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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the amount that you pay in an accident. but according to a study that took a look at insurance rates in all 50 states florida ranked last when it comes to how much money you saved by increasing your deductible. if you got in an accident and this car and increased your deductible from $500-$1000 in florida would only safe for point for percent and that's $51 a year. same scenario in the state of massachusetts. folks saved 17% of their right. hundred $70 a year. >> disparity comes from having to carry personal injury protection in florida and a high rate of fraud. so increasing your deductible, it's not even worth it at that an additional $500. aaa suggest they avoid traffic
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instead of every six months. spirit that way you can keep your rate locked in.>>, it's recommended you check with your insurance agent as things are different from county to county. don't be afraid to shop around. michigan provided a value for money than florida. when it comes to paying a higher deductible and lower premiums. we posted this complete survey on our website. wtsp. and while you are there, you can get answers to your insurance questions. does the color of your car impact your rates? and what happens when you get into an accident during a test drive? don't put blankets away. >> we will be chilly tonight but thankfully not as cold but
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storm sliding to the northeast. we have been talking about, but it's keeping temperatures and check and look at the snow. we are talking about. we know they are going to be talking about 18 to 20 inches of snow around dc and to the west and as we had through the evening temperatures in the mid- 50s and although it will be cool in the morning. we don't have freeze warnings up tonight. as tornado victims in sarasota and manatee counties cleanup. many worry about paying for out- of-pocket costs. we took their concerns to gov. rick scott. the tornadoes caused $12 million in damage.
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completely torn apart. while visiting the sarasota business gov. scott is looking at ways to help people like him. in some cases property owners may qualify for small loans. to qualify 25 properties must have suffered 40% of-or more and uninsured loss. if that doesn't work we asked the governor and then what? student the state will do everything it can. >> we haven't budgeted by that. it's going to be a scramble to rob peter to pay paul that we need assistance at this point. >> if residents don't qualify for the loan. we are told the state will explore other programs. if you're in sarasota county and need help. grab a pen and paper. you can call the red cross with their number on the screen. you
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center 861-5000. and remember, you can check storm tracker 10 around the clock against those important alerts that are free app. just download wtsp. to make a neighborhood crime alert that has people upset. check this out. you're looking at surveillance video from st. cecilia's catholic church in clearwater. police are asking to help identify this man. as he walked in. he made sure no one was around and he puts on gloves before going back to a small donation box and smashing it and taking $50. the incident is very sad. >>if he came to us with his need most likely would be able
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boxes are going to be switched from wood to metal and is harder to break into. they are also going to into the boxes more often. your choice. 2016 and a new poll has donald trump holding a commanding lead over his voters. back in florida polls showed trump with support of half of the gop voters. sen. crews from texas still getting beaten on their own turf and rubio and jeb bush. the new poll also shows democrat hillary clinton leading bernie sanders back 36 matchup from republican candidates. beach. sharks and amenities hanging out near the power plant. it produces warm water and
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67% of the entire manatee population uses power plants. when the temperatures drop. here is the problem, there are talks of those plants shutting down. tonight we are asking if the manatees have to head south? >> in the manatee capital of the world. we are seeing record numbers. >>reporter: the 70 for degrees at the power plant. it could become crowded real quick. >> we are expecting a large population of manatees. smith they lean towards the power plants shutting down in the next 10 to 20 years. in the near future, we will see a lot of manatees moving from artificial sites. >>reporter: after 37 years of documented the manatees of crystal river have identified thousands. >> we don't know what's going to happen over the lifetime of those power plants. >>reporter: with record
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will they go when the power plants go off-line but leads to the question, or do they go prior to the power plants?>> there were only a handful of springs left that are still accessible. >> some of the sites are being developed. >>reporter: manatees would swim farther south to warmer water? >> some winters. even the everglades is not warm enough. >>reporter: , it's critical that the remaining springs that are available that manatees are protected correctly. >>reporter: man-made problem with the man to make sure that there are springs left for these gentle creatures. >> we posted valuable information on how to safely interact with manatees just click on as seen on tv. student county by county in
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to pick up big pieces of debris is starting tomorrow. collectors are stopping by neighborhoods where the tornadoes traveled through. they will collect anything that cannot be collected by regular curbside collection crews. free speech for protesters is history. our partners at the city of lakeland created a spot at the airport to handle protesters from the national republic convention. they never showed up. in the end-- after a series of high profile public events around the world, tampa police are taking no chances on your safety. working with all levels of government to make sure the annual event is as secure as possible for hundreds of thousands of parade goers. >> local state and federal
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last meeting with our federal partners, there is no significant threat to the city of tampa. also against underage drinking. we want you to know that officers wants tolerated. they are looking at signs of violence in the coast guard
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join us with toubro girls, mike and molly and code black and join us for 10 news at 11 and stay up with the late show. tonight's guest brandon marshall. you hear about road widening projects all the time but the city of lakeland is doing the opposite. we are talking about lakeland police department on this road. marcus grayson shows you how this project is meant to draw more people to the downtown area. recent on bar is the manager of this hotel. he can't have too much parking for his customers. student the merchants and the people that come down here survived based on walk-in traffic. connect this hotel has a parking lot right next door to the business and they lease
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the street design will bring 10 more parking spaces. the hotel can use. >> it makes it easier to access the hotel for our guests and that would make for more activity. swimming massachusetts avenue has for lanes running north and south the city of lakeland is making it narrow. >> resurface the roadway and three market for travel lanes and spoke about 10,000 vehicles . let's make this street. the perfect candidate for less.>>when they began to grow and prosper. instead of going with medians we go is on street parking. >> they welcome the redesign of the avenue saying it will be good for business but also it's a safety issue.>>also it creates a bit of safety.
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mean less. >>marcus grayson 10 news channel. some of the city started the project and it's expected to be finished by july. had to our website. wtsp. the pretty picture outside didn't fool me this morning. >> i was almost ready to go out and chop some wood.>>it was 28 in crystal river. take a look. 41 in tampa, 37 in lakeland. i will make this a little better. look at the sunset. that's a good one.
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picture and share it with us. facebook and twitter is the same wtsp 10 news. these colors should be amazing and make you forget about that. 61 in tampa. not as cold as this time last night. 55 newport richie this time last night, so it's cool but it won't be as cold as last night and out the door first thing in the morning with low 50s and 48 in tampa and crystal river and a lot of us will more commonly see low 40s so anywhere from around 10 to 150 where a lot of
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st. pete around 51 downtown st. pete around 5143 to 45 in the metro and sarasota, 48 to start the morning low 40s in the heartland around lakeland and tulsa city and 45 in sebring. hour by hour, it will be a rapid climb five midmorning we are passing 600 light winds from the southeast taking away the cold bite of the northerly wind making an absolutely gorgeous day. sarasota, brooksville, if you live by the water or take the boat out, light winds. the water is cool. 660. 120 years high tide and we will
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human in the day it for 14 p.m. about the systems coming in the days ahead, that we are tracking for the first one looking at scattered showers and storms. this is the same one we talked about the top of the newscast, which is a big snow maker for west virginia and northern virginia, dc and western and eastern pennsylvania. we are looking at some very hefty snow totals providing that doesn't change a whole lot some of the snow totals. we are seeing could be between 18 to 20 inches around dc in franklin and west virginia, maybe around 15 to 18 inches of snow possible. they love position has everything to do with who will get what but it's the same front is going to bring us showers and potentially a few storms on friday. main storms between atlanta and dc. scattered showers and looking at and a few things in the
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i want to track closely that could lead to a couple of stronger storms. i'm not worried about a severe weather outbreak but one or two of these has the potential of the ingredients come together. there could be stronger storms but i do believe it will be just a shower even and then next week. wednesday the system will be watching closely with a low tracking farther south that could be a better shot at seeing stronger severe weather. there's a lot we will need to track in the days ahead. in the meantime, a few isolated showers temperatures in the 50s all day. it will be cool. highs in the upper 50s on sunday before we climb back up monday and tuesday. don't forget to download the 10news he can check the forecast by grabbing your phone and opening the app. make sure you watch 10 news this morning for your chance to win tickets to a tampa bay
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watch for the word of the day. we will announce the lucky winner on friday. chefs are stepping up burger games.
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hockey tonight. hockey facing the biggest game they're playing their best game.
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chicago one chicago 15 straight games. this bounced behind the goalie and the eventual game-winner came from brian boyle. >>like last year we are playing with more confidence. we scored more goals. >>we got to hear from the ducks new defensive coordinator. first of all, he will flip if he has to any has to he will design a-i been to fit his personnel. >> you can't lineup for the same every time. we have a lot of flexibility
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what the players are capable of doing. >> three keys to a good defense and no mystery. stop the run, get off the field and take over. student the box will announce the first member of the ring of honor. candidates ranked this way. i think mike like to john lynch and mike wanted to make sure james wilder was included. go to my facebook page. >> you've got to love that. >> gets ready the florida state fair arrives next month. they are giving you a chance to vote. >> they include a bacon bomb explosion burger. >>bacon lovers dream with fresh ground check season with ranch
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seasoning. >> next, the french toast burger served on homemade french toast and this. ice cream burger. ice cream burger. ice cream burger. a cheeseburger with ice cream or a redneck burger topped with baloney and baked beans. you can vote right now to find out. so that it's dinner time but i am feeling queasy.
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