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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good evening, i'm reginald roundtree. technology you are using could be putting you at risk. >> it is terrifying. they can access your information. >> how your wifi may connect you to cyber crooks. >> good evening. thanks for watching. we know hackers target credit cards and personal information. >> could your wifi may not be as secure as you think? half of the routers reveal problems making you problems to a hack attack. tonight we have ways to keep your connections safe.
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tech society with everything connected to wifi. monitors. there are more connected devices than people in the world. >> usf security director says home wifi security is hackers. >> they can hack into your router and read the information you send out. >> on every device connected. half of home internet routers put to the test have outdated software putting your information at risk. >> you have to change the it. >> it doesn't require a lot of
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most providers have an app where you can change your user name and password. >> use a good password not 123456. >> i guess that's a good yes. compromised. >> you don't want anyone accessing you information. don't use a default network game. it gives them easy access. go to the links you can use to check in your wifi has been high jacked. parts of the country
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possible crippling snow starting friday. we are talking about baltimore, washington d.c. they have snow crippling traffic. they have 2 feet of snow and winds. snow is falling in kentucky and tennessee. >> reporter: the snow we are getting tonight causing problems is not the big storm. it's this system that is over nebraska and kansas. the mid-atlantic could be very hard hit in new jersey and west of new york city. 33 inches in west virginia could be around 15 to 20 inches around d.c. and baltimore and around new jersey.
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this will be a huge storm for wherever this lands. this very one is bringing rain chances friday. >> that winter storm starting friday morning. all major airlines are charging fees. certain airports are included. there are restrictions and deadlines for bookings. go to we have the information you need to rebook. >> got disoriented and fell in a secluded area. >> a worker in cleveland found this morning. 19 hours he was last seen at
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he was found in the woods on the property. detective kept him warm. he fell in a secluded area. he was treated for hypothermia. this pup is safe and sound. this yorkie was stolen, the $1,600 cutie was stuffed in his shirt and traded for drugs. they discovered it had been stolen. e-mails showing how the flint water crisis was dealt with. the governor was aware of water quality back in february. >> there was a problem with lead in the water, it notion that families weren't notified.
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governor's request for $28 million more. without federal aid michigan will not have the money to repair the system and plumbing in homes. this is your 60 second scan. 35 years ago today the iranian hostage crisis began. they will each get $10,000 for every day spent in captivity. $4.4million. it will come from sanctions on illegal transitions made in part by iran. remember this guy? martin screlli? he hiked the price of medication by 5,000 percent. the pharmaceutical executive
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new york city, jfk is asked to screen passengers. they were rolled out yesterday. the new technology will reduce human errors. performing random checks. that is your 60 second scan. >> before you use an airport park and ride, premiere parking closed without warning leaving behind. what happened and what to do before the park and ride? he left his car with 60 bucks. that was 10 days ago.
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>> without warning, premiere shut down. the chis inside and no one to help. >> we have an extra $20. >> someone decided to help themselves breaking and getting their keys and leaving others behind. the keys with a landlord he and deputies tried to give them the heads up. >> i ran this place from night time to early morning without no complaints. >> workers found out they were out of a job by text message and haven't been paid. he was paying his way through college. >> i worked hard for that pay check. 88 hours is owed to me.
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>> a google search and read the reviews. there have been hundreds of complaints. they have an f rating. 10 news, wtsp. >> unbelievable. >> there may not be immediate action. you should take action now. >> still to come. a veteran's charity and the money to fix it. new hope to help those who need it.
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it's a story we have been staying on top of, a charity paid thousands of dollars to upgrade their boat. >> the boat might be ruined. the charity may have good news. that contractor has been banned from a certain marina. kelly started my warriors place after her son was killed serving in afghanistan.
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>> it is something they never forget. >> as 10 investigates, she paid tanner smith $6,000 to make the charities boat wheelchair accessible. it sat for a year when it was finally returned like this. >> there is no -- nothing sits up. it's just placed here. >> time after time 10 investigates smith about the boat and the money. he promised to finish the boat. >> i'm sick of it. [ beep ] >> he was kicked out for customer complaints. the charity's boat is unuseable for what it was intended for.
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the charity. two smaller boats have been donated complete with decals. >> fishing rod holders, a little 48-horsepower motor. >> and another donated by a dentist. >> it is not wheelchair accessible but we can get our veterans families out. we have had it in the water almost every day. >> she is incredibly grateful to help those who sacrificed so much. >> it was hard after my son died to not get cynical. with the miracles that have happened since then and people
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their time, it's -- it's just amazing to me that people care. >> they are working to raise money for a large pontoon boat. they are hosting the music festival. they are hosting a naming contest. if you want information we have posted that on our website at time for 10 weather. hours makes. >> big time. there was a 30-degree shift? >> a lot today. with that cold snap, you know where it got really cold was the gulf. >> it dropped.
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said we are going to warmer waters. look at that black tip. they all followed suit. looking for warmer waters. upper 50s and 60s have been common. not a fan of the changing cold. the city was 30 degrees. we know most of you around crystal river it was 20s, 25 to 28 was a lot more common that you shared this morning. 41 officially right now in citrus county. 49 degrees even in sebring, the
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you hit the suburbs, temple terrace, 45. chapel as well. overnight we won't drop as sharply. what you felt maybe a few moments. it will be very very similar. it is good news if it was a little cold. we will see some 30s show up. 38, 39 but low 40s in brooksville. down to clearwater. largo south, 50 to 51. in the city of tampa around downtown, 47 to 48. the suburbs will not be surprised, 42, 43. out in heart land around 43.
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we will have passing clouds. as the winds come up, it takes the bite away from the cold air. we are looking for with the light winds a warm up of 72 to 74 from the gulf coast to i-75. one of our warmer days of the week. a thumbs up whether it is the water or taking the boat out. light chop expected. low tide starts at 5:44. the same one of all the new this evening. jersey. if that low doesn't move much between philadelphia and most of new jersey it could take a very hard hit. of course all will depend on where that low tracks. the same system putting a risk
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city, thursday looking ahead to friday we are not even in a marginal risk. we have a clear friday message. we are not expecting severe storms but friday there are pretty strong storms looking to come through. we will say 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. we will track it closely. we are not expecting severe weather by any means. we are looking at a possibility it could be strong. we will track it. if any get stronger, we will be on the air talking about it. we stay in the 50s. showers possible, a 30 to 40 percent coverage. still cool, then the next system we will track closely. it could be stronger. we have a week to track it. keep checking back.
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forecast on the app. when you open it you have the latest information. wtsp in the app store. move over chicken and beef for a unique protein. >> with sushi and salads, the lure restaurant has a special taco on the menu. it is made of grass hoppers. the choice to use grasshoppers came from a trip to san francisco. people have ordered it and you should to. >> try them. you have nothing to lose. you can always spit it out. double dog dare. i did it. >> it smells like a regular
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>> it is like a crispy oyster. i can't look at it. >> there they are being marinated. they are like sirloin and chicken and taste like fried oyster. i brought you some. >> it has eyes. >> reggie, come on. you want it? do it. [ laughter ] >> i am going to set him right here. >> we will revisit this during the break.
11:20 pm want to know what the bucs defense looks like next season? someone called tom brady a cry
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let's start with hockey. it is getting messy for the lightning. the team suspended him indefinitely. it was without pay.
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him not to play. he didn't want his client to risk injury. this is just me but he is getting bad advice from his agent. he is acting like an entitled superstar. the first ever number 15 ranking and promptly lost. 88-87. the usf mens team tonight, a nice evening out. chris perry was high for the bulls. this is good stuff. he had 18 -- led a charge cut the lead to 4. 7-foot 6 on the follow.
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bucs new defense talked about his new defense. it will be different. the players available. he will have to blitz. >> it will be imperative for us to be able to create pressure and generate pressure and be done with the 4-man rush. we have to have the ability to do it with 5, 6, man rushes as well. >> here is great stuff for conference championship week, baby. he complains about getting quarterback. >> not true. absolutely. it's just part of football. i take a lot of hits over the years.
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conference champion game. he is just like bill belichick. they never say anything. nothing. it's the playoffs. >> we will be right back.
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why does it have eyes looking at me? >> it wants to go in a mouth. >> ahhh. >> it is crunchy.
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