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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it landed more than 100 yards away killing a couple and sending their four grand kids to the hospital. another tornado in sarasota, key. the twister also ripped through a condo complex. the red cross is helping those forced from their homes. it might have torn apart homes but not the heart of the family. >> in duet, distance makes the heart grow fonder. >> reporter: homes are football fields apart but the neighbors couldn't be any closer, that is even truer in a time of tragedy. >> it's really hard to see all this. >> reporter: nicole jack had her own family to worry about when a tornado touched down,
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on her mind, steve and kelley wilson. >> i tried texting them, i knew something was wrong, it didn't get through. >> reporter: the family died. >> the help didn't stop there. you see how much damage is left. after the storm it took neighbors no time at all to come out and help collect precious items. >> all we're really looking for are things that can't be replaced. >> reporter: those who came to help immediately said it's the least they could do to help a family that wouldn't think twice to help them. >> they're good people. >> reporter: and the recovery -- recoveriry effort continue recoveriy.
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storm couldn't damage. >> everybody has already came together so much to try to do what we can, it will take time, but we can do it. >> reporter: 10news wtsp. this house on the end of bay winds lane was hit the hardest. today the children of the homeowner trapped under the second floor rubble tried to salvage what they could. they suffered cuts and bruises. >> she was in her bedroom over there and she heard the door starting to shake so she thought it would be safer to go to the bedroom, so she was trying to get out of her bedroom and the roof collapsed and landed on her. >> reporter: ironically the
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>> now you have seen a long tedious road of rebuilding is the start for the victims. building permits, solid waste disposal, power experts and insurance companies recommend they call their companies first and by a aware of unlicensed contractors. >> they need to make sure they are licensed professionals. they need to ask the people for their credentials. and have them call the county and we'll be glad to look up their information. >> if you are looking for help, you can dial the county's call center. the number is on your screen and on our website life-saving information
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it pops up. we are learning many people across the bay area don't have one. >> most of us don't have one. i was actually hoping something would alert my cell phone. i slept with it next to me. >> no, we do not. we rely on our cell phone. >> we have not thought we had a need for one yet. >> reporter: the last couple said they just recently downloaded our 10news app. your cell phone isn't the only thing you should rely on. >> reporter: when a weather warning is issued, this is where it comes from, from the national weather service in ruskin. they say a weather radio is much better than relying on your cell phone especially during the middle of tonight. >> if you lose cell towers, your cell phone won't get any information anymore. >> reporter: it is just one of several things you need of the in place.
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things you need of the for a disaster preparedness kit. most important, water for every single member of your family. get all of the important prescriptions, even a first aid kit. get that ready too. important dockets, cash, credit cards, checks, insurance information, get all of that and dump it into a kit. food for everyone in your family, a can opener too, make sure you have a flashlight, batteries and lots of them. warm clothes and rain gear for everyone in your family. warm blankets, and of course, sturdy shoes after the storm. so here's is deal, you have to have this disaster kit made up right away. when you need to take shelter, grab your family, grab your
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to a safe place in the middle of your house like this to ride out the storm. tammy seals wtsp 10news. what should you do if you're in a car out and about? you can find the recommendations at our website. there is so much to our- story because so many of you are reaching out to us about your questions. if you have any questions reach out to us on facebook, type in 10 tuesday wtsp. and remember, you can check stormtraker 10 and get severe weather alerts with our weather app.
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county, a boy hit by a car was flown to bay front medical center. we are working to find out how serious the injuries are as soon as we learn more information. >> eagle's guitarist glen fry has died. loved ones wrote, glen fought a courageous battle the past several weeks from rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia and other ailments. a blood bank is asking for donations for all types of blood. some has fallen critically low. emergencies like this weekend's tornadoes a hospital's supply of blood can run out fast. there are donation centers and blood mobiles in sarasota. neil signature says it doubled
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it's significant for the entire county. new home buyers will have to factor in a fee that goes towards new schools. the company expects to sell more than 100 new homes this year each with an average price tag of $165,000. a day of service all in honor of dr. martin luther king of the parade. it wasn't just a day off for school. for many kids in saint pete, many went to the parade, the largest in the southeast. it gives kids an important everyone. >> he's one of my heroes. not a lot of people would say
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and stuff like that, but when i think about my hero it's him because he's done so much for us. >> that was so well said. now this is the 31 year for the parade featuring more than a dozen marching bands from all across the country. today is the holiday but there is an entire week to celebrate dr. martin luther king jr., go to it's the news when you need it. >> reporter: we're staying on top of the severe weather that pounded through the bay area. >> some didn't have a television, cell phone or radio. how those folks braved the elements. >> reporter: now that that storm system timely moved out. tile talk about how cold it gets in your neighborhood over
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tonight on cbs and 10news. 8:00 super girl, 9:00 scorpion, then 10 news at 11. then watch all the highlights on 10news this morning at five
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-- 5:20 and six 20:00. 6:20. >> reporter: if you were a seam stress -- putting the finishing touches on her store tent. it was blown down during sunday's early morning storm. >> you are scared as all get out. >> reporter: she says the wind ripped a 3-foot hole in her tent while she was inside. for many tense minutes these reenactors say it was complete chaos. >> who knows what's going to go flying. >> reporter: they are called
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>> we have radios which we hide. >> this part is called the slippery slope. it's here people are told to go down this hill when a tornado arrives. >> our ranges are bermed. >> reporter: the group had to put an emergency plan in place and no one was hurt. >> make sure your friends don't need help. >> reporter: 10news wtsp. a river ron dayonly one person left. it's time for 10 weather. >> reporter: it's nice to see finally the radar is clear for once. >> yeah, but a little chillier to start out. >> reporter: that's kind of the tradeoff, the cold air is
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and we are seeing the quickly. 55 in saint pete, over the next couple of hours now that the sun is going to go down it is down. 51 in tarpan springs. we will even get some upper 30s especially east of i-75. around 39. folks in citrus and hernando county, it's going to be a little cooler. and that's going to be the case today. we'll keep you above the freezing mark only by a hair. still, it's going to be close, so if you have pets outside maybe it's a good idea to let them sleep inside tonight. we do warm things up a little
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getting even cooler as we head into wednesday morning where we do have a freeze watch for citrus and hernando counties. i do want to take a moment to show you this absolutely stunning picture of the sunset. if you have more i would love to share yours coming up tonight. it is absolutely a gorgeous evening out there. we still have the northerly winds with the dry air and the lack of cloud cover, keep in mind we are going to cool things off pretty quickly over the next few hours, so as you are headed out partly the cloudy skies, then we start to clear things on out, but notice the temperatures flirting with the 30-degree mark. tomorrow after the gail warning
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2-5-foot seas northeast winds at about 15 knots. high tide at 12:12 and low tide at 3:13 p.m. tomorrow. a little bit later in the week the waters will relax a little bit but only a small window before the next storm system that starts to develop in the western gulf, back into lou i siana. again, we're still a few days out. so keep checking back on the developments on this system. we are going to be watching this closely given the fact that we have a track record and that it is an el nio year. as of right now, not connecting the same outcome, so if you are
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grab a jacket, especially leaving the game, it is going to be cool. breaking down your weekend, saturday, and isolated shower early saturday morning, but looks like sunday we're going to clear back out. i want to give you heads up, even though they're going to increase, they're going to drop back down to the 40s on sunday with daytime highs only topping out in the 60s. friday, that's going to be our potential stormy day, then we start to cool down for the weekend and in the 70s early next week. just download our free weather app for your apple or android. playing against the detroit red wings february 3rd
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facebook at wtsp and enter the
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now, live from the sun coast hyundai dealer sports desk. >> reporter: over the past five games whether late or grabbing the early lead the lightning have found their way to win and during the season long winning street that confidence and swagger we saw last season appears to be back. not only due to the offense, but more so to do with the fact
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>> you can sit here and say, okay, we were healthy the first couple of games of the year, and i don't know if we had defined roles yet, but since everybody has come back, it took them a couple games here, but the players that were injured finding their strides. >> reporter: to the gridiron, seemed to out number the draft hopefuls in st. petersburg. the kickoff for saturday's 91st edition. scouting these practices are a key way to winning on draft day. >> it's one of our favorite events in the scouting process just you never know what you're going to find in this setting right here, it is competitive and that's what we look for as opposed to going to a practice, but here they're trying to make
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>> reporter: keran is a professional cricket player, but now he's trying to make it to the west. we'll have his quest on 11 news. hooters and 10 news have teamed up, all you have to do is watch 10news at 5:30 in the evening. three winners will be announced thursday, january 28th for tickets to the game with the secret word. >> reporter: crews stopped by tampa general hospital to meet with children and the doctors and nurses who take care of them. together, they put on a festive parade there.
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it's a chance for the kids to experience gasporilla. >> it's so fun when you see the kids catching the beads. it's like golds. >> for breaking news and alive local radar, wtsp is always on. >> don't forget, take our
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