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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dog, olivia normally jiets -- >> but i think the lightning and thunder scared her in to the bedroom, she's fine. >> they keep the trees trimmed to prevent situations like this. mid florida forestry says while they do a lot of work to maintain trees, things like this can happen from time to time. they say it's important to have a professional inspect your trees, since it's not always easy to tell when they're diseased. now, the storm was relentless as it passed through hernando county today. drivers on u.s. 19 could barely see this morning as the storm hit wickeewachee. >> severe weather, thankfully it wonderful the tornadic. >> you can completely lose site
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look in to lakeland, a little bit later for you, an hour or two later that it arrived, southern florida, and again, heavy rain for a good hour or wind gusts on our sky 10 weather stations, popping up 46 miles an hour, hearing reports that could be of seeing some estimates around 50 miles an hour, i would believe that verifies, 40 at st. john's, in downtown tampa. and rain totals landed what we thought, between .10 and half an inch, of course, tracking more on that system, that is tearing up the mid atlantic then the windy weather, tracking another system for the weekend ahead, that has a severe weather threat in it as well. well, remember this scene, flood waters swallowing western pasco last summer.
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might be destroyed again. 10 news pasco county newsroom casey cumley is asking county leaders what they're doing to protect they are neighborhood. >> reporter: when torrential downpours hit, they think of one thing. >> flooding, that we're going to get hit again. >> reporter: trinity oaks neighbors hit hard last summer, and tropical storm debbie. trying to secure their properties. >> we put in that retaining wall to keep the water back, and then my husband built this, again, to keep the water from encroaching coming in to the lanai. >> next week we're doing french drains and try to bring the water from the front to the back, just trying to be proactive. >> reporter: the county has been worked to clean ditches to free up since last month. and there's more to come. >> we've been able to restabilize the main ditch that goes through the thousand oaks area. so, our hope is that we're going
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faster than we did before. >> you will not find anyone in this area that will say the county's done enough. >> government just moves so slow, very frustrating. >> you've got branching and palm trees blocking the flow of the water, goes right up to the gulf. >> reporter: even though county has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars claeng out ditches in the can -- cleaning out ditches, it's these that can make a mess. >> i'm worried about people. >> there's still a lot of work to be done. the work will be finished kwh we don't -- when we don't have flooding. >> more debris in the canal that tha wasn't there before that needs to be cleaned out >> reporter: casey cumley 10 news wtsp. 10 weather is always tracking, alerting, and protecting. you can get live weather updates sent directly to your phone with our free app. search wtsp on your devices it he store.
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down on the mid atlantic coast and 85 million people in its path. tennessee and kentucky hit where the governor has already declared a state of emergency. at least 20 states are under blizzards, winter storm or freezing rain warnings. and bay cities in the east like washington dc, philadelphia, and new york could see as much as 30 inches of snow. >> we see this as a, a major storm, it has life and death implications, and all the residence of the district of colombia should treat it this way. >> this is satellite image from nasa that shows you the size of the sorms it will affect 'd' -- it storms it will affect one in four americans. if someone you know is travelling, take a minute to check flight status. plenty of cancellations tonight. here's what it looks at tampa international tonight, several flights scheduled for charlotte are cancelled.
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now, you can take a look at our flight tracker at, under traffic. you can find photos and video along with snowfall totals as they come in to our newsroom, once again at our website, much more fallout after the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan. a regional director with the u.s. environmental agency is quitting. and there's a recommendation to hire a third party to decide when the system is free of lead. now the crisis began when flint changed its water supply almost two years ago. new water stripped lead from the pipes around the city and made its way in to the water supply. some children have tested positive for lead which is linked to learning disabilities, lower iqs and behavior problems. now president barack obama is pumping federal money in to the area. >> i think it snows the federal government is taking this much more serious than the state goflt, we need gsh government, we need to hold everyone
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problems, gets resolved, i think that $80 million will go o gsh go a long way to help. >> the presidents's federal aid in washington next week, the nationwide investments in water system upgrades. jennifer titus shows you how one local business is making sure clean water is available to those living through the crisis. >> reporter: at bay auto whole -- wholesale, they're used to taking people's cash, but now taking more. they say a picture says 1,000 words. >> a girl came yesterday and she fwraut -- brought probably 10 cases. >> reporter: and this one sure says a lot. >> really taken back by it, it's really nice. >> reporter: brittany is the office manager at bay auto wholesale. >> they've had a huge response. >> yeah, so far. >> reporter: she says they've
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g to get water to michigan, who don't have clean water. a crisis facing the city after lead got in the town's water supply. >> we've had people come up and drop water off. >> reporter: this is just a portion of what they've received. they've already shipped one load, dozens of cases. >> any water, cases of water, bottled water. >> reporter: and they hope, as the word gets out, more people will donate like this girl in hopes that a city in need will finally have hope. >> now i'm so glad we're doing this at bay auto wholesale, tom g that we can get together and help the people of flint. you can donate water six days a week at bay auto wholesale in tampa. find the address at, just click seen on tv. the tampa bay lightning taking the thunder on the road to win new fans. owner scrimmaged with some girls
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all of this part of a $6 million investment to grow the support in tampa bay. >> we think it's the best sport that there is, and no reason it can't be successful here as it is in other parts of the country and in canada. >> i like his thinking. you know in the last three months alone, the team has visited 54 middle schools and introduced hockey to 12,000 students. vinik working on his vision for a channel wide district, $1 million of development, new office and hotel towers. a medical school, and residential unit. taking a look, county by county right now, a new way to zip through polk county is in the works. county commissioners are thinking of creating a polk county expressway authority. our partners allege the authority would operate a proposed $1 billion toll road that would serve the winter haven area, the meeting is set for tuesday. and we're not out of the woods yet. rip tide still a problem in sarasota county, a new report
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of the algae ensure rip tide can hurt fish, birds, and other mammals. also affects some people's skin problems. looking ahead, a 10 news traffic alert you need to know about. a children's parade kicks off, gasparilla, bay to bay boulevard and a parachute jump from the special jumps team. road warror hillary zalla shows you how to get around. air traffic controllers look to the skies, plus they've got a big problem on the ground. >> lakeland lender airport is growing. they say they need to expand and that means go for [ indiscernible ] at home like this and the occupants must go. i'll bring you the story. and if you can't make it to the big game february 7, you're in luck. hooters and 10 news have teamed up for your chance to win a watch party for eight at a tampa bay hooters location.
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news at 5:30 in the evening for a secret word of the day and enter that word on our facebook page.
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>> tonight on cbs after 10 news, blue bloods, and then join reg and me for news at 11:00. tortoises live in pastures, yards. >> but 60 of them live at the lakeland airport.
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>> reporter: for lakeland lender airport, it seems the sky is the limit when it comes to growth! >> we're getting ready to move in to a new 35 acre development. >> reporter: the new 130 foot air traffic control tower is on its way up, but first a problem. gopher tortoises. >> they burrow, a community from 58 to 125 gopher tortoises. >> reporter: as it stands, air traffic controllers in this tower can't see the end of the runway because of these trees. the airport wants to cut them down, but the problem, gopher tortoises live in these woods. >> safety is always first, but at the same time, obviously, we need to be respectful of our little friends that are out there in our 21 acres. >> reporter: the lakeland city commission voted tuesday to remove the tortoises. but don't fret! they're going to get a new home. >> we need to respect that and take care of them.
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out there, they will be removed and taken to a sanctuary. >> reporter: the airport says everyone wins. they get a new tower and the tortoises get a new home. >> you know, some holes you might find two, my understanding, some you might find zero. >> reporter: airport officials say the tower should be done by the first of march, saying they hope the tortoises have a new home by then. marcus grayson, 10 news wtsp. >> the tortoises will be moved to sumter county where there is permanent state sanctuaries. to learn about gopher tortoises and expansions at the airport, head to our website, tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family. it's time for 10 weather. >> we see all these pictures from the north and really, i don't see anything. it's just white. >> sky 10 network, we've got it all around the country, and
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floridian, doesn't it? nashville, davison county around madison, tennessee, st. joseph school right here you're looking at it. we'll head up the roads to actually, our weather bug headquarters in germantown and look at the heavy snow, in fact as it gets closer to sunset, you can't see the road down there, other than the light peeking through, the snow is coming down so heavily. now, it's the same system that brought thunderstorms today, the window is right where we expected the pocket to be, right around 10:00 in the morning. we got started about 1:00 or 2 this afternoon, we're able to wind things down. but you can see this storm as it's ramping up and the heavy here. just north of raleigh, north of charlotte going right for the dc virginia. and that's what we're expecting, the bulls eye to be in between washington dc and franklin, west virginia. through pockets of maryland, up through pennsylvania, and potentially as we get in to the
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morning, areas of new jersey, and possibly new york city could too. now, early estimates are though, again that bulls eye, somewhere between dc and franklin, between 20 to 30 inches of snow, and all depend on the track of the low. any movement a few miles west, north, east, will take the highest coverage of snow in that direction, but you can see, expecting anywhere around eight to 10 inches potentially new york, but some models do go upwards of 20 inches for new york city. so it will vary greatly on how this low tracks over the next 48 hours. behind it, the cold air comes in. 29 in nashville, 27 charlotte. 32 birmingham, and now 39 in our own state in pensacola. you see that cold air just west of tallahassee. now, behind that with the strong winds whipping port next 24 hour -- for the next 24 hours. a lot of these light showers,
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rain are in your mix for the evening forecast as well as the morning hours for saturday. we won't have thunderstorms, we're done with the severe weather threat, but as the temperatures settle in the 50s tonight, right now we're at 63 in tampa, river view, we will see variable clouds and some passing light showers possible through tonight and early in the morning. now, this will be one of those days where we actually see our warmest temperatures in the first half of the day and then as the wind whip up and the actually see the temperatures falling off in the afternoon and evening. so as we get in the dinner time and especially your evening hours, look for 40s and add to it, the wind will be strong. children's parade, sustained winds of 25, 30 miles per hour in the morning and in to the mid afternoon. we'll see gusts, then, around 30 to 40 miles per hour. so as a result, there is a gale warning in effect for the
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heads up for heavy surf advisory, all the way through sunday, but the gale warning gu until tomorrow -- through until tomorrow, just about a full moon for these high tides will be higher than typical days, 3:00 in the afternoon is when we see high tide. in our seven-day forecast, poeth day -- both days this weekend in the 50s, low 40s saturday and sunday. and monday morning, sunday and monday morning is the coolest. and then we'll be watching the next system. this low develops west of tampa in the gulf and wind up as it crosses the state. that could mean a potential for severe weather threats, just mark in the back of your head thursday. we'll keep you posted, long ways off, a lot can change in the forecast, and this is just something that is potential. we're looking at a round of thunderstorms that might have a possibility of being severe. keep up with that forecast, the 10 news app is the great way to do that, wtsp in the app store.
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with girl -- filled with girl power. >> how more than 100 bay area
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now, live from the sun coast hyundai dealers sports desk, it's time for 10 sports. >> ask it's time for -- and it's time for football. number 47 in your program, number one in your hearts. and now john lynch is number nine on the bucs ring of honor. that was announced today. the exact date will be determined later when the schedule comes out. john, his wife linda and their four children all came to tampa
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when you think of the bucs' resurgence in the 90s, you think of john, brooks, and sap on defense. nine pro bowls for this guy. we couldn't help but talk to him about winning the super bowl. >> i think it's on tape where i say we're world champs and i'm talking to derrick and ronde, then my family coming down and enjoying it with me, so many great memories but i remember the journey, what it took to get there. that's what i spent a lot of time, that's what i think back to, what it took to get to that ultimate goal. >> a lot more with him tonight at 11:00. i think john would've enjoyed playing in the snow like the panthers did today at practice, only a 10% chance of snow but the temps below freezing for their game. some of the lightning saying that was their best game thursday night, the 2-1 win over
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feel to it, a lot of intensity, defense gritty and now only one point away from first place. >> we want to get back on, two more before the break, and you know, we want to, obviously, want to win those two games. but we got to focus on the first one against florida. >> assistant on both goals, he now has 24 helpers, tops on the team. they play the blackhawks tonight and then the lightning tomorrow. reg? despite the rain and all the woman -- the all woman crew hammered on a building, a home for habitat for humanity. funded by women and built by 230 women volunteers. for a single mom and her daughter in largo. way to go, ladies. it will take eight to 10 weeks to build but knowing women are in charge, it might be early. [ laughter ] they get it done! >> well said. >> they weathered the storm and they raise the trusses. >> just an incredible thing when the chem come out here, many of
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tool, we put that nail and hammer in their hand or nail gun in their hand and, you know, they just love it, they get, the sense of energy and bringing a lot of fun to the construction site. >> i love my power tools too. the portable home will go to kendra sparks and her 13-year-old daughter, sara. the crew plan to hammer on as long as there's no lightning. >> you go, girls! and the pink helmets. >> got to get you one of those.
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