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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a crippling storm set to hit the south, mid-atlantic and northeast. 75-million people are in the path of winter's biggest storm yet. a travel nightmare. as thousands of flights are cancelled, what local hotels are doing to help people stranded at the airport. fare cut frustration. why uber drivers say they are working more, but getting paid less. good morning and welcome to 10 news at 4-30. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz.. lets get a look at
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if you've stepped outside lately, you brisk breeze. but it's nothing about to happen in the northeast.... where they're bracing for a blizzard. at least 75 million path of the "monster storm" that could coast. so far, five states columbia"-- are under states of emergency. the first major season could cause up to a billion dollars in damage. washington d-c is under a blizzard warning. most schools in
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closed until monday. the storm is expected to dump more than two feet of heavy snow. crews are getting ready to hit the streets with 544 plows and 39 thousand tons of salt. ice, strong winds and coastal flooding are also predicted for the i-95 corridor from delaware to new york. anxious shoppers packed grocery and hardware stores, preparing for the worst. staples like milk, bread and water were snapped up as soon as store shelves could be restocked. and take a look at this image captured by a nasa satellite from space. it shows the storm... gearing up over the south central u-s... before it makes its way east. planning to catch a flight this weekend? delays and cancellations aren't only affecting travel up north. at least 28 flights at tampa international airport were cancelled as of 11 p-m thursday night. 10 news reporter courtney robinson takes a look at how the winter storm is affecting travel through local airports. -- american .
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almost every major cancelled flights. plus side it's that this time of year is slow about 23- thousand people fly out every day . but for the thousands having to change their plans . there is no plus side. -- 2012 10 no she said there weren't going to be any flights for flights so i'm just stuck without being able to 20 -- deborah devlin was trying to get to new york for a family a funeral. she missed her flight and american told her a refund was the best they could do.l -- 20 1804 our flight got canceled 06 our flights got canceled snowstorm coming 10 -- the tatarians had better luck after a heads up from southwest. they packed up and free of charge . got an early flight home to rhode island. -- 1822 we got some warnings on the phone some alerts it after a heads up from southwest. they packed up and free of charge . got an early flight home to rhode island. -- 1822 we got some warnings on the phone some alerts it was going to get canceled. we should be good now. -- -- others weren't about to wait to see a cancellation . -- michael nanko 20 2509 i was planning on leaving tomorrow morning at my office called and said you better get out of town tonight 12 -- though micahel nanko says
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and sand versus snow and ice?!? -- 2025 43 it was a bittersweet decision i had to make 44 -- and a number of hotels in the area do get stranded. here in tampa the hubs there are flight and you can flight aware app . it cancellations and delays to save you before you head to the airport. that was courtney robinson reporting. a number of hotels in the area are offering special rates to those who do get stranded. make sure you check your flight! download our 10 news app to check flights before you ehad to the airport. amtrak is also operating on a modified schedule because of the snow storm. here in florida, the auto train out of sanford will not run today or tomorrow. again, states of emergency have been declared in 4 states and dc. airlines have cancelled about 2- thousand flights for today and 12- hundred for saturday ahead of the blizzard. right now! a former oklahoma city police officer has been sentenced to nearly three centuries in prison! a jury found daniel holtzclaw guilty of raping and sexually assaulting 8 african-american women, last month. now -- a judge has sentenced him to 263 years in prison. prosecutors say he targeted women with drug addictions in a minority, low- income neighborhood in northeast oklahoma
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still no arrests in the destruction of a mausoleum and coffin thefts at the italian club cemetery in tampa. but if you can help solve this crime, you could also be eligible for a 3- thousand dollar reward. police believe the incident happened between veterans day and mid-january. call crime stoppers if you can help. time now for headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. a former u-s marine-- recently released from iran in a "prisoner-swap deal"-- is back in michigan. "amir hekmati" -- arrived in his hometown of flint thursday afternoon. the 32-year-old has been at a medical center in germany since his release over the weekend. he spent 4-and a half years in an iranian prison for spying charges. and, taking a look at the water crisis in flint, a regional director with the "environmental protection agency"-- is resigning amid the water crisis. the e-p-a says its focus remains solely on restoring flint's drinking water. health officials say replacing the city's pipes-- is the only way to make sure the city's water is lead-free.
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to "bay area stores"-- starting monday! the company was forced to stop distribution last april-- after at least ten people got sick-- and three people died from a "listeria outbreak" at its production plants. among several flavors hitting store shelves there will be butter crunch, dutch chocolate and homemade vanilla. a spring hill family is dealing with this right now. a depression opened up in the front yard of their home on kenway street last night. the homeowner tells us the ground started sinking as crews were working on another hole under the home. right now neighbors are not impacted and no roads are closed. new video shows an uber driver under attack in florida... and it's all... caught on camera..
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showed up to give another man a ride in miami.. when the woman.. a south florida doctor... tried to jump into the car. she took a swing at him...before refusing to get out of his car. she threw a lock, scissors and uber fliers at him. he didn't want to press charges... but she has been put on leave from the hospital and could lose her job as a resident. from raging passengers... to recent rate cuts. 10news reporter kendra conlon follows along with a local driver who says they've been taking a lot of hits lately.. namely to their wallets. before uber drivers.. like ranaldo suliveres even get behind the wheel to make money. they're out money cleaning and gassing up the car. now when duty calls.. they're getting paid 30 percent less for a ride. after uber cut their mileage rate january 9th. the company insists it's to increase
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ridership... ranaldo doesn't buy it. daniel, stephen and laura are heading from north tampa, downtown for the lightning game. what started out as a 39 minute ride.. took nearly an hour with traffic - for the same price. uber driver gayleen unruh says the cut is forcing her to park her car more - and get a job at winn dixie to make ends meet. she fears this won't be just a seasonal rate slump. it may backfire on the company. with the busy gasparilla parade
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protesting pick-ups. in st. pete, kendra conlon, 10 news wtsp uber says if this doesn't prompt more business, the company could reverse price changes-either partially or fully. head to wtsp dot com to see a break down for the uber fees and rates you pay here in the bay area. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning, the record number of firearms tsa says airports intercepted at checkpoints last year. plus after months of investigations, one website is refunding all hoverboards. and we're staying and we're staying on top of the severe winter storm expected to hit the east coast today. how your travel plans look if you're heading to the airport. in this morning's restaurante red alert, a repeat offender. the gross violations health inspectors found at this sub shop.
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xxx bobby weather
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alert. this is a repeat offender with some surprising health code violations to tell you about. it's a subway restaurant on south clearwater beach. 10 investigates first reported the emergency closure. of the subway location on south gulfview blvd. at the very end of last year. our beau zimmer has more on newly uncovered. additional violations. ...check out what an inspector found on the restaurant's latest follow up
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lunchtime. at the subway restaurant on south gulfview blvd. this place packed with customers. many of recent health 12:10 i didn't hear about that. this subway location shut down by the state back on december 21st.with 14 violations: an employee not properly washing their hands. prior to starting their shift. temperature packages. and meat found thawing at code violations. 12:10 i didn't hear about that. this subway location shut down by the state back on december 21st.with 14 violations: an employee not properly washing their hands. prior to starting their shift. temperature violations. on tuna packages. and meat found thawing at room temperature. and rodent droppings under storage racks. and by the soda syrup dispensers. the inspector also ordering 28 packages of potato chips be thrown out. "due to the
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condition." 13:29 it would definitely make me never come back. it would concern me that much. i don't want to eat food like that. yeah. that's disgusting. we shared this subway's inspection report with customers. 15:02 handwash sink not accessable. rodent droppings found 30 plus. soft droppings underneath storage racks. yeah. that's pretty gross. that changes my mind about being here. ha ha. that's really gross. 10investigates uncovered this location has a history of failing to meet state inspection records requiring follow-up after follow-up on 10 of their last 17 visits from the state. 2:49 the inspectors are on their way back in, in an amount of time, and it's all being taken care of. is there anything you can tell me on specific things that were done to get some of thise issues taken care of? just all i can say is all of the issues you've heard of are being taken care of. employee brian carter was the "person in charge" at the time of our visit. and says while it's
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job. he feels confident. any previous issues. have been addressed. 9:38 they brought in me and a couple other people. and its really been taken care of. they really buckeled down on it. carter says he was unable to allow us back into the kitchen. but told us we were free to look around from the front counter. where we did witness employees constantly washing their hands. and changing gloves. 13:51 that's good. that's a plus. and while an inspector discovered fresh droppings. on visits as recently as january 8th. the location had zero remaining violations. on their lastest follow-up from last week. 15:32 does that make you feel better? a lot better. but i would definitely want it to be known that they were following through on that a week for now. a month from now. i want to make sure they're still not having any of those issues.
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is pretty cool. there's an app hitting the market that claims it can decode your infant's cries for you. it's called the "infant cries translator". based on a collection of 200- thousand crying sounds, it distinguishes between four separate cries: hungry, tired, in pain or wet diaper. when your baby cries, you press the button and let the app listen for 15- seconds. researchers say the app has an accuracy of 92 percent for infants under two weeks old. the app will cost you 2-99. apple is getting into the hi-end fashion business. the designer that's teaming up with the tech company today. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight.
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five o at 9:00. at 10:00 blue bloods. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests steven tyler and actress gaby hoffman. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - you won't miss a thing. news in the app
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technology. apple has teamed up with the french designer "hermes" on a new, luxury apple watch. it comes in three different leather band designs. each features a customizable herms version of the watch face. the watches go on sale today and start at 11 hundred dollars.
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storm fail! washington dc roads were shut down after an inch of snow fell, so how will they handle two feet! a shooting at a movie theater in washington sends one woman to the hospital. and is your child safe playing on aritifical turf? the health concerns some parents now have.. we'll be back with another look at your weather and traffic, in three
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tracking a historic storm. right now millions are in the path of a massive snow storm
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the east coast.
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