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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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tear apart families and lives. but from under the destruction and rubble comes a sense of community and giving to the youngest victims. cleanup continues in sarasota county after an e-f-2 tornado tore through siesta key area over the weekend. tensions are running high in flint, michigan as the city's water crisis continues. at 4-30. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz.. lets get a look at meteorologist bobby
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here are the here are the latest numbers from the weekend's deadly storms: in sarasota county -- damage estimates ring in at about $12 million dollars. 20 homes and businesses were damaged when a tornado hit near siesta key. and in duette-- a twister with winds up to 125 miles an hour-- ripped a
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2 lives and hurting 5 others. 10 news reporter jennifer titus tells us how the community is trying to show their support-- the best way they know how. jen intro: even in the dark you can see the damage and devastation that hit this duette street. 53811 natsno katie the pain still running down loved ones faces nats as family members of stephen and kelly wilson dig through the rubble trying to make sense of it all 61605 hard then when you that peoples lost nikki pennington minutes away 61536 i don't know this family just want them to know people in community complete strangers we care and were thinking of them a go fund me account has been set up for the family already raising more than dollars. the wilson's son who is also
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grandchildren were on the page shows the wilson's grandchildren smiling together at the hospital. 61536 this is a time for us to rally aroudnt hem and do what we can jen tag: and the family to emotional tonight to speak to us on camera but they did tell me that all the children are all going to be ok all thanks to stephen wilson who helped his children and niece escape. in duette jennifer titus 10 news wtsp in sarasota county-- neighbors are trying to salvage what they can from the destruction. leaders say the ef-2 tornado that tore through the siesta key area trapped two people here on baywinds lane. emerging from all of this devastation, stories of remarkable rescues. 10 news reporter kendra conlon shows you the "life- saving technology" fire crews used-- to dig a woman out-- from the debris. tammie stockfils mom... survived her home crashing down on her. but stuck in this
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worried she wouldn't make it out alive. fire department team... raced to her rescue.. typically used in off the ground. after a tornado. survived with just some cuts and bruises... crews rescued 2 special operations team... raced to her rescue.. using these airbags... typically used in crashes to lift cars off the ground. for the first time after a tornado. a miracle that nancy some cuts and bruises... crews rescued 2 and charlie the now, they begin picking up the pieces. in sarasota county
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news wtsp for several weeks now -- 10 news-- and local officials-- have been warning about tornado danger. but even so-- many found themselves unprepared. after this weekend's deadly storm -- a home depot in sarasota saw a sudden "sales spike" in weather radios. florida is already the number one state in the country-- even ahead of kansas-- when it comes to twisters per square mile. and in tampa bay-- we haven't gone a single year in the past five years without tornado activity. before sunday-- emergency managers say it had been 31 years since someone in southwest florida was killed by a tornado. 10news reporter courtney robinson shows you what you need to do to be alert even as you sleep. did that grab your attention? it should. it's the sound you'll hear if the government issues an emergency alert in your area. those -- who had the alerts turned on heard that in manatee and sarasota counties
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-- -- 255 with the technology we have radar or we can see the rotation before came on shore. there was warning wayne sallade is the director of emergency management for charlotte county. he can't understand how in 2016 people aren't prepared for deadly weather. after the storm and news that it took lives ... sallade shared his -- 53 it really hurts when we lose not be family immediate family but we take it personally cause it's like you failed somehow 107 -- because it is simple to get alerts ... grab your phone ... go to your settings . click notifications and scroll to the bottom. you see it there make sure it's green. -- nats -- you can also get notifications through the fema weather app. it allows you to set alerts for as many as five areas. and if you don't have a weather radio . you need one and keep it on. you won't hear that noise unless a storms headed your
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easy ways to stay safe and alert. in tampa, courtney robinson, 10news wtsp. right now protesters are calling for the resignation and arrest of governor rick snyder as the city's water crisis continues in flint, michigan . they say he knew about the tainted water long before declaring a state of emergency earlier this month. many want president obama to declare flint a "disaster area" instead of an "emergency." it would be a difference of over 90 million dollars in aid relief. the governor did submit for a "major disaster declaration" but was denied because the water crisis is "man-made" and not a natural disaster. when the city tapped into its own river for water, it wasn't properly treated, stripping lead from pipes. 10 people died from legionnaires disease and the number of children with lead in their systems doubled to 68. many people are planning to protest the governor's "state of the state" address later today.
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treated at " bayfront medical center"-- after he was hit by a car in this manatee county neighborhood. the 10-year-old was riding a scooter when a driver hit him on monday. "sky 10" was over the scene -- as he was put into a medical chopper and flown to the hospital. we're still waiting to hear how he's doing this morning. time now for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60 second scan. a warning for trader joe's fans. the popular grocery store chain is recalling raw cashew pieces because of possible salmonella contamination. they were sold in 31 states -- florida is not one of them. but if you've been traveling or have family out of state you may want to warn them. no illnesses have been reported. you may remember this man -- caught on camera -- attacking an uber driver. now... he's now suing that same driver for 5 million dollars -- claiming he illegally recorded this video. the former taco bell executive says he was intoxicated and began to fear for his life when the driver pulled over to kick him out of the car in an unfamiliar location.
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boycotting the oscars -- and are calling for others director "spike lee" and actress "jada pinkett smith" say-- they're fed up and won't attend. at issue -- a lack of diversity. this is the second straight year that have been white. of the post on doctor martin day was intentional. music legend and co-founder of the eagles -- glenn frey 10 news anchor closer look at frey's legendary career. nats: it's another tequila sunrise.. glenn frey formed the eagles in the early 1970s with his friend, drummer don henley. nats "welcome to the hotel california." the eagles mixed country and california sounds to become one of the most successful acts of the 70s. "hotel california" along with their "greatest hits collection" became two of the best- selling albums of all time. sot glenn frey/recording artist: "we were serious about our songs. and serious about where we wanted to take the band. but along the way, we really rocked and had a good time."
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kid in town" frey grew up in the detroit area and met henley in los angeles when they both sang back up for linda ronstadt. nats you can't hide your lyin' eyes... the duo penned a long string of hits through the decade. "take it easy..." but the strain of turning out hits took a toll... and the eagles broke up in 1980. sot: glenn frey: "there was always something standing in our way." "nats...the heat is on.the heat is on, on.." frey then launched a successful solo career with hits like "the heat is on" and "you belong to the city." the eagles reunited in 1994. four years later the group was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. frey was 67. his family and fellow band members released a statement saying in part: "words can neither describe our sorrow, nor our love and respect for all that he has given to us, his family, the music community & millions of fans worldwide." coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning..a warning from the c-d-c for women who are expecting. the virus that might pose a danger if they travel to certain countries.##
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they go? the u-s city already seeing gas prices under one dollar! plus, an unusual car chase in california ends with several puppies running all over the freeway! coming up, they want your vote, but why is the wording so confusing. 10 investigates reads between the lines of the so called "amendments to the constitution" . plus, check out this video! the dramatic rescue,
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bobby weather
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when you go to
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vote-- you don't only choose candidates. there are often "amendments to the constitution" on the ballot. and we bet-- many times after reading them-- you say... "what does that mean?" 10 investigates mike deeson has discovered-- sometimes-- that confusing language-- is put on the ballot on purpose. protection of pregnant pigs, funding high speed rail, defunding high speed rail, just three amendments florida voters approved at the ballot box.. and three many call a flawed process. usf political science professor, dr, susan mcmanus says this usf nielsen survey found voters are confused by the ballot language written by attorneys. this, despite the fact that the florida supreme court must certfiy that an amendment deals
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understandable. the push to bring solar energy to the sunshine state is a perfect example.. one group backing one of the two amendments for solar power. consumer advocate and is concerned that voters will not understand what they are choosing because the way the amendment is written.
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supports the utility backed amendment even that answer causes more confusion... and the carefully crafted language like "protect consumers", "public health safety and welfare" confuses the voter-thinking it protects them and
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"consumers for smart solar" is the only one of the two "consumers for smart solar" is the only one of the two solar amendments-- that collected enough signatures to be on the ballot this fall. it's waiting for the "florida supreme court" to approve the language. check this out! for the first time since january 2005 -- five planets will appear in the same sky together. and the best part -- you don't even need a telescope. from left to right diagonally-- you'll see: mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter. the stars "an- tares and spica"-- will also twinkle in the same part of the sky. the best time to see them will be early morning from about january 20th to february 20th. smoke alarms saved dozens of lives in fresno,
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rescued from a second-story apartment! it was all captured by a firefighter's helmet camera. you can see the firefighter-- puts his ladder up to a window-- sees people inside-- and yells for backup. then-- in a heart- stopping moment-- the tenant hands the firefighter her baby through the window. he hands the baby to the firefighter below...and then helps the other family members down. the owner of the property believes someone snuck in to the complex-- and lit a fire in the back stairway. coming up...when sickness keeps kids away from gasparilla - pirate crews bring the party to them. the colorful parade through the pediatric ward.. and the pirates who put on the show.. coming up next. coming up tonight on 10news and c-b-s.. at 8:00 n-c-i-s followed by n-c-i-s: new orleans at 9:00. then limitless at 10:00.
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the captain of "ye mystic crew" of gasparilla... and some of his pirates - spread "cheer and beads" to some young patients. the crew stopped by tampa general hospital to visit with children.. and the doctors and nurses who take care of them. together they put on a festive parade throughout the ward.. complete with floats and plenty of beads. it's a chance for these kids to experience the fun of gasparilla. coming up on 10 news this morning... the water crisis in flint, michingan continues. as people keep getting sick, many are planning to governor's "state of the state" address later today. plus... how many of you took a vacation last year? we will have survey where americans were asked if they took time off in 2015. and it's that time of the year. tax season is just around the corner. what you need to scam, next. with another look at
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