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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and being flown to the hospital. we will have more for you as it develops. the search is on the find three missing americans in arook. they were working -- iraq. they were searching a baghdad neighborhood. they have closed off streets and going door to door. eagles guitar player died. he had been battling intestinal problems for months. authorities say they want to talk to actress kate del castillo. she is not wanted for any crime but is a witness. tonight families are picking up the pieces after the
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two people were killed in man tee county. larry perkins shows you how this tragedy hit neighbors hard. >> reporter: what doesn't belong here and what is picking up very likely is debris. and we're confirming that two people are dead following the tornado that touched down about 4:00 this morning. several mobile homes were destroyed and four juveniles were injured and hospitalized. >> it's an ef-2 tornado with winds up to 125 miles an hour. we're in el nio winter and spring. >> this is just complete devastation for this home. >> you thank god that it's not worse, but you got to question why two wonderful people are gone.
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here when it happened. good people. >> we all prayed for them. they're just wonderful people. the world is not going to be the same without them. >> a lot of heartbreak and a lot of damage out there. if you are someone facing the tough task of cleaning up, you need to be on guard. in times like this you will see contractors sweeping in to help. three things to void from getting ripped off. take time to make sure any business is licensed and insured. second, make sure they have a physical address that you can verify, not a p.o. box. three make sure they have local
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we have information up on our website just look under the link under top stories. >> reporter: right now you can go to our facebook page, you see it right here and get your questions answered. for example dee wants to know if you live on the third and first floor and all you have is a bathroom with no interior windows is that the safest place to stay? >> our meteorologist say it's better but getting to know somebody on the first floor is best. >> meteorologists say going into a ditch is better than being in a mobile home during a tornado. a better idea is of the a plan when there's a tornado watch and get out of the area if possible. you can still join the conversation right now just search 10news wtsp.
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the palm of your hand. download our 10news app right on your smartphone or i pad. hillary clinton is holding onto her overall lead but in early voting states the race between clinton and bernie sanders is still too close to call. they and martin o'malley faced off. twitter is breaking down the three most talked about things. the mention of college afford ability. and the second is climate change is real. millennials have decided it's a top issue for the next election. the next is the exchange
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>> you received all the $600,000 in speaking fees for the tax in one years. >> you did not go as far on wall street as i would have. >> i have a plan that most have said is tougher, more comprehensive. >> it is discussed on twitter and facebook. the iowa caucus is february 1st. the decision of whether donald trump should be banned in the u.k. because of considering a plan of keeping muslims out of the u.s. >> it would be fundamentally wrong. >> i want to see donald trump
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>> reporter: the heated discussion was more symbolic than anything else. they hope it will send a message that he went too far. you have to change lanes when you see a emergency vehicle with flashing lights. ten investigates amy muker founds the another serious type of job for another worker. >> reporter: it is a close call on the highways for more than 30 years for this man. >> jump over the bed of the truck so they wouldn't get hit by the vehicle. >> reporter: that's why you must pull over or slow down when you see an emergency vehicle on the road.
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have your eye on on-coming what can happen. >> reporter: what can happen is tragedy. >> she got hit in the southbound lane. >> reporter: this is tow truck operator ward gages. a tow truck driver hit her. >> i went out and hollered her name and that, but she didn't respond none. >> reporter: it is not an isolated incident. between 15 to 20 toe operators are dying on the roads each year. ten investigates went along with the police. while setting up a tow truck along busy 49th street to see just how many of you would drive right on by is seen.
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speed, we watched a lot of people fail to move over, even with an open lane. >> this could be an all- day job. >> reporter: it is a real danger. as you can see, these cars behind me are going about 40 miles per hour. on the interstate it's about 20 miles-miles per hour faster, which means one distracted driver moving just even an inch could have devastating consequences. >> reporter: corporal john shey was pulling over drivers but no one really knew what to do. >> you must move over. >> i just didn't know you had to slow down 20 miles an hour. >> that wasn't close at all janet . >> reporter: after about two
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drivers oblivious to it out there. this past september denise gauge was honored by the towing hall of fame. the police tell us they have issued more than 30,000 citations across the state, but none keep track of which were for failure to move over for a tow truck. failure to land. why another attempt to land the space x rocket failed. and why doctors are changing the way they treat your family. and starting off a very calm evening with a very gorgeous sunset overbay -- over the sunset bay.
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look at our traffic camera network. regular backup on i-275 on the tampa side going all the way across howard frankland there. all clear on the florida state fairgrounds. you can download our 10news app
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10 news and hooters have teamed up for the big game february 7th. i have today's word.
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three separate winners will get a party at a hooters location. winners will be announce january 28th. all right. ice is to blame is what is thought to be the problem here. you can see it toppled over exploding into pieces there. take a look at your screen. it's going to happen again. it made a landing again at venderburg air space. a pretty cool first for space exploration. restaurant astronauts have been
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one astronaut sent out #space flower. doctors are being called to prescribe antibiotics only for the worst infection, or severe symptoms lasting three days. they say about 50% of the prescriptions may be unnecessary. >> it is to prevent antibiotic overuse, which is literally killing people in the country. they have found that people with sinus infections benefit for side effects from the antibiotics. i'm deon lynn.
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destroyed a mobile home. a neighbor said she desperately tried to get them out. >> i tried texting them, it didn't deliver. i knew something was wrong. >> sadly, the couple died. but some got out because of this young lady. >> reporter: it's relatively in-expensive and could save your life in the middle of tonight when a storm is barreling through. determined to break the elements, tonight on 10news 6:00. protecting your family, it's time for your 10 weather. >> reporter: you know, we're talking about it all day and dealing with so much severe weather, but it is really beautiful and nice to take a moment and relish our tampa bay
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>> yeah, take that, share that with me on social media and i would love to share that tonight. i think this is gorgeous as you look out over clear water beach. the clouds are going to thin out and that means more of the heat is able to escape into space. we are seeing the numbers drop pretty quickly. 58 in saint pete. 59 in bradenton and sarasota. we will stay just a hair warmer 30s. citrus and hernando you can expect to flirt with the freezing mark but not necessarily drop below it although i have cooler air coming through the next 48 hours that will change that.
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for tonight everyone stays above the freezing mark. what happens is tuesday night and wednesday morning, that could change for folks in hernando and citrus county. we have a freeze watch late tuesday into early wednesday morning. that time especially you want to cover the plants and make sure the pets are brought inside. although we're not going to hit 32 tonight, the pets would inside tonight. see the clouds thinning out after about 2:00 a.m., especially north of i-4, we really cool things down. low 40s tomorrow and then only topping out around 60-degrees tomorrow afternoon. it is going to be chilly and as soon as the sunsets because experiencing a lack of cloud quick. so if you are headed to the
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a chill in the air, but on the way home it is really going to be chilly. upper 30s around the tampa bay area. we will stay clear and cool overthe next several days, but then thursday -- over the next several days. notice we are going to see storms possible later in the day on friday. several days out it does not look to be as high a we are weather threat as our system was on sunday, but that said, a lot can change in the span of 72 hours and if nothing else, we're going to get some strong gusty winds out of these storms. we want you to keep checking back in regards to severe weather threats with this. it looks like they're going to be more of a garden variety.
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thursday and that's kind of our ideal day this week. we start off the week and then a little chilly, nice and comfortable in the afternoon, then track some storms on friday followed by a big cool down. get the forecast any time, download our 10news app for your apple or android.
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a couple jumped into action and saved a man who was
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>> reporter: la tasha watson. >> i started to scream. >> she was screaming before the crash even happened. >> reporter: the couple was driving slowly on a slippery i- 94 monday night when a car slipped and hit a tow truck. >> reporter: but -- he survived. diangelo gave instructions. she credits adrenaline for what happened next. >> i grabbed him by his coat and pulled him out. >> 2014, november i was in a bad car crash, my legs were pinned under beneath the engine
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>> reporter: diangelo broke the bones in his leg, part of the time with his jaw wired shut. so when he and letisha saw the could. >> gave it what i could because i am sure grateful for people that helped me out of my situation. >> wow, that really is incredible. >> and they are now working on plans to meet the man that they have saved. they haven't met yet. >> i can't wait to see them reunited. >> good news about deanglo, he
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10news at 6:00 starts right now. residents around sarasota, wide beach, you want you to get to a safe place. this is some of the most impressive rotation i have seen. >> reporter: firefighters say the two women inside are lucky to be alive.
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>> and i thought, oh wow, this must be what its like to die with the trees coming down and i thought it was all going to crash on top of me. >> we know tropical storms, but the winds, never like that before. >> reporter: communities left in the rubble working to reconstruct. >> tonight, neighborhoods across two counties are cleaning up after a powerful tornado. it's hit in the small community of duet. 127 miles per hour winds lifted up a family's mobile home from
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it landed more than 100 yards
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