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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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right now...we want to start with that big snowstorm that's heading east. forecasters think ` good afternoon. i'm ian reitz. thank you for joining us. right now we want to start with a snow storm heading east. forecasters think millions of people up and down the east coast could be impact end by the storm. it is expected to drop three feet of storm from the appalachians toward new york.
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for washington, d.c. and baltimore this weekend. if you are flying up there this weekend this could impact you. we are tracking the storm for you today. let's get over to meteorologist ashley batey. this could be a big storm for folks up east. >> we are taking from the mid- atlantic into new england seeing some spot where we could get one to two feet of snow over the next two days. it will dump heavy rain tomorrow across the mid- atlantic states. from there it will sweep across new england. through start, where we are seeing several areas where we could get over two feet of snow, it is up in the appalachian mountains in the mid-atlantic. it will be moving north. we are seeing a warming trend in our forecast.
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bringing a threat of thunderstorms for friday. gunmen stormed a university at pakistan today killing 21 >> reporter: ambulances rushed victims to a hospital in north western pakistan after a deadly campus. late. four taliban militants scaled the walls after classes began shooting their way past a security guard before opening fire on students and after. many victims were shot in the head execution-style. this student said he hid under his desk and heard gunman shouting god is great. pakastani security forces say they killed four terrorists after a gun battle that went on for hours. the university sits in a
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the volatile border with afghanistan. not far from where taliban fighters hit another school in 2014. that assault killed more than 150 people. mostly children. a local taliban leader is claiming responsibility for today's attack saying it is revenge for operations against militants. the spokesperson is disowning the group saying the assault was islamic. residents from five states have can no longer use their licenses to get on macdill air force base. they will no longer accept drivers licenses from illinois, new mexico and washington as identity. our 10 news investigates team has several calls out to the pentagon to figure out why
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the mother of 9-week-old manslaughter. she will serve no more than 25 testified truthfully against her husband. if she does tell the truth during the trial the plea deal could be revoked. michigan's governor apologized tuesday to the water the state address. >> reporter: protesters outside michigan state house endured below freezing temperatures as they called for the governor's resignation tuesday night. >> i am sorry. i will fix it.
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governor began to address with of flint. >> the government failed you. federal, state and local leaders by breaking the trust you placed in us. >> reporter: he had a massage for the agencies that disaster. >> in situations like this they must come to my desk immediately, no delays, no excuses period. >> reporter: the environmental protection agency didn't address the problem of lead contaminated water when they learned about it last year. >> he has been lying all along. >> reporter: before protesting these two showed up with their corroded pipes. >> it is like we are in a third world country. we have fitters they do not work. >> reporter: the governor is action lawsuits.
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to stop flint from all water shut off for people who haven't paid their bills. aid. >> lead poisoning in children and hearing loss. coming up tonight on "10 news at 5:00" we'll dig deeper into what is being done to make sure your drinking water is safe in the bay area. guns on college campuses. two bills are being considered by the florida legislator to make carrying guns on campus legal. this could cost universities a lot of money. >> reporter: up to a million dollars each for all 83 public colleges and universities in the state. supporters of these bills say you cannot put a price tag on security. if somebody on campus had a gun you could feel much better knowing yourself or the person next to you was also armed and
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why the extra cost? universities we talked to said they would have to hire extra police officers and arm them with new fire arms. some schools tell us they fear adding guns will invite violence on to campus and take away from the reason students are there in the first place, to learn. plus finding a way to fund extra officers could be tricky. >> should we arm our existing security staff or create our own law enforcement agencies. >> reporter: universities are using the costs as a scare tactic. adding places like grocery stores don't add extra security just because concealed weapon permit holders are in their store. it only impacts public universities like here at usf. donald trump hit the campaign trail in iowa and oklahoma today with sarah palin
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craig boswell has the latest on the new endorsment from the nation's capitol. >> reporter: donald trump greeted a large crowd in iowa this morning looking for support less than two weeks before the state caucus. >> if we win iowa i'm going to run the table. we may not lose a state. >> reporter: trump's campaign for the fop presidential nomination got a big boost on tuesday when sarah palin indorsod him. >> she came along and said we love what is happening. it is a movement. >> reporter: palin supported ted cruz when he ran for the senate in 2012. cruz said he'll always remain a big fan of the former alaskan governor. >> first thing i intend to do is resend every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is
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she holds a sizable lead in the national polls over bernie sanders. the vermont senator is ahead in new hampshire and hopes for a good turnout in iowa, as well. >> cruz is getting support of his own. this weekend he'll be introduced in iowa by glen beck. a travel warning this afternoon for moms to-be. where the cdc says you should avoid going during your pregnancy. this weekend. what we can expect from robert and zach coming up next. sharks and some manatees chilling in tampa bay. coming up. >> i'll pass on the sharks. we are seeing warmer temperatures this afternoon. heading for 60s. tomorrow. then we are tracking another round of storms. we'll talking about timing and what to expect for the weekend coming up.
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sooner you buy one, the sooner the fun starts. so come meet martha, the face that will make your face smile... all year. only here. only at seaworld. we have a health alert if you are an expecting mother. this alert has to do with the zika virus transmitted by mosquitoes. it can cause serious birth defects in babies. there is one confirmed case in hillsborough county. 10 news reporter emerald morrow tampa. >> reporter: cdc is alerting
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going to brazil or latin america. if you are going on a cruise from tampa any time soon make sure you have everything you need to stay safe and to stay healthy. this is especially important for pregnant women because the zika virus can cause birth defects in babies that lead to smaller heads and underdeveloped brains. symptoms are rashes and flu- like symptom. 20% of people infected will see ever a sign of the virus. >> there is a lot we have to learn about this. that's why we are sending our teams to brazil. so we can learn as much as we can. >> reporter: there is no cure for zika. it is a lot better to be safe than it is to be sorry. make sure you have mosquito repellant with you where ever you go.
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foreign country you might be visiting. dirty grandpa opens tomorrow night. it stars robert de niro who tricks his grandson to go with him on spring break. >> i don't understand why we have to drive to florida after the funeral. >> seems like we are cutting it close with a rehearsal brunch on friday. >> i need the suv for the wine. >> reporter: i'll the you from the get go this reporter is in a pickle. the trailer provided for dirty grandpa are so saucy we have to cut and slice in order to make these steamers palatable for the delicate morning hours. >> grandpa. >> did he just call you grandpa? >> can you get that for me. >> reporter: in effect, dirty
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worrisome willie who winds up on a road trip with his recently widowed grandpa played by a potty mouthed robert de niro. the pair is headed to daytona beach for the during spring break. >> i just smoked crack. >> reporter: life is for the living. he aims to squeeze every drop of debauchery out of every remaining tick of the clock. >> oh my god. >> reporter: as for efron, while he is used to playing the big cheese on set here he was content to take a backseat to the master and watch a legend do his thing. >> it was very exciting to watch him in and out of character. i think i have seen, i'm a big fan. i feel like i have seen a lot of his best performances and
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i went on imdb and watched less done. i thought i had seen them all. he's been doing this for so long and is such an icon. yet, i don't think i have ever seen him do a role like this. he is totally committed to letting go in this movie. >> reporter: for 10 news i'm sam hallenbeck. hooters and 10 news teamed up for your chance to win a big game watch party for 8 at a tampa bay hooters location. watch 10 news tonight at 5:30 for the secret word of the day. we have cool video to show you from apollo beach. check this out. sky 10 was over the bay earlier. sharks hanging out near big ben power plant.
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it is nice to see from overhead and not in the water. >> if you are out with the sharks i think the expression cool. this afternoon. at least a little bit from where we started today. >> more so than yesterday. there. winds are lighter. that is helping out in terms of the afternoon temperatures. you will need a light jacket. it is on the cool side. we are getting breaks in these high clouds. temperatures are starting to warm up. however, there is a good amount of that thicker cloud cover out there south of i-4. we are not going to warm up a lot. but we'll get in the 60s later today. 59 tampa. we are checking in at 61 in carrollwood.
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60 in bradenton. perhaps the best piece of good news is even though the clouds are suppress the daytime temperatures they will not allow us to cool down as much as what we saw this morning where we were seeing wide- spread 30s. we'll be 47 tonight at tampa international airport. seminole 50 degrees. inland will be on the cool side. 37 in zephyrhills. sarasota and manatee county we have mid 40s. inland spots will bottom out in the low 40s overnight tonight. the temperatures will still drop quickly once we lose the daytime heating. even though 64 in the afternoon will be comfortable it gets chilly quick. then we drop into the overnight hours into the 40s. still keeping things rain-free. tomorrow that will be working in our favor.
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help to warm things up into the 70s. they are making a nice come back for tomorrow. we get you in at 3:00. we hit the peek temperatures around 73 in tampa. we are still tracking the storm system. this quick area of low pressure that's bringing snow back into the great lakes region. it is moving out. we are carefully watching this system gaining some steam back into the four corners area. friday morning really gaining strength and starting to bring some winter precipitation back into the carolinas into kentucky. the trailing system, the trailing cold front with that is likely to bring us storms in the afternoon and evening hours. this will be a quit hit of storms. behind it much cooler, drier air works in. it is that same system that we are forecasting to bring one to two feet of snow to parts of the mid-atlantic and up into new england. we are watching this one closely. for us it brings the afternoon showers and thunderstorms on friday.
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look to be the same threat of severe weather like we saw on sunday morning. heads up we could get one or two stronger storms. behind it you'll need the sweaters and jackets. we only top out in the 50s for saturday. near 60 on sunday. get the forecast on the go any time. just download our 10 news app. coming up school kids talk about their trip of a lifetime
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a local group of school kids just got back from a trip of a lifetime. they were in rome to perform with 4,000 choir participants
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>> besides singing for the pope at the basilica, which was the best part. i like the sistine chapel. we went at nighttime so there weren't a lot of people there. we had a private tour. a woman, who was a tour guide explained who painted it and why they painted it. >> cool experience. students are from st. petersburg. they say they can't wait to go back. it is such a great time over there. now they probably want to go back and check out more tough they didn't get a chance to see. >> you cannot scratch the surface in a few days. >> the history of vatican city is incredible. warming up this afternoon even with the chilly start it is not a bad afternoon. >> we have 60s in the forecast. that's coming tomorrow. we are back in the 70s at this point. after that storms on friday then a big cool down this weekend.
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