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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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commuters they would look into their engineering enigma. it is not what drivers want to hear. >> most of the project would have options, this is one area that we don't have the space to do it. >> which means another month of of commuter chaos, fdot shifted traffic along i 2975 over a week, a busy entrance ramp got shorter, they figured everyone would get used to it, it has not worked out that way. >> ha is something. >> people aren't used to the difference. >> it still have a nightmare. >> the fix wasn't right. >> frustrated communiters are looking for alternatives. turning bridges into parking lots, too. >> someone dropped the ball. >> and frankly the timing couldn't be much worse, it's snow bird season, that much more traffic already on the road. and over the next 49-6 weeks there is no shortage of huge
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>> between now and when the fourth lane finally opens tampa will host gas pairial la, big name concerts, florida state fair and monster jam. more time and patience. >> this is probably one of the toughest things we've gone through and it should be the worse. everything else from this point on should be good i am prements. again fdot has met at this point with the contract why are on the job asking them to do whatever they can to speed up that time table. that could include maybe using more asphalt instead ever limestone on the pavement project itself, it could mean using crews in overnight positions that aren't originally slated there, they hope to move it up instead of 6- 9 this could be done-5 weeks, but still a nightmare in the meantime. eric has sir 10 news. >> so what can you do?
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our road warrior is helping you get around the i 275 congestion with some alternate routes. when 275 looks like this, down to 16 miles per hour, or less than want we see, the gandy bridge to the south can be a good one, if you take it it can be just as congested as you are go into tampa, during rush hour times, it is usually your quietest bridge, so that would be your best bet if it makes sense for you, if this morning, like this morning, every bridge was backed up, tampa road to the north is your best alternate route, that goes to hillsborough avenue and hooks up with the veterans expressway, let's talk about events, we have a lot of them coming up. usually during event times most people are taking 2795 into tampa. so then the gandy and courtney campbell causeway will be your best bet, you can keep up with
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on our app, search for 10 news in the app store. if you do have time to take the howard frankland, you see the traffic right here, right traffic by exiting right here at kennedy boulevard and highway. and if you take i 275 in the morning you know it's not a headache in the evening, hillary has you cover weekend 5:00-7:00. happening right now, a huge part of the country is getting ready for snow. wind and whatever the massive winter storm might bring. i've lived in dr my whole life, i don't know i lived through a forecast like this, extremely large storm, it will last for 36 hours. >> the national weather service says 50 million people will be affected as the storm dumps snow on the mid atlantic and northeast.
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snow, the word crippling even being used to describe the shut down of major cities, predicting a historic snow fall with snow plows and trucks getting ready in new york. bulldozers are using sand. now boston is offer to go help washington by sending in two giant snow blowers, boston was simply overwhelmed by the snow last winter, but this time the area is expecting less than an inch. check this out, it didn't take much to completely mess up traffic around the virginia dc area, oh, do you feel the frustration, an inch of snow resulted in that, frozen roads causing hundreds of accidents, even president obama's motorcade got stuck in the jams on the way to the white house. city officials are apologizing for not being prepared. if you are traveling anywhere in the next few days you are
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-- plants will be is. -- plans will be safe. finding out what you need to know and have that story for you at 5:30. be. it looks like the bulls eye is on the eastern edge of dc and west of there over to eastern west virginia, let me show what you are tracking, you can see the massive storm building over areas of of mississippi, tennessee, tornado watches are up in louisiana and southern areas of around the mississippi region, south of jackson, now that is the same system we are looking to sebring us rain, but look at this snow running from alabama on the north end and in just bulls eyeing west virginia, virginia and up to parts of new jersey, in the next 24 hours, it looks like that is going to be starting tomorrow midday and midday. can you see some estimates
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could be airs in a could get up tracking these storms because yes they are on their way to our back yard and there is even a slight risk for severe ward, we are going to break this down hour by hour so you know what your friday looks like at 51:59. potential for another storm to hit our area people are still securing their homes, less than a week after that deadly tornado in sarasota. again, they have to be prepared for what is to come, roof of repairs are under way along ridge wood street, landscapers are clearing out debris. the tornado lodged this 25- pound lead pipe missile into a jean same me's roof, the storm taught homeowners a lesson or two. her weather alert on her phone went off. >> 3 minutes later i dove on the floor, it was like and engine coming through the house. >> next time your wireless
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phone. >> i will listen to it, it was 3 minutes, what could i have done in 3 minutes? >> sammy is getting her important papers together and she will pay close attention to the daily weather reports. sarasota emergency officials say you should have more than one weather alert either through your phone, and app or weather radio. update to our story to help the storm victims, eoc director says the county does qualify for low interest loans through the federal government small business administration, governor scott still needs to sign off on that plan. now perfect time to download our 10 news app, another app it is free in the app store, it will bring you instant weather alerts along with live radar are that you need any time. a change of pace on wall street today. after days of starting with the dive and then climbing back, the stock market was steady. energy prices recover from
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the price of oil went up a years. we are digging deeper to see if you can count on gas prices staying low, you will get an answer from an expert tonight. two brothers are in serious trouble tonight for something sarasota county helicopter. you see the grown b, two deputies in the sheriff's when they say he they noticed a green light near i-75 and porter road. it kept happening, red and green lasers, you see lighting up the cockpit at the same time. now look closely, you can see the two men responsible shining the lasers and then hiding on the other side of that house much deputies figured out the address of that house and arrested the two on your screen, gary and math crew bennington, they are charged with misuse of laser devices. new information tonight about the toxic water tries is in flint, michigan, the governor's office released
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snyder's chief of staff writes the county and city should be responsible for the emergency, not the state. when flint changed its water supply two years a ago, the water leaked lead, tests showed dozens of children with elevated lead levels, governor rick snyder couldn't tell cbs what the current levels are. >> what is the number? >> i don't have the number at the top of my head of the very latest data. and it varies by parts of the city. >> would think that the governor of michigan would have those numbers at the top of his mind right now. >> until they are in a range that is considered safe, i don't actually want to get into the issue by zip code or by street. >> flint's former mayor says the e-mails aren't enough to find out why it took so long to warn people about the water. >> there is too little here to tell. this is missing a whole year and it's missing all the key
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level who were involved muc . >> the governor is asking the president again to declare a disaster in flint to help solve the crisis. stop what you are doing and check this out right here, yes, take a look, someone in south florida found this floating in their pool this morning. that is not an alligator. it's not an ali gator it is a crocodile. deputies and wildlife crews were called in to get rid of the crock, they tweeted out the pictures, the crocodile got out of the pool and you can see right there on his own going back into the ocean a few feet away, south florida is the only part of the country that has both alligators and crocodiles. >> oh, boy. >> another thing to worry about. >> only in florida, that is when you enclose your pool. >> crocodile. he is a politician who is no stranger to headlines. tonight the headlines surrounding putin's, voice on and the spy, the kremlin and killing in 13 minutes.
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uncontrolled allergies can lead trigger asthma symptoms. and those symptoms are similar but the way you treat them is different. >> so the question stands how do you fell whether you have a cold or allergies, jenny scene talked to an allergist.
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she is getting checked out by dr. dugala. >> this year just happened a lot sooner than normally, you know it's like oh, my gosh. >> allergy season in florida runs february-may, it is getting and early start and this is why. check out this week's pollen count already in the high range. >> we think it might be because the warm, mild winter that we've been having and it's almost tricked the trees into thinking it's already spring time. >> lisa knew she continue have a cold. >> there is no body aches, no other symptoms other than your eyes and your nose won't stop running, and your eyes look, big, puffy red. >> allergies present with sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, a cold would be a cough and usually is associated with a fever. >> if you think it's allergies, the doctor recommends an over the counter nasal steroid spray and an antihistamine, if that
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to see an allergist. >> maybe talk about allergy shots, 85% of patients do very well on allergy shots, less need for medications, less allergy symptoms. >> lisa said she plans to start getting allergy shots. >> the price to pay to live in florida, right? >> jenny scene 10 news. >> now that it's colder outside you would think we are not go to go have allergies, is that the case? >> it is not the case, in fact here in florida, our highest tree pollens are always in the winter, and she is exactly right, we are getting and earlier start, but these cold fronts have been moving through earlier as well. and with the winds that kick up in the winter and fronts move through, the tree pollens jump way up, juniper, elm and maple, seeing some oak in there. friday going low, the reason for that the rain washing it out of the care air.
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overhead that you see in clearwater beach should be another amazing sunset tonight as we go through the even, but let's talk about what is coming your way, the same winter liz are blizzard that will be hitting the areas of the mid atlantic and up into the southern portions of new of boston area north, looking at this bringing a cold front and a line of showers and storms that could be strong to severe, likely to be worse north of the area, tornado watches up from east texas through southern louisiana and central and southern mississippi. we've seen a couple of radar returns on storm tracker 10 that looked like we might have had tornadoes on the texas, louisiana line much the rest of today it's an enhanced risk right up to pensacola, then for friday, we will be included in a slight risk of severe weather from central georgia through
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and it does include pen ellis county. i-75 west for citrus, fernando and pasco county, as you know from days past, slight risk can mean storms although the majority of them will just be rain and storms, a few of these could be strong to severe. for the rest of tonight it's clouds, no storms to worry about, you will be dry, high thin clouds and comfortable temperatures in the mid-60s, storms start tomorrow, late morning. i will take you hour by hour in a moment, because of this system moving through and the front moving through late day, we will be looking at the winds really picking up with storms starting around 10:00 a.m. and i've got them until 1:00, i will show you the big picture first, take you and slow it down as that front kicks through north of tampa and gulf coast counties about 10:00 a.m., 11:00, noon through the bay area and even though sarasota, manatee county, hardy
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in a slight risk for severe weather, you can see on our futurecast still some strong storms moving through there, i don't want to you let your guard down because you are not officially in the slight risk area. paying attention, ready to go, we'll track it every step of the way, as we zoom in again slight risk will extend, cuts off to the sunshine skyway bridge, so for tomorrow, look for the storms to start right around 10:00-1:00, hillsborough county, fernando, venice, sarasota, strong storms firing up in your area midday as well. light sprinkles 30% coverage and kind of a raw day in the 50s and very very windy, i've
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and hour. newscast to roll around, download it for free in the app store. if you can't make it to the big february 7th you are in luck, hooters and 10 news have teamed up for your chance to win watch party, jim van fleet might join you there,. >> or rental i didn't or dione. we are giving away the secret word of the day, use that word to enter through our facebook page and we will announce the winners thursday, january 28th. i'm reginald roundtree, you know we love to hate those red light cameras, guess what new at 5:30, one group of city leaders is looking at a stop signal of its own. we are going to check out to see how it could affect you and your drive.
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family would be without the help. a zoo. a dream come true for a wounded vet,. and he has been in trouble before, but this time he got suspended just trying to help his friend. this is one of those stories that will probably have you scratching your head. those stories and much more coming up next on 10 news at 5:30. just ahead, okay quick question, how many times have you tried to get a loaded gun on the plane, none, right?
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here is a look what is coming up tonight. 8:00 the big binge theory, followed by life in pieces. 9:00 mom. and then 9:30 angel from hell.
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join rental and me for 10 news at is 1:00. this one is just bizarre, alexander consider was a former kgb agent. he was a russian spy. six years later, he was poisoned. now, a british judge says russian president v putin and the head of the russian secret service probably ordered his friends to kill him. >> if you permitted this crime at the end you will get [ inaudible ] >> his widow says she will not stop fighting for her husband, the british government is trying to extradite the two poisoning suspects. investigation found they tried to poison him twice but they failed the first time. russia is refusing to accept the results of the investigation and the accusations against putin. okay.
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or maybe not, the tsa just sent out new information showing a record breaking year when it came to collecting guns. >> take a look. the ts ashes announced it collected 2653 guns at airport check points last year. that is 20% more than the year before. now even scare injury, four out of every five guns was loaded, also called out the airport, number one dallas, fort worth yeah. atlanta is 44, houston and george bush had 100. and 90 were confiscated at denver international. with ugly weather on the way those friendly skies not so friendly, what should you do right now to save both time and money, the answer is ahead.
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