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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. thank you for joining us. this afternoon. warnings moving through. >> in many communities and had hoped.
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most part state under severe limits. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. i want to talk about this boeing line right here. indicative of strong straight line winds. i would expect anywhere from 40 to 60-mile an hour winds moving into lakeland over the next three or 4 minutes on the west side of town. over the bartow at 12:18 and winterhaven 12:22. other than that we also can sound the all clear for citrus, fernando and pascoe county. pinellas is and the clear as well and we have been not only tracking strong storms that have the potential for straight line wind gusts, that's an active tornado warning. that's why we wanted to watch this line closely because that could have happened anywhere within central florida. thankfully we look like we will
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severe under storm watch being trimmed out as well. i will have more in your forecast. bobby talk about the huge winter storm in the making and all of that in your forecast in minutes. let's take you live to poke city. this is a live look at state road 33 and oak avenue. we're expecting to see rain moves through the area and just a couple minutes. we will take you live to the sunshine skyway bridge equipment -- we were told they suck -- shut the skyway bridge. we are told it will close. there are high winds through the area and if you have driven over the bridge it's very difficult and we want everyone to be safe. we will take you now to i 275 in the kennedy. the traffic is backed up quite a ways.
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roadways and it's a very rainy commute. let's look at the rain outside our station. it came down in buckets. this is around 11:00 a.m. this morning. as well. there is flooding along gulf take a look at this. you see it building on the side of the roadways as the cars move into the middle lane. be careful. if you see flooding don't drive through and turn around. take a look now at how the storm looked at 10:40 a.m. you can hear it in this video. this is u.s. 19 across the street. a lot of heavy rain falls this morning. vero beach around 11:15 a.m. difficult to see without windshield wipers. let's go to jennifer where the
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joke since the rain has passed look at the water. right now. not a good idea to come out to the beach. here. this is what madeira beach looked like an hour or so ago. the rain came down and came down hard. we saw a lot of cars pulled over. it one point there were people on the beaches and once the rain hit they left. there was minor flooding up-and- down the boulevard. through the water. and that lasted about 20 or so minutes. back out here live on madeira beach since the rain has left it's still dangerous. high surf advisory and a rip current warning. please do not come out here
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they're were tourists that said it's nice out here. back in philadelphia or chicago it's negative 23 degrees. that's nice but stay out of the water. live to st. pete. this is where the peer used to say -- stand. the old st. pete here. it's dark out there. the storm has moved through. still heavy winds expected to move through the area. still a little bit of rain drops on the camera. the rain has moved through pinellas county. download our "10 news" app. get alerts. over the weekend people got night. we will send out those life- saving alerts in the middle of the night.
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you will get those as well. download our "10 news" app and search for our app in your app store now. charlotte douglas international airport it's cancellations. the national weather service is the blizzard that hitting the east could rank near the top 10 ever to hit that region. million people are in its path. it's making travel treacherous. this morning we have a lot of delays and cancellations out of tampa international. before you head to the airport check your flight status. we have all the information for you at go there and click the traffic tab. they're you will find what you are looking at. you will able -- be able to check every flight.
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airport where delays are growing . >> there are already more than 50 flights canceled out of tampa international airport. most of them are out of washington dc and charlotte. if you have loved ones heading to the airport this is what you need to know. check your destination and all of your connecting flight. there could be delays or cancellations already happening . checking it home is going to make things a lot easier and save you a lot of time. don't just check your destination, check all the way through. if you're going to be stranded you would rather be at your house or loved ones house rather than another airport. you know how most major airports -- airlines are strict about switching tickets, they have loosened up their policy because of the storm. if you need to make a change give a call and explain what is going on. they will try to accommodate you as best they can. >> this is a serious storm. you may be stuck in a place a
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if you do get stuck there are a rates. 101. -- wtsp. >> the storm is making its way through the weekend. don champion joins us. >> reporter: the national weather service says the snow and sleet that disrupted the north carolina could turn into one of the 10 worst storms the east coast has ever seen. >> we see this as a major storm. it has life and depth implement get -- implications. >> washington dc's mayor says her town is expected to get the brunt of the weather conditions not experienced in 90 years. there could be up to 3 feet of snow a sunday. schools and government offices are closed.
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will close it later today. after getting caught offguard by an inch of snow on wednesday city officials say they are better prepared for the storm with the fleet of more than 500 blizzard watches and warnings extend north to philadelphia tomorrow. new york city is expecting up to 1 foot of snow in the new jersey coastline is expecting and eight-foot icy storm surge. c i'll moved his equipment higher than the last storm. >> you watch everything a lot more closer since sandy. better to be prepared. >> the storm is expected to linger through several high tides. don champion, cbs news, washington. storms moving through lakeland and starting to pick up rain around polk city. the heaviest part is moments away.
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i will track the storms that remain and bobby deskins will are heading into and how much snow might fall and where is the blizzard headed >> be sure to put "10 news" sunday morning on your much watch -- must watch list. this week you will learn a doctor. we will look at what is happening in your we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast.
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like our facebook page. all next week we give out a word of the day. the winner will receive two passes to the sprint fans on at the daytona 500. look at the rain coming down here. you can't see very far at all. typically you would be looking out over the bay. these are pictures sent in. you probably have seen some of these heavy downpours across the bay area. there are really heavy winds out there. jim van fleet our chief meteorologist. >> we've only seen one tornado warning. >> we've had our own warning here. >> absolutely. hail and winds around 60 miles an hour. severe weather has moved
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i'm showing you areas and as the storms rule and it's likely what it looked like. blinding rain for quite some time. all of the bay area you are and the clear. the areas we are tracking, heaviest rain on the east side of lakeland and areas of polk county still under a threat but there could be a warning. not too likely but those areas city and right around lakeland. winterhaven around 12:24 and haven city rental 29:00. severe thunderstorm watch has been trimmed out for nellis in citrus county but remains for his builder -- hillsboro and polk until 5:00 p.m. that's what we have going on now in the same system winding up into a major winter storm. bobby deskins has the latest on this.
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folks especially in the mid- atlantic. here is what trent -- jim has been tracking for you. that is the parent of the storm and this will transfer energy to the coast over the next 12- 24 hours. we will get more of a coastal storm developing. it's been a mess. pictures getting ready for the football in snow is now changing to ice. i 94 quarters leading up to raleigh changing to sleet and ice what it's all snow north of their especially into virginia. this is a big travel problem. we've been covering flights out of charlotte. but this is the area that gets the most snow. west virginia, virginia, maryland, southeastern pennsylvania. this is the gsf model. this was showing 40 inches.
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most areas in this bull's-eye. some areas west of washington might get up to 32 inches. this will shut that place down for a while. it already has because airlines have gotten ahead of it. the timing for that is it's starting to snow now in virginia and maryland and will go through early sunday morning before tapers off. on the backside of that we are going to wrap around some cooler air. warm and muggy but as jennifer titus will tell you, the winds are shifting. they are going to calm down a but we think they're coming model. watch what happens as we go 20-25 mile-per-hour winds with the few higher gusts. look at this surge tomorrow morning.
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will get it open from time to time. we are likely to have problems with the skyway again and at least and advisory or if not shut down. tomorrow is the children's parade. it's coming down slightly and the evening hours. 7:00 a.m. sunday morning and we really get back to normal or can you imagine having a boat in the gulf of mexico? please don't. it's a very bad situation. we have gail warnings and high well. i did want to mention temperatures because they are going to fall this afternoon and it's going to feel breezy and chilly with the breeze. west around 15-20 miles an boating, obviously bad. choppy on the bay. the beach. it's about eight-foot sees. surfers are going to love it and sunday morning the swimmers
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rip currents will be there all weekend. gail warnings to the most part of saturday. the children's gasparilla parade. chilly out there for those pirates. low to mid-50s. mostly cloudy with an isolated sprinkle before noon but the parade gets going at 3:30 p.m. we might even have sunshine breaking out but we will keep the wind and the sun sets at 6:02 a.m. -- 6:02 p.m. sunshine later and the day but only in the low to mid 50s. warmer slightly upper 50s to near 60 and sunday but we get a lot more sunshine and that will help warm us up. much warmer by monday into tuesday. mid 70s. it does not look severe at this point but we are going to track that closely. follow us online and we will keep you updated. don't forget you can get all of this information right there on
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you can stream our shows live. we are always streaming in the background. you can get that on the app. you got radar and you can zoom
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the children's gasparilla parade is in tampa tomorrow. check out bayshore. this is what it looked like this morning. barricades are going up. the parade runs from 330 until
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edison avenue south. alcohol is not allowed. we are dealing with weather and heavy rainfall. this is the skyway bridge. it is closed. this happened around noon. we learned they were closing it because of the high wind. it's been very windy. >> , little surprised. there is a low in the wind before it kicks back up. hopefully shortly they can get it back open but watch it later it is closed. we will send out alerts and be sure to let you know. a live look with the rain we are watching this line move to the area. we are finally starting to see >> unfortunately it's weakened a little bit.
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attention to. >> for nellis is out of it, hillsboro county is out of it. let's take a look at the radar. you can see the folks along the coast have cleared out but fish hawk is seeing rain and that will move into southwestern polk county. manatee sarasota his body in the heaviest is towards minutes. things will get better. the wind is what we have to deal with and much chillier temperatures. we have to watch the wind because it's going to be on and off pretty hard over the next 24 hours. tomorrow we have the parade in the shriners game tomorrow. >> that's right. >> that's going to look good for football weather. >> yeah. >> i think we will see some sunshine but only in the 50s. >> it's going to be chilly for the parade tomorrow. >> oh, yeah. >> you want jackets for the parade. >> yep. >> download our "10 news" app. you can watch the weather all throughout the day today.
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