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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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out of pakistan this the hot spot this morning is in pasco county on zephyrhills at state road 54 at community drive. this accident was just reported. injuries are reported here. it is a hit-and-run accident. we have police on scene there. i'm still on top of an accident in plant city. it is on i-4 going eastbound.
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i did just get news that they moved it to the shoulder. no main lanes on eastbound i-4 are blocked. make sure you slow down and move over. police are still on the scene.
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>> reporter: because the concealed weapons permit. this proposal will only impact public universities, private universities will not have to follow suit. reporting at usf 10 news wtsp. a big snow storm is heading to the east coast. i want to show you a live look at storm tracker 10. forecasters predict millions of people from washington to boston to ohio could be hit by this by the end of the week. the storm bobby is tracking is over denver over the rockies.
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nation's capitol. they are talking about a foot and a half of snow. folks in georgia keeping a close eye on the radar. they are seeing winter weather advisories north of atlanta. remember when it was snowing and sleeting there a couple years back. at a stand still. cars and suvs were left on the side of the roads for days. there is this video from kansas city this morning. flee people were hurt after a semi plowed into a van on i-35 because of snowy conditions. a health alert to warn you about if you are pregnant. this has to do with the zica virus spread by mosquitoes causing serious birth defects in babies. there is one confirmed case in hillsborough county. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live in tampa. there have been outbreaks. what does that mean for
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>> reporter: the cdc is warning people to be alert if you are going to latin america or brazil. one of the countries where this outbreak has happened. if you are going on a cruise out of tampa it is important to make sure that you have everything you need to be prepared. this is especially important if you are pregnant. because the zica virus can cause birth defects in babies that leads to smaller than average heads and underdeveloped brains. those that get zica can get rashes and flu-like symptoms. only 20% of people infected will see any sign of the virus. >> there is a lot we have to learn about this. that's what we are trying to do by sending our team to brazil to learn as much as we can about what's happening there. >> reporter: the cdc is urging pregnant women and those trying
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brazil and the other latin american country where is zika has been a problem. virus. rather than being sorry it is better to be safe and make sure you are armed with mosquito repellant, prepare yourself and take care of yourself in one of these countries that has this outbreak. live in tampa emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. a valrico family is out of their home after an early morning fire. and spread to the home. the family dog woke them up safely. fire. in a couple hours chris hearing in the 9-year-old
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will be. a familiar face is offering support to donald trump. sarah palin endorsed trump and is campaigning with him today in iowa and oklahoma. former republican presidential canidate announced her support on tuesday. this is seen as a major victory over ted cruz. >> he is perfectly positioned to let you make america great again. >> on the democratic site hillary clinton holds a strong national lead. a new poll this morning shows bernie sanders beating her 2-1 in new hampshire. republican canidate ben loss. one of his volunteers was killed in a car crash.
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in a car that flipped and was hit by another car. >> he wanted a miracle to be the kind. there are those who think there is no room for kindness but there is. >> the other three passengers are expected to be okay. a new survey says teens aren't too excited to get behind the wheel. we'll tell you why millennials are making a decision to ditch the drivers license all together. the power ball jackpot mystery.
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if you know someone in the melbourne area and bought a powerball ticket give them a call. the owners of the winning ticket still haven't come forward. we want to know who won. here's the deal. the winner has 180 days to claim their share of the $1.5 billion jackpot. two other winning ticket were sold. one in california. one in tennessee. you still have time. >> maybe they are waiting it out. >> trying to get a plan together. getting an attorney.
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>> i hope they didn't throw it out. cooler temperatures don't necessarily mean cold, hard cash for beach businesses banking on tourist. some people are bundling up to stay warm in these chilly temperatures. some visitor and floridians who live up north say this is nothing. >> my wife is funny. weather. i usually go out in shorts. >> we found sweat shirts on sale at third style and hooters
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i just got a picture from hernando county. head over to my facebook page at bobby deskins weather. we have frost on the windows this morning. 29 crystal river. 30 brooksville. dew point is 28 degrees. that difference is small enough that you'll get quite a bit of frost. 34 land o'lakes. new port richey 36. clearwater 38 degrees. 42 bradenton. 42 sarasota and tampa. how about 36 in temple terrace and seffner. 39 in lakeland. safety harbor holding at 46. there are the dew points. you can see they are close enough to the temperature that
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that's the main issue there. frost is so bad for plants. we have a little light breeze especially i-4 southward. we are talking 6 miles per hour. it makes it feel like 37 degrees in sarasota because of the wind at the coast. 44 is the feels-like temperature in st. pete. performing arts hall looking really good this morning. it is just cold. we have some high clouds. they have helped us. we would be even colder if it wasn't for these clouds. all day. they are not that thick. high clouds. 50 degrees by 11:00. lunchtime we are close to 60. sunny. outdoor plans look great. then we get in the low to mid 60s for the afternoon hours.
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that's almost ten degrees warmer than some folks saw yesterday for high temperatures. sun support at 7:22. we have almost another hour that temperatures can fall out there. it will be cold all the way through the morning hours. this evening not as cool for your evening hours. we were in the 40s quickly at 9:00 yesterday. we'll be generally in the 50s through the evening hours then upper 40s to low 50s tomorrow morning. spots that are freezing now 39 to 40 degrees tomorrow morning. it will be nice. 47 tampa. 47 sarasota. it is chilly but it will be warmer than where we are now. tomorrow is the best day of the work week. low 70s. look at the sunshine across the area. our attention turns out west for a line of showers and thunderstorms. few showers on friday. better chance of showers and thunderstorms midday on friday. we'll track those. i don't think we'll see the
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just a couple gusty storms but that's it. cooler air comes in behind that for the weekend. that means 50s for highs. here's the big snow maker. we are talking -- i just looked at models and they are saying two and a half feet of snow from washington into philly. some areas will get nailed. if you have travel plans there, i'm not saying cancel them but it is not going to be pretty. there's our forecast. it is chilly this weekend but dry. look at next week. we'll be back in the 70s again by tuesday.
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vivilooking very quiet still. you can see at 57 miles per hour. sarasota county i want to let you know about a problem towards downtown sarasota. there is damage to the railroad tracks on eastbound 17th street at east avenue. looks like it is in the right lane going eastbound. road. be sure to slow down so you don't hurt your tire. hopefully that will be fixed in the coming days. if you have any problems on the roadways send me an e-mail. i just got a message from signal if. my e-mail is
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from a hollywood movie. >> why singer and actor jamie foxx is being called a real life hero. it turns out florida may
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let's get over to bobby. 6:24 is the time on this chilly wednesday morning. >> steve in hernando county sent in this picture.
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29 degrees was the car measurement. thank you very much for sending it in. hernando county and citrus county we'll see a lot of frost this morning. there will be longer car lines this morning for the kids. we have 30s and 40s for thing this morning. it will get better this afternoon. the kids can peel off the jacket. mid 60s later this morning. i would be hats and gloves. it is dry. we'll stay that way all day. it will be a huge difference this afternoon. it will feel nice coming home to partly cloudy skies. here's road warrior hilary zalla. >> i am watching the howard frankland bridge coming into tampa closely for you. right now no significant delay. going northbound into tampa you are smooth sailing before the
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if you can get out the door in the next 30 minutes you will not be delayed. the sunshine skyway bridge is quiet at pinellas park drive. northern end of the bridge before you head south towards manatee county your drive time is 17 minutes. coming up at 6:30, the clearwater aquarium is about to double in size. >> not everybody is happy about that expansion. we'll explain. we are live streaming through our 6:00 a.m. show. if you are not joining us on our facebook page say hello
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carried away. get out of the past. get fios. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. it is wednesday january 20th. tracking foreign visitors.
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million people overstayed their visas in 2015. >> people who are homeowners have no clue what was going on. controversy as the clearwater marine aquarium's expansion plan emerge. calorie overload. restaurant meals are packed with too many calories. >> i don't want to have to leave you. you have angels around you. a man is alive thanks to quick actions of actor jamie foxx. good morning. you are looking at the palm trees on this cold morning in tampa bay. 42 degrees at the bottom of your screen. the palm trees. thank you for staying with us. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. let's get over to meteorologist bobby deskins. you warned us about this being week. >> coldest morning of the year and the season. 30 degrees for many areas along the nature coast.
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the upper 20s in hernando and citrus county. most areas there are below freezing. it is 34 in land o'lakes. we could be getting frost in 39 lakeland. right there is the reason why. we have high clouds for areas blanket. cold start either way. by 10:00. mid 60s this afternoon. it will be a nice afternoon. a nice warm up. weekend looks great. it will be on the chilly side. i'll talking about that coming up in my full forecast. let's get you to work on time. we have more traffic out there. here's hilary zalla. >> i'm following an accident in new port richey at trouble creek road. north of there there is a lane blocked and injuries reported. live to our sky 10 network camera i-275 drivers in
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this is at busch boulevard. all the head lights are going southbound into downtown tampa. a minute delay from the apex to i-4. i'll keep an eye on the drive times for you. we want to start with breaking news we are on top of out of pakistan. 20 people are dead after gunmen stormed the university in the north western part of the country. pakastani army says the gun battle just ended and the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. a senate judiciary committee is expected to talk about immigration today. a new study shows half of foreigners who entered the u.s. stayed here after their visas expired. those that overstayed their visas are a small fraction of the 45 million foreigners who entered the country last year. five dogs are dead after a dog attack in central florida. it happened in sanford.
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shoot the dogs as they attacked a woman inside an apartment. that woman has life-threatening injuries. four other people, including two children were also hurt in that attack. another dog found inside the apartment was not involved in the attack but it was taken by animal services. clearwater marine aquarium is about to double in size. city approved a 70,000 square foot expansion for the facility. not everyone is excited about this proposal. neighbors are worried about a four-story parking garage. the aquarium's legal team says it has to expand to stay relevant in the area. >> right now we are not currently allowed to house and accept any injured dolphins to rehab. we have to send them to sea world. we have such a great capacity to care for these animals we want to expand our mission of rescue, rehab and relief. we are building six new dolphin pools.
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michigan governor snider is vowing to fix the water crisis in flint. the republican governor said he asked lawmakers for $30. that will be used to pay for psychologists who monitor affected children. he'll deploy national guard troops to deliver bottled water and filters to everyone in flint. isis is acknowledging the death as the masked militant known as jihadi john. the islamic state confirms his death in the extremist group online magazine. he appeared in several videos showing beheading of hostages. the military is saying it was reasonably certain a drone strike in syria killed him in november. 60 detroit schools are expected to close because of a high volume of teacher absences.
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out sick in protest of cuts being made to the education system and overcrowded classrooms. 41% of people are concerned about rising interest rates this year. a new survey from found people are most worried about how those interest rates will affect their personal finances. if you go out to eat often you'll find this story interesting. there is a new survey that finds 92% of meals served in restaurants have too many calories. researchers tested the food from 123 fast food and sit-down restaurants in california and arkansas. the average meal in the restaurants had 1500 calories. a new report shows more millennials are no longer driving. young adults are ditching driver's licenses because of uber and lyft are seen as a
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cars are becoming less important and accessible for adults ages 20 to 24. actor jamie foxx is being called a hero this morning. >> he pulled a person from a truck before the truck went up in flames. there was a man trapped inside a rolled pickup truck while it started to burn. foxx saw what happened. he and a paramedic used large scissors to break the driver's window and cut the seat belt to pull him out to safety. >> i just looked at it like it had to be something. it all just worked out. >> the driver did suffer broken bones. he has a punctured lung. looks like he'll be all right. >> jamie foxx is saying i'm not a hero but i had to do something. a search warrant in texas
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>> we'll tell you what officers found underneath a patio, of all things. a live look from chicago this morning. be glad you are not commuting there. drivers are starting to see snow on the road. bobby is tracking a massive snow storm heading east. this could bring several feet of snow for the east coast. we'll tell you how it could
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welcome back. good morning. you are looking live at i-275 and i-4. traffic is starting to pick up in that area. it is getting closer to 7:00. hilary zalla is keeping an eye on the major roadways out there. we'll check in with her coming up. texas deputies call it an unusual marijuana grow operation. as they were serving a warrant on a theft case they found marijuana plants in an underground lab hidden by a patio. officers in the backyard were surveying the plants. >> the marijuana grow was unique. it was underground. that's the reason for the arlington fire department to make sure our agents are safe while they are securing all the evidence and making sure things don't cave in and everything is well ventilated. >> there are 100 plants underground.
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new study this morning in u.s.a. today finds some of us are bad at creating a passport. the top two 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and password. we talk about this every year. for the past five years this survey has come out. those two have been the top two worse on the list. report compiles two million passports leaked. "star war" had an impact. princess, solo and "star war" jumped in popularity in december. that's not a big surprise. new report out shows 10% of college graduates surveyed in a poll thinks that judge judy serves on the supreme court. she handled smaller disputes in a courtroom but does not serve on the supreme court of the united states.
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we have the full poll on our facebook page. this guy here, 183 years old. the world's oldest animal still going strong. it is a giant tortoise. they decided an increase in calories is helping the oldest known living animal to continue a healthy lifestyle. this guy used to eat twigs and leaves. they changed that to apples, carrots and guava. that's the new diet for this guy here according to national geographic. those stories are on my facebook page. search for ian reitz when you get on. >> you know she is not shocked by it. those people coming in front of her she knows. she is probably shocked at the 10%. >> we have been talking about this colder weather for a while now. you can feel it. >> coldest morning we have seen this season.
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that's the good news. >> great. enjoy the cold weather while you can. >> some people like it. i get that. we have frost out there this morning in hernando county and citrus county. there will be come in parts of pasco county. it is 35 in new port richey. land o'lakes 34. dade city holding on to 37. i'll put 30 in brooksville and crystal river. we still have time before the warmth starts to come back. we could drop another grow or so. tampa 42. same thing for lakewood ranch and sarasota. bradenton 41. temple terrace and seffner 37. fish hawk 37 degrees. tarpon springs mid 30s out there. the dew point is less than five degrees lower than the air temperature. if you are in that range you can get a lot of frost.
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county first thing this morning. steve sent in this picture this morning. 29 degrees recorded in his car. he scraped some of the frost off his windshield. you may have to plan extra time for that this morning. bobby deskins weather is my facebook page. if you have any pictures i would love to see them. send them to me if you could. [ no audio ] temperature in sarasota. tampa, if you are outside, it feels-like 38 degrees. some clouds out there. you can see that. mid and high level clouds. that cloud deck is up 25,000 feet and above. it is moving quickly. the day today. we'll have to go partly cloudy. level clouds.
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through the day. the one thing to know is you need the jackets and gloves this morning if you are standing outside for a while. but you won't need them this afternoon. 55 degrees by lunchtime today. into the mid 60s this afternoon with a lot of sunshine. it will feel completely different later today. in fact we stay mainly in the 50s yesterday for highs. today we'll be closer to 65 to 66 degrees. sun is up at 7:22. down at 6:00 p.m. this evening. spending your wednesday evening in the 50s. not the 40s we jumped into last night. we'll be 50 degrees by 1:00 a.m. we'll be back down into the 40s for lows. not as cold tomorrow morning. 39 to 40 for places below freezing now. upper 40s to near 50 for most locations. tomorrow is the best day of the week, by far. sunshine. 70s for highs.
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this is the beginning of the big one that brings the snow. is starting to snow in virginia. friday midday, that's what we are looking at here, we'll see showers and thunderstorms come through. severe weather threat does not look likely. it comes in midday through the afternoon. we'll track that for you. there goes the storm system up the coast for the big snow. there comes the colder air for us for the upcoming weekend. nice warm up. today mid 60s. beautiful tomorrow. 70 on friday before the storms get here. sunshine for the weekend. nice and dry. cool for sure. upper 50s to near 60 both days. much warmer by the time we get into next week. you can catch our forecast in the newspaper. head over to tampa bay times or the ledger as you are sipping your coffee this morning. head over to the weather section and you'll find the 10 news five-day forecast there.
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here's hilary zalla. >> good morning. in bradenton i'm on top of an accident on lock ridge road south of state road 70. i'm getting reports in the northbound and southbound lanes of lockwood ranch the left lanes are blocked. might see a slowdown approaching state road 70 if you take that to get on i-75. be sure to give yourself extra time. hillsborough county our majors definitely getting slow out there. we are in the yellow on i-4 westbound. between i-75 and i-275 it is taking 12 minutes. that's there as you are approaching i-275 into downtown tampa. that's where you get the slowest. i-75 drivers southbound from state road 56 to the selmon expressway, you are looking at 21 minutes. that's a five minute delay already. slow spot is past fowler and fletcher. i-275 from the apex to i-4 you are looking at 21 minutes from drive times. you can see you are in the yellow passing fowler,
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let's go live to our sky 10 network camera. this is i-75 at bruce b. downs. selmon expressway you are slow. it is a 5 minute delay. you can see the head lights coming into downtown tampa. leave early if you don't want to be five minutes late to work. get out the door in the next couple of minutes. this will get heavier in the next 30 minutes. we'll see stop-and-go traffic. sky 10 on the pinellas side of the howard frankland bridge this is i-275 before 4th street before the bridge. no significant delays on this side of the bridge. into downtown tampa you are seeing delays on i-275. back to our maps you can see coming across the howard frankland bridge you are seeing yellow as you are getting off at kennedy boulevard.
6:39 am
one in polk county on u.s. 27 at four corners boulevard. in pasco county i'm on top of an accident in new port richey north of pebble creek road. i know there is a lane blocked delay. if you have any problems on the roadways send me an e-mail. i'm your road warrior. i'm take care of any traffic another live look outside. chilly wednesday. if you are headed out snap a picture of the sunrise. we would love to see it. send it to us.
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at least 20 people are dead and several hurt after gunmen stormed a university in pakistan. pakastani army is clearing the area. gun battle ended half an hour ago. country's taliban claiming responsibility for the attack. there is a confirmed case of the mosquito-borne zica virus in hillsborough county and in chicago. cdc has issued a travel alert to mexico and parts of the caribbean. expectant mothers are excouraged to be extra cautious. meantime, we are talking about a chilly start to the day. >> 30s and 40s out there. a quick warm up. lots of jackets for the kids this morning. something they can peel off later today. if you are traveling we'll be looking at a light snow coming through eastern tennessee, west virginia, virginia and the
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the snow out west, northwest of denver is the next system that will really slow over louisiana and move up the southeast coast. this weekend. major travel issues friday, saturday, sunday d.c. through boston. high temperatures today 20s for the great lakes region. 36 syracuse. d.c. 34. dallas in the 50s. our bridges are getting slow if you are heading into tampa at the howard frankland bridge it is our slowest now before kennedy boulevard. look at that major backup. gandy bridge not too bad. 42 miles per hour in to tampa. you can see the howard frankland bridge just got slower. this is i-275 northbound already. we are not even in the peak of morning rush hour.
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>> i drove it at 11:00 a.m. a couple days ago and it was still really slow. it is an area of time when there is not a lot of people on the roads. we have an unwelcomed visitor to show you. a family in australia found a deadly tiger snake. a man was sitting in his house snap. he turned around and found the free. the tiger snake is the second most deadly snake in australia. it was in that man's house. >> that's when you call someone to come and help you out. >> who gets that out of the trap? >> not me. aren't you afraid there are others there? that's going to do it for us on this wednesday morning. we'll see you back here with weather and traffic coming up it hope you have a great day.
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