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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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he wear as baseball cap, but the investigators say his action is no game. the hunt for this man who appears to be targeting women. but first, a paralyzing belies aired blowing up the east coast, heading into the worst of the ice, sleet, snow with 85 million americans feeling the brutal blast of winter. >> good evening and thanks for watching. >> and blizzard 2016. the snow that you see right there, the snow is falling in washington, d.c. this is a live look from our nation's capital, which has already seen upwards of eight inches with much more to come. in virginia the snow is coming down so heavy, in fact,
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to shovel their driveways just to stay ahead of the storm. ice is also a big concern here. >> so right now snow is falling at a heavy clip in new jersey. the big concern here in coastal summers point, not only is the threat of heavy wet snow, but coastal flooding. as 10 news reporter courtney robinson shows you, the worst is still to come. >> reporter: the winter weather shutting down washington as snow blankets monuments and city streets. kids found the best sledding on capitol hill. d.c. will likely bear the brunt, more than two and a half feet of snow is expected. >> this is a dangerous storm, and it is coming fast. >> reporter: 85 million americans are in the path of this winter storm. from tennessee to kentucky and north carolina, the ice turned roads treacherous spinning out cars and stranding drivers. in virginia, the snow keeps piling up, a taste of what is
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new york city says it is ready. about 1,700 snow plows are on stand by. and look at the jersey shore. they're bratsing for something they haven't seen since super storm sandy. >> this is going to be a significant storm, but nowhere near the kind of storms that we have dealt with over the last six years. >> look at what they're dealing with now. we're watching several cities as the snow keeps falling and piling up because it is not over yet. from the satellite center, courtney robinson, 10 news. already, there are more than 4,000 flights canceled for tomorrow and 600 for sunday due to the weather. and you can bet there will be several delays and more cancellations at the airports work to get the runways cleared, planes deiced and trying to get them back on track. let's check in with our meteorologist for the latest storm track. this is a massive storm that is bringing ice to the carolinas and southeast virginia. snow has been falling from
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overnight. an additional eight to 14 area. so the track is looking pretty consistent to what we were couple of days. by the time we get to sunday, totals will likely be between two feet to in places, around 30 inches of snow between d.c. and franklin, west virginia. and, it is possible that we could see anywhere from eight to 12-inches in new york city, however, if it bobble as little inches. just for the wow factor, it is technically -- it technically snowed in florida. those are snow flakes west of tam hasy on the i-10 corridor. i'll take you through your weekend. there is a lot to talk about. i'll see you at 11:16. for us, a huge tree came crashing down on a home -- at a home on san juan street. a neighbor said hay that he should lightning and heard that crash. the tree weighed seven tons and
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>> i'm also a little afraid there's some structural damage because it looks like it backed the house pretty hard. >> thankfully no one was hurt. the couple says they keep their trees trimmed to try to prevent situations like this, but the forestry says while they have deny a lot of work to maintain their trees, things like this can happen from time to time. they say it is important to have a professional to inspect the trees since it is not easy to item if they're diseased. we could be looking at severe weather again next week. keep you and your family safe and informed by downloading our free app. it puts live radar in your hands and sends you alerts straight to your phone. right now an 11-year-old boy is in the hospital after he was hit by a car. the police say that the child was trying to run across 66th street with a friend during rush hour. the crash happened just north of park boulevard. the officers say the boy ran into the side of a moving car, bounced off, and then hit another car which was stopped in traffic.
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the hospital with serious injuries. the police say the boy is at fault, but no charges are expected. and take a good look do you recognize this guy? deputies say that he has been preying on real estate agents working alone in a builder's model home. the investigators say that he first targeted a sales consultant in river view less than a week later, another woman in gibsonton says the same man got too close for comfort. tonight other agents tell 10 news reporter safety is always a concern when alone with strangers. >> reporter: working at these model homes around the bay area, the agents hope this camera is what helps catch the man now accused of violating at least two women. the investigators fear he may have more victims. a ryan home sales agent says a man walked into a model home
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she says he got too close showering her with compliments. >> he is in your personal space and he is touching you inappropriately. i mean, you don't get that close to somebody. >> reporter: it worries the long-time sales consultant to hear it happens not just once, but twice in two weeks. the agent says when she shook his hand, he pulled her close. one of the women says while showing him a map he rubbed his groin area up against her hand. it is upsetting to neighbors knowing their agents are so vulnerable. >> and the neighborhood, the security because it is not safe. >> reporter: but most builders do have safety precautions in place, like these cameras that captured the suspect's car with out-of-state plates. and the panic button on the key chain that can sound the security alarm in the home. >> you can always have your cell phone and your panic but don right near you. >> reporter: and have a safe
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>> they'll use that word and then they know you're in trouble. >> reporter: grimsley learned to never let her guard down and won't, especially now. kendra conley, 10 news, wtsp. >> the investigators say this guy is likely facing charges. crime stoppers offering a reward for his arrest. you can head to our facebook page to see his picture once again and share it with your friends. right now a school shooting in canada is under investigation. five people are dead, two are hurt, and the suspected shooter, a young man sin custody. that shooting happened this afternoon in northern se watch wanton. the school has about 900 students, kindergarten through 12th grade. right now there is no word on a motive. there has not ban school shooting in canada since 2006. more problems for takata and everyone on the road. five million more vehicles are being recalled because of the company's air bags.
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of a ford pick-up truck with takata air bags was killed last month. we posted information on the makes and models involved in this latest recall at crime alert, the sheriff's office needs your help tracking down a serial armed robber. take a look at this map here. the deputies believe the suspect held up these four locations six different times. the robberies happened between september and last week. deputies say, in all, six robberies, the suspect visited the store with a handgun. you can see as you watch closely, he points the gun at the clerk demands money and eventually takes off. during the robbery, his face is hidden by either a white or blue ban dana. you can call crime stoppers if you can recognize this man. you could be eligible for a reward. time for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60-second scan. philadelphia police officers is heading home from the hospital two weeks after being ambushed
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he was sitting in his police cruiser when the gunman fired nearly a dozen shots through the driver's side of the car. the shooting suspect allegeedly confessed to shooting officer hartnett, quote, in the name of islam. to oregon now where a sheriff deputy rescued a highway. look. there he is right there. on the dash cam video you see the deputy slow his vehicle down as the 2-year-old boy runs towards him. the 2-year-old managed to get out of an open door at the community center where his gathering. and the academy is vowing to double the number of female and minority members by 2020. the announcement came down this afternoon amid growing backlash film industry. several hollywood a listers say they are boycotting this year's oscar ceremony. because for the second straight year, all of the nominees in the acting categories are
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what to watch for this weekend. little pirates invading tampa bay! that's right. it is counting down the start of the season. it all kicks off with the children's parade. thousand also be lined up along bay shore boulevard. it all starts at 3:30:00 p.m. at bay to bay. road closures. our road warrior shows you how and still to come -- listeria, the latest outbreak and what you have in your refrigerator that could make you sick. scary video of a snow boarder caught in an avalanche. why he may face charges. and taking you out of this world. the unusual way astronauts celebrate milestones in space. and here is another reason to like our 10 news facebook page. all next week we're giving away a word of the day. this way you have a chance to win two tickets to the february 21st daytona 500 race.
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two passes to the sprint fan zone. all you have to do is watch 10 news at 11:00 for the secret
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we have two very important consumer alerts tonight that could impact you and your family. first, check your fridge. the cdc is investigating a listeria outbreak connected to dole salad packagesment one person died and 12 people were hospitalized after getting sick with listeria. the salad was sold under various brand names, including dole, fresh selections and president's choice. the manufacturerring code begins with the letter a. if you have these at home, throw them away and wash the refrigerator door even where they were stored as well as any cutting boards where the greens were chopped. 30,000 kids' bikes are being recalled because they may not be safe to ride. the recall covers the bmx, jack and josey balance biked. the company say -- company says over inflating the tires can make the wheel rims crack and send the pieces flying. at least two kids have been hurt. the bikes were sold nationwide between 2013 and 2015 at sam's
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'r us. and a north california snow boarder may be facing criminal charges for what the officials decision. the resort says he was riding in an area that has been off limits for years. dramatic video shows the moment that he was caught up in a massive snow. powder somewhere. and i got caught in the avalanche. >> reporter: he triggered the avalanche while riding with friends in a popular ski resort. the officials say his actions put other skiers at risk. they argue the viral video of him snow boarding that area will invite others to do the same. but he says he did what any prosnow boarder would do in
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okay. maybe no storms for us, but definitely cold. >> really cold. >> yes. >> according to our conditions. >> right. >> but those folks up north, oh, my goodness. >> this weekend you're definitely going to want to check in on our newscast. it is absolutely incredible. and on our social media feeds. today thunderstorms, we had warnings. thankfully only one storm we saw rotating did not produce a tornado, although it became a tornado warning on the east side of the state. it sounds like it did not do damage, but around our network, 40 to 46-mile-per-hour wind gusts. make note of those gusts. we're coming back to that in a moment. today it was associated with the storms that moved through and look at the cold air with the clouds. you can just follow that wrapping right around the gulf. it is the same low and winter system up north all because of that low that is really starting to gain strength out
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north carolina, near the outer banks. of course the cold core is virginia. it is around areas of west virginia, pennsylvania, d.c., delaware on up into new jersey. and the heaviest snow is still likely to come to the washington, d.c. area where we're looking at an additional eight to 14 inches of snow on the of what has been about five to eight inches so far around the city. all of the areas in white that the winter storm warning blizzard warning around areas of the delmarva peninsula, up around chesapeake bay, d.c., on into western new jersey, and as this starts to really wrap up on top of the snowfall, what substitutes the blizzard warning is, of course, the wind that goes with it. so as this low actually strengthens and pulls off into the atlantic, the winds are going to get stronger and stronger through saturday and then eventually sunday let up. as we talked about snow totals,
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being, which is looking to be somewhere between franklin, west vv. and washington, d.c., it will likely be a couple of feet of snow. there will probably be a couple of reports of around 30-inches. but that won't be the norm through an entire city. there's the reason for the blizzard warning. on top of the snow, look at the wind saturday morning. 51-mile-per-hour sustained winds in wilmington, delaware that is not even a gust. those winds stay close to 50 miles per hour for the entire day saturday. it will take until the overnight hours sunday morning before they can get the winds down below 30 miles per hour. now, here at home, look at the cold just spilling into our state over the panhandle. 32 in atlanta tonight. 36 in pensacola. we're 61 and right in between that on the i-10 corridor, yes, that is snow we're picking up on storm tracker 10. likely not making it to the ground, but at least falling from the skies around vernon, red bay and west of tallahassee. almost making it to panama city tonight.
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also puts into perspective how powerful that storm is. the fact that it has technically snowed in florida tonight. 61 in tampa. around 60 in river view. tomorrow will be one of those days where we're actually warmer in the first half of the day than late afternoon. as this front is moving through, we will also have a chance at what you might have seen tonight, a moment of light drizzle or a light shower on your windshield. the first couple of hours of the morning, that is possible going about a 30% coverage, but for everybody, the wind is a problem tomorrow for anything you're trying to do, sustained winds. 25 to 30 miles per hour for ill of saturday. so the better day with less wind will be sunday. having said that, that is on our weather stations. all of the water, gale wind, force warning is in effect. look at these gusts. 34, 38, 34, through the afternoon.
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sunday is is a better day. i'm just saying. with the wind, it is a day tomorrow, you're better off that way. boat willing improve on sunday, but it will likely be monday or tuesday before the rip currents and the high surf warnings will come down. if you live by the water, we're almost to the full moon, too, so the high tide at 3:08 is going to be a pretty high tide. cold morning sunday and monday. 40 in tampa to wake up to. 42 monday morning. both days this weekend are in the 50s. i do have my eye on thursday for a low to develop in the gulf. and this far out. it has a chance that we could be seeing some severe weather, but it is five days out. keep checking back on the forecast and the great place to do that when you brew your coffee in the morning, wake up and relax and you don't have to rush off to work. we have your latest 10 weather forecast in the bay area, lakeland, molling county, you can find it in the ledger. the final four in the nfl this weekend. the manning, brady match-up.
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we have a noney take of the of honor. and we'll look back at the
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all right. ready for some football? it is the next-to-last weekend of the nfl season. the conference championship game is sunday.
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wtsp, and it is episode number 17 of manning and brady. could this be the finale of one of the best rivalries in sports history? peyton manning, please give us some perspective here. >> all i can say about tom brady is that he plays the position the way it is supposed to be played. he's extremely talented. he's a very hard worker, very competitive guy. >> t to exactly what i was looking for, but thank you anyway. this is the panthers practice today in the snow and ice of north carolina. the game with arizona is sunday night, but the snow is supposed to be gone. only a 10% chance but the temperatures could be below freezing that sounds like fun. okay. the best quote today at the john lynch ring of listener announcement came from one-his teammates, shelton corral. we all know what a hard hitter he was, it turns out, even he
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you always tried to make your tackle and get him down as fast as you could because you knew he was coming and you didn't want to get hit in the back. anytime he hit you in the back, oh, and he'd say i'm sorry. you always would make your tackle fast. you either made it fast or missed him because you knew lynch was coming. the entire lynch family came to town. john and linda and their four kids. they're growing up. lots of teammates from the most successful era in bucs history came to show their respect for number 47. i got some one-on-one time to talk about the great times. >> many of my best buddies, derek and warren, them guys that you couldn't help but idolize, guys that i -- griewbs i played with, and so it is just an incredible honor, and -- reflect. this gives you time to say,
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>> there are so many highlights in your career. the super bowl. what are your memories of actually winning. do you remember a moment when you realized, gosh, we won? was it still in the game? on the field? after the game? >> i think it is on tape where i say we're world champs and i'm talking with ron day. -- ronde and i say we're world champs and i remember my family coming down and enjoying it with me. there are so many great memories. more so to me you remember the journey, what it took to get there, and that's what i spend a lot of time, when i think back to my playing days, that's what i think back to, what it took to get to that ultimate goal. >> were there really rats in old one buc place? >> yes. >> the stories came out about that old place over the years. >> yes. >> the rats. >> you heard it there. >> yes. john this year, again, is a finalist for the hall of fame, which is announced super bowl weekend. he and tony dungy have good chances. if not sure this year, but next
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>> stay with us.
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how is this for a game of ping-pong. astronaut scott kelly tweeted a video of himself playing with a water droplet. >> that is so cool. >> and they are paddled coated with a water repellent to bounce the sphear of water back and forth. kelly, by the way, just celebrated his 300th day in space. he is spending a full year on board the international space station. he will return to earth back in march. and i guess you get bored. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> and you have to play with water balls to keep you occupied. >> you're in space. just do it.
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