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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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crippling storm set to hit the south mid-atlantic and northeast. >> two feet is a scary number. >> with 75 million in the path of winter's biggest storm yet. >> it's the same you prepare for a national disaster or arm arm armaggaddon. >> if you stepped outside, may have noticed a breeze. >> but it's nothing compared to what they are preparing for in the east. five states ant states and the district of columbia are under a state of emergency. it could cost up to a billion
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d.c. is under a blizzards warning. most schools and businesses are closed in the monday. crews are getting ready to hit streets with 544 snow plows and to spread 39-tons of salt. >> ice, strong winds and coastal floodings are also predicted for the i-95 corridor from delaware to new york. for shoppers, blacked groceries and hardware stores staples like minimum can and bread the shelves. >> and take a look at this image taken from the international space station. >> this thing is just winding up. we are 12 hours away from ground zero impact in the mid atlantic.
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about to be inshreveport, louisiana tonight. it with go through tennessee, west virginia, virginia and areas around new york city. that's the new thing tonight. some models are predicting around about 15 to 20 inches of snow between d.c. and franklin, west virginia. the surprise could come in. and the new model is new york city. if the low positions itself right, up wards to 18 inches of snow. a lot of variables which we'll talk about. you know this has a ripple tampa. live tonight in tampa interring national with the newest information, courtney robinson. how is it looking? >> the east coast blizzard is not here but it is already a traveling nightmare. go and take a look. you can see canceled, canceled,
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that number will only rise. bwi and baltimore will shut down early and other airports could follow suit. american, southwest, delta and more. >> you want me to cancel that reservation for tomorrow? >> afterry major airline canceled flights. about 23,000 people fly out every day but for the thousands having to change their plan, there is no plus side. >> there won't be any flight anywhere. so i'm just stuck without being able to go. >> deborah devlin was trying get to new york for a family funeral. she missed a flight. and american told her that the refund what is they had to do. they had a better luck after a heads up from southwest. they packed up and, free of charge, got an early flight home to rhode island. we got some warnings at home,
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to get canceled. we should be good now. >> others were not about to wait and see a cancellation i was waiting to see what happens. >> bittersweet decision i had to make. >> hotels are doing their part to help stranded passengers some are offering discount rates. the biggest thing you can do before you come to tampa international airport tomorrow, check your flight status. you can download an app like flight aware where you can track the status of your flight from your phone. your house. from tampa international news. amtrak is also operating on snowstorm. auto train out of stanford will not run tomorrow or saturday. again, states of emergency have
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and d.c. and airlines have preempted and canceled about 300 flights tomorrow and saturday ahead of the blizzards. of course, we'll track the storm overnight. so keep updated here. a former oklahoma police officer has been sentenced to nearly three centuries in prison. a jury found daniel holtzclaw guilty of sexually assaulting eight african american women. a judge sentenced him to 263 years in prison. prosecutors say that he targeted minority women with drug history.
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desecration of a grave side. call crime stoppers if you think you can help. time now for headlines around the nation and the world. >> a former u.s. marine recently released from iran in a prisoner swap deal is back in michigan. amir hekmati arrived in his hometown of flint, this afternoon. he had been at a germany medical center since being released. take a look at the water crisis in flint. the regional director with the environmental protection agency the e.p.a. says their focus remains solely on restoring flint's drinking water. health officials say that replacing the city's pipes is the only way to make sure that the city is lead free. blue bell ice cream is returning to bay area stores on monday. the company stopped distribution last april after
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and three people died from the listeria outbreak. the flavors will include water crunch, dutch chock late, homemade vanilla and many more. that is your 60 second scan. a family is dealing with this tonight a depression opened up in the front yard of their home on kenway street. the ground started sinking as crews were working on another hole under the home. >> i think we are just in shock about it. you know, you never expect it and then suddenly to site, scary thing. i have a little 19 month old granddaughter. this is the area that my lawn she likes to run on. >> right now, no neighbors are impacted and no roads are closed new video shows an uber driver under attack in florida and, you know it, it's caught on cameras. can you call 911. >> oh, call 911?
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>> the uber driver showed up to give a man a ride and the woman, a doctor, jumped into the car. she kneed him, threw locks, scissors, uber fliers at him. he didn't want to press charges but she has been put on leave from the hospital and could lose her job as a resident from raging passengers to recent rate cuts, kendra collins follows along with a local driver who says they have been taking a lot of hits lately, namely to their wallet. >> before uber drivers even get behind the wheel to make money, they are out money, cleaning and gassing up the car. now, when duty calls, they are getting paid 30% less for a ride. >> what's up, man? >> how are you doing? >> reporter: uber cut their mileage rate january 99th.
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to 65 cents a mile. >> the company insists it's to increase demands. >> rates are cut down. that means a lot more driving, slaving for less money? daniel, steve and laura are headed downtown to the lightning game. >> uber is a great service and you guys should get paid >> reporter: what started out as a 39 minute ride took nearly an hour with traffic for the same price. >> an hour traffic for 16.94. >> worth it to you? >> nope. >> just was not paying enough. >> uber driver gaylene says that the cuts are forcing her to park her car more and getting a job at winn dixie. >> it hurts me, because people need us more. >> reporter: she fears this will not be a seasonal low.
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>> reporter: uber drivers are passenger pickup. >> uber says that if this does not prompt more business, the company could reverse price fully. really gross. >> what health inspectors found at this sub shop. >> and then how much cable companies are charging you. money. and do you really know why your baby is crying? see the new app that claims it does. same winter blues to the north is a slight risk for
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restaurant red alert. repeat owe fernandezs and some surprising health -- repeat owe offenders and some surprising health inspection reports. we have uncovered new additional violations an inspector found on the
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>> this is so surprising because subway typically ranks as one the cleanest fast food restaurants when you average together all the companies in section. this particular location, however, seems plagued with continual problems, issues that them sick. lunchtime at the subway red on south golf view boulevard on clearwater beach is a place packed with customers many, however, unaware of recent health code violations. >> i didn't hear about that the subway location shut down by the state back on december 21st with 14 violations. an employee not properly washing their hands, temperature vials on the tuna packages and meat found at room temperature and rodent droppings under storage by the soda dispensers and the
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of potato chips being thrown out due to the food not being in a wholesome container. come back. >> we shared the subway customers. accessible. rodent dropping found. >> that's pretty gross. >> that changes mine mind about being here. that's really gross >> reporter: 10 investigates uncovered this history of failing to meets requirements on followup after followup on 10 of the 17 visits from the state. >> inspectors are back in and it's being taken care of. >> anything that you can tell me specifically on some of those issues. >> all i can say is that the issues that we have been asked
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>> reporter: this is his first day on the job and he is confident that the previous issues have been addressed. >> you know, we have been taking care of this. >> reporter: carter says he was unable to allow us back into the kitchen but says that we were free to look around from the front counter where we did witness employees constantly washing their hands and changing gloves. >> that's a plus. >> reporter: while an inspector discovered fresh droppings as recently as january 8th, the location had 0 violations on the latest followup from last week. >> does it make you feel better? >> better. >> you know, they are still following through on that. a week from now a month from now, i want to make sure that's still not having any of those issues. >> we posted this subway location's complete inspection history for you on our website. if you have a restaurant that
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out, be sure to e-mail me atredalert we did a double take because that purple stuff over louisiana -- >> that's a rare sight but take a look. i want to show you on storm tracker 10. yes, it is starting to snow in louisiana. it actually looks like i it will get more intense in shreveport. not that they don't of see it but it is pretty rare. wicked weather over arkansas because of heavy rain and storms mixing in now with ice and snow between little rock, arcadelphia. it will make it down making
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it's just north of alexandria. monster storm prompt add tornado watch going all the way from panama city. that's where we have been sounding the alarm that we wanted to be ready for the potential of severe storms tomorrow al though -- although it looks like the worst weather will be to the north of us. into pensacola, it does carry on through tonight. that will shift tomorrow to the i-75 interchange and does include parts of the viewing area including pinellas county entirely and northwestern hills. let me take you through tonight and the morning. you are fine in the next few hours with no hours to worry p wind gusts around 16 to 20 miles per hour. how long do you have tomorrow before you want to get inside and let the rain come through?
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most of us will have at least until about 9:30, tampa and south, before we start to see showers and storms moving in. as they roll through, then after 2:00, you can go back to activities outside, although the wind will start screaming. so the wind dough where you really-- window where you want to have something happen or hold up is around 1:00. the morning commute should be okay. and then here comes the line of storm. for the most part, should just be storm although there is a risk of severe weather. again, the risk area all of pinellas, northwesthillsborough county, west of i-275. west of i-275, all of citrus
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here are the risk areas but we'll focus on slight risk. scattered. severe storms possible. you could see again one or two tornadoes possible and some reports of straight line wind damage possible. so perspective is most of this should be rain. wind gusts below severe limits. 40 to 60 miles per hour at the highest with that isolated threat of tornadoes possible. behind that, rain is pretty much gone in the form of storms. isolated sprinkles on saturday still possible but the winds for the gasparilla children's parade, heads up. watch the wind. it will be raw with temperatures staying in the 50s. again, a stray sprinkle possible. after the storms, friday, it's
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until the morning, sunday, monday and we are watching for the storm that could bring some scattered showers next week. we have a lot of people downloading the app. if you have not done so, do so. it could be your friend tomorrow. get a look at storm tracker 10 by opening the app. you don't even have to wait for a newscast. consumer alert. two advocacy groups are fighting to get your money back. the group public knowledge and the consumer advocacy of america reached out to the federal agencies in how you are charged. the group claim that cable and pay tv companies overcharge consumers 4 to $6 billion a year.
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there is an app that claims to decode your children's cries. >> it distinguished between crying, hunger, pain, wet diaper. when the baby cries, you press the but the top and let the app listen for 15 seconds. researchers say that the and has an accuracy of 90%. the app will cost 2.99. and the rays could be getting closer with bringing in a power hitter.
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it's hockey tonight. this one had the feel of the playoffs. ryan callahan says as intense a game they played all weekend. it all added up to a 2-1 win, the lightning's seventh straight victory and the blackhawks' 12-game winning streak snapped. it started badly for the bolt. anisimov scores after an assist from patrick kane. but the bolt tied it. you have to look at how beautiful the tip-in is. right there through the 5 hole. kucherov call alone, oh, that was a laser past corey crawford, a 2-1 lead.
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he only had to make 17 saves. lightning one point out of first place. >> they have to play well defensively and just wait for our chances. we were able to get him the lead. it helps when you play even better defensively. >> two p.k.s in the third. they did a great job. we thought we had four or five shots in the third. steve yzerman addressed the jonathan ruhan situation. he did not hide his dispint. he is not close to the trade that he wants he is unhappy that the kid does not want to play in syracuse and he is upset that this whole thing went public.
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come back. to be honest with you, i spoke to alan walsh yesterday. when they went public with their strayed demand, that changed everything. >> finally tonight, looks like the orioles' steve pearce could be headed to the rays pending a physical. pearce will sign a one-year contract, 32 years old, a lakelands guy. he loves to hit at the tropes. it's not a big, sexy free agents signing but that's within the rays budget and he hits well at the trop. >> he has done well here. depaippedz p pending upon where it lands in the budget.
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what do you think, boys? high end fashion meets modern technology. apple teamed up with the french designer hers on the apple watch. comes with three designer bands. each features a customized version of the hermes. it goes on sale tomorrow. >> how much? >> 1100-dollar. >> how much? >> well, you gets three. >> bye-bye. >> i thought that was hermed. >> rodeo, not row-day-yo.
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