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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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clearwater beach. tourists used to colder temperatures flocked to the saints today. eric glasser shows you some of the other winners that can benefit from our blast of cool air. >> reporter: as the weather turns cold for the first time this season, things are just starting to heat up at chico's manatee viewing station. finally, a capacity crowd. both in and out of the water this past couple of days. >> to see that many in one place is fantastic. yeah. >> reporter: other business is booming, places selling stuff to stay warm. >> i got a baby blanket. and warm pajamas. >> reporter: and a morales buying bargains -- anna morales. deeply discounted. >> i got this blanket for $2.99. >> reporter: sales of heaters are hikers. -- are hotter. and a warm cup of joe, that
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spot on a cold day, especially for folks like carlos, feeling the chill on his motorcycle. >> definitely. too cold out. it warms the soul and the hands. >> this is still beach weather for some. perhaps fewer locals willing to soak up the sun when the mercury drops this far. colder weather to our north has beachfront businesses soaking up profits thanks to visitors with a higher tourist tolerance. >> perfect for us. we love it. >> it's still nice for us. >> reporter: with what had been warmer winter temperatures, this has not been a day at the beach for those businesses who make their livelihood on colder temperatures, but with some of the coolest temps of the season area overnight, there are those just warming up. in clearwater, eric glasser, 10 news wtsp. >> check out the amenities water. we posted a webcam link, had to
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there are dangers that come along with the cold weather. for ways to prevent heat related fires. first and foremost, keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from heating equipment like furnaces, fireplaces, wood stoves or portable space heaters. have a three foot kid free friendly zone around open fires and space heaters. never use your oven to heat your home. remember to turn off portable heaters when leaving the room or going to bed. tonight for the first time, we are hearing from a woman rescued after a tornado tore through her home. nancy devito was trapped inside of this home after the storm hit her sarasota county neighborhood. isabel mascarenas was with nancy as she returned to the rubble. >> it's unbelievable. that i came out of there. >> reporter: nancy devito had her first look at what's left of the home she's bent nearly 40 years living in.
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>> i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: strong vin and rattling glass doors woke her. >> i thought, i better leave the bedroom. >> reporter: nancy nearly made it to the bedroom door when the tornado hit. >> the big boom. everything falling. knocked me down. everything was black. and then i felt water all around me. the pipe broke. >> reporter: nancy was trapped facedown in an 18 inch gap. the roof and walls crumbled. as nancy laid face down underneath all of that rubble, her first thought was she would never see her family again. >> i was so scared. scared i wouldn't see them again. >> reporter: she was alert to every frightening moment. >> about 30 minutes, i was there screaming and trying to beat on the floor. finally, i heard somebody call my name.
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>> reporter: he told nancy help was on the way. firefighters tunneled their way to her. she suffered only cuts and bruises. her dog charlie made it out too. >> god was watching out after me and wasn't ready yet. [laughter] >> reporter: isabel mascarenas, 10 news esp. >> those brave firefighters are isabella is putting that together right now. we will bring that to you all new at 6:00. something you need to keep in mind, this is just the beginning of the severe weather in the bay area because of el nio. now is the time to download the 10 news app for instant weather alerts that are going to keep your family safe. 10 news health alert for pregnant women. 10 news has confirmed the very first local case of a rare mosquito borne virus called the zika virus. health department confirmed
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county. along with two in miami- dade, the total here in florida is three cases. contracted while traveling out of the country. that's why more than a dozen countries between central and south america are under areas for cdc travel alerts for pregnant women. 10 news reporter jenny dean has the information you need to know about the zika virus. >> reporter: in the last year, thousands of babies have been born in brazil with a birth defect called microcephaly, causing abnormally small pets. >> that is usually associated with some type of abnormality brain damage. >> reporter: experts say this could be connected to the zika virus. >> if a woman is pregnant and get the virus, it can spread through the placenta to the baby. >> reporter: the zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes but only 20% of the people who get
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symptoms. >> very mild flulike illness. >> reporter: the cdc has issued an alert for pregnant women are trying to get pregnant about traveling to countries where the zika virus is prevalent. >> anytime you start dealing with anything you know may cause fetal abnormalities, and the concern becomes very great. >> reporter: dr. marilyn futch, ob/gyn at st. petersburg, offers this advice. >> especially in early pregnancy, i would recommend delaying that visit. if you are going, you have to use all the preventive measures that you can. >> reporter: the best thing you can do is to wear an insect repellent containing deet. dr. futch says the benefits outweigh the risks. >> because it's an outer protectant that you are wearing, should not be causing systemic effect. >> reporter: jenny dean, 10 news wtsp. >> there's no timeframe for when the warning might be lifted and it will likely be in
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place in brazil in august. a closer look at where the virus has been found and a list of symptoms at and a list of and click seen on tv. a northern manatee county deputy is working to figure out who murdered a woman. her body was found in a wooded area. this wooded area right here was discovered this afternoon, deputies believe she was in her 20s. there is evidence of foul play. we will let you know as soon as investigators know more about what happened. time for stories making headlines around the state, nation and world. 60-second scan. the supreme court will give president obama a final shot at implementing his plan to protect one and 4 million undocumented immigrants. the case will be heard in april and decided upon in june. that's just a month before both parties hold their conventions. mothers against drunk driving want the affluenza team
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affluenza teen. if that happens his probation could extend beyond his 19th birthday in april. it's official, sarah palin, the former governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee, will endorse donald trump. his campaign says it could be a potentially significant boost just 13 days before the iowa caucus. a car chase became a dog chase on a california freeway. highway patrol officers had to corral all these animals after a low-speed pursuit in long beach. they were able to get them all safely off the streets. that is your 60-second scan. he would head for the hills at the site of a python. if you don't like snakes, you're not going to like this video. for the brave souls ready to take on snakes, the second public hunt is well underway for pythons. already hunters have gathered 17 of these guys, the exotic
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wetlands. there is plenty of time for the more than 500 people who registered to search for them. i could not watch that video. >> the bus driver falling dozens of passengers on board. just ahead, that's what investigators are trying to figure out after this crash on the california freeway. in the world. if we can do something, i'd want to get this out there. >> a dad with a life-saving message. what he wants you to know. so that your son or daughter doesn't end up in the icu like
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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breaking right now in manatee county, sky 10 is over the scene of a chemical leak in palmetto. you can see the fire engines out there, and other workers on the scene. if you're familiar with this area, this is your i-to 75, hazmat crews are working this. nearby businesses have been evacuated. at this point, no one has been hurt. fire rescue did have to close
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determine exactly what chemical is leaking out there. a health alert tonight about a rare disease that almost took a teenager's life. the girls family says she has one of the worst cases of toxic shock syndromes her doctors have ever seen. what you need to look out for if you have a teenager. >> she went from a normal kid with flu symptoms, coherent and everything to absolutely body shutting down. we need severe life-support now. >> definitely the sickest of. >> i didn't know what it was at >> reporter: just after the holidays on january 4, 15-year- old riley whitney was anxious to get back to school. her father nate says she didn't feel well, which was unusual. >> she is young and healthy, never had any problems whatsoever. >> reporter: mother jill kept and tuesday. >> she was laying in bed and -- all of a sudden, moaning. >> reporter: they took her to
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she didn't have the flu or energetics. the test revealed something more alarming. bloodwork, coming back, we found out -- she would be transported down here. >> reporter: at the children's hospital in grand rapids, riley was taken to pediatric intensive care unit. >> we have cardiovascular system failing, you have the lungs failing, filling up with fluids. pretty serious. in her case, very serious. >> reporter: riley was put on severe infection that led to toxic shock syndrome. dr. cohen specializes in infectious diseases. >> the general incidence in the country in women of childbearing age is one in 100,000. rare. >> reporter: it is typically caused by the use of tampons. it was prevalent in the 1980s and led to several products
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today, warnings on a sharp original literature inside the box. >> the number of hours you have any particular tampon in and the number of days you can use a tampon for is associated with increased risk. >> really scary right there. her own again. she is still in the icu but seems to get better each day. we have made it easy for you to learn more about toxic shock syndrome including the symptoms. head to our website, the changes you want to know about if you fly with pets. starting in march, delta will no longer allowed to to bring larger pets on your flight. instead, they will be handled as freight, under the plain. two things to consider. you will have to bring your pet to the airport three hours early. and your dog could end up on a separate flight that may arrive at a different time. >> no! >> delta changed following
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large dogs in cargo. a word we don't say very often, freeze. >> there are warnings in effect. >> freeze warning starts 1 am until 9 am. it should be one of the coldest nights of the year. so far. [laughter] >> so far. okay. >> take a look, beautiful west of chapel right now, from the inside out, this is a shot you can see, to the south, southwest, around downtown st. pete overlooking the coast guard station, around albert wickard airport, beautiful views guys, -- beautiful blue skies. 57 in st. pete, 55 in lakeland right now, also lakewood ranch, double nickels. same for crystal river. freeze warnings kick in at 1 am until 9:00 in the morning.
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a good marker for who is in and warning in pasco county. east of it, you are in coastal pasco, not officially in a freeze warning. temperatures cold in hudson and new port richey. as we go through the morning, we will be seeing temperatures in the 30s and 40s down to starting to drop already around 50 degrees, 53 in tallahassee, the dew points we talk about, different times of the year, that is a measure of how much moisture is in the air, summertime is really prevalent because of heat stroke and stress with high humidity. but 50 in tampa, the dew points even teens in orlando, that's the air when if you are barefoot or wearing socks and you walk across the carpet, a shot. extremely dry air. temperatures will drop rapidly tonight. expect 40s when we see you again at 11:00 this evening. we will put the tampa low right
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hillsborough county, northern pinellas, 38 from clearwater to palm harbor, then you can see a light freeze for us, brooksville, crystal river. 40 to wake up to a lakewood ranch, bradenton and sarasota. light winds in place, lots of blue skies. so after we get past the first couple hours in the morning, take a layer or two down and enjoy mid-60s with a light wind that should feel pretty nice. and then another cool night wednesday. each night after tomorrow morning, about 10 degrees warmer, which i'll show you in the forecast. high temperatures and sunshine around 3:00, 68, 64 st. pete, bradenton 66. 68 in sebring. near the water, moderate traffic expected, winds back and forth between 5 to 15 knots. waves a little choppy. looking at high tide right
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on the horizon, as we look at the next storm system, friday system looks like the really nasty weather will be up north of atlanta and in that area. it will drag a cold front and showers and storms over the bay area, but the severe threat should be a lot more limited to what we were dealing with over the weekend. however, i am tracking another one behind that for the following week. we're going to talk about that at 6:00. in the meantime, just showers, lower threat of severe weather for friday but we'll keep you posted. a good way to keep up with that forecast for the cold war storms, the 10 news app. search wtsp in the app store. if you can't make it to the big game, you are in luck because hooters and 10 news have teamed up for your chance to win a watch party for eight at a tampa bay hooters location. the watch for the secret word of the day is coming up in our next half hour. then you will enter that work
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on thursday, january 28. protesters are taking on michigan's governor. i'm mark rivera. what his state of the state address tonight is set to be overshadowed by flint's water crisis. counterfeit hoverboards confiscated. where they came from and where they were found. plus who doesn't lose -- love a league of their own? this woman actually played in an all-american girls professional league. those stories and more coming up on 10 news at 5:30. a deadly bus crash in california. some passengers say the rain
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8:00, ncis followed by mci's -- ncis new orleans. then limitless. then catch 10 news at 11. then stay up for the late show with stephen colbert. charlie day and colin hanks. if you go to bed early, no worries. we are sharing the very best of the moments of the late show at 5:20 and 6:20. new information now on the deadly bus accident in california. we do know that several passengers claimed the driver fell asleep during a midnight trip from los angeles to san jose. around 6:30, while most of the 20 passengers were sleeping, the bus driver lost control, skidded and flipped over. two women on board were killed and at least eight others taken to the hospital. one was -- with major injuries. investigators cannot confirm if the driver fell asleep. one of four americans released as part of a prisoner swap is talking for the first time. he was a marine when he was captured. he spent the past 4.5 years in
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charges he denies. >> i tried my best to keep my head up and withstand all the pressures that were put upon me, some of which were inhumane and unjust. >> amir hekmati says he was be to those in the future. and brother-in-law in germany. he hopes to return home to michigan soon to see his father, who is ill. just ahead, boycotting the academy awards? the list of actors skipping out as the academy tries to make things right. sure to make you mad, the shocking amount of time lawmakers are spending on
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crisis boiling over in flint, michigan. why some say the city needs
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bracing for bitter cold.
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