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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:30am-5:59am EST

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ad lib lets get a look at 10 weather with meteorologist bobby
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in the wake of deadly tornados in manatee county, emergency leaders are desperately urging you to buy a weather radio. but you might be wondering if you
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phone can also send you alerts that a tornado is near. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live in duette. sarah, people whose lives were turned upside down in sunday's storm say they're phone alerts weren't enough to keep them safe. this is all that's left of steve and kelli wilson's home-- ripped 100 yards from its foundation, leaving neighbors to wonder if the couple and their family knew to take cover or ditch their mobile home for a safe place. some people in duette tell me they recieved alerts on their phone 10 minutes after the storm caused all this damage. they wish they'd invested in a weather radio, which uses a digital signal to let you know you're in harm's way. before the next round of severe weather hits our area take a moment and ask yourself if you have everything you need to be alerted that your
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if you don't have a weather radio, you can take one minute right now to make sure your phone is able to recieve alerts. let me show you: go to settings, click notifications, scroll to the bottom and make sure the tab is green next to emergency alerts. it will send you a piercing chirp alert if a storm is headed your way. live in duette, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp more than 18- thousand dollars has been raised for a family torn apart by a deadly tornado that hit land early sunday morning. the tornado had winds up to 125 miles an hour. it killed stephen and kelly wilson of duette. their son and four grandchildren were hurt in the storm. a photo on the page shows the wilson's grandchildren smiling together at the hospital. the community is trying to show their support the best way
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the family spent monday scouring through the rubble trying to recover what ever items they could. a health alert if you or someone you and may be traveling sometime soon. warning about zika virus. borne virus that is linked to birth the c-d-c is women to avoid traveling to 14 countries in latin america and the caribbean including puerto rico and mexico. the first u-s case was confirmed in hawaii last week. the scottsdale airport in arizona is back open this morning after an airplane went off of the runway on monday. four people were on the plane at the time. thankfully none of them were hurt. the plane's landing gear collapsed during its landing, and you see the plane ended up in a dirt area of the airfield. an unusual chase for troopers in long beach, california. when troopers say the shoulder of the when they went up
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off. little did they knew, there were six dogs in the car with the driver. after about an hour chase, troopers surrounded car. the woman then got out and so did some of her dogs! while the woman was arrested, troopers had to corral all the dogs on the freeway. we're putting the news back in the morning, time now is . the f-b-i and homeland security are investigating security threats against super bowl 50 in san francisco. that's topping headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan... a leaked intelligence report shows potential threats are drones and cutting fiber optic cables.. which would shut down internet operations. the report also warns against individuals who slip past security and carry out a mass shooting. a retired f-b-i agent says the reason these problems are the biggest fears is because the government can only do so much when it comes to surveillance. a massive gas leak in southern california will be stopped ahead of schedule. so-cal-gas says the 12 week leak will be shut off by the end of february or sooner..
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will vote on that plan this week. a relief effort to drill to the well began in december. the area have been sickened and many leak began in october. puerto rico is in serious financial treasury secretary, timothy to the u-s territory tomorrow to crisis there. billion dollars in puerto rico's governor is asking congress to change allow the territory to declare bankruptcy. the co-founder of one of america's most popular 70s- era bands has passed away. glenn frey formed the eagles in the early 1970s with his friend, drummer don henley. after the eagles frey launched a career with hits like "the heat is on" and "you belong to the city." he released his final solo album in 20-12. frey died at home in new york city of complications from rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and pheumonia. he was 67-years- old. ian, we all know
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loss for the music industry and for fans worldwide. yes, allison, we're seeing a lot of reaction this morning on twitter. many people sharing their condolences. country music star brad paisley posted, "thank you for the music that paved the way for so many others." comedian and musician steve martin tweeted, ""shocker. my friend from the early days, and important member of eagles, has died." stephen king posted, "so sorry to hear about the passing of glenn frey. great songwriter, great musician, great talent." apple says it's investigating an issue with its smartphones. some iphone six-s and six-s plus phones don't display how much battery life is left accurately. apple says the problem appears to be related to changing time on the phone. users who change the time manually or traveled to different time zones could be affected. you can fix the problem by restarting your phone and letting the date and time change
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if you or someone you know lives in a high-rise, you'll want to pay attention to this. new research shows those people have a lower chance of surviving cardiac arrest. building access and elevator delays were blamed. those living below third floor had the best chance of survival. miami is much quieter this morning after hundreds of bikers rode dangerously through the streets on monday. take a look at this video. riders drove onto sidewalks, in the opposite direction of traffic and popped wheelies. it was all part of their annual "bikes up, guns down" it's reportedly meant to bring peace to areas with gun violence. state troopers monitored the ride, but said they weren't making any arrests unless someone committed a felony. they said they didn't want to make a bad situation worse by chasing bikers. starting tomorrow, you'll want to look up at the sky! dropping sight that doesn't happen too often! but first, what was supposed to be a wedding reception, turned into something so much
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on 10news and c-b-s.. at 8:00 n-c-i-s followed by n-c-i-s: new orleans at 9:00. then limitless at 10:00. and tune in for 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests charlie day and colin hanks. and if you go to bed early-- don't worry. we're sharing the best moments from the late show with you on 10 news this morning, every day at 5-20 and 6-20. check this out, a jilted bride decided check this out, a jilted bride decided to give back to the seattle in a very big
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even though she backed out of her wedding, she didn't want to waste the reception hall and food. she decided to donate the reception to a charity that offers help for homeless families. the charity found stylists and make up artists willing to donate their services to give these families a kind of makeover for their big party. about 150 attended the big party. even the bride's mother attended! the world's 62 richest billionaires have as much wealth as the bottom half of the world's population. that's from a new report that shows the top 62 saw their net worth rise by more than half a trillion dollars between 2010 and 2015, while the 3 point 6 billion people in the bottom half lost a trillion dollars. spike lee and jada pinkett smith will boycott this year's oscars. they say it's because
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all four acting categories for the second year in a row. this year, all 20 contenders are white. the academy says it's taking steps to alter the makeup of its membership and to accelerate diversity efforts. over the next few weeks you'll get a special treat in the sky. you'll be able to see five planets align pre-dawn until february 20th. from left to right, mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will line up in a diagonal line. this is the first time the planets will appear in the same sky together since january 2005. to read more about this, search for allison kropff while you're on facebook this
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the ledger newspaper tease:
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newspaper tease: the ledger after a week at
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like sleeping in a little on the weekends? and now there may be more reasons to do so. coming up, why researchers say catching up on some sleep is actually good for your health. don't forget, you can always take 10 download the 10 it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - you won't miss a news in the app store now.
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if you enjoy
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weekend--good news! researches at the university of chicago say catching up on sleep may help lower the risk of diabetes. they found the risk of diabetes jumped 16 percent for healthy young men who were sleep-deprived. but with two nights of extra sleep, their insulin levels returned to normal. coming up on 10 news this morning.. con artists targetting your tax return. the scam you need to know about and why the i-r-s hasn't been able to stop it. and hesitant to take time off from work? why many americans aren't using their vacation
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saving lives.. need to have when severe weather strikes. today and the i-r-s is about scams that
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technology you need to have
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