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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in 2014, flint, michigan began taking water from the river. that water goes to a treatment plant. the water is safe. right as it comes out of the treatment plant but water from the flint river is more corrosive than previous water sources. the problem is right here with the pipes. service lines running into houses and businesses are made of lead. so when that corrosive water passes through the lead pipes. that's how it gets picked up. pipes are not the only problem. lead can also seep into the water from copper pipe connections certain types of faucets and other plumbing materials in people's homes. what is being done right here in the bay area? >>reporter: turn on your.
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like this? the water consumed in the tampa bay region comes from hillsboro tampa and this treatment plant. >> is very safe but it's better than all the state federal requirements. shut the water passes through nine different steps to clean disinfect and stabilize. >> is a multi-barrier approach. we have barriers in place and you have something else to pick up. >>reporter: in 45 minutes water is able to be transformed from discussed in looking to drinkable. making sure it doesn't corrode your pipes. >> we are good and tampa bay. because of the corrosion control. >>reporter: lead and copper that could be dangerous are not seen in the tampa bay area through tens of thousands of tests per year. officials look at water with a glass half-full optimism. >> could it happen here?
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tampa. >> if you want to know where the water you are drinking is coming from had to our website at wtsp . northeast is getting ready for record-breaking snow that could shut down major cities like washington, new york and philadelphia. that same storm moves across the midwest and banks now on chicago. tomorrow. that means lots of snow and wind and as far south as tennessee. our meteorologist tracking it all and is a graphic--there is a graphic for florida. >> we had a -23 up around minnesota and wisconsin. the storm system will play a big part into traveling for the weekend.
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first system to bring snow. this one right here, as well as the front behind it. as we play this offer you can see the system that passes just dies in right there saturday morning and saturday afternoon. the areas that could be hardest hit, dc and new york. so a lot of this will be discussed in the days ahead and for you at home. this will be cool and we will talk about how cool it will be tomorrow morning for you in the storm in the making. bringing us some rain chances that well.--as well. this weekend's tornado find millions of dollars in damages but. these victims also want to know
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them. 10news and isabella is addressing those concerns and went straight to the government. >>reporter: with sunday mornings tornado total this house that damaged a dozen homes, including the roof of john harvey's retirement house for the cost to repair it is more than he can afford. >> i haven't budgeted for. that's what will be a scramble to rob peter and pay paul. >>reporter: during the visit i asked gov. scott with the state is doing to help storm victims. >> you have thresholds and we are doing that assessment right now to see if they make the threshold. >>reporter: the county damages, less than half required for fema assistance. there is another option. the state is focused on low interest loans from the federal administration.
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damage. >> not just a loss. but the loss that is not covered by insurance.>>reporter: to qualify they must have 40% or more of uninsured loss.>> assistance is not meant to make a homeowner or business completely whole, it's meant to supplement those gaps. >>reporter: while he appreciates the help. >> i don't want to take on debt at this point. >>reporter: and if the area does not meet the criteria for low interest loans come i asked the governor, what then? >> we need assistance at this point. >>reporter: in sarasota isabella 10 news wtsp state officials told isabella that if the area does not qualify for low interest loans. it will explore other programs. start the stock market went through a bumpy ride.
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prices. it has been the worst single day drop in oil prices. since september. a barrel of crude oil, west than $27. the last time that happened was in 2003. stocks bounced back before the closing bell. but experts say things will be rocky until the oil market gets back to normal. >> new information about an attack that killed 21 people. >> you can see ambulances and hearing them rushing people to the hospital. moments after for gunman started shooting. students and one professor were style. a local taliban leader claimed responsibility but the spokesperson for the main taliban group said they had nothing to do with it. islamic. some of the fight with isis
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five countries that the us cleaning the best way to attack ices with as many resources as possible over the next year. released more than half of before hundred syrians kidnapped over the weekend. humans rights group said to 70 included women and children under 14 and men over 55. 130 people are still being held by isis. headlines around the state, nation and world. this is your 60 seconds of scampered this big mess in texas where a fire truck crashed into a dairy queen. a brand-new fire truck on its way to the fire station. the driver lost control. paramedics took two people to the hospital. 2015 was the earth's hottest year on record, according to the national oceanic atmospheric administration and nasa. scientists a combination of el nio and climate change fueled scorching temperatures. all of detroit's public
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because of a mass teacher sick out. teachers want to bring attention to high class sizes rundown buildings and other problems in michigan's school district. aaa is doing what to make sure that you don't get sick if you eat there. they're going to give employees paid sick leave. workers get sick. they will spread it to you. aaa plans to close restaurants on february 8. to talk to workers about recent outbreaks. that's your 62nd scampered a neighborhood crime alert to tell you about an reminding everyone lock your doors and don't leave valuables inside. a loaded gun was taken from a car in riverview. the people responsible possibly juveniles were caught on surveillance across the street. other than a loaded gun. the only got away with a few small things but if you know what happened. call the hillsboro county
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awesome videos to show you from the apollo area. can you see it right here? the manatee hanging out near the power plant. as you might know during cold months manatees migrate to freshwater springs and warm water sites in south florida and we are getting answers for you tonight at 6 pm. if you haven't gone out there. you have to check it out for yourself in person. this story is going to show you why you don't want to mess with one mom. coming up a south florida woman fights off 2 carjackers all the name of protecting heard children. estimate the pope is calling this the year of mercy. can you have mercy.
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church donation box? we take a look at our traffic camera as we had to break. 275 over franklin bridge, looking pretty thick. and a contrast over here
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a crime alert that will have you shaking your head. get a good look. this is st. cecilia's catholic church in clearwater. the guy in the orange shorts
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donation box and stole $50. please are sharing this video c could help them catch that god and we shared with you on our facebook page and got a lot of you talking. >> this sums up what a lot of you are probably thinking. this guy could just ask the church for help. they would give him help and he would need to steal. smith church leaders and parishioners feel the same way. last week at for p.m. surveillance video shows a man walking into the church checking to make sure no one was looking at putting on gloves to steal $50 from that box. >> you took that money for himself. >>reporter: -has been a
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in the incident makes him sad. >> they help unfortunate people . it's not really fair. smith there are other donation box here at st. cecilia's and they are both their entrances, made out of wood and not very sturdy. >> sturdier. probably metal. so a little bit harder to get into. stupid church leaders will enter the boxes more often while encouraging parishioners to give and forgive. >> maybe he can come and say he is sorry. are places to forgive. >>reporter: in clearwater, 10 news wtsp. >> we posted the surveillance video and the number for police
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seen on tv on the left side. finally i think we can say it's winter. >> we did see freezing temperatures in the 20s and i'm sure the afternoon has been absolutely amazing. temperatures with beautiful sunny skies and a wonderful day today as expected. 62 is our temperature in tampa and 61 and st. pete. most of us from crystal river down to sarasota the low 60s to start our evening. better than last night when we were saying, temperatures in the low 50s. we are about 100 warmer. forecast for this evening is not as cold tonight. cool you would expect in january, but likely you won't
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tonight or as many layers. but even tonight low to mid 50s as we will start in the morning. another cool morning that will be around crystal river at 39 and 42 around springhill. newport and hutch and 40 for a daybreak. and a little bit of a chill or a bite to the air in the suburbs, tampa and suburbs. riverview and ruskin, we will be looking at 46 and 51 on the bay side over at st. pete. 48 around ellington and braden 10 and sarasota low 40s and lakeland at sebring and polk city, but nice rapid warm-up. the warmest day we have had in a while. the thursday forecast might be the produce day of the week with light winds from the
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away innocent as we had to lunchtime. we will be passing the upper 60s and into the 70s expecting to spend most of the midday around 70 to 72 range with sunny skies looking for highs around 73 and 70 foreign land o lakes nice and comfortable and good on the water. lake chop on the bay in the gulf temperatures in the bay temperatures. you can tell the cold air hits at 660. that's almost like pacific water. high tide at 1:12 am and systems that we are tracking of course a chance of showers on friday and a few storms and a few showers around 30% on saturday. as it races across the us the system will be thunderstorms that could be dangerous for atlanta of june. carolina and possibly southern virginia and a big snowstorm
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and new york providing aid track of low pressure doesn't change. what it means for us right now for the most part, we are expecting showers and a few storms on friday and a couple of things in the atmosphere. we are watching closely to make sure nothing surprises us but it looks like a different set up the what we saw saturday night. we will talk about that in the system behind it and you can always get your forecast on the go. we know it is a mobile word and news is all day on your phone so right now we have a wtsp app you can download for free. if you can't make it to the game, you are in luck. hooters and 10 news has a watch party for a people at a local hooters location. watch for the secret word of the day coming up in the next half hour and enter that word on our facebook page.
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on thursday. red light cameras causing more crashes. all. 10 news at 5:30 pm. a report that raises questions about if cities are putting profits ahead of your safety. it's not like she was in a chair, this was on top of a table curled up asleep. >> a mom pulls her child from daycare after taking this picture of a worker asleep on the job. plus, who doesn't love traveling for cheap? we are breaking down dates to remember see can book the cheapest flight. those stories and more coming
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. here's a look at what is coming up tonight we have broke girls followed by mike and molly and criminal minds and code black and jan 10 at 11 pm and stay up for the late show. no one wants to think about having to kill an animal but police had to do just that could officers shot five pit bulls when they pack attacked a group of people at an apartment complex. dogs that way more than 60 pounds are not even allowed to be at that complex. doctors are treating two women, a man in a boy. one of the women was hurt so badly. doctors are not sure she will survive.>>i feel bad for her. i hope she is okay and will
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i don't wish that on anyone. spirit. police are trying to figure out who these dogs belong to work the owner loses this apartment complex. the woman who was mauled was familiar with these dogs. video tonight of carjackers meeting their match at a south florida gas station. watch the top right. the masked men try to get into the van. the driver blocks the doors just in time. so they come around to the other side of the pump. one of them jumped in the car and then they come around to try to get in the vehicle and you can see her fighting back and she actually grabs one of the men. and she shoves him away. police say her children were sitting in the backseat of the car. that's why she thought so hard. do not mess with mom. >> the men jumped into a getaway card--a getaway car. the police caught up with them. new video of a puppy stolen
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parents are furious after a decatur worker is caught sleeping on the job. swept away in ankle-deep water. the changes you will send see. planning that family vacation, the time to snag the best airfare. good evening i am courtney robinson. >> thank you for joining us.
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