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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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technology you need to have when severe weather strikes. tax season begins today. about scams. you'll want to grab the on this tuesday morning. bobby is tracking cold weather. morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. let's get over to meteorologist things for us. >> we have one or two spots at 50 degrees. most of us are in the 40s. we have a couple spots in the morning. it is cold. it will get colder tomorrow morning. 39 crystal river. 46 tampa and sarasota. there is the 50-degree reading in st. petersburg and 46 in lakeland. we have some high clouds. this helped us out. we would be cooler than where we are. they act as a blanket even though they are thin. grab your jacket and sunglasses. we'll stay in the 40s through 10:30 and climb into the mid 50s this afternoon. still looking at storms on
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details coming up. let's get you out the door with road warrior hilary zalla and check on hot spots. >> good morning. it has been quiet this morning. all we are dealing with is construction. i want to let you know about pine lake in hillsborough county. it is closed at armenia avenue. it opens up tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. there are detours posted. give yourself extra time. an emergency warning that came too late for two people should serve as a warning for your family. ten minutes after the storm, that's when some people who live in the small town devastated by tornadoes finally got an emergency alert on their phones. 10 news reporter is live this morning. what are these families
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>> reporter: when you look at the damage it pulls at your heart strings. everything that belonged to this family is scattered in the wide opened after two people lost their lives in that tornado on sunday. although we all have our cell phones glued to our hands, people learned here that these emergency alerts are not always reliable. they want all of us to have weather radios like this that could save your lives in an emergency. for people here, some did not get an alert until ten minutes after the tornado tore apart their homes and killed their neighbor, steve and kate wilson. while the alert can save your life. they don't always work. in spotty areas like this where cell service isn't always reliable sometimes messages don't always come through. mike sherman and his wife
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>> we had a little warning. a little was better than none. we got in the closet. it was a very helpless feeling. >> reporter: his barn was destroyed. his house wasn't touched and he lived down the road from where the wilsons died in the storm. the best thing for you this morning is to invest in one of these weather radios. people out here said they never thought they needed one of these until it was too late. for the first time in sarasota county firefighters used life-saving technology to help rescue a trapped tornado victim. the roof collapsed on nancy smith pinning her into an 18- inch space. the fire department rolled out these air bags. they typically use these to lift cars off the ground in car crashes.
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her to live her to safety. safer. up. we are able to shore behind it collapse. >> the ef 2 tornado caused $12 in the area. everyone is waking up to morning. cold weather shelters are opening up in the bay area. those are a few shelters that will be opened. if you need a shelter closer to your home or if you know someone who needs a warm place to stay tonight head to
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we have all the information there. continuing our coverage of the water crisis in flint, michigan. today the state's governor will deliver his state of the state speech while protesters call for his resignation. flint water supply was tainted with lead after a state- appointed city manager switched the city's water source from detroit to the flint river to save money. >> he should have switched it back over to detroit water as soon as he knew of the contamination. >> the governor plans to request that president obama declares flint a federal state of emergency. tax season. before you send in your returns, there is a warning from the irs. more and more people are getting scammed by people posing as irs workers. >> this is costing some of you tens of thousands of dollars. 10 news reporter emerald morrow
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protect yourself. the problem is sometimes it is hard to tell a scammer from a real irs employee. >> that's right. a lot of times some of the people who are using these scams, they will pose as irs workers and use a phone system that allows them to change their phone number. sometimes they'll disguise their number as one coming from washington, d.c. or the irs itself. so you think it is real. it is how a pastor out of north carolina ended up losing $16,000 the reverend got a call from one of those scammers using a washington number. impostor told him he was being charged with tax fraud and threatened him with jail time. the person said the only way to get rid of his problem was to send in money. these phony agents targeted hundreds of thousands of people.
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>> they are pretending to be government officials working for the irs. a federal agency that makes most americans apprehensive. >> it has been hard for the irs to fight back. remember, if you get a call from someone saying they are from the irs, no one will ever call and demand an immediate payment. nor will they ask for a credit card or debit credit card number over the phone. they will also not threaten to have you arrested for not paying. if you do get one of these calls hang upright away and contact the federal trade commission. back to you. >> good information. thank you very much. china is reporting its lowest economic growth figures in 25 years. the world's second largest economy saw a 7% growth last year.
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expectations it is lower than all years going back to 1990. this comes as china's markets traded flat today. if your twitter account is not updating this morning you are not the only one. technical issues caused a worldwide outage for three hours. it is now partially working again. some people are still seeing an error message when they try to use the site. we don't know what is causing the outage. good news for your wallet. aaa says that oil is at the lowest level since nearly a decade ago meaning gas prices continue to fall. take a look at the national average. $1.98 a gallon. the average price in st. pete is $1.86. when was the last time you saw prices at the pump for
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look at this here. in michigan one gas station sold it at 47-cents a gallon. >> how many people just kept driving because they thought it was a mistake? >> of course you would think it was a mistake. gas went up to $1.47 by the end of monday. bikers break laws and ride dangerously through the streets of miami. >> why law enforcement say they allowed them to continue their chaos. if you think it is cold here, people in minnesota are
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this week you have a chance
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tickets to the february 3rd game against the detroit redwings at amalie arena. also giving away signed team gear. word of the day is math. take the word. enter it through our 10 news facebook page. complete details at we'll announce the winner on friday. if you are having a hard time adding the phrase vacation time to your calendar you are not alone. a recent survey says 41% of americans didn't take a single day of vacation in 2015. most employers allow their staff ten days a year. 13% of people surveyed say they only took five days. at the other end of the spectrum they figured out how to take more than 20 days off a year. in minnesota a man posted a
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put frozen pants in their front yards and that idea took off. get the pants wet, put them outside in the below zero temperatures and the temperature takes care of the rest. >> if you are visiting that area and you have no idea people are doing this for fun. >> they are having fun. it is cold. you have to do something. we have cold weather to talk about in the bay area. nothing like that. >> no. no. but tomorrow we have freezing temperatures. cover up the plants and bring in the pets. don't take your wet pants outside. if you do, i want to see it. >> oh, here we go. >> i don't think it will freeze that much. we have cold air headed our way. temperatures in the upper 30s right now. this is not the coldest night.
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be the coldest of this cold snap and of this year so far. 46 tampa. 45 clearwater and new port richey. sarasota 46 degrees. it is cool out there. still some wind. you take those numbers in the mid 40s and subtract a couple degrees. when you look it is 7 mile-per- hour winds. it will make it feel cooler. 15 mile-per-hour winds in clearwater. 13 st. pete. you can see the ripple on the water. visibility is fine. we have high clouds over top of us. no rain to speak of. these are high cirrus clouds in the jet stream. they are moving quickly up in the jet stream. let's plan your tuesday. as the good looking day it is just a chilly one all the way through. we'll be in the 40s through 10:30 before we get to the 50s. 11:00 we just get to 51 degrees. mostly sunny skies. you can see north wind arrows 5
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higher on the bay and the coastal waters but not too much. i do think, and the model is suggesting this, too, that shift south. if that happens with clear we'll get really, really cold. that's the forecast for now. tune in at 5:00 and 6:00, jim will have a better handle on it to see if that's happening. i think it will. 58 today. sunset back to 6:00. that's night. boating two to four foot seas. we have north winds 15 knots this morning. 10 knots later this afternoon. we'll go with a moderate chop on the bay. 58 degrees in the water. it is in the lower 60s. when you get a cold snap the temperature sensors can see the upper 50s. temperatures tumble tonight. if you are out and about bring the jackets.
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tomorrow morning in tampa, sarasota, bradenton 40 degrees. the problem areas will be hernando, pasco and citrus county. low 30s and upper 20s in spots. as a result the national weather service issued a freeze warning. notice the u.s. 19 corridor and east of that is not in it. the further you get near trinity and eastward you are in the freeze warning. that includes all of hernando county and citrus county. 28 to 32 degrees for several hours. that's why you want to cover up the plants and bring the pets in tonight. tomorrow we'll start a rebound. we'll go up to lower 60s. thursday is the best day. it will be fantastic out there. lower 70s for highs with sunshine on thursday. friday morning showers and storms come through.
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strong storms are possible. they'll come through in the morning hours, clear us out and cool us down for the weekend. the weekend is look beautiful. it is sunny but chilly. 50s on saturday. 6:18. the radio. i have an accident on 49th treat and tangerine avenue. this was a single-car crash. the person inside was killed. you have lanes blocked on 49th. be careful in that area. slow down and give yourself extra time. i'm on top of an accident in hillsborough county.
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westbound at kings avenue. injuries are reported in this. blocked. if you take state road 60 or brandon boulevard into tampa you might see a delay at king. we are still in the green. traffic is about to pick up in the next 30 minutes. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera. i-4 at branch forbes road. westbound lanes going into tampa through plant city your drive time from polk parkway in lakeland over to i-75 is 15 minutes. no significant delay right now. this is a live look at busch boulevard. southbound lanes are heavier. nothing major. your drive is 16 minutes from the apex to i-4. that is a one minute delay.
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we'll get a five minute delay before 7:00. manatee and sarasota county you have been quiet all morning long in terms of accidents. no delays either. if you are traveling from i-275 up to the selmon expressway it is taking you 24 minutes along i-75. if you are going southbound towards university parkway it is 13 minutes. no delays. roadways send me an e-mail. targeting superbowl 50. what the fbi is saying about threats against the big game. a travel warning for pregnant women about a virus that can cause birth defects. are you at risk of losing your job to a robot?
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good morning. it is cold out there this morning. you cannot tell how cold it is out there but it will get colder over the next day or so. here's a sign of the times. a new report out says that robots could take over five million jobs in the next five years. >> the world economic forum in automated all centers. cold weather. people are headed outside for their run. some like it. it is chilly out there. >> it is not far off today than what it was yesterday. 42 to 47 degrees. temperatures now.
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here's road warrior hilary zalla. >> good morning sunshine skyway drivers. if you are heading northbound into pinnelas your drive times is 17 minutes from i-275 in manatee county up to pinnelas point drive. no significant delays yet. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera across the bridge in tampa. it is heavier at the kennedy boulevard exit. still looking at a six minute drive time. we are seeing heavier traffic. courtney campbell causeway looking good at memorial highway. no significant delays here. drive time is seven minutes.
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mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. this is your eye opener in emergency managers encouraging everyone to turn on alerts to stay safe in severe weather. virus concerns. a warning for pregnant women not to travel to 17 countries. superbowl security. the possible threats the fbi worried about. in miami hundreds of bikers
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good morning. it is chilly out there if you are headed out. this is along bay shore. >> some of the runners like it. >> you'll definitely want a coat this morning no matter where you are headed. thank you for joining us. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. let's get over to meteorologist bobby deskins. you said most of us are in the 40s. >> i didn't see anybody jogging. a lot of schools are still out. they go back tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning will be colder. it will be a rude awakening for many kids at the bus stop. this morning not a lot of kids out there. we are in the low to middle 40s. we'll end up in the 50s. that's it for high temperatures today. it is rain-free outside right now. grab the jacket and the sunglasses. i showed you the high clouds. they'll thin out through the day. we'll be lucky to get to 50 degrees by 10:30 this morning
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storm again on friday. we cool down and dry out for the weekend. details coming up. here's road warrior hilary zalla. >> good morning. i'm on top of a fatal accident in gulf force in southern hillsborough county. pinellas county sheriff's office is on scene. they are telling me tangerine avenue is closed at 49th street south. if you are unfamiliar with this area it is near gulf port elementary school. this is a single-car accident. one person inside the car was killed. avoid this area for now. if you usually take tangerine avenue there are plenty side streets to get around this. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera. good morning howard frankland bridge drivers. you are picking up. these are the northbound lanes going into tampa. we are definitely seeing delays already. second into pinnelas the same thing. drive time is eight minutes across. in the wake of deadly tornadoes in manatee county,
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desperately urging you to buy a weather radio. we are live in duet this morning. phone alerts weren't enough to keep people safe. >> reporter: absolutely. it is not too late for people to go out now and get a weather radio. the reason being, when that he look at all this damage it pulls at your heart strings knowing the two people who lived here died. now all their belongings are strewn out all over this field. they will not becoming home. some people in duet tell me they received alerts on their phones. they came ten minutes after the storm had already caused all this damage and taken two lives. they wish they invested in a weather radio, which uses a digital signal to let you know you are in harm's way. before the next round of severe storms hits our area take a moment and ask yourself if you know what to do in an emergency and if you have all the tools
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the best thing to invest in is a weather radio. they use a digital signal so they are more reliable. if you want to rely on your phone i want to show you the easy way to get these alerts. in the settings area of your phone go to notifications. go to the bottom. right here you can see emergency alerts. make sure that is green. that means the next time a storm is in your area you and your family will receive these alerts. more than $19,000 has been raised for a family torn apart by a deadly tornado that hit land sunday morning. the tornado killed steven and kelly wilson in duet. their son and grandchildren were all hurt. the community is trying their best to show support the best way they know how.
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i never met them before. i want them to know people in the community, complete strangers, we care and we are thinking of them. this is a time for us to rally around them and do what we can. >> the family spent monday going through the rubble trying to find anything they could. the scotsdale international airport is back opened this morning after a plane skidded off the roadway. nobody was hurt. miami is much quieter this morning after hundreds of bikers road dangerously through the streets monday afternoon. riders drove on the sidewalks in the opposite direction of traffic and popped rallies. this was part of the annual bikes up and gun down rally. it is reported to bring peace to gun violence.
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did not want to make a bad situation worse by chasing bikers. in long beach, california troopers noticed a car on the shoulder of a freeway. when they approached it the driver took off. there were six dogs in the car with the driver. the driver is out and the puppies start coming out. the woman was arrested. troopers had to gather all the dogs together. they are all safe this morning. fbi and homeland security are investigating security threats against superbowl 50 in san francisco. a leaked intelligence report shows potential threats are drones and cutting fiberoptic cables, which will shutdown internet operations. the report warns about a mass shooting. the reason these problems are
6:31 am
when it comes to surveillance. a massive gas like in southern california will be stopped ahead of schedule. off in february or march. relief effort to drill to the well began in december. people living in that area have been sickened and many evacuated since the leak began in october. puerto rico is in serious financial trouble. treasury secretary is traveling to the u.s. territory tomorrow to discuss the debt crisis there. the island is $72 billion in the red. puerto rico's governor is asking the government to allow them to bankruptcy. we have a health alert for women pregnant or traveling in the near future. cdc is warning about the zika virus. the as mosquito-borne virus
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the first u.s. case was confirmed in hawaii last week. cofounder of one of passed away. glen frey formed the eagles in the 70s. after the eagles broke up in solo career. he died at his home in new york city from complications of age of 67. >> a lot of people are reaching out on social media. there is a lot of reaction on condolences. we are sharing those through the internet.
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some of hollywood's elite are boycotting the oscars. a bride who got left at the
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a fatal accident has closed down a road in gulf port. this is southern hillsborough county. tangerine avenue is shutdown at 49th street south after a person was killed in a single- car crash. this is near gulf port elementary school. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera. tangerine avenue is a split road. you have eastbound and westbound lanes separated by a barrier of green grass. the westbound lanes are shutdown. tow truck isn't even on scene yet. it might be a while. the good news is this isn't affecting traffic at all because it is such a residential road. if you are heading this way, we are not seeing any congestion on tangerine or 49th street. it is a sad situation. prayers to the family this morning. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera in hillsborough county. good morning i-4 drivers.
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minor delays for morning rush hour. no accidents reported on i-4 into downtown tampa. we are seeing a normal morning rush hour delay. between i-75 and i-275 we are seeing delays. about five minutes at this point. let's go to our maps. you can see you are in the red on i-4. i'm also on top of an accident on southbound u.s. 301 at harney road. this is blocking a lane southbound on 301. no injuries reported here. you'll see police on scene. hopefully they can get the tow truck there shortly. otherwise you may see delay there is going south on u.s. 301. sarasota county and manatee county looking good so far. no accidents reported. i-75 second at 67 miles per hour. u.s. 301 and u.s. 41 looking good.
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if you have any problems on the roads e-mail me at could be the coolest day of the year we are looking at. many areas. only go to the 50s then down in the 30s tonight. that would be the coolest day we have seen so far. 38 crystal river. 46 sarasota. the same in lakeland. still have a breeze out there. five to ten miles per hour. the blue shading is showing you the winds are coming up. 10 to 15 will cover it for boaters. we have a little wave out there on the bay in sarasota. i wanted to show you this all morning long, that's an indication of the northerly wind. we'll have less wind as the day wears on. clouds are streaming in from the south and west with the jet stream. they are thin enough they'll filter the sunshine.
6:37 am
some are thick enough that we'll have to go partly cloudy. we'll see more sunshine this afternoon. jackets this morning for sure. we have mid 40s. in fact look at this. this is 10:00. the high clouds out there. some sunshine. 48 degrees at 10:00 a.m. 1:00 we are in the lower to mid 50s. we'll top out at 57 degrees today. at 4:30, see the high clouds push southward? if that happens we'll clear out tonight. the wind arrows will get smaller. dry, cool air in place. that sets us up for good radiational cooling and a cool night tonight. today only 58 degrees. sun is up at 7:22.
6:38 am
39 for tampa first thing tomorrow morning. 40 in sarasota, bradenton and lakewood ranch. pasco, hernando and citrus county lower 30s. there will be spots in the cold upper 20s. as a result the national weather service has issued a freeze warning for all of citrus, all of hernando and most of pasco county. we get readings from viewers in western pasco and new port richey area that are really cold. i would plan on seeing temperatures near the freezing mark tomorrow morning. we'll warm up tomorrow afternoon. we'll get in the 60s and 70s on thursday. friday we will bring in our next round of showers and thunderstorms. there are going to be a couple good thunderstorms. i don't quite see the energy that we saw on sunday. we'll track these closely for you. that looks like midday they come through.
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ashley will be in at noon today and jim at 5:00. tune in for their forecast. thursday 72 and sunny. storms on friday. then much cooler air comes back again for the weekend. sunny saturday and sunday. 57 and 62 degrees. the world's 62 richest billionaires have as much wealthy as the bottom half of the world's population. the top 62 saw their net worth rise by half a trillion dollars between 2010 and 2015. spike lee and jada smith say they will boycott this
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it is because of the absence of color for the second year in a row. the academy is taking steps to alter the make-up of its membership and accelerate diversity efforts. over the next few weeks you'll be able to see five planets aligned. this is the first time the planets will appear in the same sky together since january of 2005. you can see this map again. search or allison kropff on facebook this morning. a bride who was left at the alter decided to give back to the seattle area in a big way. she didn't want to waste the reception hall or food. she donated it to a charity that offers help for homeless families. charity found stylist and make- up artists willing to donate their services to give these families a makeover for a big party. >> it is sad.
6:41 am
instead of throwing a way all the food, she is doing this. >> about 150 people attended the big party. even the bride's mother attended. today's top stories if you are just joining us are coming your way in three minutes. we are on top of a dead he crash in gulf port. road warrior hilary zalla is keeping an eye ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you? indeed. this queen of savings deserves a reward. a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop. publix. where
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dozens of people are showing their support for the family's whose lives were torn apart by a tornado sunday morning. steve and kelly wilson were killed. their son and grandchildren were hurt. $19,000 has been donated.
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you'll have an extra couple days to file your taxes. this year's deadline is monday april 18th. irs expects to receive 150 million individual returns this year. four out of five tax returns are expected to be filed electronically. one person was killed at 49th street and tangerine avenue. if you go live to our sky 10 network camera you can see tangerine avenue is shutdown. it is a road that's eastbound and westbound and separated by the grassy area. the westbound direction is closed. cars are parked there waiting to get through. if you are heading that way and you take tangerine there is a lot of residential roads to get through. we are working to get details on how this happened. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera across the howard frankland bridge. we are back at it on tuesday morning.
6:44 am
i-275 coming across the howard frankland bridge still really heavily congested since the lane shift. in six to nine weeks they'll be opening up a fourth northbound lane. until then it will be bad. >> it is bad on the weekends, too. weather wise let's talk travel weather. it is good travel weather today except for the west coast. just a few lake-effect snows in the northeast. weather out west will cause a problem today. northern plains and east, the great lakes and the northeast is where the cold air is. 16 in chicago. 70 out in arizona. big snow storm coming. looks like d.c. and philly friday afternoon through saturday afternoon will be the big winners for that one. folks in the western virginia
6:45 am
of 30 inches of snow. it will be a big one. >> plan those florida vacations. if you or someone you know is heading to the sundance film festival this is cool. >> your next uber ride could be on a helicopter. it will cost you $300. it picks you up and gets you to your ride in the sky. they tested this in manhattan. they were taking folks from manhattan to the hamptons in 2013. they are now going to try it in salt lake city. >> $300 for a helicopter ride is not bad. >> you go with another person. >> is it person person or per ride? >> it is probably per ride and you can split it. i don't now home people are allowed on a helicopter. thank you for joining us this morning. hope you have a great day. as we take you to break a beautiful look outside of the
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