we want to make sure you get
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what to do reach out to us on facebook. search 10news to find us. this is just the beginning of severe weather in the bay area. now is the time to load the 10news web app. three american contractors are missing iniraq. the reports are conflicted because some say they were taken from the home of an interpreter while others say they were kidnapped at the airport. time now for stories world. a police officer was found dead in ohio with his gun ands
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officer thomas ka tell's body was found -- katrell. 12 marines have been missing since their helicopter crashed in hawaii. rescuers have been searching since thursday. the cause is still a mystery. a children's book about george washington and his slaves, critics are saying it makes light of the slaves. a slave named hercules and his daughter. workers are having hard time to keep up with the leafy kale. the price has gone up 80 cents. sickchick fillet has announced
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mlk day is today. today parades are a big part of the celebration. you can see it is one of the largest martin luter kick day parades -- luter king day parades. -- martin luter king. >> -- luther. do the drums. >> reporter: this was more than a parade. it's a celebration in honor of martin luter king jr -- >> to celebrate his life and doing good to one another, it's a great celebration today. >> reporter: organizers of
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takes a moment to remember the reason they're celebrating, the legacy of martin luther king. >> he wanted it to be equal. >> reporter: he hopes the young people today continue to fight for martin luther king's dream. >> he tried to make everything equal for everybody. >> we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. >> he's one of my heroes, like, when i think of him, he's one of my heros because of what he's done. >> reporter: you can give back all year long to his memory to
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donald trump is in the news again. this time among british politicians. could the presidential candidate soon be banned in the u.k.? >> . >> reporter: this week's deadly tornadoes are finally causing people to pay attention to the warnings. >> reporter: tonight some of the coldest temperatures we have seen. we'll break down how chilly it's going to be in your neighborhood. >> reporter: here is a look at i-275 at hillsborough avenue. then overat kennedy, not the
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looking at images like this the deadly storm we saw over the weekend should be the attention you need to pay attention to weather alerts. why more dangerous weather in the forecast, everyone, you at home, in tampa bay, should be prepared. >> reporter: he admits when his phone lit up warning of a tornado near his siesta key
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not everyone was so complacent. there have been a spike in sales of weather radios. wayne cooper took cover with his family. for several weeks now 10news and local officials have been warning about severe weather. we have seen you school and daycare preps, even how to survive if you're in a vehicle. for weeks on air, online, and social media, we urged you to prepare. >> there wasn't anything on the news that stated it was coming. >> reporter: the danger may be enhanced in an el nio year, but florida is the number one state surpassing kansas when it comes to tornadoes.
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north port, river view, even this waterspout in downtown tampan 2013. this is -- tampa in 2013. certainly lots of reasons to stay weather alert. really be on top of the news. but we've been hearing on social media that there's some rankings. >> there is a distinction between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. >> reporter: we have all the right environmental conditions up in the atmosphere and it's very possible that usually within the span of six to eight hours a tornado could happen,
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watch. but when you hear the warnings, when a warning is issued for your area, that means go time. that means you need to get to a safe place immediately and in the case of a tornado when you see a warning then it has been spotted on the ground or on the radar. and in this case we were seeing both, which you often don't get with some of these. we do have clear skies now that the weather has passed. burglary. -- saint petersburg. we look outside right now and we have high clouds but even though those are clearing out
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are going to be dropping. up in north eastern hillsborough, up into ta lose as well. you are going to be flirting with and close to the freezing mark tonight. so a freeze watch goes into effect, this is for overnight tuesday into wednesday, not for tonight. we're going to get really close to this 32-degree mark, but it's not going to stay there of the that bad impact on your plants, but heads up, it is going to be cold, so it's probably a good idea to let inside tonight. the winds are not super strong, so out of the north, kind of temperatures. we will be right around 40-
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winds still gusty out of the northeast, 2-5-foot waves. low tide coming up at 3:13. we have been talking about another storm system rolling in on friday. now the severe weather threat does not look nearly as bad as the system that rolled through sunday morning but given the time of year and tell the el nio pattern, we can't rule out a couple of severe thunderstorms, but as we get closer to friday that could potentially change, so keep an eye on things as we get closer to friday. up until that point, clear and
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name of the game here. wednesday morning up into the coast we will be hovering around freezing. 65 on wednesday. wednesday is kind of the perfect day, low 70s during the afternoon, so when we think of florida winters that's really what we get but then we will be tracking the storms on friday, and a cooldown on the weekend. make sure you download our news 10 weather app. that will give you alerts including in the middle of tonight to keep your family safe. now if you can't make the big game on february 7th. you know the game i'm talking about, hooters have and 10 news have teamed up. we're giving you the secret word of the day. all you have to do is enter the
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three winners will be announced on january 28th. >> reporter: the destruction still remains in communities torn apart by tornadoes. see how this couple killed in the tornado will not soon be forgotten. >> reporter: and why you may want to think twice about taking antibiotics. plus a couple risks their lives to save a stranger. first blinding snow wasn't
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coming up tonight, tune in for super girl at 9:00 and ncis at 10:00. then the news at 11:00. if you can't stay up you can catch the very best at 5:20 and 6:20 each morning. crash after crash after crash on a highway in michigan because of all that snow and the bad weather. you can see at least 50 cars and nearly a dozen semi trucks got tangled in this pileup. one person was killed. three people are in critical condition. school buses took people to a church or to find a way home. the heavy snow made it hard for drivers to see. another-story out of michigan that keeps on shocking
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the national guard is doubling its number of troops to go to flint. >> it's a racial crisis, it's a poverty crisis. people have been poisoned by lead and michael moore grew up in flint and he says the declaration is simply not enough. he declared his own state of emergency two weeks ago. state officials may have known about this problem months earlier. landing on wrong. what caused this space rocket of flames. why the u.k. is taking aim at the
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the destruction is over. now the cleanup begins. four things to know so you don't become a victim in the aftermath. plus, abet over load? -- antibio tick over antibiotic over load. a child has been taken to bay front medical center after being hit by a car in this man tee county neighborhood. he was riding his scooter when a driver hit him. we were over the scene as the
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