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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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air travel is a mess tonight because of that blizzard slamming the east coast. the storm has forced thousands of flight cancellations, thousands of delays, and more are expected this weekend. if you are flying out or someone's heading in to town, you should call the airline ahead of time. the release of an american college student held captive in north korea is now in the hands of the state department, wermbier accused of trying to spy on them. the takata recall coming after the death of a ford pick up truck last month, that marks the first takata death that was not in a honda. there was a big football game this weekend and we're not talking about the playoffs, the east west shrine game taking over tropicana fields. the nation's best all-star football players go against one another. this is video from last year, but there are new concerns tonight about the field the
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tropicana field has artificial turf, hard rubber feel. >> you all need to get in to this and come to some conclusion, because there are a lot of these play grounds that have this and now parents are starting to ask, is there a relationship that their children are getting cancer and playing in this stuff? >> today, florida senator bill nelson urged president obama to investigate if rubber turf is giving kids cancer. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck what to look for. >> reporter: it should feel squishy like rubber. it can look to different. here you can see it's purple, here it looks like regular wood mulch, but that's actually rubber. here it's underneath a playground and it's black, here
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kicked up by this soccer player, or in between the grass blades and look like this, parents say it's not worth the risk. >> too toxic for landfills and yet we're putting it on kids' fields. there's something wrong with that. >> reporter: a big push for a federal study, after a soccer coach for the university of washington found 153 reported cancer cases who spent the time playing on that rubber turf. saying that millions of kids and young athletes work on the rubber surfaces everyday and the epa found a ton of carcinogens and chemicals in them and yet they've done nothing about it. >> why can't the e.p.a. act? there was more than enough information for them to act. >> reporter: here's the deal, originally these tire pieces were thought to be safer, because when kids fell on to them the surfaces with squishier and led to smaller injuries than grass and wood mulch. and that washington soccer
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since she started looking in to this, 63 soccer goalies' parents have called her and said you know what? my kids actually played on those rubber pellet fields and she says it's a coincidence we cannot ignore any longer. sarah hollenbeck, 10 news wtsp. >> the company that made the field, said there's no direct link to artificial turf and cancer. a transgender student taking his fight nationwide, a student at sarasota pine view school was born a girl but identified as a boy. he sought to use the boy's bathroom, and isabel mascarenas shows he continues to fight for rights. >> reporter: he knew his life was off key. >> i was unhappy with myself. >> reporter: being born a girl never struck the right chord
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>> the name i went by before, i didn't like it, it didn't feel right. >> reporter: he says he always identified as a boy, the way he dressed sxw acted -- and acted, even the state of florida recognized him as male after >> i finally see myself. last january, the 17-year-old senior at pine view school in sarasota would use the boy's bathroom. >> they wouldn't see me as a boy until i had all the same rights, all the same facilities. >> reporter: but nate didn't have those rights. he was bullied. students complained about his use of the boy's bathroom. >> it makes me feel uncomfortable, nothing against transpeople at all, not transphobic in the slightest, just them being in the restroom with you is an uncomfortable feeling. >> reporter: with the help of social media, nate and other pine view students challenged the school's policy and won. >> pine view really is, you know, a recognizive place. >> reporter: the high school students are now restricted to the yellow coded bathrooms, the younger students have their own.
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>> reporter: the school board says it will handle future requests from transgender students on an jij basis. -- individual basis. but nate says he has a simpler solution, make the policy nationwide. >> i think it will be seen as the gender you identify with, you got to have all the same access. >> reporter: in sarasota, isabel mascarenas. pine view students have set up a meeting, to pursue board members to include that bathroom policy for transgender students. it's your choice 2016, fans of bernie sanders will take to the streets of downtown sarasota tomorrow. nearly 100 people have signed up online for a rally hosted by feel the burn srq. you can expect to see a big crowd out in sarasota showing their support for the democratic
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tomorrow between 2:00 and 4:00. new on that situation of the miami doctor who flipped out on an uber driver who refused to give her a ride. this video has been seen all over social media. new tonight, the doctor has been placed on administrative leave from her job at a hospital in miami. they launched an internal investigation where she faces the possibility of losing her job. the street side outburst was posted to youtube just a few days ago, and has sky rocketed to more than 1 million views. what would you do if your house was on fire and your dogs were trapped inside? would you risk your life to go back and save them? a lot of viewers would probably say yes. that is what a man on florida's coast did. it got him arrested. brevard county deputies tackled
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to go in because it was dangerous. he threw an ax so he could get to the three dogs inside. >> i got in the house period and then realized oh, wait a minute, my dog are in there. i don't deserve to be slammed in the concrete and then drove off to a hospital. >> that han is face -- man is facing charges for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, there are his dogs out there, they made it out alive. an armed robber no match for this store clerk in massachusetts. she saw the man's knife and wooden club. >> points the knife, give me all the money you have in the kaj register. -- cash register. snoop! and then run. way to go. the woman is he if it wasn't the wood -- if it wasn't the wooden
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thanking her guardian angel for looking over her, a daughter that passed sxwau who she -- away and who she named the store after. the big game just a few weeks away here on cbs 10 news and even if you're not tuning in for the game, there's a chance you'll still be watching for the commercials. this weekend our partners at usa today want you to cast your vote for the best commercials in super bowl history. like this one, inspired by george orwell's novel, 1984, iconic commercial introduced america to the macintosh computer or the frog ad in 1995, features the three frogs making the sound bud-weis-er? help me out here. who can forget this one, 2011, focus, the force, featuring a pint-sized darth vader. cast your vote for the favorite
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on sunday. >>. it was the must have gift of the holidays, why one major retailer offering to give your honey back. miracle baby, what concord journeyed home. here's just another reason, [ inaudible ] in kentucky, this is the sky 10 network, watch everything turn to whiteout conditions around the bluegrass airport and here's the storm system winding up to the mid nigs. we're talking about -- atlantic. we're talking about that and a very windy forecast, but wind where you see the high wind, we'll take you through at 5:45. and take a look at the sky 10 network traffic camera, oh my goodness where did the cars go? over the howard frankland bridge. traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. the sky shine highways, it's back open and traffic is moving along.
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traffic jam, download the 10 news app, get alerts. before you leave in the morning,
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10 news and hooters have teamed up to give away a watch party for the big game, sunday, february 7. enter the word you see, our facebook page, the word of the day "block". three separate winners will each get a party to a hooters location. winners, you'll find out who you are, next thursday. time now tore stories make -- for stories making headline, this is the 60 second scan right now. a washington man facing charges for accidentally firing a gun
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a bullet hit the woman next to him, critically wounding her. they think the suspect was drunk and was fumbling around with hi gun when -- with his gun when it went off. the heart breaking end to the story of a toddler in tennessee, 2-year-old noah chamberlain half hour away from where he was reported missing. he disappeared last week while walking with his family in the woods. authorities are calling his death a tragic accident. brendan dossey, one of the men in the making a murderer movie was moved to a prison, officials wouldn't say what led to the transfer, he'll be eligible for parole in 2048. and a change for the oscars, steps to increase diversity. 9 -- the group says by the year 2020 it hopes to double its
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members. it comes in response to backlash of this year's award show, from those upset of all the acting nominations going to white actors. and that's your 60 second scan. a consumer alert for you, you know the hoverboards you got for christmas aren't exactly the safest. well, now, amazon is offering a full refund on any hoverboard sold on the site. plagued by their tendency to catch on fire. the government is investigating fires in 19 states. to get a refund, contact amazon directly. i'm dion lim live in the newsroom, they were hit hard by a summer storm. now, is pasco county for a wild winter? why some communities and leaders say absolutely not. and $300,000 to relocate reptiles. what's behind the big move and
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it's all coming up next on 10 news at 6:00. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family. it's time for 10 weather. >> there's two places i am not going to go right now. lexington, kentucky. and virginia. >> huntington, west virginia. take a look at this. >> my goodness. >> this is the middle school huntington east right here, this is what it's looked like over the last couple hours. want to keep going? >> keep going. >> i don't see any bluegrass out there. >> the bluegrass is covered. >> covered. >> at this time. that is for sure. so yes, it makes our storms, we
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downplaying that, but obviously we're thankful it was a lot of storms for a couple hours, no tornadic activity with this system. and getting it right back out of here. now, we'll have our own share of weather issues which is why we're here to talk about it. over the next day or two, but as far as the dangerous storms and that potential, that has quitted to the east of the -- exited to the east of the state for this round of storms. you can see how widespread this goes from nashville, even in to central alabama and snow around atlanta and more of the rolling hills in northern georgia, going up through the carolinas around areas, of course, dc, pennsylvania, and forecasts do have the bulls eye in eastern west virginia on several models. but the track of that low, i mean, just a few miles movement, east, west, north, south will drastically change who can get a foot of snow, who can get over 30 inches.
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plays out over the weekend and in to, early monday before we'll know for sure. but you can see the difference on one model here, 10 to 20 inches possible in new york. now most forecasters, not that high right now, but that's the kind of discrepancy with just a little bit of a movement with a low, it could be a few inches in new york city, it could be almost two feet. again, here at home, you can clearly see where the cold front and the colder air is located that will be spilling down over the next 24 hours, 41 in pensacola. 65 right now in tampa, and look at, see these light little showers? make note of that. that is what i'm expecting tonight and for the first half of the day, saturday. so still a chance at a little bit of light rain, but no thunderstorms or a chance of severe weather, but know that with temperatures starting in the mid 60s tonight, we will be looking at on and off light little showers or drizzle, possible. through the evening, the overnight, and in to your forecast for saturday. first half of the day. on top of it, the temperature
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that is going to be in the evening. we will start in the 40s and the wind will be screaming, 28, 31 miles per hour from the west and northwest. that's the same. the gusts could be anywhere between 30 and 40 through date on saturday. gale warnings are in effect over the waters, obviously a heavy chop on the bay, eight to 14 feet. as we take a look at your seven-day forecast, we're going to find that temperature are cold. the temperatures for sunday and monday morning, that's the coldest of this cold snap starting at 32 in crystal river, 41 in tampa, 37 in plant city and 44 lakewood ranch. both sunday and monday morning are pretty identical in those cold wake up mornings. the next system on the horizon looks to be thursday. and there's a chance we could see severe storms with that. but it's a long ways away, check
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do on your app, if you do it right now, wtsp in the app store. could've gotten the severe thunderstorm warnings as soon as they came out. we'll get it on there in seconds. all right, if you're a parent, you know this. if you're expecting a baby you know this too. >> keep calm! >> come on! i just want to have this baby. >> but for one woman, it was shocking. the obstacles they faced and this little one beat the odds. here's another reason for you to like our 10 news facebook page, we're giving out a word of the day starting next week for daytona 500. the winner will also receive two passes to the sprint fan zone, here. >> oh, i love that. >> watch 10 news at 11:00 with
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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little harper jane has conquered more obstacles in her first four months on this earth than many of us will in a lifetime. >> delivered by emergency c-section in december. as lauren shows you, this young girl born almost four months early is finally getting to go home. >> okay, can i take you out? >> reporter: little harper has conquered more obstacles in her first four months of her life on earth than many of us will in our lifetime. she was born december 31 but after a complicated pregnancy, she was delivered by emergency c section on september 29.
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today, i probably turned as pale as these walls, it was not anything at all i expected. >> reporter: harper weighed only 13 ounces when she was born. she was severely underdeveloped and was facing some serious survival odds. >> babies born less than 500 grams at the fifth gestational survive. >> reporter: but now she's thrived up to 10 times her birth weight and no injections. saturday she gets to go home. >> just thinking about what she's been through, from blood transfusions to, you know, possible surgeries and overcoming so many odds, i'm just so very grateful. >> reporter: the months have been grueling, the hours spent waiting and praying. prayers mom believe have paid off. >> i'm so proud of her. it's not about me, it's not about us, it's all about her. and just, the miracle that she
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>> i can't wait until i can do this for real. >> she is a miracle baby, look at how healthy she is! >> just a bundle of joy. >> and that mom is such a fighter, good for her. >> oh! okay. i got to catch a breath here this week harper gets to spend her first day at home.
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they've managed to survive a summer of storms, now is pasco ready for what's next? toxic water crisis, how you can help families in flint find water they can rely on. tortoises forced out of their home, why? a busy airport? where they're going, and who's paying the $300,000 moving fee. >> 10 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> a string of severe storms blow through the bay area, soaking streets and damaging property. take a look, a huge tree came crashing down on this home in south tampa along san juan street. a neighbor says they saw lightning then heard the huge crash then, there he see it, the tree weighing seven tons left seven gaping holes behind, leaving a wet soggy mess, right
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